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Robert Spencer: Teaming up with Euro-Supremacists Again

"Under his wing": Geert Wilders & Robert Spencer

"Under his wing": Geert Wilders & Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, erstwhile ally of neo-Fascists, friend to advocates of genocide, and all around anti-Muslim is once again basking in the light of his own, made up self-importance.

This time it centers around his recent trip to Germany where he gave a speech at a rally in Berlin. Spencer writes,

Today I spoke in Berlin at a rally against antisemitism and Islamization, sponsored by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE), the most important German human rights organization, seeking to preserve European values, freedom and democracy (emphasis added).

When ever Robert Spencer makes a claim such as some “organization is the ‘most important’ human rights group” in a particular country it throws up all kinds of red flags for us because such a statement coming from him is usually filled with a load of BS.

Spencer, of course, relies on his American audience’s ignorance about the reality of this “human rights” organization. He gives us a link to a German website that most of his readers will be unable to understand, thereby hoping they will stick to the script he formulates about it being the most important German human rights group.

The truth is that, per his track record, this is just another episode in a long list of episodes where Spencer has teamed up with anti-Muslim, Islam-obsessed haters. Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE) is far from being the premier, let alone “most important human rights organization” in Germany, in fact the claim might go down as one of the greatest oxymoron’s in Islamophobia history (on the other hand a group such as Gesellschaft für Bedrohte Völker is one of the most important and “real” human rights groups in Germany).

Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa

Looking at the BPE site reveals that it is just another organization using the title and badge of human rights to add an air of legitimacy to the real intent behind their work: demonization and marginalization of Europe’s Muslims.

Thanks to one of our German readers, Morakot, we were able to see for ourselves the true nature of this group that Spencer attempts to trump up. It is a group whose aims are undifferentiated from those of neo-Fascists like Geert Wilders and the BNP.

BPE (fake human rights organization)

BPE (fake human rights organization)

In “Der Verein” (The Association) section of their website they claim that they are not “anti-Muslim” but the facts speak otherwise. Similar in substance to neo-Fascists and Euro supremacist groups, they take up the mantle of proclaiming themselves to be the vanguard and champions of “European Culture.” They define this as being “exclusively committed to the preservation of the Christian-Jewish tradition of their European culture” and opposed to the so called “creeping Islamization” of Europe, which is nothing less than the perpetuation of the debunked Eurabia and Muslim Demographics conspiracy theories.

Their solutions to the so called problem of “creeping Islamization” are elucidated in a document they released titled De-Islamization program which states amongst its main points,

– Organizations of islam critics as well as of people who left islam shall be funded by the state and have an adaquate say in the media.

Lets think about this for a second. They want the state to reward critics of Islam (who defines “critics of Islam?” Would anti-Muslim Geert Wilders of “tax-the-hijab-fame” be considered an acceptable “critic?”) and people who leave Islam with funding, essentially lobbying the government to take an official position in opposition to Islam. Does this not cross the boundary of separation of Church and State, and the fundamental tenants of secularism? It seems the “Christian-Jewish values” that this organization wants to protect bears more of a resemblance to a theocratic “Holy Roman Empire” rather than a pluralistic Democracy.

-All islamic organizations following a political instead of a religious agenda and/or on behalf of a foreign governement shall be disbanded.

Who will decide if an “Islamic organization is following a political agenda?” This is really a concealed attempt to disband all Muslim organizations. Everything the BPE represents indicates that they agree with a Geert Wilder-esque concept that  ‘Islam is not a 1500 year old religion at all but rather a political movement,’ so no matter what you do as an organization you will be labeled a political organization.

It also highlights the double standards they advocate: on the one hand you have the Christian Democrats (CDU) led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, which is “Christian-based, applying the principles of Christian Democracy and emphasizes the “Christian understanding of humans and their responsibility toward God.” CDU is a political party which heads the German government, imagine the firestorm that would be created if Muslims even attempted to create a party which “emphasizes the ‘Muslim understanding of humans and their responsibility toward God.”

-Persons supporting djihad or installment of sharia in Germany shall undergo a de-islamization training or must suffer severe sanctions.

