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Wafa Sultan is Better Known as Wafa Stalin

Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan

We updated our post on Wafa Sultan. It looks like she was loonier than we thought.

In retrospect, our piece on Wafa Sultan seems not to have been harsh enough on her hateful lying and bigotry. In light of recent comments she has made while on her book tour at synagogues and churches, the poseur can properly be renamed, Wafa Stalin Sultan because the atheism that she believes in is propelled by the same genocidal and insane impulses that led another loon, Joseph Stalin.

Atlas Shrugs (read: Pamela Geller on Drugs) made our jobs easy by posting a video clip of Wafa Stalin Sultan going off the deep end. In the video, Sultan is addressing a group at a synagogue in NYC and says,

“I believe King Abdullah can change Islam overnight, but you need to put pressure on him to do it, and the same kind of pressure you put on Japan, you might need it at that moment someone from the audience interjects and asks, “atom bombs?” Wafa Sultan replies, “Yes. At some point the West will need to do it.” This statement is quite revealing considering how in 2007, at a right-wing David Horowitz funded conference called “Restoration Weekend,” Wafa Sultan said, “I will change 1.3 billion Muslims…they have to realize they have only two choices: to change or to be crushed.”

At the end of her speech, she utters something quite strange for an atheist, “God bless you and God bless America.” More charlatanism?

During the question and answer session she divides moderate Muslims into three categories: 1.) a majority, 80% who are unaware of the real teachings of Islam, 2.) huge chunks of them are practicing Taqiyyah, 3.) a very small progressive group who have no effect. All talking points from the far right-wing.

The rest of the question and answer session is interesting as well, and pocked full of more and more lies from Wafa Stalin Sultan. Check it out for yourselves:

This disgusting woman continues with her fascist fear mongering, she says, “Islam is infiltrating and you are doing nothing about it.” Someone from the audience then asks Sultan, “How would we stop it from infiltrating?” Sultan replies, “Get involved in politics, you have to know the kind of leaders you are choosing.” The man then says, “If we got involved in politics, what would our platform be, what would we say?” Sultan replies quoting Geert Wilders, “Islam is not religion!” The man interrupts and asks, “what would our platform be, what would A, B and C be?” Sultan replies, “the same you dealt with Nazism. The same way, the same exact way. The same way!” To this she receives a big applause from the all too captive audience…”you reversed the Japanese culture, the same, you might need to do it, you might need to do a heavy pressure, I cannot predict the kind of pressure, you understand it, I don’t have to say it.” Quite chilling the way she nonchalantly advocates nuking Muslims.

Sultan also says, “You know Geert Wilders has said if he becomes Prime Minister of Holland he will ban the Quran, I admire him for that.” The audience glibly agrees with her with mutterings of “yes.” If you want to see how fascism takes hold then watch the video. My only question is how much are these synagogues and churches paying her for speaking appearances at their congregations?

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  • Len, there ARE posts here defending Wafa. I’m reading yours right now. And nobody has to get rid of their site because the same Constitution which lets her spread her hatred and bigotry also protects OUR freedom of speech and OUR freedom of religion. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

    Let me ask you this. Since you think that we Muslims are so violent, then what do you think of the fact that many Muslims are themselves victims of violence at this very moment. In Kosovo, Kashmir, Darfur, Kurdistan and Western Sahara. Or are we not worthy of protection in your world? What of the fact that “Westerners” like Hitler, Charles Manson and Stalin committed atrocities? What of Wounded Knee, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the KKK and so forth?

    Anyway, back on track here. Wafa Sultan is another perfect example of an opportunist milking the current prejudice against Muslims for all she can. She is a con artist and a hate-monger. And while she may be Arab, I doubt she was raised as a Muslimah at all. Not everyone in Syria is part of some homogeneous group. There are plenty of Muslims who only give lip-service at best. And she makes some serious errors about Islam.

    Namely, she uses the term taqiyya in the same manner as many Western Islamophobes. I’m reasonably sure that Sunnis don’t accept that practice. I thought it was just our thing, a result of being the minority in the Muslim world, though any Sunnis can step in and correct me if I’m wrong.

