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David Yeagley: Bad Eagle or Plain Loon?

"Bad Eagle" or just "Plain Loon"?

What happens when you cross a white supremacist with someone who claims to be half-white and half-Native American? Answer: David Yeagley (hat tip: Mallorcaman). Yeagley is a rare and strange specimen, self-described as the “lone Conservative Indian voice,” he rails against Native Americans and anyone who he considers to be liberals. He is known amongst Native Americans, for reasons we will come to shortly as the Indian apple,

apple n. An Indian who is red on the outside, white on the inside.
Tonto n. Sidekick, lackey, Indian Uncle Tom.
Tepee Tom n. Native American version of an Uncle Tom. Synonyms: Tonto, Fort Indian, Hang-around-the-fort Indian

Amongst his many peculiarities is that he claims to be the descendant of a Comanche Indian chief, Bad Eagle, while at the same time allying with and espousing White supremacist beliefs,

Yeagley is associated with a long list of figures on the far right, the John Birch Society, white nationalists VDare, neo-Nazis Stormfront, the White Boy Society, and the National Alliance, and eugenics groups Gene Expression and American Renaissance.

Native Americans find him offensive for many reasons and also dispute his claims of being a Comanche,

According to sources at the Comanche headquarters, David is not Comanche. His adopted mother is Comanche.

One website devoted to exposing Yeagley,, has skewered him and exposed him for the fraud that he is. It is run by Al Carrol, a scholar who is truly descended from Natives. On the site we find more expositions of Yeagley’s persistent White supremacy and anti-Native American stances,

Yeagley describing a gathering of white supremacists and anti-Indian groups:

“It’s their people that created America, not Indians. Only a diabolically self-righteous liberal politician would take America out of the hands that created it, and give it to those who either lost it, or never had anything to do with it.”
“The white blood flowing is the purest I’ve ever seen.”

“Superior beauty is in the white race, with its scintillating varieties of color: red, brown, amber, golden hair… green, blue, light brown, gray eyes. In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black a beastly bore.”

“These days the white woman is expected to humble herself before the darkie.”

“Judeo-Christian religion allowed the European Caucasian race to advance above all other people.The darker races now encroach through integration and intermarriage.”

“Maybe Hitler was partially right on ‘the hated white race’ thing.”

“There is a reason for differences. This is to keep the human race separated into smaller groups. Love of race is the only ‘saving grace’ left in the world.”

“Indian men… and also typical of black women, together, is just the kind of thing that says these races deserve to be on the bottom of the barrel. They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies.” (Quoting from Yeagley on his Badeagle forum. Note that the poster quoting him was neither an Indian man nor a Black woman. It is typical of Yeagley’s racist paranoia to assume a “plot” by the races he hates.)

And as if to remove all doubt, Yeagley’s conversation with a white supremacist reluctant to admit it until he reassured her he believed the same:

“You are simply a white supremacist, complete with a theology to justify it.
THAT’s OKAY! I’m not knocking that. But you can’t talk about it. You have to guise it in different terms. That’s NOT exactly okay….you DON’t believe in equality, and THAT’s OKAY, TOO. I really mean that. ”

Yeagley wrote a lot of these supremacist rants on Frontpagemag, David Horowitz’s zany far-right rag, where he was a regular contributor, and on his own website. Not too long ago he also posted a piece called White Man Rising: The Confederacy, which extols the South as the last bastion of true America.

Amongst Yeagley’s other novel pursuits has been his support for the portrayl of Native Americans as mascots. A touchy issue with Native Americans, amongst whom a consensus against such mascots exists. Isn’t it strange for a self-proclaimed descendant of a Comanche chief, who claims to want to help the Comanche, to then go and support the use of Indian mascots?

Yeagley’s maniacal hate and demented racism manifests itself when it comes to Muslims and Arabs. Yeagley writes about Rima Fakih nearly a dozen times on his site, bringing up the familiar wacko claims that she is a secret Hezbollah plant. He writes that she is a Muslim mascot propped up by Muslims to infiltrate and “rape the West.”