Who would define what “supporting djihad” or installing “sharia” consists of and what would be the scope of these definitions?As we well know Robert Spencer and the advocates of the conspiracy theories of Eurabia believe that many law abiding Muslims, by the very fact of their increasing presence and visibility in the West, are pushing a “stealth djihad.” For example there are people in Europe who think  wearing a headscarf, or installation of footbaths is an act of “djihad,” would such acts entail implementation of the “severe sanctions” being proposed, and of what would these “severe sanctions” consist?

– Quran-schools are to be forbidden.

They should just go a step further with their fascistic ideas and follow their brethren in Europe who have called for the Quran to be banned. If in some fairyland-Democracy-minus-religious-freedom envisioned by these jokers this is okay, then why are: Bible schools, Torah schools,  Bhagavad Gita schools not similarly forbidden?

– Islamic head cloths are to be banned in kindergardens, schools, campusses, workplaces, public buildings and events.

This was another predictable point, the obsession with hijab for Islamophobes is unending. Not only have laws been proposed such as the above (and passed in places like France) infringing on a woman’s right to wear what they want and follow their conscious, not only have proposals been made to tax it, but it also has led to violence such as murder and assault.

– Parents who submit their children to forced marriage or deny them proper education have to be deprived of child custody.

Everyone can agree that forced marriages are terrible and have to be fought, and many Muslims are leading the fight against the practice. It is curious though that this issue is being painted as springing from Islam, which condemns the practice. It is also a phenomenon that is not peculiar to Muslims but rather affects women and men from Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian and Gypsy backgrounds and cultures.

As far as the vague idea of “deny them proper education,” what does that mean? Knowing what we know from the above proposals, would a family that taught their children the Quran be considered as “denying a proper education?” Would they then advocate the child be ripped from their family for studying the Quran?

– Mosques are to be built only with approval of the neighbourhood. Minarettes and the call of the muezzin are to be forbidden. Sermons are to be held solely in German.

No Mosques protester

No Mosques protester

It is usually a good policy to have the involvement of a neighborhood when any religious structure is built, as it will become a major landmark bringing in more traffic and people into the area. It goes without saying that religious groups should prioritize good relations with their neighbors, something all religions believe in because they all teach the golden rule.

However, the wording in this proposal is very confrontational and seeks to legislatively limit the construction of the traditional mosque with minarets; it is an attempt to make the Muslim presence in essence invisible. What is the difference between such proposals and what goes on in some of the theocratic Muslim nations that Islamophobes regularly complain about when facts seem to indicate that they are two peas in the same pod?

Spencer then writes regarding the rally that,

Leftists and their jihadist allies marched by twice in a counterdemonstration, shouting “Nazis raus” — Nazis, get out. The people assembled for the BPE rally shouted the same thing right back at them. Of course, there were no Nazis among us, and we were standing against antisemitism and in favor of free speech, legal equality, and democratic government, but the facts never stop the Left from making the charge, as we have all learned recently from stateside libelbloggers (emphasis added).

I wonder what in the world could have made the counter-demonstrators call Robert Spencer and his BPE friends “Nazis?” Hmmmm (hint: all of the above). Of course, Robert Spencer is “never wrong,” and don’t ya know he is a “victim,” the well documented fact that he associates with racists and fascists are just accusations from “libelbloggers.” Also note how he labels some of the (presumably Muslim) counter-demonstrators, “Jihadists,” this just further exposes what Spencer thinks about any Muslim, especially Muslims who oppose his degradation of their faith; they’re all….”jihadists.”

Islamophobia the new anti-Semitism

Groups such as the BPE, claim as a cornerstone of their agenda to be opposed to anti-Semitism, that is what part of the rally Robert Spencer spoke at was supposed to be about. They hope that by doing so they will endear themselves to the public and give themselves an air of credibility while deflecting charges that they are fascists or Euro Supremacists.

