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Charles Johnson: Feelin’ the Love From Danish Kounterjihad Kultur Warriors

Lars is on the right

Lars is on the right

Charles Johnson has made quite a transformation, from one time paragon of the anti-Muslim blogosphere into a balanced and critical libertarian. This has incited the revilement and hatred of his former friends Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller who think he is the worst person in the world and a Benedict Arnold.

Recently he put up a revealing piece about some Islamophobes or as they like to term themselves these days “Kounter jihadis” in Denmark who are calling for bizarre action against “Mooslims in their countries.”

Feelin’ the Love from Danish Kounterjihad Kultur Warriors

A few days ago a writer for the Danish weekly Weekendavisen, Jesper Vind Jensen, emailed and asked for my opinion on a Danish critic of Islam named Lars Hedegaard who’s apparently now in the midst of a controversy, over statements he made calling for a sort of paramilitary strategy of civil disobedience against Muslims in Denmark.

Jensen wrote that he had seen an image of Lars Hedegaard in a photoshop at some website that was attacking me for something, and thought I must have written something about Hedegaard that prompted it. But the name didn’t mean much to me; I searched LGF and didn’t find any posts mentioning Hedegaard, and I didn’t recall writing anything about him.

Then Jensen emailed this link to a speech in Hedegaard’s own words: The Resilience of the Commoners – Sappho.

3. We need to develop a strategy that may allow us to achieve our objectives. This means that we must develop a comprehensive and deep strategy equal to that of islam. This strategy must take into account that some of our public and private institutions may opt to side with our enemies unless we force them to side with us.

A successful defensive strategy may necessitate the creation of parallel institutions under our control accompanied by civil disobedience vis-à-vis the official, dhimmified ones – which is a classical occurrence in occupied countries.

We would undoubtedly benefit from a study of the modus operandi of primarily European resistance movements during World War 2 though our present situation is much more ominous at least long term.

Jensen also told me that Lars Hedegaard had attended the meeting in Brussels in 2007 partly sponsored by the Belgian extremist party Vlaams Belang; and so I gave him a quote through email that said:

OK, now I remember Hedegaard. He’s obviously an extremist, and anyone who consults with the neo-fascists of the Vlaams Belang should not be trusted. And talking about a “public uprising” is insane. He is associating with fascists and advocating violence, and should be shunned by decent people.

Here’s the Danish-language article Jensen and his partner Klaus Wivel wrote for Weekendavisen, in PDF form: De er alle blevet kukkuk.

Apparently this has stirred up yet another enclave of blogs that despise me, over in Denmark. I knew I felt my ears burning. LGF reader Øyvind Strømmen emailed a few links that I put through the Google translator.

For example, Character-suicide of open carpet. And get a load of the name on this blog: MonoKultur. Of course, they believe this is a war, so anything is justified.

Some of those sites are harping (again) about a photograph of Filip DeWinter of the Vlaams Belang and Markus Beisicht of Pro Koln; here are the LGF posts on this photo, because as usual these bloggers are deliberately distorting the truth:

Classic Misdirection from Spencer and Geller
How Do You Say ‘Liar’ in German?

UPDATE at 1/10/10 3:30:19 pm:

Øyvind Strømmen has written a lengthy rebuttal of the claims going around right wing blogs supporting Hedegaard; here’s the Google translation to English from Norwegian: “No fascists to see” – comment on a Danish blog war.

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  • Wilders on left.

    Wilders, Pipes, and Hedegaard work together fairly closely.

    Hedegaard is briefly mentioned in:

    Scaremongering Muslim Interns, Undermining Democracy – with videoclips

    Connecting the Dots – Right, Wrong Way – without videoclips

  • iSherif

    Oh come on Nabeela, don’t just say good bye 🙂 We’ve come quite a long way already and we really need you here on this site. Personally, I’ve enjoyed reading almost all your comments thus far and it’ll be a shame if Cassidy stops you from commenting here anymore.

    Don’t let him get under your skin Nabeela, ‘coz it’s really not worth it. Your presence here is very, very important if we are going to keep these Islamophobes in check and I guess we’ve just got to stick together and back each other up in these times.

  • Usman

    Wow, Nabeela.

    You need to chill.

  • Nabeela

    I don’t believe it, you’re here too?

    Loon Watch are you aware that in “comments” section most comments here have been by Cassidy these last few days, which means that since only 20 are posted, we miss what the others have to say?

    why don’t you rename this website Cassidy’s Vomit , or Whilbur Whitely Fans, or Excrement Anonymous c/o Whilbur Whitely,

    Well…I’ve come to a decision, recently it has been impossible to come here and not leave with a raised temperature, and disgust, so much so that what the purpose is and what we are forced to put up with, is becoming more and more blurred, which causes me to stop and question what the purpose of all this is.

    When a website that fights Islamophobia gives full rein to the likes of Cassidy to clog up every thread, it’s reasonable to presume that something weird is going on.

    I shall bid all here good bye, i’ve had enough. It was nice knowing you all.

  • Ryan

    I guess seeing the kind of people he was working with forced him to rethink his views

  • Cassidy

    Oh yeah it amuses me how they say that Johnson betrayed his ‘allies’; I have yet to find a more laughable group of keyboard warriors.

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