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Stephen Colbert: TSA Should Give all Young Muslims Involuntary Colonoscopy

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert says all young Muslims should be given a colonoscopy.

David Edwards and John Byrne
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In a desultory rant Tuesday night, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert jabbed conservatives who are promoting racial profiling and more radical techniques after the failed Christmas bomb plot against a commercial jetliner.

“Every time a young Muslim man arrives at the airport, the TSA should respectfully take him aside and give him an involuntary colonoscopy,” Colbert quipped. “This cannot fail. Everyone knows that terrorists are all young, poor, disenfranchised Arab Muslims. Well, except the Christmas bomber, who is a middle-class well-educated Nigerian. Which, frankly, I don’t think is fair.

“We elected a black guy. What more do Nigerians want? I mean, ever since we elected JFK, the Irish haven’t terrorized us… So i guess we have to profile anyone who looks like a Nigerian too. Basically, all black people.

“And, I’m not saying all black people look alike,” Colbert continued. “I’m saying I can’t tell them apart. I mean, which of these guys is Kenyan? Of course, there was the dirty bomber Jose Padilla, so we’ll have to go after Hispanics too. Then there’s shoe bomber Richard Reid. God only knows what he is. Belgian? Patchouli? To be safe, let’s profile anyone named ‘Reid.’”

“Ben Franklin did say, ‘Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither,’” Colbert added wryly. “Then again, Franklin said a lot of things.”

This video is from Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, broadcast Jan. 5, 2010

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  • Republicans rule

    Oh yeah I have read about the conspiracy loon Bill Lussenheide for congress ca-45 AIP and another wildly nuts aip person Chelene Nightingale for governor 2010 AIP!! Those people at AIP want to start some type of religious America…very scary Don’t worry They don’t have ANY CHANCE of winning No one votes for AIP…third parties, like AIP only run quacks that can’t hang in a real Political Party….whew

  • Inland patriot

    Watch out for conspiracy loon Bill Lussenheide for congress ca-45 AIP lunatic believes 9-11 was started by the gov. (Why do the mentally ill get involved with politcs?) coo coo ka choo

  • tess

    wow !!! free colonoscopies !!

  • Danios

    Ben Franklin’s quote makes it clear how un-American these conservatives are.

  • Danios

    Cassidy, what’s sad is that you troll this site.

  • Seffi

    If she has never heard of him and the video doesn’t play in her region- it is an honest mistake.

    Your desperate need to give out your email and debate issues you have no real understanding of is what is sad.

  • Cassidy

    Nabeela thinks that Colbert is serious? That would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • iSherif

    Haha, this guy is brilliant….I once watched him poking fun at Bill O’Reilly and that was funny too 🙂

  • Nabeela

    Oh Seffi,

    I didn’t realise Colbert was being satirical. The video cannot be viewed from where i am (copyrighted) so I wrongly assumed he was serious.

    My apologies to Colbert for my earlier comment and thanks to you for pointing it out:)

    I like Cat Stevens too, his music too, especially “Morning has broken”
    did you know Andrew Lloyd Webber’s brother Julian, is a convert to Islam too?

  • Seffi


    Colbert is being satirical…he is making fun of those people who want profiling.

    The man is a genius….I don’t know how he keeps a straight face when he’s doing this- I can’t!

    His little interview with Cat Stevens was also really cute.

  • Nabeela


    patheticlaly humourous! I suppose Colbert overlooked Adam Gadahn, (white american al qaeda convert)

    He also needs to open his bigoted mind, to the reality. Al Qaeda have members from many skin colour and race. They will even recruit non Muslims, but prefer converts to Islam, because they are more likely to be brainwashed than a born Muslim, who knows his faith.

    Germany and other European countries have noted the same trend reported below

    Al-Qaeda’s white army of terror
    Two and a half years on from the 7/7 attack on London, MI5 has identified a worrying new trend in Al-Qaeda recruits Picture: Phil Wilkinson
    Published Date: 13 January 2008
    HUNDREDS of British non-Muslims have been recruited by al-Qaeda to wage war against the West, senior security sources warned last night.
    As many as 1,500 white Britons are believed to have converted to Islam for the purpose of funding, planning and carrying out surprise terror attacks inside the UK, according to one MI5 source

  • Ustadh

    Haha, hilarious. Colbert never fails…intelligent humor.
    You guys should get Colbert to write an article on your website!

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