In fact, one sees an emerging trend amongst some right-wing and fascist groups proclaiming their unconditional support for the state of Israel. What is likely is that many of these organizations, whose roots are steeped deep in a history of anti-Semitism are recreating themselves; dropping a now unpopular prejudice (anti-Semitism) for one more in vogue–anti-Muslim Islamophobia. Gone are the days when what they claimed to champion were the “Christian values and traditions of Europe” now they have added “Christian-Jewish” values to their slogans.

English Defense League Hooligans holding up Israeli Flag

English Defense League Hooligans waving Israeli Flag

This is evidenced by politicians such as Geert Wilders who evokes Israel quite often, while at the same time also calling for taxes on hijabs, banning the Quran, denying religious freedom to Muslims, deporting Muslim immigrants–and in certain circumstances–second and third generation citizens to their countries of origin.

It also brings to mind the wacky English Defense League (EDL), who have been staging anti-Islam protests in various British cities. The EDL, you may recall, was founded by a football hooligan and is composed primarily of hooligans and individuals who bear close resemblance to skinheads. Placards reading No More Mosques and other anti-Islam signs have been pictured at the same rallies which included hooligans holding up and waving Israeli flags.

Probably the most instructional case of an organization publicly dropping their long held anti-Semitism would be the BNP or British National Party, headed by Nick Griffin. This party has a long history of anti-Semitism. If you can think of an anti-Semitic stereotype,  they have held it. Ever since Nick Griffin has taken the reins of power, the BNP has gotten a face lift and pushed a PR campaign which boils down to, “we aren’t anti-Semitic anymore, we are Islamophobic.”

However, as evidence shows, it turns out that these organizations that claim to have dropped and distanced themselves from anti-Semitism are only doing so for strategic reasons and still secretly hold prejudiced views against minorities, including Jews. Bartholomew notes in a piece titled BNP After Jewish Votes,

The one quote from Nick Griffin which sums up the whole strategy – and which reveals Griffin’s true feelings towards Jews – appeared in 2006 in a report for The Forward concerning an American Renaissance conference:

Nick Griffin has been credited with trying to root out antisemitism from the British National Party, which he leads. But in answer to a question at the recent conference, he said: “The proper enemy to any political movement isn’t necessarily the most evil and the worst. The proper enemy is the one we can most easily defeat.”

By swapping open anti-Semitism for Muslim-baiting, the BNP has managed (to) appear more attractive to some – it has also enjoyed some PR assistance from the “libertarian” right.

So the truth is that these groups haven’t changed their spots over night, it isn’t out of some transformation that most of them oppose anti-Semitism. They hide their old prejudices because it is wiser and more expedient. Their strategy is to pick on Muslims, whom Griffin rightly states are an easier target for abuse than Jews because they are the “most easily” defeated in our current time, when anything associated with Islam automatically brings up negative connotations.


What is clear from this  most recent Robert Spencer foray into the abyss of looniness is his readiness to collaborate with supremacist groups to bash minorities based on the Goebbelsesque argument of cultural superiority and cultural preservation. This is exactly the kind of people and logic that slowly made Nazism mainstream in Germany culminating in disaster for the then Jewish targets.

It is also, sadly the height of irony that this resurgence of the déjà vu supremacist hatred of religious and ethnic minorities in the West is this time happening with the supposed emblem of the former victims of this plague plastered all over it.

Shamelessly, Robert Spencer goes out of his way to boast about hugging and hoisting the Israeli flag as if he believes that this is his automatic redemption card out of any accusations of Euro Supremacist tendencies. Spencer writes,

Many people at our rally had Israeli flags, and as you can see from the photo, I had one also. Not long after this picture was taken I got it mounted on a flagpole and waved it around at the beginning and end of my talk…I went out front, close to the counterdemonstrators, waving the big flag, but the German police moved me back. They may also have said to put the flag away, but I have forgotten all my grad-school German, and so the flag stayed.

