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Hallowed Ground Attacked in…Hudson, Philadelphia and Phoenix

Islamophobia? What Islamophobia?

The Hudson Islamic Center was targeted by vandals who spray painted racial slurs and anti-government messages on the mosque, obviously upset over the proximity of Hudson to Ground Zero,

Hudson mosque vandalized

HUDSON — City detectives are searching for the vandals who spray-painted a racial slur on a local mosque and an anti-government obscenity in an alley near the house of worship, according to police.

Hudson Lt. Lynne Finn said the vandalism occurred sometime between midnight and 5 a.m. Wednesday at the Hudson Islamic Center on North 3rd Street. The epithet was left on the rear of the mosque while the anti-government rant was spray painted on a wooden fence in an alleyway adjacent to the mosque at the corner of North 3rd Street and Long Alley, Finn said.

Finn said both were done with red paint.

The building is located downtown in a residential area, Finn added.

And from the city of brotherly love which must be to close to Ground Zero as well,

Thanks, Philadelphia, For At Least Keeping Your Intolerance Peaceful

The cover of the Philadelphia Daily News today promises to explain “Why Islamophobia is Raging Elsewhere in America, but Not in Philly.” Awesome! Apparently we hate Muslims less than other people hate them, which is nice of us. Will Bunch writes:

Here in Philadelphia and the suburbs, Islamic leaders acknowledge that this region has so far been spared major incidents like the others, and they say that the overall climate for Muslims here has not been as negative as elsewhere.

Philadelphia’s Muslim population is relatively large and has been a part of the city for decades, which could partially explain why this year’s nativist panic en vogue hasn’t touched us quite as much. Bunch’s article also points to the diversity of Philly’s Muslim population, which includes a significant segment of African-American Muslims. In other words: Islam in Philadelphia’s collective subconscious is more Freeway and less foreigners+Islam=terrorism. Bunch, of course, is in a unique position to comment on all of this. His new book, Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, Hi-Def Hucksters, and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama, is just out, and as it happens, he’s reading from it tonight at Rittenhouse Barnes & Noble.

But Philadelphia apparently does hate Muslims at least a little bit. Bunch tells us about a 25-year-old Muslim who was called a terrorist by a customer at a pharmacy where he worked and was forced to quit his job after he walked off in anger. Bunch also tells us that Moein Khawaja, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Philadelphia office, has seen an increase in that kind of bigotry over the past couple of years. On the plus side, we haven’t set fire to Mosque construction sites or stabbed any Muslim cab drivers, which I guess is a start. But, uh, is that really enough to earn Philadelphia a column patting it on the back for its “Tolerance toward Islam?” The result of low expectations, perhaps?

and don’t forget about Arizona,

Mosque under construction in Phoenix vandalized

by Frank Camacho

Posted on September 7, 2010 at 9:10 PM

PHOENIX – Staff at a Phoenix mosque is cleaning up broken glass and graffiti after vandals break in.

The mosque has been under construction near Interstate 17 and Glendale for a while now but recently vandals doused floor with paint after breaking a door and several windows, including some near the ceiling.

The damage is not extensive but local Muslim leaders say they see this as a sign of the times, given the controversy over the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero.

No one has yet been arrested for the crime.

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  • Jihad Bob is an ignorant keyboard crusader. I don’t know why he keeps coming here.

  • Dehnus

    It is their standard defence, they do it in the Netherlands too. After that they call it a “False Flag” attack and say the Muslims did it themselfs or some (National) Socialists did it to smear Geert Wilders.

    I use (National) as that ishow Geert Wilders calls us Socialist Party people these days. He leaves no chance to bring is into the connection of the National Socalist Party. While he knows perfectly well that the two are very different. His followers on the other hand often don’t, and he is taking advantage of that.

    Really it is a sad state the Western states are in, when idiots can hijack our rights and freedoms. THese idiots come from all religious and political structures, from left to right. ITis getting harder and harder to defend against either.

  • JihadBaby, when you defend hate crimes you’re gonna lose.

  • saeed

    Jihadbob either you are pulling our legs or you really are on medication, the churches where not attacked or burnt down by nutters from another faith, they where acts of arson, the mosques have targeted because they are from another faith than the attackers, the graffiti gives that point away. And as Jawad has pointed out there is no media frenzy about attacks on Mosques, if you really are concerned about attacks on churches then pressurize your congressman or MP if you are in the UK, I feel so sad to see people like you wandering around, why oh why has the state made cut backs on mental health care?

  • Abdullah

    @jihad boob

    Most likely those churches were burned by one of your own. Like glen beck said oh you poor oppressed white people.

    I can’t wait until someone does something and is associated with or has been influenced by you and the pig gellar. She’s getting hers hopefully with that law suit. And soon people will wake up to your b.s.

  • jawad

    Then post it on your website…? I dont really see the media going into a wave of hysterics. I just see an article on, a website that exposes islamaphobia, exposing islamaphobia (these acts of vandalism).

    Stop whining.

  • JihadBob

    Reminds me of those dozen or so arson attacks against Texas churches earlier this year, including several churches that were burnt to the ground.

    Oh wait, it doesn’t. The media never went into the usual wave of hysterics when Christian houses of worship are attacked or when symbols of Christianity are defamed. Indeed, if you submerge a crucifix into a jar of urine you usually win a visual arts competition sponsored by the Federal government.

  • “Here’s another anti-Muslim hate crime that Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and the Bigot Brigade can claim they have nothing to do with”

    Love the way Little Green Footballs puts it.

  • mindy1

    Desecrating a house of worship is wrong

  • But..but…. Robert and Pam say there is no such thing as Islamphobia or crimes against muslims? Oh i am so confuzzled.

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