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Robert Spencer Defends Neo-Nazi, Will He Issue an Apology?

Is this the back of some neo-nazi's truck, or the cover of Robert Spencer's next book?

Is this the back of some neo-Nazi's truck, or the cover of Robert Spencer's next book?

Everyone please welcome Rousseau, the newest addition to LoonWatch.  He will be a powerful addition to our already stellar team.  This is his first piece…

Robert Spencer, arguably the lead loon of the loon universe, has been caught defending a neo-Nazi. The whole ruckus started when the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) complained to the Virginia Department of Transportation about the license plate of Douglas Story. Story had a mural made on his truck of the World Trade Centers burning after the 9-11 attack, with the words “Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11.”

CAIR picked up on this loony truck driver’s mural and then apparently noticed his license plate number, which read “14CV88.” Ibrahim Hooper, communications director of CAIR, argued that this number was code for neo-Nazi white supremacist ideas; Hooper explained: “…Among neo-Nazis, 88 refers to ‘Heil Hitler,’ because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. White supremacists sometimes use the number 14 as shorthand for the 14-word motto, ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.'”

But Story shot back and claimed that the numbers were in honor of his favorite NASCAR drivers: Tony Stewart (who drives car No. 14) and Dale Earnhardt Jr. (who drives car No. 88).

Story’s story wasn’t finished there. He went on to say that: “There is absolutely no way I’d have anything to do with Hitler or Nazis.” Story even argued that it would be outright crazy to call him a white supremacist or neo-Nazi, invoking the old “I-can’t-be-racist-because-I-have-a-Jewish/black/Muslim-friend” routine, saying: “My sister-in-law and my niece are Jewish. I went to my niece’s bar mitzvah when she turned 13 three years ago. Does that sound like something an anti-Semite would do?”

Robert Spencer demanded Ibrahim Hooper to issue an apology, saying:

Hamas-linked CAIR smears anti-jihad Virginia driver as Neo-Nazi

…CAIR’s whole story was false in the first place: the driver in question, Douglas Story, is not a neo-Nazi at all, but a racing fan. The alleged code numbers for neo-Nazi slogans were actually favorite race car drivers’ numbers.

Will Honest Ibe Hooper apologize to Douglas Story? Come on, Ibe! It would be the decent thing to do!

Spencer also argued the entire episode was a ploy by CAIR to link “anti-jihadists” like Spencer to neo-Nazi white supremacists:

The implication of the story, of course, was that anti-jihadists are neo-Nazis — which, despite the febrile fantasies of libelblogger Charles Johnson and his cohort, CAIR’s amiable stomach-stapled beekeeper Honest Ibe Hooper, flies in the face of the facts…

Facts?  Here are the facts, sir.  It looks like CAIR got the story right after all.  The Washington Post’s Brigid Schulte reported just a couple of days later that Douglas Story’s Facebook page was replete with white supremacist associations:

Arguing that his license plate was purely about NASCAR and had nothing to do with race, Story told me that he had a Jewish sister-in-law and had attended his niece’s bat mitzvah. He denied being anti-Semitic.

But here’s how he describes himself on Facebook:

“100% WHITE MAN, 100% ARYAN, 100% PRO-LIFE (Children are innocent), 100% PRO DEATH PENALTY (Criminal Scum aren’t innocent).
Over the past 28 years; I, like David Duke, have had an Awakening.”

Note to self: In these days of social media, Twitter and personal oversharing on the web, always check Facebook…

When I called Story to ask about the Facebook page, he continued to maintain that his license plate message had nothing to with racism. He stuck by his NASCAR story. “Southern white men. Southern white sport. What else needs to be said?” he said.

Story acknowledged that he thinks of himself as 100 percent Aryan. “Aryan is a Sanskrit word that means noble,” he said, “no matter what spin the liberal media tries to put on it as being a racist, hate word.”

He said he is an admirer of David Duke, who, he said was “reamed by the media because of his Klan affiliations.” “I am a white nationalist,” Story said. “I am in favor of the whites having their own homeland.” When I asked him where that homeland would be, he said he didn’t know. “The Pacific Northwest maybe. Alaska. Denmark. Greenland. Iceland.”