Robert Spencer: A "Friend" of Israel

Robert Spencer: A "Friend" of Israel

He is in fact announcing an interesting belief he seems to have: that the only thing to worry about with being a pro-Euro supremacist is if you get accused of being anti-Semitic as a result of it; he seems to be telling us in the picture “but look at me, I am clearly not, here’s the Israeli flag. In fact I am actually an Israeli supremacist as bonus.” Two problems with that, first he misses or refuses to acknowledge the fact that being anti-Muslim is a problem no less than anti-Semitism, even if it does not come with the political and publicity backlash–the principle is the same. Second, he fails to indicate why being pro-Israel is redemptive of his racist and bigoted ways in any shape or form or how that absolves him of hurting Jewish moral interests by conniving with Euro-Supremacists (not all Jews put Israel before principle). There are many conscientious Jews in the US, Europe, Israel and around the world who would not be impressed with his misusing and trumpeting a flag in a way that is not necessarily emblematic to them, while trampling on the issues that matter to them most: like “never again” – meaning never again to anyone.

It comes off as sleazy on the part of Spencer, and even insulting, that he thinks he has a chance of fooling anyone. At least now, his true colors are shown for all to see: A small man with a lot of over-compensating to make up for it.

Update: (hat tip: LGF and Elizabeth_Ann) There is more information on the BPE and its direct connection to fascists and Euro-Supremacists. Charles Johnson linked to us and pointed out information that we missed:

[T]he group that sponsored Spencer’s speech, Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE), is also affiliated with the Belgian fascist party Vlaams Belang. In 2007, former BPE leader Udo Ulfkotte was one of the main organizers of the “Stop Islamization” protest in Brussels, at which Vlaams Belang leader Filip DeWinter was a featured speaker.

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  • Lizard #16492

    What’s funny, Jeppo, is the noxious bigots who once posted at LGF are all gone. You can now find them hanging out at a stalker site where they revel in their violent, bigoted fantasies all day. Oh! But you already know this because that’s where you blog.

    Don’t look now, Jeppo, but the bigotry you speak of? You’re soaking in it.

  • jeppo

    Is that you Reggie? That comment has your M.O. all over it, from the name you picked to nic-jack, to the fact that you’re clever enough to figure out where I live (YYZ), to your typical lowlife tactic of lying about why I was banned at LGF. If you’re not Reggie, you do a pretty damn credible imitation of him.

    I’d invite you to search my comments at LGF for even the tiniest hint of advocating violence but, oops, CJ deleted them all. Nope, it’s you Johnson-cultists who have spent years de-humanizing Palestinians and Muslims, repeatedly calling them subhumans, vermin, etc., and calling for their starvation, sterilization and mass murder, not me. And even though your master has deleted hundreds of thousands of offensive comments from his blog, there’s plenty of evidence proving that not only is he a racist and Islamophobe of the lowest order, but that he’s the internet’s leading advocate of the mass extermination of Muslims.

    And now you’re all going to be held to account for it. Charles Johnson and his neo-Nazi greenshirts openly advocate the Final Solution to the Palestinian question to this day. He’s just more careful now about openly expressing his desire for a bloodbath. But don’t worry, I’ll be here and everywhere else on the net to make sure that no one ever forgets what this evil, murderous man and his followers are really all about.

    See ya around…

  • Ibrahim

    Great article!

    Also, I find it hilarious when people like “Gudrun” throw in a “have you even BEEN to a Muslim country?” type of comment, meaning that “Muslim countries” are Islam incarnate.

    Obviously, it is THEY who have never been to any Muslim countries, because then they would know that those countries are, in fact, NOT Islam incarnate. These people talk about the islamization of the West? Please. If you want to witness a real “-ization”, take a trip to the Middle East and see the effects of globalization, and by that I, of course, mean the effects of the West and various aspects of it–cultural, ideological, and economic. It is huge, it is, I tell ya.

  • Schmorgus

    Charles has changed over the years, he says things I could never imagine him saying before. Look at this comment in his link to you,

    Charles Wed, Oct 7, 2009 6:02:49pm
    People who criticize radical Islam don’t deserve the label “Islamophobia,” I agree.

    But there really are people who are insanely paranoid and full of hatred for Muslims, and those people … well, I won’t defend them against being labeled “Islamophobic,” even though the term was invented to smear all critics of radical Islam. Some people DO deserve the label.

