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Spencer and the Qur’an: Book Burning bad but Book Banning Good

Robert Spencer has a Geert Wilders problem. He is an unabashed supporter of Wilders, citing him as the champion of Western civilization, the only one willing to stand up for our freedoms in the face of the Muslim menace and an individual we should all be supporting.

[I] support Wilders. And so should anyone who holds dear the Western values that are threatened by Islamic supremacists — notably, as I said above, the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, the equality of rights of all people before the law.

But apparently not Freedom of Religion.

Recently Spencer has commented on the Burn a Koran day festivities saying,

I oppose the Qur’an-burning. I don’t like the burning of books…However, these people are free to do what they want to do.

Isn’t Spencer so merciful? Thank you for opposing the burning of books, what a courageous stand for a defender of the West!

But wait Spencer, you oppose burning books but your buddy Geert Wilders has called for the Quran to be banned in the Netherlands.

The Koran must be banned

Pretty unequivocal statement right there. No ifs, ands or buts just plain banning. So when are you going to take a courageous stand and defend Freedom of Speech and Religion by calling your buddy Wilders out for his Nazi like fascistic statement to ban the Quran?

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  • NassirH

    “One only has to read it to see that it is not the product of an itelligent mind.”

    Kinda like your post?

    “has repeatedly stated that he does not agree with Wilders desire to ban the koran in Holland.”

    Obviously you haven’t read the full article.

    Why am I not surprised to find Spencer’s apologists making unintellegent posts on obscure threads?

  • Stuart Parsons

    Were a genuine omniscient deity to actually exist it would be the grossest blasphemy to ascribe to him the authorship of the published nonsense known as the Quran. One only has to read it to see that it is not the product of an itelligent mind.

  • Stormwhistler

    My second time here and my second time to find you posting misleading, if not downright false, information about Spencer. Just as he has said many times that he opposes the burning of the koran or any book, he has repeatedly stated that he does not agree with Wilders desire to ban the koran in Holland. Why do you not have that up here? It’s as easy to find as the information you do have here. Why instead are you dishonestly saying that Spencer supports banning the koran?

  • Justin

    Actually, they are rioting over the drone strikes, civilian deaths, the corrupt Afghan government, the military presence, etc. Burning the Qur’an only adds insult to injury.

  • julian riotoni

    Wow, more riots, murders in the Muslim world over a book burning. Man those loons are sick puppies, killing over a book. glad this site is highlighting loons from the left to right and to the muslim and christian loons.

    keep up the great work

  • julian riotoni

    “But in a country where most people have limited access to newspapers, television and the Internet, most Afghans were unaware of Jones’ decision.”

    But how then did the Afghan people know when to riot over Jone’s original decision to burn the Koran?

    You have loons on the Left in the media promoting this, you have the Islamist loons hyping this and you have the loons on the right inflaming the situation more.

    Couldn’t we all just have a beer and chill? I mean really people, get a freaking grip on reality, get a hobby, get another job, spend some time with your kids or if you don’t have kids get a GF, make babies, go outside smell the roses or something.

    Loons, everywhere.

  • I just recently wrote (10 mins ago) on the guestbook of Alexander Pechtold (in Dutch), the one who spoke out against Wilders headscarf tax.
    I asked him if he (and other visitors) now just what danger the Netherlands is with the growing popularity of Wilders.

    I also asked if he knew that Wilders would turn the Netherlands into a rogue nation and outcast like Milosevic’s Yugoslavia. I also wanted him to take a look at international reaction to the Quran burning and how banning the Quran, closing Muslim schools and mosques, special punishment for criminals of Muslim background – and also ethnic registration – all illegal under international and European law – would go over in the international community, not to mention the European Union, NATO and the United Nations and other international organizations where good democratic governance is a requirement for membership.

    I espically asked if he knew that Islamification is a myth…and something that is not happening.

    Wilders is both a fraud and a hypocrite. This “champion of free speech” trying to shut up his political opponents by stating that he felt “threatened” by their “Stop Wilders” election campaign. Also – freedom is for everyone – except Muslims – is not freedom at all, but anti-freedom.

    If he is not exposed as a fraud that he is – Wilders could be the next European dictator – I also wrote to Alexander Pechtold. The problem in the Netherlands (beside one man political parties) is the notion that “well people voted for him, so we must take him seriously. There is a strong desire to not step on toes – and the future PM – Mark Rutte – has not the foggiest notion of just how dangerous Wilders and the PVV really are, treating both like normal political actors.

    We could be witnessing the beginning of the end of Dutch democracy… and Geller, Spencer, Horowitz ..are not only cheering it one … they are taking part in it … and it’s these above people who should be regarded as a threat to the Dutch nation and society!

  • Michael Akkawi

    How are we gonna discover how bad Islam is if the Quran is banned?

    Aha, I got it, Spencer will keep a copy for himself and we trust him to tell us what’s in there in HIS Quran!

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