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What Islamophobia? Girl Burned while Taunted for being Muslim

Sureyya Ozkaya

Sureyya Ozkaya

A 14 year old Muslim girl recently was brutally beaten and burned by assailants who made racial insults and attacked her for her faith (hat tip: Milda).

Girl attacked burned and robbed in broad daylight

By Mike Didymus

These are the shocking injuries inflicted upon schoolgirl Sureyya Ozkaya during a brutal daylight assault near her Thornton Heath home.

The 14-year-old’s hair was set on fire and her hands and feet were cut with glass during the attack in Grangewood Park, before her attackers smashed her head against a tree and left her bleeding in a bush.

She was stumbled upon by a woman walking her dog and carried home to nearby Kitchener Road following the attack, at about 7.30pm on June 9.

Sureyya’s mother Pemdegul Kale, 39, said three girls taunted her daughter about her Muslim faith as they carried out the assault, before burning her hair with a lighter and stealing her trainers.

Mrs Kale said: “My daughter is so scared. She does not want to stay in the house – she is staying at a relative’s now and wakes up crying.

“She comes here and stays for an hour, but only gets to the front door before she wants to go again. I miss her and I want her to come home.”

The family have been critical of the police’s response to the attack, complaining they had to collect hair cut from Sureyya’s head themselves several days after the incident.

Mrs Kale said: “We are doing the police’s job for them. We had a phone call 24 hours after it happened saying they were taking statements from someone on July 22.

“It is too long. I want this to be done and over with.”

A 14-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman have been arrested in connection with the attack and bailed to return to a south London police station on July 22.

Anyone with information can call Croydon police on 03001 231212, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

This highlights just how odious the embrace of Islamophobia by the likes of Robert Spencer and company is. They revel in something that in its worst manifestations can lead to physical harm and even death.

Just recently Spencer posted a piece containing a photo of him holding an “Islamophobia pills” box. At a lecture in Sweden (probably canoodling with Euro-supremacists), a “Muslim” (loonwatcher no doubt) gave him the box to cure him of his Islamophobia. Instead Spencer posted a picture of himself holding the box and then went on to blame Muslims for Islamophobia.

Robert Spencer holding "Islamophobia Pills"

I was speaking in Sweden yesterday, and during the Q&A a Muslim presented with the little box of “Islamophobia” pills I’m holding in the photo above. It’s a clever little piece, if you like that sort of thing, listing the ingredients of this “cure” for “Islamophobia” as “multiculturalism,” “open-mindedness,” and the like.

But of course none of that will cure this disease, which is non-existent in any case.

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  • Anisah

    That’s so sad =[ why has happened to mankind??? its so upsetting….doesn’t matter what religion or faith, coulour/ race you are
    we should respect each other and love everyone for their positives rather than their negatives.
    I am Muslim myself…poor girl x
    and i’m not a TERRORIST, i h8 the ‘jihadists’ as much as any1 and
    they are not muslim.
    Stupis bloody media…they make us out so bad…like the muslim women/girls [like myself] are carrying an explosive !!!
    the worlds a cruel and horrible place…i guess it’s something that we will just have to face, im 16 and i’ve just opened my eyes !!

  • enraged

    those girls that attacked her……i swear if i ever find out their names ill go assassins creed on their not so sexy asses

  • Obumbay Gibalo

    Its just that people fear change. The society is so multi-cultural now. We all get along with various race of human beings. Although now we need more diversification and tend to blame it all on religion. Fear not what is different but embrace the good within…

    then they wonder why they get bombed and terrorised. treat everyone like you`d like to be treated and see how everything changes for the better.

  • Dante

    I always chuckle when I read the rehearsed mantra, which starts with the typical ” I condem” then ends with the classic “but…..

    Going back to point, doctrinal and dogmatic disuputes should not even come into issue. This is a despicable act of gratitous violence that should be condemned by everyone who believe is the value and sanctity of life!

  • DrM

    Well said, IbhAbuTalib,

    Notice how “minoria-maturin” did not respond to my specific points(Palestinian Christians etc), or yours for that matter. No facts, no figures, just lies cut and pasted from the Geehad Watch gutter. These trolls leave the same false comments in every post, always to distract away from and justify acts of violence against Muslims. That’s how they operate. You won’t be seeing them foaming at the mouth over what the Talmud has to say Jesus(a.s.) and his mother.
    That’s not part of the Zio-script.

  • IbnAbuTalib

    JihadBobbyDarling: Yeah, like those Christian majority nations that expel Muslims for converting Christians to Islam…….

    Actually, Muslims who leave Islam for any religion, not Christianity in particular, are scorned at in SOME Muslim countries. So how does that show Christianophobia is 10 times worse in those countries compared to the Islamophobic crap we see in Western nations?

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Poor minoria, as evasive as ever. This was his assertion:”…in MUSLIM countries the CHRISTIANISMOPHOBIA is 10X worse,it is a fact.”

    I asked him to show specific examples of Christianophobia in Muslim countries. Minoria admits that he is not able to show such examples. In his own words, “No,I can’t”. Then he says, “…but I can name ALGERIA and MALAYSIA where it is ILLEGAL to leave ISLAM or be thrown in JAIL for several years.THAT is WORSE.” How does not being able to leave Islam in Malaysia or Algeria show that Christianophobia is 10X worse in Muslim countries? What is so Christianophobic about not allowing Muslims to leave Islam for any other religion including Christianity?

    To summarize, Minoria says Christianophobia is 10 times worse in Muslim countries compared to Islamophobia in Western nations. He says his assertion is a fact. When asked to provide comparable evidence of Christianophobia in Muslim countries, Minoria admits that he can’t provide any. He then brings up a red herring about how it is illegal for Muslims to leave Islam in Malaysia and Algeria. However, that does not count as Christianophobia since the prohibition extends to all non-Islamic religions, rather than Christianity in particular.

    Then he says, “The billboards and buses are trying to convince people with ARGUMENTS,but the laws against leaving Islam use FORCE.”

    Oh really? What argument was embodied in the billboard about Islam Rising?

    You have been spending too much time with the douchebags at answeringmuslims. No wonder you have become so stultified.

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