    That is a pretty bold statement that would never appear out of the mouth of Spencer and company who don’t think “Islamophobia” even exists. I don’t agree with him that the term was created for those critics of radical Islam, but precisely for people like a Geller,Spencer or Gaffney who think we are at war with all Muslims.

  • Garibaldi

    I think most of the contributors at LW can find plenty to disagree on with LGF, and at one time those fighting bigotry and anti-Islam sentiments pretty clearly noticed that there was an alliance between LGF, Spencer and Geller.

    But something has changed. Charles Johnson has to be given credit for taking a principled stance of not succumbing to the kind of open bigotry and loonyness that the likes of Spencer and Geller dish out daily and also for repudiating and exposing them for it.

    From what I understand he has repudiated those old comments that were approved on his site, and all I know is that you wont find such comments there anymore.

  • Omar

    Excellent information, excellent website. Keep up the good work.

  • En français

    # Rick Martinez Says:
    October 7th, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    The slime ball who posted the comment under the name Jeppos is a well-known Vlaams Belang supporter who was banned from LGF years ago because of his advocacy of genocide.

    He is from Toronto Canada and his name is James Pillman

    See what I mean. The slimy lizard followed his masters orders with a fake name. Pity pity..How low can a charles johnson go.

  • En français

    What is a man with the name Matthew Polombo doing as the secretaey general of something called the Somali Youth Action? To build this big Islamic style complex exclusively for Moslem Somalis in Minneapolis means someone thinks they are there to stay ….. but as soon as we get rid of the Monster in the White House, we will get rid of them. Since they were imported, the crime rate has soared. They were criminals in Somalia, so they are also criminals in America and have no idea of American ideals and way of life. This sport center would be a hatching center for more crimes against Americans who don’t want them, didn’t ask them to come and want to get rid of them. The people of Minneapolis are insanely stupid if they allow this Obamanation to materialize.
    Hello Loons watching loons? You can quote me anytime. But you need to get it right before you do. I am not the owner of that post. Though I do agree with it 100% Have a nice day..oh and just so you know.There are a lot of dishonest people out there who like to stack the deck in their favor.I give you:
    320 Charles Wed, Oct 7, 2009 6:41:59pm replyquote

    * 0
    * down
    * up
    * report

    re: #318 Thanos

    I just noticed that Jeppo showed up in the comment thread at the blog you linked Charles, with some slander.

    That’s their latest tactic. Please contact Loonwatch and let them know that ‘jeppo’ is a well-known Vlaams Belang supporter, banned from LGF years ago; there’s a ‘contact’ link in their main menu

  • Danios

    [Insert race here] Defense League = trouble

  • Zingel

    Wow. Jacob of the JDL, your words seem on the surface to be pretty conciliatory but it takes me aback that you are from the JDL which was set up by Meir Kahane who hated Arabs. My question to you is, since when has the JDL supported the “two state solution?” From everything I have seen, the JDL has consistently held that the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza (site of the future Palestinian homeland) should not be given to Palestinians for a creation of a future state. The JDL has also committed terrorist actions against Palestinians and Muslims in the past, both in the West and in Israel.

    Also, you claim to be “anti-racism,” however you fall into the same trap of racism by disparaging and making bigoted comments about “anglo-saxons.” Surely, you know that the great majority of “anglo-saxons” don’t support the EDL and actually protest them.

  • Rick Martinez

    The slime ball who posted the comment under the name Jeppos is a well-known Vlaams Belang supporter who was banned from LGF years ago because of his advocacy of genocide.

    He is from Toronto Canada and his name is James Pillman

  • I was disgusted to receive an email from the racist english defence league,
    asking us at the Uk chapter of the Jewish Defence League whether we wanted
    to form some sort of alliance for the edl’s deplorable demonstrations
    outside Mosques around england. This revolting email was obviously
    motivated by the perverse belief that as Jews with the hearts of
    Maccabeans, we would want to oppose Islam. They were made absolutely aware
    that we support our Muslim brothers, and would proudly stand with you in
    defence of your Mosques, family & faith.

    Unfortunately this is another example of how the existance of the state of
    Israel, without the existance of the Palastinian state with equality, is
    causing a terrible divison between us.

