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Mosque in Florida Firebombed

Police respond to the bombing of a Jackonsville mosque.

Police respond to the bombing of a Jackonsville mosque.

A white male in his forties allegedly used some sort of incendiary device to set a Jacksonville mosque on fire during prayer time.  Worshipers chased the criminal (terrorist?) away, and thankfully nobody was hurt, but the mosque sustained fire damage. First Coast News is reporting:

Possible Hate Crime Under Investigation after Fire at Islamic Center of NE Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A fire at a mosque on the Southside is under investigation as a possible hate crime.

Worshipers at the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida heard a loud noise outside the mosque shortly before evening prayers Monday night.

Witnesses went outside and found some type of incendiary device had started a fire.  The fire was put out with a fire extinguisher.  No one was hurt.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the fire marshal, ATF and FBI representatives responded to the incident, which is being looked at as a possible hate crime.

“A possible bias-motivated attack on a house of worship should be of great concern to Americans of all faiths, and particularly to our nation’s religions and political leaders,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.  “Those who shape public opinion must begin to speak out against the rising level of anti-Muslim sentiment in our society.”

CAIR says a man in his 40s entered the Islamic Center on April 4, and shouted, “Stop this blaspheming!”  The man said he’d be back as people chased him away.

Can you imagine the national hysteria if a Muslim had bombed a synagogue or church?  Meanwhile, this story will barely be mentioned.  No wonder so many people think that all terrorists are Muslims.  Will the Muslim worshipers who bravely chased the man away be honored in any way?  Can one imagine the honors heaped on Jewish or Christian parishioners had they chased away a Muslim who had done such a thing?

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  • Tim

    The original Great Mosque of Cordoba was built in the 10th century in Cordoba, Spain, the capital of the Muslim caliphate of al Andalus, ruling over the conquered Spaniards. It was and remains to this day a Muslim tradition to build mosques on the ruins of cities and peoples they have conquered. Is it coincidence then they want to name the new “cultural center” The Cordoba House?

  • Amani

    Assalamu Aleikum,
    It’s extremely sad and heart breaking that such hate crimes are going on and not being noticed…(wait of course only if its caused by a “Muslim”)
    May Allah protect us from all this evilness.

    I’m a revert to Islam, yet I’m not an Arab but of Latina descent. I clarify to all non-Muslims, that I do not feel oppressed, nor do I feel obligated to wear my veil. I feel wonderful and as modest as I’ve ever felt in the past. I have and will continue to walk with my head up high because my love and faith for Allah(swt) is overall!!!

  • Richard

    That’s absolutely true Les as well as synagogues which have been well kept for centuries.

  • Abdulmajid

    Some people came to the USA from Bosnia or from Palestine in the hope not only to make a new life for themselves but to escape such acts and persecution, and now they see that it happens to them all over again.

  • Abdulmajid

    Islamophobes and anti-Muslims tergiverse and disregard the truth because the truth does not serve them. Woe to all freedom-loving people if such contemporary fascists and bigots should ever gain power. The whole world could see what happened where they did – in Bosnia and in Kosovo: Genocide. In Kosovo this was then stop-punched, not muffed like in Bosnia. The idea to deport people from the USA just for the reason of their being Muslims is no better, this too is genocide (forcible removal of a population is genocide!), it really smacks of Hitler. It is un-American. Whoever holds such ideas is really a Nazi. And to wtf I say “So nicht, Herr Hitler!” (Not like that Mr. Hitler!) Next this unprintable fellow will say that Karadzic and Mladic did indeed fight a “just and holy” war in Bosnia! Come to any town in Bosnia that’s under control of the (Muslim) Bosniaks and you find the Catholic and Orthodox churches never received even a scratch. In Sarajevo both synagogues didn’t receive a scratch! But then go to any Serb-controlled town and all mosques (and most Catholic churches) were razed to the ground! By peopl ewho call themselves good Christians! All right, some are being slowly rebuilt but only grudgingly and just so the enemies of Muslims can raze them again when the mood strikes them. In one place which had had 1400 Muslim families and 50 Serb families before the war, the Serb crusaders razed the mosque to the ground, built a church in its place, and only after much litigation and after the Muslims were forced to pay for the relocation of the church to another place could the mosque be rebuilt (that is, if they have let them finish yet.) You will understand that I can’t feel any sympathy whatsoever for people who did this.
    Strangely, at another place Serbs and Bosniaks stuck together and allowed no thugs from the outside to touch any of the residents. So much for “eternal enmity” between Christians and Muslims and “Centuries-old ethnic hate” or other such crap.

  • Les


    Islamophobes take Saudi Arabia to be the only example of a Muslim country. All Islam can be judged from SA. Don’t forget Palestine which has some of the oldest churches in the world. The oldest Christian communities in the world are in Arab countries yet Islamophobes think Islam destroyed all non-Muslim religions.

  • JustAFan

    On that note can someone tell me why nuns do not stand up for hijabis? I mean seriously there are all these Islamophobes bashing head coverings and they don’t mention a single thing about nuns.

  • JustAFan

    Not 100% sure, but don’t women cover their hair when they visit the Vatican or holy sites in Palestine/Israel? And if so would Catholicism or the pope or the rabbi’s in Israel be considered oppressive of women?

  • Richard

    Elaborate architecture which seems peculiar to Egypt’s Coptic church

    Visited this church a dozen times while vacationing with friends to Aswan who visited me while I was working there.

  • Richard

    (WTF) I just came back from Egypt. Been working as an expatriate there now for 3 yrs for Cisco. There appears to be churches all over, especially in old Cairo area/downtown and a massive one in Aswan that’s pretty exquisite. Dubai has churches too. Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon have churches all over and Egypt even had two synagogues located in their downtown area, and 3 in Alexandria. What countries are you referring to exactly??

  • Sam Seed

    Anyone who uses ‘wtf’ as a name clearly is that: what the f***. Another proud gung-ho American.

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