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Robert Spencer Watch: “Obama May be a Mooslim”

As his arguments become exposed, so does he.

As his arguments become exposed, so does he.

Robert Spencer is finished. The cloak of objectivity he claimed has long been undone, as he received blistering blows from not only Loonwatch, but former allies and mainstream organizations disavowing and condemning his anti-Muslim stance.

We have seen an odd metamorphosis on the part of Spencer. For years he tread a fine line, making statements that neared the boundary of Islamophobia without being outright anti-Muslim; veiled Islamophobia if you will. He fashioned himself as a rational, objective scholar when all along he was a right-wing Christian supremacist with an ax to grind against Islam and Muslims. Slowly the truth about who he is and what he believes came out over the past two years. One can only hide falsehood for so long.

It may be that Spencer has spent too much time with Pamela Geller, tea baggers and other nuts, or maybe this is what he has believed all along and it is in fact him influencing Geller, regardless he has hopped on a new loonie train: the “Obama is a Mooslim” conspiracy.

So lets count the conspiracies Spencer either believes or supports now:

1.) Eurabia: Muslim demographic take over of Europe.

2.) Stealth Jihad: Peaceful, law abiding Muslims are really just subverting Western Civilization and trying to impose Shariah law.

3.) Bosnia: The genocide in Bosnia and the massacre in Srebrenica never occurred or are exaggerated.

4.) Congressional Intern Spies: CAIR was sending spies into our government in the form of congressional interns.

and now,

5.) Obama is a Mooslim: The possibility that Barack Obama ever was or is still a Mooslim.

The evidence:

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  • Wait


    Yeah thanks I already knew that when finally something showed up in “the evidence” section. Before there was nothing there so I thought either my browser was glitchy or LW is out for some burgers. Nevertheless great job.

  • Durendal

    @Justin Says:
    April 29th, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    Justin by banning the Qur’an and banning other Islamic practices which are contrary to human rights individual liberty etc one isn’t simply exposing freedom for white people.
    One of the main reason of course is that Islam is not race bound.A white person can be a Muslim.In fact some of the most fanatical Muslims are converts.
    As to article in question.
    If you are going to write an article about Robert Spencer suggesting he believers Obama is a Muslim it’s not smart to actually link to a video where he clearly says he doesn’t know if he is or isn’t.

  • Dima

    Good job debunking Spencer. With all due respect I have to say that “conspiracy” # 3 is one of the few times when Spencer has a point. (Even a broken clock is right twice a day.) The International Court of Justice (ICJ) did not accept the claims of genocide in Bosnia and the death toll numbers given by ICTY demographers as well as the Sarajevo based Research and Documentation Center are indeed around 100,000 dead on all three sides of the war. (It is true and I would not deny that the Muslims made up the majority of the victims and Serbs committed the majority of the atrocities and killing.) I don’t accept Spencer’s anti-Muslim take and disagree with much of what he says on former Yugoslavia but Kejda Gjermani’s gives the usual pro-intervention narrative, highly misleading and propagandistic. She takes some very right-wing positions and repeats all the old propaganda from the 1990s excusing crimes committed by sides she favors (NATO, the Kosovo Liberation Army/KLA, Croatia, etc.) She also misrepresents the sources she cites a number of times and sneeringly dismisses any contradictory evidence. The breakup of Yugoslavia and the wars that followed were brutal and ugly and complicated. We shouldn’t reject Spenser’s propaganda only to replace it with the simplified interventionist propaganda claims of NATO or the KLA and its supporters.

  • Marco

    There is a video there. Must be something wrong with your browser which is preventing you from seeing it

  • HGG

    There is a video below. Refresh your browser or use another one. It’s there.

  • Danios

    Wait: Watch the video. That’s the evidence.

  • Wait

    Okay there’s a video now in the space where it says “the evidence”.

  • Wait

    Either I’m reading wrong, am too stupid to realize something in the post, or LW forgot to put something in the part where it says “the evidence”?

  • Robaby

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  • Marco

    I dunno if it was my email that alerted you to this, or maybe you found it on your own. Either way, great work guys, glad to see you got this up so fast.

    Robert has exposed himself big time yet again. Objective? Are you kidding me. This man comes up with new twisted logic to concoct new wacky theories.

    Any Muslim like me, who sees that video would just laugh at what he said at the very end “His policies & actions suggest he is a Muslim”. Could he be any more clueless as to what Muslims think or what Islam teaches? In what world would legalising homosexual marriage, being pro-abortiotn, sending more troops to Afghanistan, killing innocent muslims etc make a person a muslim??

