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Tariq Ramadan: Call Homeland Security, he’s heeere!!

Tariq Ramadan, aka the “grandson of Hasan El-Banna”, aka “cold blooded Jihadist,” aka “stealth Jihadist,” aka “terrorist,” aka “taqiyya master,” aka “more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden,” aka “probably related to Barack Obama” is heeere!! Grab your babies, run for the border, hide under your covers, sleep with your guns because we are dooomed!!

Look at the evil:


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  • Sir David

    you appear to have escaped from Pam Geller World and are so wrong about everything its pointless even starting to correct your mistakes/lies/myths
    I’m not a Muslim but I recognise that Islam is different so is Hinuism, Buddhism and all other religions. All are different and as such worthy of respect.It doesnt mean I agree with them . However with Islam and Judism there appears to be web sites with the aim of spreading hate and lies.

  • Sam Seed

    “Simon Says:
    April 13th, 2010 at 7:03 am
    I ask the muslims here – why do you think people don’t like Islam? Why do Westerners not react the same way to Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu or other immigrants?”

    Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, Islam is different somehow?

    I’ll tell you why, its cos Islam is bigger than all of these religions, and Islamic countries are occupied by Western powers. I am sure if this was Christianity or indeed any other religion you would face the same consequences ie terrorism. The simple solution/truth is to stop occupying these lands illegally, stop bombing Muslim countries and stop funding Israel. But I know this is not going to happen…I will let God take care of it, He after all knows the truth.

  • TYO

    Deja vu?

    “To his left is an olive-skinned Egyptian in a dark suit with a neatly trimmed beard and closely cropped hair, clutching a sheaf of papers behind his back, staring intently at the president….The president’s visitor that September day was Said Ramadan, a key official and ideologue of a secretive, underground fraternity of Islamic fundamentalists known as the Muslim Brotherhood. As he stood at the president’s side, Ramadan appeared respectable, a welcome guest if not a fellow statesman” Cold War, Holy Warrior (Mother Jones)

    He went on to help crush leftist groups in Islamic countries. The sins of the father should not be visited upon his son, but his son TR is not automatically a friend of the left and liberals just because he is not as radical right as his family. Hear him out, but with a critical eye.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    milad stop being an idiot. I don’t care much for Obama but why is it that stupid people like yourself keep thinking that he is a Muslim? Man get a life you Zionist loser.

  • TYO

    This is NOT a comment about Ramadan and his goodness or evil. Let me be clear about that.

    My comment is about how this is presented – the caption “look at the evil” and then a plain picture of a man (yes I know it is Ramadan and I get the point of this, but my critique is once again not about him). A lot of bad people look unassuming. Just because a person is clean shaven and neatly dressed doesn’t mean he or she isn’t bad.

    He or she is not harmless just because they look harmless.

  • Durendal

    @milad I can only say that one has to understand the past in order to understand the present.
    Those regions suffer the residue of centuries of harsh and brutal Islamic Imperialism.
    It’s why a country like Greece cannot seem to get it’s house in order and why you saw what was later called ethnic cleansing in the Balkans.

  • Biz

    @ Lawrence

    “With a president like Burak Hussein who needs enemies.”
    I am not sure what you are trying to prove by using President Obama’s first and middle name. Are you showing how a name of Hebrew origin melts so beautifully with a name of Arabic origin? Or are you saying you not only hate Muslims but you hate Jews too? Or are you saying you aren’t a bigot you just hate everyone that is not like you so you are fair in how you deal with others. Or maybe you just hate everyone that does not look or think like you. In that case you don’t believe in freedom of religion or freedom of speech. I guess you might as well throw all the other rights that our nation grants us and become like Saudi Arabia. By the way please show President Barack Hussein Obama the respect of his office and call him President since he is the President of The United States of America and was elected to his office both by popular vote and the Electoral College.

  • Les

    “I ask the muslims here – why do you think people don’t like Islam?”

    That’s a loaded question. And the answer is different depending on which group you’re talking about. For the general public, anti-Muslim propaganda has proven to be effective. It leads to arrogance and ignorance among the public with regard to Islam. Anti-Muslim bigotry has become socially acceptable. People who have no business being called Islam experts are treated as such in the media. So what is the public to think? An “Islam expert” is on TV telling them that Islam is violent, oppressive and dangerous. Who are they to not believe the “expert”? Most people who don’t like Islam do not really know why they don’t like it. Sure, they’ll say ‘terrorism’ and ‘sexism’, but do they know anything about Islam beyond these buzz words? How many who don’t like Islam think Muslims worship a moon god or a black stone in the desert?

    For the neocon types, they don’t like Islam because Muslims in the ME and West Asia refuse to obey their orders. They despise the fact that Muslims have the audacity to resist their actions in their countries.