The Huffington Post’s Ahmed Rehab in an excellent piece entitled, Miss USA Scrutiny indicates Weird Obsession with Islam, ripped into the loon world who were obsessing over Rima Fakih for being a Muslim, and accusing her of everything from cultural infiltration to being a terrorist. He linked to Bad Eagle as an example, calling it a “Kooky blog.”  That really hurt David Yeagley’s feelings causing him to once again unleash his hate filled feelings about Islam, Muslims and all Americans,

Rima Fakih, the Lebanese immigrant supported by terrorists, who was “judged” to be the new Miss USA 2010, is clearly a nude mascot for Muslims. She is Islam, stripped of all pretense. Despite the pathetic defense of terrorist associate Ahmed Rehab, both on Huffington Post and Celebutopia, Islam is offensive to America. Muslims are repugnant. They have made their name to stink in all the free world. Rehab, typically Muslim, typically liberal, attempts to denigrate and demean Americans who happen to be offended by Islam, and by the unpredecented hypocrisy of the Rima mascot. Americans don’t have “a weird obsession” with Islam. We hate it!

I call you out, Mr. Ahmed Rehab, and everyone like you. I call you a deceiving coward, liar, and enemy of America. Go home. You, who are afraid to reveal your family background and country of origin; you who presume to represent American freedom, but speak only for Muslims, or Communist Democrat liberals; I challenge you, one on one, man to man. Was it not you who had the audacity to post your Twittered comment (No.21) on my site? Or was it some lackey in the office? It doesn’t matter. I call you an extremely offensive individual, and I don’t want you in the free world. You need to be in Saudi, or whatever country believes like you do. You are an unwanted and odious alien in this country. I despise how you think, and what you represent. You are not welcome here in this country. Leave. Now.

The delusions held by this self proclaimed descendant of Bad Eagle are momentous. To him Rima is Islam, and all Muslims are de facto terrorists, Islam not only isn’t American it is “liberal” and “alien.”

Ahmed Rehab must have really pissed Yeagley off, (not a hard task: just say you are a Muslim or not white) considering he wants to expel him from the “free world.” Does Yeagley notice the contradiction, or is his brain so muddled with right-wing racist propaganda that he can’t see the contradiction in wanting to expel someone from the “free world” for not believing or being the same as him? Freedom obviously has a different meaning for Yeagley than the one in the Constitution.

Moreover, in Yeagley’s typical self-victimizing fashion, the old kook tried to argue that he was being ridiculed by Rehab because he was “Indian” not because he was a Kook.

Rehab didn’t mention in hisHuffington Post defense of Rima the Muslim Mascot, but instead mererly linked to my article behind the words, “kooky blog.” So, an American Indian patriot site is “kooky.” Kooky because I quoted Debbie Schlussel? Or kooky because I hate liars like Ahmed Rehab?

Arab Muslims immigrants apparently feel superior to all other races, and are anxious to demonstrate it. They come from a history of lording over others, from enslaving others, from humiliating others. This is their visceral way of exalting themselves. Equality is anathema to them. I am not suprised that Rehab should consider the American Indian the lowest of the low, or merely “kooky.” We’re easy to denigrate. And honesty is certainly not Rehab’s strong point. Truth he must demean, or nullify somehow. Rehab’s attitude is abundantly clear. Islam has no respect. Islam was the invention of an angry Arab. It is a military death cult from the day it was born. Deceptive, specious words in the societies of the free world may fool those willing to be fooled, but, not me.

I am an American Indian conservative patriot. I hate Islam, and everything it stands for. I hate liars, who attempt to pawn Muslims off as a blessing to the free world. Islam is the enemy of freedom. I love freedom, and I love what America has provided, despite the ironies of history. I defend America, at least verbally, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Amed Rehab is an invader, an enemy, and a lying deceiver. This is what I say, because this is what I see.

Rehab responded directly on Bad Eagle’s blog by calmly ripping him a new one,

Show me where I made any disparaging remarks about Indians. Copy and paste them here for all to see. I challenge you.

You will fail to do so because I never made a single negative remark about Indians, and you sir are a liar.

I merely called your blog kooky – because it is.

You generalized my opinion of your blog to an opinion of all Indians, mostly because you are a dishonest person; I myself did not and would not make that generalization. is not representative “Indians,” it is representative of “David Yeagley”

In the same vein, in venting your anger at my negative opinion of your blog, you proceeded to disparage Islam and Muslims at large, rather than to limit your reaction to me. Again, stupid generalization is your sin.

As to the “Kooky” designation for your blog, I stand by that. While your lackeys may entertain your madness, I have no doubt that any objective person will take a look at this blog and reach the conclusion that it is kooky, and that you sir are a classic kook.

Your blog posts are all over the place, your arguments make no sense, you seem to suffer from an ego the size of Alaska, and a good number of delusions, such as that you somehow speak for Indians just because you claim Indian ancestry or that you have the moral authority to decide who is an American and who is not. Your grammar sucks, your posts are filled with schoolboy typos, etc. Most significantly, your blog posts and the comments from your friends are filled with ridiculous generalizations and filthy hatred of Muslims.