I asked if he really thought that the Holocaust was a hoax. “I don’t know what to think,” he said.

Well, well, Mr. Spencer. It seems you bit off more than you could chew by coming to the aid of this neo-Nazi white supremacist.  The facts seem to lend support to CAIR’s “febrile fantasies” that there is a relationship between so-called “anti-jihadists” and the neo-Nazi crowd.  (Did the Confederate flag painted on Story’s back window not alert Robert Spencer!?)

This is not the first time that Facebook has exposed Robert Spencer.  Remember when Spencer was caught joining a genocidal Facebook group?  And how many times will we catch Robert Spencer et al. associating with neo-Nazis and fascists!?  The connection is certainly there.  While we’re not equating the “anti-jihadists” and neo-Nazis, we are saying that they hang out in the same circles, something altogether unsurprising considering that both groups are fueled by bigotry and hatred towards “the other.”  Is it not interesting that “anti-jihadists” and neo-Nazis can agree on so much?  Certainly, the rhetoric of the “anti-jihadists” mirrors that of neo-Nazis and fascists.

In any case, will Robert Spencer eat his own words now?  The ferocious Spencer bellowed:

Will Honest Ibe Hooper apologize to Douglas Story? Come on, Ibe! It would be the decent thing to do!

Will Spencer have the decency to apologize to Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR? Will he post a correction to his anti-Islam hate blog about these developments to this story? Will Spencer do anything meaningful and respectful at all? Ever?

I, for one, am not holding my breath.

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  • Danios

    ^^And it is a reflection of their ignorance about Islam, nothing else.

  • Danios

    The reality is that it is only a small exaggeration to say that many people only know about Islam what they saw on 9/11.

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  • Emperor

    Rousseau, strong article. It is aweseome to have you on the team, looking forward to many more!!

  • Ustadh

    Great first piece Rosseau!

    I hope Spencer is no longer cited in mainstream media. He certainly is beyond the pale at this point.

  • Ryan

    Lawrence, Rosseau was a european philosopher. it also doesn’t change the fact that spencer associated with anti semites.

  • Imad

    @ rousseau:

    don’t mind answering Lawrence. If u haven’t seen him, he’s everywhere on this site. He’s the hateful troll.

  • “Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11.”

    Uh huh. And some people might respond by saying something like “everything I need to know about Christianity I learned from such things as the Inquisition, the Salem Witchcraft Trials, the Witch hunts in Africa, and the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, Sudan, and the Congo! Or the Catholic/Protestant fighting in Ireland for so many years.”

    Naturally, such a statement is absurd, and makes neither more nor less sense than Douglas Story’s idea. It’s a cause for sorrow that such hateful bigotry as Douglas displays still exists in our world, and especially in such an ‘upfront’ and public manner. But it’s a sure thing we’ll never conquer such evil by responding in kind. There’s a statement in the Christian scriptures, which presents an attitude which I understand is also well represented in the Qur’an and the life of Muhammad (on whom be peace): “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). Let those who wish to be known as lovers of God practice this ‘commandment’ (“love your enemies, do good to those who hate you”), and thus prove how wrongheaded people like Douglas are. Perhaps they themselves will be led to a change of mind and heart. Instead of letting hatred toward people like that take root in our own hearts, let kindness take root; pray for them, and as opportunity is provided respond to their evil with good. (I’m preaching at myself as well as anyone else, because my immediate ‘knee jerk’ reaction is to become angry also, and resort to ridicule and ‘hate speech’).

  • Justin

    Why do Neo-Nazi racists like Douglas Story not come out clean in public? I mean, if they are so certain in their racism, why would he lie about it to the Washington Post reporter?

    Thanks for going after Spencer yet again. What a goon!

  • Langsammer

    Nice article and as far as the anti-muslim crowd allying with the neo-nazis, we’ve seen it before with the Vlaams belang and like-minded groups. Basically, as soon as these groups drop their (public) hatred for jews and focus their venom exclusively on Muslims, they will be welcomed with open arms by Robert Spencer & Co. In any case, you dont need to go far for fascism, is the filth produced by Hugh Fitzgerald any different than a typical anti-jew article at stormfront?