    In the Shi’a tradition, taqiyya refers to hiding one’s faith to protect your life. If you would face persecution or even death for being Muslim, you are allowed to lie and say you are not Muslim, eat haram foods, miss sawm and salat, etc. It is only for life-and-death situations, and you are not allowed to kill or hurt someone else to keep your faith secret.

  • Len

    Only muslim comments here? If you are a honest publication…. let every other comments FOR Wafa be published here. Otherwise get your WAFA hate site off the internet.

    This woman has more guts that any of your male muftis and islamists put together.

    She is not lying when she says that islam is a murderous organisation. She is not lying when she says you kill the innocent – we see it on the news every day. Thats prrof enough…or is all the news made up?

    You must be so scared of her to put multiple faqwas on her, and threaten her every day. If Allah is all powerful he can avenge himself and his messenger and dont need your help.

    The God of Israel never asks for vengeance for Himself. Jesus never asked for help or vengeance for himself. They are all powerfull and do not need Christians or Jews to avenge them.

    Print this if you dare!! TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.

  • LOL,

    Sylivia, still laughing…… 🙂

  • sylvia

    This wafa stalin looks like a witch. I am afraid that tonight i may get some nightmares. I am pretty sure of it.

  • Abdul Al Hakim

    Waffaling Wafa Sultan , A Case for loud laughter . This lady is no threat she is a joke. In fact have a better chance of making jannah beacause she is going to be taking up two spaces.

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  • Leonora

    Tarek Fatah, not someone I am a fan of, condemned Wafa’s genocidal prediliction’s as well.

  • nono

    wafa sultan is good

  • Muslim

    @ Ben

    And how would you know that?…Or do you just rely on the kind of garbage you’re brain washed with by the Anti-Islamic haters? So sad.

  • Ben

    Only “argument” of muslims when they face the truth? “you are liar” …. so sad.

  • Muslim UK

    Wafa Sultan is advocating terrorism according to the Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.) of the word when she talks about bombing.

  • IbnAbuTalib

    bandy:A more evil human creature is difficult to find.

    How about yourself?

  • Imad

    @Yusuf and florint

    an even bigger question… Is he POPULAR!

  • Yusuf


    “Lots of people in Holland are afraid of this man and the people who stand by him.”

    Thanks for the info! Why do you think people are afraid of Wilders? What sort of connections does he have? I know he has connections with Israel (he’s visited it over 40 times), do you think that’s the reason? Does Dutch media go easy on him? In interviews, do reporters challenge his bigoted and racist views? What are the chances of him gaining more power in Parliament?

    Sorry for all the questions. I’m curious since you’re a native and I don’t know much about Dutch society.

  • Florint

    I am from the Netherlands and Geert Wilders and the people who love him, are hunting on Muslim and Moroccan people in our country.
    I have a list about the plans Wilders make and want to use when he become the president of the Nederlands.

    Closing Mosques
    Close of Islamic schools
    Exclusion of Muslims in our military
    No Imams in our military
    Headscarf tax only for Muslim women
    Muslim women are street polluters
    Exclude marriages and the right of a normal family life in our country for immigrants
    Deportation of Muslims
    A stadium ban only for Moroccans
    The shooting in Morocco knees
    Ban the Quran
    Prohibition to the confession of Islam
    Ban on children’s programs that highligts Islamic things like sugarfeast.
    Parlement qustions about a childrens song from 1993 that had Allah akbar in it, but the song was about a girl who had a morrocon father and Dutch mother and where she wants to live.
    Muslims as terrorists
    Remove Article 1 of the Dutch constitution to bash legal Moroccan and Muslims as minorities and put away to suppress.

    When we turn Muslims into Jew, we have almost the same with Jews before the war started.

    Closing synagogue
    Close of Jewish schools
    Exclusion of Jews in our military
    No Rabbi in our military
    Headscarf tax only for Jewish women
    Jewish women are street polluters
    Exclude marriages and the right of a normal family life in our country for Jews
    Deportation of Jews
    A stadium ban only for Jews
    The shooting in Jewish knees
    Ban the Thora
    Prohibition to the confession of Judaism
    Ban on children’s programs that highligts Judaism things like Pesach
    Parlement qustions about a childrens song from 1993 that had G’d in it, but the song was about a girl who had a Jewish father and Dutch mother and where she wants to live.
    Jews as terrorists
    Remove Article 1 of the Dutch constitution to bash legal Jews as minorities and put away to suppress.

