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Minnesota: Anti-Muslim Images Left in Front of Mosque Bring a Fine


The man says he was educating people about “Islam” but what he seems to be doing was provoking Muslims and trying to upset community relations. (via. Chasing Evil)

Anti-Muslim Images Bring a Fine

Setting the stage for a showdown over free speech rights, a resident of Waite Park, Minn., plans to fight St. Cloud officials’ decision to fine him for posting offensive anti-Muslim cartoons last month.

The city attorney’s office last week cited Sidney Allen Elyea, 41, with violating a city ordinance that prohibits posting written materials on utility poles.

Elyea has admitted posting the cartoons, telling police he did so to educate city residents about Islam, said his attorney, Ryan Garry.

The cartoons, discovered Dec. 8, depicted images such as the Prophet Mohammed engaged in bestiality and sodomy, as well as an Islamic crescent with a swastika inside it. They were posted in front of a mosque and a Somali-owned store.

The city’s complaint states that the cartoons “were placed in high-pedestrian traffic areas and were placed to target local Muslim citizens. The posters were designed to harass, and they had that effect.”

Although some local residents pushed for Elyea to face criminal charges, prosecutors in Stearns and Benton counties declined to do so, saying the cartoons had to be considered free speech.

Garry agreed with Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall’s description of the case as “classic First Amendment” issue.

Garry said the city’s ordinance is overly broad, too vague and amounts to “discriminatory enforcement.”

In an e-mail, Garry wrote, “the government is not punishing my client for posting a piece of paper to a telephone pole, but rather punishing him for offering an opinion on a religious and political issue that they disapprove of and find offensive.”

He added: “I am not defending the content of my client’s political and religious speech. However, the government should know that I will vigorously fight this case to the end to defend his right to say it.”

The two civil charges filed against Elyea carry a maximum fine of $250.

Bob von Sternberg • 673-7184Also read: St.Cloud to serve charges against Waite Park man for Cartoons

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Doubting Thomas
    You seem very sure of yourself for someone of that name.
    Hate of any type is wrong and ultimatly self defeating.
    You said you have been called a homophobe before I think it will not be too long before you are called a homophobe again 🙂
    Having a spiritual belief based on such hate of others instead love can only lead to a sad exsistance.

  • lilgypsy

    I’m not a lawyer, but I’m not entirely sure that “freedom of speech” would apply to a cartoon depiction of a man engaged in the act of sodomy and bestiality posted in a public place where anyone walking by INCLUDING CHILDREN could plainly see it. As a mother of 5 I know that I would be angry and offended if my minor children were exposed to such a sight unprepared and unwillingly in a public place. Mr. Elayea is certainly entitled to his opinion, but he is not entitled to attack my children on the street corner with his display of pornograpy on a utility pole….at the very least it shows an extreme lack of taste and tact on his part and a total disregard for those others in the public who did not care to see his vulgar display, but had no choice in the matter.

  • Linda Dashwood

    Doubting Thomas is the name of an admin of who happens to be known for both his homophobia and Islamophobia.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Thank you so much for your response! I really mean this too. I have already been down the road with very wise and well educated Muslims. The questions really are at the crux of the issues at hand. I have given much thought to the issues long before 9/11. I was in the Middle East from the mid 80’s and I have seen first hand the sad state of affairs Muslim countries find themselves in, and I have watched the blame game (and shifting focus) all too often.

    This site, and more relevant, this article is an example of the focus shift. So what, a man puts something derogatory on a telephone pole. Perhaps it was correct, perhaps it was not. Nonetheless, it is constitutional to do so and a fine is out of order.

    Let me give you a bit of history. Charles Taze Russell is the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was spreading his religion at the turn of the 19th century. A Baptist minister started to hand out a flier that renounced the doctrine of Mr. Russell. Mr. Russell got angry and sued the Baptist minister. The Baptist minister won and the court case is still available to this day. (Should anyone request this I will find it for them – having the ability to have reliable information is important.) This is why I love this country. We have the freedom of speech, and we have the right to sue for slander and liable. The courts have forgotten their role in these matters as evidenced by the above mentioned case. Perhaps the court succumbed to P.C. thinking. That is one reason why Shahira (sic) Law really doesn’t fit in America.

    As for Sir David’s comment “its about looking at the sad islamaphobes. Bit like a zoo really ,spot the soon to be endangered wild animal in the cage”. This seems a bit harsh does it not? The term islamaphobe is likened to homophobe in this way: a person is considered a homophobe when they are felt to have an irrational fear of homosexuality. I have been called a homophobe before, but to that I will say “Homosexuality is greatly responsible for the spreading of Aids and other diseases, homosexuals are prone to serious diseases of the urinary tract (go figure), it is an act against nature, and it is condemned in the Bible. To wit, I cannot be considered irrational because I have stated clear and concrete reasoning as to why I oppose homosexuality. I suppose some would also consider me an Islamaphobe in that the discussions I have had with those who believe in Mohammad’s teachings have a difficult time answering specific questions concerning their faith, practices, mind-sets, and behaviors. Islamaphobe no longer fits me as these are rational questions.

    I look forward to your replies. Your comment “Bit like a zoo really ,spot the soon to be endangered wild animal in the cage” is quite funny. Keep the loon watch going – I like the visit!

  • Sir David

    Doubting Thomas
    Firstly I would suggest that in answer to your first question you should look at a more relevent site such as Islamonline or similar. This site is not about ‘spreading the word’ (whatever ever word you believe in )its about looking at the sad islamaphobes. Bit like a zoo really ,spot the soon to be endangered wild animal in the cage .
    Moderate muslims in many spheres and at many times have condemmed acts of terror that are against all humanity and I am sure will continue to do so . Unfortunetly this is not considered news worthy in the face of a few outcasts spouting hate, look at what happened about South Park on this site for a most recent example of this .
    Plus there are those who have their own hidden agenda who do not want the voice of moderates to be listened too. Who pays for Robert Spencer and his ilk? He who pays the piper chooses the tune .

  • Doubting Thomas

    Anony”mouse” I doubt you would be shipped off for depicting Jews in any light as I watch plenty of hate by Muslims toward Jews go unnoticed. Let someone depict Mohammad in a negative light and they get what???? Death Warrants by religious leaders, threats, posts like this one.

    Ah, it seems to me that a double standard exists. I’ve never seen such a thin skinned group of people in my life.

    I have posted many times, and I’m still waiting for these two important questions to be answered:

    1. Why believe in the teachings of Mohammad?
    2. Why do the “moderate Muslims” not spend more time condemning the actions of the Islamo-terrorists?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • Thomas

    What the city is doing is selective enforcement because they did not approve of the content. The city has NEVER cited anyone for the ordinance in the past.

  • Anonymouse

    Free speech? LMFAO
    If I put up the same cartoons depicting jews and their “holocaust” I’d be off on the first flight to guantanamo

  • Surya Dharma

    “As the character is, such is the speech.”-Aelius Aristides

  • Ustadh
  • IbnAbuTalib

    “The man says he was educating people about ‘Islam'”

    As the saying goes, the fool knows everything!

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