    There will be antagonism, caused by the policies of those that
    currently govern the Land of Israel; policies which continue to deprive
    thousands of Muslims of basic human rights. Supporters of Israel &
    Zionists must also be human beings, and whilst Palastinians suffer at the
    hands of prejudiced Israeli soldiers, all of those from the House of
    Jacob, that are scattered around the world, will be affected, by this
    injustice to Muslims.

    I am sure that most Muslims in england are aware, that supporters of
    Israel, or even Zionism, are not anti-Islam, but when the racist edl are
    bringing Israeli flags to their anti-Muslim demonstrations, groups such as
    JDL, that are rightly or wrongly seen as Zionist, must make it clear that
    we stand with Muslims, our fellow children of Abaraham, in the fight
    against Muslim hatred, the vermin english defense league, and other nazi
    groups in england.

    Antagonism between us and the british Muslims is a consequence of the
    death that surrounds Palastinian refugee camps, in the shadow of the
    opulance of the King David Hotel, and not from a studios promotion
    & lifesyle of anti-semitism and vehement hatred of Judaism, as is the case
    with the edl. I have lived as a Jew amoungst Palastinians, Arabs, Asians,
    Persians, and Muslims, and my life is richer from it. Not only am I
    respected, but these communities go out of their way to
    welcome a fellow Semite.

    JDL.UK respects & supports Muslims in england protesting & demonstrating
    at the parades by anglo saxons, who have returned from murdering Muslims,
    on Muslim land.

    The Jewish Defence League, UK chapter, is based in Bristol, so please do
    not hesitate to contact us, so that we can offer our support, should any
    Mosque in Bristol face demonstrations from the racist english defence

    The JDL.UK chapter wishes all Muslims salaam during Ramadan.

    Jacob Pres LL.B
    National Director JDL.UK

    useful link :

  • Elizabeth_Ann1963

    Gudrun, I don’t see this as being against Germany at all. It seems clearly stated that it’s BPE specifically.

    Everyone, look what I found…
    “the group that sponsored Spencer’s speech, Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE), is also affiliated with the Belgian fascist party Vlaams Belang. In 2007, former BPE leader Udo Ulfkotte was one of the main organizers of the “Stop Islamization” protest in Brussels, at which Vlaams Belang leader Filip DeWinter was a featured speaker.”

  • Jacques

    Brilliant. Love the site and the simple clear logic of your arguments. Loons have gotten away with BS depending solely on the ignorance of Islam by most Westerners. They are going to have a much harder time now with the likes of loonwatch monitoring and exposing them. You do the West a great service, keep it up!!

  • Schlaftius

    Everyone knows Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Daniel Pipes think defending Israel’s interests are the same as attacking what they perceive as one of Israel’s enemies, the Muslims living in the West.

  • jeppo

    You’ve been linked by the notoroius exterminationist blog Little Green Footballs.

    Here are some typical comments found at that genocidal cesspool:

    “I’ve been fond of transfer of these subhumans for a while. Perhaps something more like targeted genocide will become necessary.”

    “How can these vermin have a country? How can these vermin be allowed to live?”

    “I really don’t consider it killing. It’s simply…extermination of vermin, diseased vermin.”

    “These subhumans have shown for long enough that they don’t deserve a state.”

    “We have to exact a harsh but just retribution on the subhumans.”

    “If every subhuman piece of excrement in…the camp dies slowly and painfully of starvation, I’ll have a great [holiday].”

    “They don’t need statehood; they need sterilization.”

    “Forced sterilization, and full occupation to keep them under control until the problem solves itself in about 50 years.”

    “Vermin love the slime, and they will hate any attempt to clean up the mess. Our house had become terribly infested with horrible filth. It is to be expected that the creatures living on dirt would resist and fight back. But that is all the more reason to bring to successful completion the cleanup process.”

  • mad the swine

    “- Mosques are to be built only with approval of the neighbourhood. Minarettes and the call of the muezzin are to be forbidden. Sermons are to be held solely in German.”