    Silent detail about Geert Wilders and some members of his parliamentary party.
    Hero Brinkman called the director of the Bellamy area, cause he was a dirty cop, beaten a barman in last september cause he was drunk and the barman didn’t give him more alcohol.
    (google words are —hero brinkman slaat barman)

    Number two is Dion Gaus, a man who beaten his 8 month old pregnant woman in the Netherlands and an ex girlfriend in Belgium.
    There were 6 complains against this man.
    This link is in Dutch but i guess you can translate it.

    Geert Wilders is a one man party with the name PVV party of freedom (yeah right, only for those who love Geert Wilders)
    And in his parliamentary party he has 8 people who speak for him.
    But its Geert who is the King of his parliamentary.
    Geert Wilders speaks his hate about Muslims in Holland, US, UK Denmark etc, but never debat with Muslims.
    Muslim groups in our country asked him sereval times to talk with them, but Geert never wants to talk with Muslims.
    Lots of people in Holland are afraid of this man and the people who stand by him.
    This man is full with hate of Muslims and Morrocan people.
    And so are his fans.

  • Bandy

    Thank GOD we have Wafa Sultan in the west! We don’t want any more muslims and their hate ideology either in the USA or Europe. They have 47 other nations to chose from to live their hatred out in and don’t need to import it to our part of the world. I dealt 10 years with Muslims and their so called faith in the middle east. A more evil human creature is difficult to find. I have never seen to many human beings commit so many evils! They are not a creature of God – they are demonic. No country that house muslims have respect for them. As they witness the evil that is so inborn in Muslims, they want nothing to do with them, be it in India, Indonesia, Europe, South America – doesn’t matter. Muslims have lost the respect of the entire world.

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  • “Wahabis consider all the other sects of Islam Kafirs even the SHIAS,whose founder was the grand-son of your prophet.Are you also a Wahabi?”

    even if some extremist wahabis do believe that, how does that differ from christianity which sees all as kafirs unless you believe in jesus as god? how does that differ from some orthodox judaism sects which sees those who are non bani noach as idolators worthy of death? that includes christianity, which is seen as an idolatory in judaism.

    all the monotheisitic religions have sects which consider all others as Kafirs. Don’t be a hypocrite. You call me a pagan,(as a Muslim) and dare to complain of Wahabi’s seeing you as a pagan? why don’t you go to an orthodox jewish site and ask them what they think of your pagan religion?

    “Try to understand Islam with an unbiased critical eye.It has pagan roots.It is based on hatred for others.You can never have peace in life with the Ideology of hate called Islam.”

    I have peace of mind, and i do understand and why are so many pagans, converting to it if we do not look at it with a critical eye? You’re not making sense.

    The verses you posted dont mean what you said they do. Why don’t you go to Islamic sites to learn what they mean, before parroting the Islamophobic lies you have been fed.

    You cannot understand the Quran, (word of God) without the accompanying Hadeeths (oral law, how the Prophet told us to follow). You have to study both together otherwise you can take one verse and make it mean anything you want. Every verse has mountains of learning to go with it. Every verse has a context, a history, behind it. You didn’t mention which verse, so i don’t know what you mean. Why don’t you try checking the Islamic websites, instead of the Islamophobic ones? If i want to learn about your religion should i go to your enemy to learn?

    Islams roots are not pagan, it’s an Ibrahimi religon. Paganism is Pauls’ religion. It was foretold in the Old Testament, as i showed you in theother thread. Ishamel settled in Mecca. The Prophet descended from Ishmael, his descendents fell into paganism until the Prophet returned them back to the religion of their forefather.

    Wahabism is one interpretation of Islam, a strict one, mainly practiced in Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Terrorism doesn’t come from Wahabism, even Dore Gold came to that conclusion, read his book

    “Wahabis consider all the other sects of Islam Kafirs even the SHIAS,whose founder was the grand-son of your prophet.Are you also a Wahabi?”

    Prejudice against Shia doesn’t have to be from Wahabi’s. And shia can be just as militiant in their hatred of Sunni. the underlying reason is usually something else, territorial or land rights, or other power.