I imagine that self-respecting Indians cringe to see someone like you claim to speak for them. You defile the sanctity, glorious history, and honor of the great native tribes of this country. I count Native Americans as friends, I find them to be compassionate, intelligent, and some of the least bigoted people I know.

That anybody would take you seriously is an enigma. Fortunately, your kookiness speaks for itself. I imagine most people who browse your blog can only laugh at what a silly individual you are.

Good luck to you sir.

Ouch. Bad Eagle down.

David Yeagley, the Indian Apple?

Yeagley’s filthy racist attacks are plenty, he writes about Arabs,

Arab Muslims should be immediately deported from the free world, and returned to their own homelands, with a travel ban placed on all of them for the next decade.

Not only does he believe that Arab Muslims should be immediately deported, he also believes that,

The Arab personality is the perfect cohabitation of fear and aggression. It reacts to itself. It comprises fear of the Jew, and the assertion of superiority, not only to the Jew, but to all other races. The Arab personality is desperate for superiority. It must achieve superiority–by any means. Words are first, then actions. It is characterized by impatience, argumentativeness, arrogance, violence, and cruelty. It is essentially a mindless reaction to its own fear. It is a most private writhing, manifested in offense to all other people. It seeks to overcome its fear by enslaving or lording over others. That is its natural way. That is its approach to reality–a jaded reaction to itself. There is no objectivity, no self-reflection, or moral evaluation.

He has a lot in common with other more savvy and less out right racist Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller (both people he cites favorably on his site). They hold common conspiracy theories such as “Obama is a Mooslim,” “Muslim demographic take over of the West,” etc.

In the end, David Yeagley is just another garden variety loon who belongs in the category of dejected and unknown backwater wingnuts such as Bob Beers, i.e the Loon blog dungeon. His semi-coherent verbal diarrehea and racist Hitler-esque meanderings serve only as a warning to mankind that such inanities and impossibilites are possible.

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  • 1DrM

    “Dr.Jamie Glazov” lol the terror supporting lunatic Zionist Jew from the former Soviet Union? You’re dumber then I thought.

  • John Smith

    You sure project a lot of your own made up conjecture at the man. The private high school I attended used to compete directly against the local tribal one and they whipped our arses repeatedly in all of the track and field sports plus a few others. They were natural athletes who ran circles around us.

  • John Smith

    Read ‘United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror’ by Dr. Jamie Glazov and your questions will be answered.

  • John Smith

    David is a great man who dares to be honest in an increasingly dishonest world. Many of us “white eyes” have Native American ancestry from our predecessors marrying Native Americans. Some of my friends today are even authentic “half-breeds” with one anglo parent and one Native American parent. I salute you David. You have shown yourself to be a true warrior in the ancient tradition of your people against the fork-tongued.

  • Torno

    Yeagley is a proud American and a proud Comanche. To the Socialist-Marxist media and politicians selling-out our nation he is their worst nightmare.

  • amaranth

    the funniest aspect of this lunacy is that i found this after doing unrelated searches, only bout a day after discovering Plain Loon’s sick website in an isolated search!
    I googled Rudy Youngblood, the actor from Apocalypto, and bam! Somehow Crazy Yeagley’s name popped up…is this forreal? You’d have to be psychotic to believe he is anything more than a sad troll. A sad, lonely, damaged individual desperate for love, acceptance and identity. He had to pick on a rising star to attempt to legitimize his own perception of self importance

    I feel bad for him. How much hate and malcontent is in him. I will not judge him for only God can judge, but he is in no way someone who’s got it all together.
    Something awful must have hapened to him when he was young. I will pray for this man.

  • Ash

    That man is pure nuts…:(

  • John R

    I admire David Yeagley. To me he is an almost heroic figure, standing nearly alone against the overwhelming storm of far-left liberals and media social-engineers frantically to re-shape our land.

  • Julian Lee

    Yeagley’s a genius.
    Definitely over your heads.