    As I understand it, the Koran is only a sacred text in the original Arabic, since translations written by human beings are no longer the exact words of God. From Wikipedia: “According to modern Islamic theology, the Qur’an is a revelation very specifically in Arabic, and so it should only be recited in the Arabic language. Translations into other languages are necessarily the work of humans and so, according to Muslims, no longer possess the uniquely sacred character of the Arabic original. Since these translations necessarily subtly change the meaning, they are often called “interpretations.””

    If those preaching in a mosque are compelled to speak in German, and only in German, then (given the above) it would become illegal to teach or quote from the Koran at all.

  • Sorry, here is the correct link: The Muslim Brotherhood “Project”

  • No, I do not agree with it “at least”. They are not “hiding” …, they do not HATE Islam but they are as I am doing, analyzing Islam and they try to inform the Germans about the Koran and about the tremdendeous hate Islam is carrying against the “infidels” (Sura 2:65-66, 2:191, 4:89, 5:51, 5:60, 7:166, 98:6 etc.). From your contribution I see that you do not know the Polit-Ideology Islam, Islam is a totalitarian ideology in the first place. The history from Mohammed until today is showing it. You do not know the role of mosques as Islamic centres, do you? Mosques are not the same as churches or synagogues, mosques, Turkish “cami”, are places where Muslim are to gether for getting instructions by the imam on Fridays.

    Do you know about The Muslim Brotherhood “Project”?

    If you read French I recommend for reading Sylvain Besson. La conquête de l´occident.

    Unfortunately, the Germans want to know about Islam since recently, but since about 35 years the problems are increasing. People like BPE are getting more and more positive responses.

    And as far as Robert Spencer is concerned, he isn’t anti-Muslim, he is anti-Islam, like myself. It has nothing to do with supremacy. Have you ever been to Islamic countries? I think, not, because of it is THERE, where you are finding nationalists, supremacists, intolerance, Islam is not only the best but the only religion accepted there.

    Open your eyes, and I hope you will have fun in Germany, but take care not to getting lost in No-Go-Areas …

  • Danios

    Great article. Thanks.

    A good clue that an organization or group is racist is when they have to say “we’re not racist.”


  • Zingel

    Dear Gudrun,

    Do you agree that BPE is at the very least a supremacist organization? They are playing identity politics and hiding behind “Christian Jewish” values as a cover for their hatred of Islam. What else can be concluded when they call for banning Quran schools, minarets, headscarfs, etc. Everything they are coming seems to be about “banning” and restricting the free practice of religion.

    I like Germany and plan on visiting, I certainly don’t think such organizations are representative of the majority of the population but it does bring to view the growing trend in Europe.

    I would also recommend that you tell those you support, the BPE etc. that it isn’t a wise idea to get cuddly with the likes of Spencer who is known to be an anti-Muslim, but then again that is probably futile because they both espouse the same hardline supremacism.

    Good luck.

  • The best I learn from your post is, that you don’t know nothing about Germany but even though comment on our society, on “supremacist” groups and persons and so on.

    You argue with “islamophobia” as if it was an accepted definiton instead of leftist and radical Muslims’ ideology. What a pitty!

  • Thank you for this wonderful piece. As a Jew I find it reprehensible that in the name of “who I am,” people such as Spencer will use the “muslim-baiting” tactic and proclaim themselves the defenders of Jews. It is something the neo-cons did as well! IT hurts us to no end and I for one will not stand for it.
    Thank you again for this piece!

  • Ustadh

    Nice reporting once again! This post hits some major points that I have been viewing for quite some time now. One is of course the collaboration, which now goes back a few years between Euro-supremacists and anti-Islam bloggers such as Spencer. The other point is the different trends amongst Euro supremacists. One trend which you elucidate, is how for strategic reasons they have moved away from anti-Semitism and towards Islamophobia.In the process, they become the greatest “supporters” of Israel and seek the alliance of Western Jews for votes and recognition. Some such as Bat Ye’or have been more than willing to be a party to these supremacists.
    Spencer himself is a supremacist so it is no surprise that he would gravitate towards people who think like him. As they say “birds of a feather flock together.”

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