  • Welcome aboard Mr.Russeau.You seem to have a nice Muslim name.The real supremacist Nazis are the Muslims who are backward and ignorant.What are your thoughts about your Muslim Nazi who tried to explode the explosive laden truck in New york? .Time has come for America to stop Muslim immigration into America and expel the Muslims out.They are worse than the poisonous snakes in your bed.One can never ever trust a Muslim.

  • Biz

    Great post Rousseau!
    I live in the DC Area and I actually saw this vehicle on the on the road on the beltway. This graphic is apparently from a bumper sticker that Story decided to superimpose on his truck.

  • iSherif

    Yup, great find Les..!! Story’s story going from bad to worse, am afraid…

  • Samuel

    Wow, great article!

    thanx so much for posting this. look forward to more from u

    it seems like almost every other day u guys slam spencer…i’m lovin’ it!

  • George Carty

    I can’t imagine Douglas Story views the real “Aryans” of Iran too fondly…

  • SpencerSucks

    Did I mention that spencer sucks? He has really dug himself in with this one. What a fat douche.

  • Imad

    “Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11.”

    I wonder how many ppl think like this?

  • Project Pat

    Les, thanks for bringing that link up, exposing more of Story’s disingenuous BS. Both Story and Spencer are repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot, and it’s hilarious! Perhaps Story is new to the internet because all his bigoted shenanigans on those message boards are showing in all its glory.

  • Rousseau

    Thank you Sir David, Danios and iSherif.

    Danios, I have a slight idea where the term “beekeeper” comes from. Spencer likes to call Hooper beekeeper because Spencer believes Hooper to be someone who keeps the media in check when it comes to Islam-related issues. Spencer argues that Hooper prevents the media from exploring the reality of Islam. I think that’s why he calls him beekeeper.

    Les, thanks for the hat tip.

  • Les

    Good questions Sir David and Danios. I don’t know. A stomach-stapled beekeeper? WTF?

  • iSherif

    Great first article Rousseau…keep up the good work sir! 🙂

  • Danios

    Nice first article, Rousseau.

    Can I ask: in addition to “beekeeper”, why is Ibrahim Hooper “stomach-stapled”? What does that mean!?

  • Sir David

    Nice first post . I wonder if I am missing some cultural referance here why the use of the term beekeeper by Robert . Does he think that there some Islamic bees out there ?
    Is being called a beekeeper an insult? I think it’s cool

    Maybe only in bob and pam world does his rant makes sence

  • Les

    Welcome! You may want to add that a Democratic Underground member caught the driver on this lie too:

    “My sister-in-law and my niece are Jewish. I went to my niece’s bar mitzvah when she turned 13 three years ago. Does that sound like something an anti-Semite would do?”

    It turns out he was upset about his brother marrying a Jew and he was making fun of them on a racist forum, calling them “jewess” and “it”, and saying he only went to the bar mitzvah because he fixes stuff for him.

    Here’s the link (see the screenshot):×8243263#8244694

    I’ll type the text (including his grammar mistakes):

    “Oh, it must definitely has a lot to do with people nowadays, my own little brother, who has two kids of his own, can’t be bothered to be worried about things like White Nationalism. He thinks Whites and neeegroes are cousins that are just different colors, he doesn’t want that ever so vile “N” word used around his precious children (I tolerate this because he fixes my truck for the cost of the parts); and then we come to my older brother, he went and married a jewess some 18 years ago (I wasn’t aware then, so I couldn’t have stopped him), then 15 years ago, it gave birth to a little jewess, that is so “into” it’s “jewishness” that it invited me to it’s barmitzvah. I went, to keep the peace in the family (that and he fixes my computer free of charge).

    One last thing, please don’t hate me for my siblings’ choices.”

    This guy is a real [snip]!

    So you can add that Spencer defends an anti-Semite. And I thought Spencer said he was a defender of the Jews?

  • KnowingTheTruth

    I bet you that Spencer will now say that this Neo-Nazi who hates Islam is actually a Mooslim and that he did taqiyya and everything LOL

    Great job on this article Rousseau, it’s always funny when Spencer makes a joke of himself and makes us laugh 🙂

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