    Strange man. Clever in how he disguises his racist anti muslim views. But no more.

    I alos recommend, anyone with any social book marking accounts, bookmark this webpage. Put it up on Digg,, stumbleupon, redit etc. Get as many people to see this man for what he is.

  • HGG

    I don’t see the change. He’s always been a weasel, and his answer there is keeping with that line. If confronted, he would say “I didn’t say Obama is a Muslim” And it would be true, just as it would be true that he has never said “Islam is evil”, he only implies it with every one of his witless comments.

    But there is a certain influence from Geller in his Obama posts. Spencer wasn’t particularly Anti-Obama, he was like Schlussel, he didn’t like his policies, but he didn’t like Bush’s policies either (never went far enough as they would like i.e. deporting Muslims and dropping even more bombs in the Middle East) but Obama made Geller crazier (as incredible as that sounds), and SPencer is getting some of that by osmosis, or because she pays his bills.

  • Robaby

    My God, Spencer is hideous much like Islamophobes Michael Medved(who Spencer is regular guest at his radio show) and Charles Krauthammer. All of them look like beings from outer space or spawns of Satan, lol.

  • @Emperor: The thrown-out witnesses, like Robert Spencer, are not to be seen in Court. As the hearings of the three remaining witnesses are confidential, we cannot expect to hear from them.
    However, there are some loons among them, too (if not all of them). We are concentrating on (retired) Professor ‘Hans Jansen’ from a minor Dutch university, a close friend of Ms. Bat Ye’or.
    As soon as we’ll have some information about his statements, you’ll be informed.
    He is a former friend of the Palestinians. Changed his cap and is an ardent lecturing guest at extreme right meetings against ‘Eurabia’ now.

  • Huib,

    That’s excellent. I am glad Krapuul and our friends in Holland can benefit from this!
    Is there an english translation of any news from Holland about the witnesses who were thrown out?

  • Les


    And has Rahm Emanuel, who served in the IDF and whose father was part of the Jewish terrorist group Irgun, as his Chief of Staff.

  • This post comes at a favorable moment for us at Krapuul in Holland.
    Spencer was one of the 11 “expert witnesses”, Geert Wilders had asked the Amsterdam Court to hear about the indictment for “hate-mongering” that human rights groups and the State have uphold against him. Spencer was one of the 8 “experts” the Court threw out, retaining only three, who are being interviewed in Chambers at this very moment.
    We translated your post (see trackback) and made some fun about how Dutch Justice would have reacted to Spencer’s looniness. 🙂

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  • Imad


  • Omer

    It may worth noting that Spencer seems to think that all Muslims would follow the same policies that Obama is currently implementing. If anything, Obama’s policies are anything but the type of policies most Muslim Americans would want implemented – especially on the foreign policy level.

  • Gaubatz is Creepy

    Loonwatch has really done a great job of exposing this guy, the damage is irreparable, if he had an ounce of dignity, he would resign by now.

  • Justin

    This is very refreshing to see that Spencer’s sideshow can be called out for what it is: racism. Spencer really irks me because he pretends to be objective when he so clearly is not. I feel bad for all the people who have been brainwashed by him. Spencer doesn’t return my e-mails anymore because he cannot refute our answers to him. I wonder what must go on inside the heart of a person who exhibits excessive doublethink like Spencer. Geert Wilders too. I mean, “Freedom Party”? Really? The “Freedom Party” that wants to ban the Quran and deport Mooslims? A “Freedom Party” whose central platform is the banning of one of the world’s ancient, great religions? Like I said, freedom for white people only. Robert Spencer is a downright racist hatemongering war hawk and I hope the mainstream media figures that out soon! Thanks loonwatch!

  • Ustadh

    Wow, I think of Spencer as a shell of his former hateful self. No wit or strategy to him anymore.
    In the Quran there is a verse that I am reminded of when I see this piece,
    “Qad ja’a al-Haq wa zahaqa al-batil, inna al-baatila kana zahooqa”
    ‘Cerily truth has come and falsehood has perished, verily falsehood will always perish.’

  • In the words of Cenk Uyugur and John McCain, “We got ’em.”

  • Les

    LOL what a goofball. Is he compensating for something by attacking Muslims?

  • Danios

    Great scoop, Emperor!

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