    For Zionists, they hate that Palestinian Muslims (and Christians FYI) refuse to accept the legitimacy of the state of Israel. So they demonize them and their faith.

    For Christian fundamentalists, Islam is seen as a strong competitor to Christianity. They see it as a threat and so they don’t like Islam on those grounds. Theologically, they hate that Muslims refuse to believe that Jesus is God and died for the sins of mankind. Therefore, Islam is an AntiChrist religion to them.

    For Hindus, it’s Pakistani politics.

    For the secular types, it’s for social and feminist reasons. Muslims are conservative people. We’re pro-life, we believe in marriage, we do not drink alcohol, we believe that premarital sex is wrong.

    Of course not all members of the above groups hate Muslims, disagree sure, but not hate. But your question depends on the perspective of the person, so I gave a basic outline. There’s more to say.

    “Why do Westerners not react the same way to Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu or other immigrants?”

    There’s plenty of anti-Indian and general anti-immigrant racism in the West. It’s not only the Muslims although we’re usually singled out.

    “Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, Islam is different somehow?”

    Of course it’s different, but you’re saying it’s a problem. It isn’t. We’re not the ones who are spreading hatred and lies in the West. I’m not saying we’re perfect, but it’s pretty clear there’s an anti-Muslim narrative in the West that is continually manipulating the public to fear Muslims. It’s been around since before 9/11.

  • Simon

    I ask the muslims here – why do you think people don’t like Islam? Why do Westerners not react the same way to Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu or other immigrants?

    Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, Islam is different somehow?

  • @Duredal:Somebody commented about Muslims that they are ALL SNAKES,SOME MORE POISONOUS THAN OTHERS.See for yourself the harshest treatment the Christians receive at the hands of Muslims in the Muslim countries but they demand the best treatment in the West where as the Muslims offer the worst treatment to the Christians in the Muslim countries like Pakistan.With a Muslim in the White House is certainly not helping the situation. The sooner he leaves the W.H,the better for Israel and America.He is a Trojan Horse for Islam.

  • leonora

    “There is only one Islam”-T.R. in Chicago

  • Sinan

    There is a push by a Bosnian conceptual artist, Damir Niksic, (I’m not joking) to have Muslim-Europeans recognized in Europe. See his website for ‘proclamation’:


  • Durendal

    @Rachel thats the biggest flaw in his arguments, his stand that Muslims in Europe are socially backward because of lack of opportunity when other immigrants that do not have a Islamic background integrate much better.
    A Muslim immigrant in France on social welfare has more means and access to education and other things then most Eastern Europeans or Chinese for example.
    Yet there is hardly a problem with them compared to the Islamic immigrants.
    And it doesn’t matter where they are from either.
    Somali Muslims,Turkish Muslims,or North African Muslims.
    Islam is the only common denominator that links these failing and problematic immigrant communities in Western Europe.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    @I’m no Dhimmy Dummy
    LOL Dhimmy?
    I always enjoy a good laugh from a “Dummy” like yourself 🙂

  • As a Catholic that has been to churches in both Mexico and Belgium, I am well aware of how the cultures of those countries are brought into the local Catholic faith. This is true despite the basic order of Mass and teachings proscribed by the Church in Rome. This localization is more pronounced in Islam and Protestantism. Olivier Roy gives a good example of this in his book Globalized Islam (ISBN 0231134983) on the activities of an Islamic center in Canada. One of those activities is women’s soccer and other gatherings. Roy writes that this probably would not be considered an appropriate activity for women in Medina.

    I think a good sample of Euro-Islam is given by Jytte Klausen in her book The Islamic Challenge on pages 83-84 (ISBN 9780199289929) about a Muslim girl that lives in Copenhagen and is studying Arabic. She grew up a Muslim in Europe, but did not think of her faith until she became an adult. She wears a headscarf as her choice. She got the idea to form a Muslim student group while visiting a university in the United States and viewing other faith groups. She believes that such a group would be good for her universities in Europe.
    She does not believes that faith and state should be separate and religion should not influence politics. she is not concerned about the place of the Lutheran Church in her country, and believes that respect should be created between the religious faiths.
    This is a sample from Klausen’s book, but the idea that this woman, making choices on her own, should be viewed as a “snake” is really offensive!

    Ramadan appeared on CNN yesterday and the Council of Arab American relations rep that appeared with him seemed to believe the rubbish that European Muslims “have trouble becoming assimilated into European society.” Ramadan replied that this is simply not true – and that there are Muslims living in places like Germany that view themselves as German. If the spokesman an American Muslim group is believing this rubbish, just think what some Americans think!

  • Abdullah

    Jews are “God killers”

    This needs an entry, this must be answered by bigots like Spinster and other demnonic elements. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the perpetual servitude.

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