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Frank Schaeffer Calls out Evangelical Christians who Seek the Death of Barack Obama

Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer

There is a new prayer going around in Evangelical Christian circles and beyond for President Barack Obama. It is quite controversial as it seems to be calling for his death.

In this video Rachel Maddow discusses (at 57 seconds) the issue with former Evangelical Christian leader, Frank Schaeffer.

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  • iSherif

    Milad, if it such a ‘waste of time’ arguing on this site as you claim, why do you keep doing it son? What prompts you to keep ‘wasting your time?’

  • Cheeky,you are simply wonderful.It is waste of time to have reasonable argument with the Mohammadans.Mohammad was illitrate.He adopted the pre-Islamic Pagan moon god Allah.The five pillars of Islam are based on pagan rituals.He stole the Jewish,Christian and Arab fables and inserted them in Koran and claimed to be inspired by allah.Every thing he did was considered holy.No Muslim has ever condemned Mohammad for murders,rapes,robberies,thefts,lusting after his daughter-in-law Zaibeb.The muslims from the very beginning are taught that milk is black and the coal is white.Muslims claim that Jesus the Christ-The SON OF LIVING GOD was inferior to Mohammad-The paedophile pervert Anti-Christ.Read Gospel of St.Mathews Ch.13 and verses24 to31.Mohammad had no credentials to be a prophet from GOD.His followers try so hard to defend Islam and Mohammad,which is futile.It is like showing a candle to the SUN.The Muslims have learnt a new word:ISLAM-O-PHOBIA.If you have a POISONOUS SNAKE under your pillow,would you have a peaceful sleep?I think not!!Islam is a FASCIST Ideology conceived by Mohammad.

  • Cheeky

    Along with “Seductive” and the others talking about the so called Christians and the threats … “These Christian right wing fanatics, are cornered, they know their time is up, and nobody is buying their snake oil any more hence the threats are coming out.”
    The reality you seem to be missing is if someone is a true Christian they wouldn’t be doing that.
    Just because you stand in a garage doesn’t make you a car.
    Just because someone says they are a Christain doesn’t make them one. There are many who use that title and don’t have clue how to behave like one. And sad to say those are the ones you people like to use as an example.
    When was the last time you studied to see what a true Christain really is to be or how they are supposed to act?

    One of the most profound statements made by Jesus was when the woman that was set up to be caught in the act of adultry was thrown at his feet. The religious leaders of that day wanted to stone her.
    To summarize, Jesus said “He who is without sin cast the forst stone”.
    Everyone left, and Jesus asked her where her accusers were? She wept and replied, “Rabi, there are none.”
    He told her to go and sin no more.
    Hatred being thrown out either from the Left or the Right is sin, but you have to believe there is a moral right and wrong for that.
    Without the “right and wrong” boundries that all societies have, there is total chaos.
    Who among you are sinless? I know I’m not so I don’t throw stones.

  • Hi,
    I like this article but..
    Can someone tell me about Barack Obama..
    I know that he is a serious candidate for ’08, but I would like to know where he stands on the issues. I checked his site but nowhere can I find the info. i am looking for.
    so please tell me…

  • Seductive


    Hi bro,

    You don’t have to know where they are to report them. The President’s security will check out and hunt down their sorry asses, we don’t need to waste time finding them, when all they have to do is make a few phone calls if they decide a threat is real, and it appears to be.

    These Christian right wing fanatics, are cornered, they know their time is up, and nobody is buying their snake oil any more hence the threats are coming out.

  • Ustadh

    Nice. The seminal question: “Where the hell are they?”

  • Seductive

    Yes, and here is another video from Aug 09, with a fundamentalist Pastor wishing for Obama’s death. Check out this CNN report on Public Record.

    CNN: Death Threats Against Obama Increase By 400 Percent
    By The Public Record
    The Public Record
    Aug 28th, 2009

    Here are two more updates on the Psalm 109.8 death wish for Obama

    Politics of Christian hate: ‘Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8’
    Christians praying for the death of our President? Is this what Christianity is about? How low are those on the right willing to stoop? And will those Christians who claim to know better step up and denounce such vile and disgusting sentiment?

    Psalm 109:8 “Let His Days Be Few”
    Psal m 109:8 “Let His Days Be Few”
    An anti-Obama bumper-sticker slogan which seems to urge people to pray for an end to the President’s days (in office?).


    in case anyone feels like taking action here are the contact details for President Obama’s aides


    You can also call or write to the President:
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Phone Numbers
    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414
    FAX: 202-456-2461

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