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  • Bev

    David yeagley was hired by far right activist david horowitze to work for the Masocot issue. Yeagley works with any group that is against the Native American, he has worked with the White Boy Society, John Birch society, anti-Indian group in Oklahoma One Nation, Two eugenic groups-American Renaissance and Gen Expressian; neo nazi groups the National Alliance, neo nazi skinhead group Stormfront, and the white natiionalists and anti-immigrant group VDARE. yeagley worked with barbra lindsey one time Director of One Nation, who was expelled from a Cherokee Heritage group for her membership in One Nation. Together they worked on an anti-Indigenous documentary “Prisoners of the Past, which was withdrawn after public outcry over its racism. Anything anti-Indian or anti-brown yeagley will work for, at first he infiltrates, pretending he is for the cause, but he is totally and forever by birth German and anit-Indian, thats my opinion and it will never change.

  • Ducky’s here

    Man, two fat gags going at it over Yeagley.

    Loonwatch is the best.

  • @Betty Ann and Bev,

    We have been allowing this back and forth for quite some time now, I think it is time we put it to a rest.

    I am not banning either one of you from the site, you are free to comment on any piece except this one.

  • Bev

    baggy ann,

    As I mentioned before, this is about David Anthony Yeagley. I have absolutley no desire to be in communication with YOU, betty ann owens gross, you just place yourself as yeagleys protector. I will not nor have I attempted to follow you to be attacked again and again, find another enemy why don’t you, he has hundreds, pick any Native American Indian. Leave me alone jeally bean, even though he did pick “ME” out of all of them as his # uno enemy, I feel Honored!

  • iSherif

    Yup, I’ve gotten kinda tired of this circus too. Have folks realized that the David Yeagley story is LW’s fourth most popular article at the moment? Our two “Comanche queens” have shown no signs of letting up and obviously the more they comment, the higher the article ranks in terms of popularity. If the moderators don’t step in soon, I can see this article becoming the most popular piece within a month or two max.

  • ” but why doesn’t the owner just block us, that would be the best thing for all concerned, eh?”

    Perhaps because the owners don’t want to be seen as blockers of free speech. Be thankful that you have kind heart owners here, and do not abuse their hospitality. However we readers, do not have to put up with this abuse silently.

    and Bev, I am not Betty Ann, I am a long time poster here, and I post under various ID’s, this is not the first time this has happened, this website has become infested by provocateaurs before.

    Here is blogger

    I wish you both every happiness there.

    Both of you should start a blog here, and duke it out there to your heart’s content.

  • Bev

    Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that she went right over to Indianz to brag that she got BEVERLY SAPCUT ISAAC banned from a Muslim site, she is actually bragging to the Indians she bad mouths so often.

  • Bev

    Oh and she has tried this same thing on a site for Comanche Discussion! She claims she tricked the owner into allowing her membership, then she will bring all that I posted everywhere on her and David Anthony Yeagley(Alert) to this site so that the Comanche people will see me for what I really am. Buh…everwhere I ever posted, I spoke the truth, never lied never made threats, never insinuated never entrapped. I was on Brent Michael Davids and Al Carroll sites and other sites and I have never been banned except at Yeagleys site, here if you deem it this will be the second, but rules are rules. Betty Ann Owens Gross is determined to enter my facebook but its for friends only, I know she reads, and all she will see is a normal Comanche Indian, very normal is all I am.

  • Bev

    I’m game,

    “Go, Now, Be Gone with you, GO Away, sounds very familiar, betty ann ownes gross has spouted the same to me on several sites after she followed me there.

    I thought this one Blog was about David Anthony Yeagley.

    Will it discontinue or will others bring shame upon the Great White Hope, David Anthony Yeagley. Since Betty Ann Owens Gross is his only Friend in the world, she should stay away, but then there would be nothing to be said about David Anthony Yeagley Bad Eagle or Plain Loon, except what I bring over after reading his site….after all he chose me as his number one enemy.

    Betty ann is a trickster and wants me to stop. Everywhere I go she follows me, so this could very well be her and not a beautiful muslim doll! “Frankly I really don’t give a damn” as Clark Gable told another beauty Vivian Leigh. Its been entertaining for me just because I know how demented she really is and I got her watching her back at every turn, because there are people out there after her(not me of course) but she has made enemies everywhere. I said this long ago, she is Janklos Baby, Buffalo Butt, as well as Thundersky and heaven knows who else, but it always come thru in her nasty vulgur self eventually…. but why doesn’t the owner just block us, that would be the best thing for all concerned, eh? I have no quarrel with anyone but betty ann ownes gross for her attacks on me, and David Anthony Yeagley for allowing such attacks on his site. I am after all a Proud 4/4 Comanche Woman who fights her own battles not like a wimpy burger like David Anthony Yeagley who stands behind Betty Ann Owens Gross, and she is Gross!

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