    The truth is most shia and sunni have no problem getting on, but there are some who take things to extremes. As in Protestant v Catholic,

    unless you bring an Islamic source to back up what you say, dont make these baseless accusations here. Just to show you how off base you are Dore Gold wrote this book,

    “Hatred’s kingdom: how Saudi Arabia supports the new global terrorism”

    Look it up on amazon. This is supposed to be a critical study as the title suggests, and dore gold is the former Israeli ambassador. BUT EVEN HE CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT WAHABISM IS NOT THE CAUSE OF TERRORISM.

    Only Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Wahabi countries. 4% of Muslims are wahabi. Why havn’t Qatari’s who are devout Wahabis been involved in terrorism?

    You are confusing desert and tribal culture thousands of years old, with Wahabism. Wahabism on it’s own, is just one interpretation of Islam. There is nothing in it that calls for hatred of non Muslims or other Muslims.

    Why don’t you read about it and then question, instead of parroting nonsense.

  • Nabeela,Wahabis consider all the other sects of Islam Kafirs even the SHIAS,whose founder was the grand-son of your prophet.Are you also a Wahabi?Try to read Anwar Sheikhs book which describes Islam as Arabian Imperialism.Try to understand Islam with an unbiased critical eye.It has pagan roots.It is based on hatred for others.You can never have peace in life with the Ideology of hate called Islam.Read Sura 8 and 9.Also Quran tells you not to make friends with the JEWS and Christians Sura5:51.How would you explain that the verse comes from God not Satan?

  • Nabeela

    Dear Laurence,

    You’re not making sense, i’ve crossed paths with you here in my other monikers i use here, anti-crusader, neo-con watch, proud muslim, they’re all me and i think ive hammered you several times.

    Not sure what you mean by i’m from Pakistan, arabian imperialist, subserviant…huh? Oh I get it…are you fishing for information so you can track the posters here and get them to unwittingly say who or what they are? Sorry, i’m not taking the bait. Dream on.

    Our grudge is not against Wafa Stalin being intelligent, it’s that she pretends to be Muslim when she is an Alawite, (they are wannabe Muslims and resent the fact we don’t accept them as Muslims), and that she lies about Islam when she was raised in secular baathist Syria, and that she is paid to spread lies. Ironically she is rejected by those of influence, power, those who matter,

    She is only accepted by the Zionist right wing, and the low lifes like Rabbi Hausman, they’re all Likudniks, and they know they have no hope of convincing the US to support territorial expansion in Israel or to approve the occupation except by pretending that Islam is a threat to the USA.

    Most Americans are wise to that now, but for a while they were fooled, some still are, and that’s why we are here.

    Tell me, look how many millions the neo cons spend to spread Islamophobia and what did they achieve ? Evangleism on the decline in America, Americans turning against Israel as the truth becomes clear (douglas feith, and OSP come to mind) and 3 MILLION CONVERTS TO ISLAM.

    Tch Tch, Such is the superiority of Islam:) Excuse my sounding like an Islamic supremacist.

    I’m far from ignorant, and i know your type very well. i’m always one step ahead of you.

  • Nissa

    Oh give it up ‘lawrence’! Sultan is a known charlatan, you bang on about her education- well none of it is in Islamic studies- whether theology or history. She has been exposed and only blind Muslim hating crazies like you laud her as hero.

    You know nothing about Nabeela to claim she is Pakistani or not educated. Quit ranting, I realise you can’t say anything with a point so don’t say anything at all!

  • Nabeela,when Muslims start calling other people names who differ with them,that proves that they have lost the argument.Wafa Sultan is a highly educated,which unfortunately you are not.You are just hungry for limelight.Why do you not approach Saudi-Arabia for financing you as they finance Zakir Naik of India.He propagates THE LIE,WHOLE LIE and NOTHING but THE LIE through so called PEACE CHANNEL.You suffer from TRUTHOPHOBIA.It is only the TRUTH which could set you free.You come from Pakistan and deeply subservient to Arabian Imperialist face Mecca five times a day for your Robotic exercises because Allah is confined in Mecca.

  • Emperor

    Unfortunately there is no choice but to pay attention to loud cretins like Sultan, oops sorry, Stalin. She makes a lot of contradictory claims and is helped by a lot of influential people, so this is a good start to exposing her.

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