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Austrian Anti-Muslim Game Stokes Outrage

More European loonieness. An Austrian right-wing party has created a game that takes aim at minarets and muezzins.

Austrian Anti-Muslim Game Stokes Outrage

A right-wing Austrian political party’s published a flash game in which the countryside is overrun with minarets and mosques and players must stop their construction. Because nationalism and xenophobia’s so much more fun when it’s in the German language!

Moschee Baba (“Bye-Bye Mosque”) is a minute-long, shooting-gallery type game in which a stop sign is clicked on a minaret, mosque, or muezzin (the guys who sound the morning calls to prayer). It’s a political ad for the Freedom Party in the Styrian province; regional elections are coming at the end of the month.

No one’s killed and nothing’s destroyed in the game, but its tone is pretty hateful and paranoid and it’s pissed off political opponents but good. Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Muslim community have demanded the game’s removal and an investigation for “incitement.”

The game is, of course, a gross caricature of the reality of the situation in Austria. Only four mosques with a visible minaret exist in the country. None are in Styria, whose population is 1.2 percent Muslim.

After the game ends, it serves players with a push poll, asking if there should be a ban on minaret construction, wearing of burqas, niqabs or other Islamic garments, and if Muslims should sign some oath accepting Austrian law’s primacy over the Koran. Fun stuff.

Far-Right Anti-Mosque Video Game Triggers Outrage In Austria [Reuters]

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  • NaGut

    Update: The game was banned, and now reappeared on a neo-nazi-site. What a surprise!

  • Michael Akkawi

    Eternel, right wingers like you usually forget that their biggest claim used to be that Islam is a plagiarized version of two legacy games: Judaism and Christianity!

  • Masa

    Hahaha Eternel, you should do stand-up, you witty joker you.

  • Islamophobia-phobic

    No Eternal, you’re thinking about Pokemon for the Gameboy color.

  • Eternel

    @Mohammed Abbasi
    A man already invented a game some 1300 years ago. It is not very interesting or funny but it may cause addiction and serious damages to the brain structure. Billions of people around the world are eagerly waiting its self-destruction.
    It is called islam…

  • well we could invent a game also…. or a few games but then again we are not so childish

  • This is the same party that Herbert Schweiger, a former Nazi officer, is a party leader of the Austrian “Freedom Party.” It seem that anything in Europe called a “Freedom Party” is actually anti-freedom and fascist. Here’s a good article on the so-called “Freedom Party” and its Nazi leanings:

  • mindy1

    oh yeah, this won’t lead to hate :rolls eyes:

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  • julian riitoni

    that’s nothing, call of duty, modern warfare allows you to join the taliban and fight coalition forces.
    war profiteering is truly sick.

  • There is actually another Islamophobic videogame called “Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide”.

    Robert Spencer has the high score.

  • saeed

    In england a member of the BNP ( A racist political party) created a version of pac man with the ghosts being women in veils, just shows the childish mentality I guess of these enlightened Europeans.

  • I scored about 2500 points. Stopped one when they were putting them all up one side (bad town planning) and then sent a couple of the little guys home when there was already someone working that minaret. I still lost though, and got a message telling me to vote for a closet Nazi. Not sure I understood the rules.

  • Mosizzle

    Is anyone actually surprised now that Hitler was born in Austria?

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