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Bullies Charged for Hate Crime against Muslim Boy

Kristian Ishmael

Islamophobia knows no race and hopefully these kids will realize that attacking people for their religion or ethnicity is wrong and will not be sanctioned.

Muslim teen beaten, called a ‘terrorist’ by classmates says he stayed silent out of fear

(NY Daily News)

A Muslim boy says four bullies made his life a living hell in the halls of a Staten Island public school, calling him a “terrorist” and beating him every chance they got.

The victim, a 16-year-old high school freshman, told his father and the police of the constant abuse he endured, prompting the arrests Sunday of his teen tormenters on suspicion of hate crimes.

“[They] punched me in my groin, and I fell to the floor. They started kicking me, and calling me ‘You f—in’ terrorist,’ ‘You f—in’ Muslim,'” the victim, Kristian, told the Daily News.

Word of Kristian’s emotionally scarring ordeal comes during a disturbing spike in hate crimes across the city, highlighted by Friday’s sadistic Bronx gang torture of two teens and an adult because they were gay.

Kristian – his voice shaky, his hands clenched in his lap – and his parents spoke to The News on grounds their last name not be used.

The boy, the American-born, only child of Trinidadian immigrants, said the abuse began in October 2009 while he was a student at the Edwin Markham Intermediate School. He said the almost-daily abuse didn’t end until he graduated from the school in June.

He finally told his father when he began his freshman year last month at Port Richmond High School and saw two of the bullies sitting in one of his classes; he hasn’t returned to class since.

“I think I can’t go through a year like this again,” said the soft-spoken victim, who first told his story to the Staten Island Advance.

The four suspects – three 14-year-old Latinos and a 15-year-old African-American – were arrested on charges of assault and aggravated harassment – both as hate crimes. They were all released to their parents and are expected to be formally charged as early as today as minors. Their names were not made public.

Kristian said the bullying began when the thugs first called him gay and quickly escalated to him being battered for his Muslim heritage and blamed for terrorist bombings.

“I was very scared that if I told the teachers…they would beat me up more,” Kristian said.

He said he remained silent, hoping and praying they would stop.

“It kept going on,” he said. “The kids were in my class and they would see me in the halls.”

He said one of the teen thugs brazenly attacked him in class, in front of a teacher.

“[He] touched me here and here,” he said, pointing to his left elbow and forehead.

The teacher scolded the menace, saying, “‘Why did you do that for? He’s a good boy. Leave him alone. Why do you keep bothering him?'”

Outside of class, things got worse.

“Four kids punched me everywhere. They would spit in my face, and kick and punch me. I had injuries,” Kristian said.

Once he was kicked so hard he had blood in his urine and had to go and see his doctor.

His father, whose first name is Shaffiate, said Kristian, a once-promising student and gifted piano player, has given up music and his grades have suffered.

“He’s afraid to go outside alone,” the father said.

The family wants him transferred to a new school.

With Rocco Parascandola

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  • Sasha Sammy

    I agree with Taylor. Kristian is very brave. We all have you back Kristian… You aren’t alone.

  • taylor

    its sad that kids have to be so hate full, but you have to praise the lonly ones who face it and are here to talk about it like the muslim teen kristian,his bravery must be a lesson to all kids that are being bullied,so every time there is an article of bullying lets the world know that you dont have to commit suicide,be brave and talk to a police officer ,talk to your parents ,talk to a family member,but dont think you are alone and where is all the kids who see this kid geting beaten come on you stand up and let the world know what you saw ,its time to stand with this brave kid kristian who is a national hero for making bullying a house hold topic

  • Sasha Sammy

    Those bullies need to be taught a very good lesson! Beating up people isn’t solving anything because i’m pretty sure if they were the victims they wouldn’t like someone to hurt them as bad as K.I. was. In addition to that they didn’t have any reason to treat him this way! I wonder what the parents of those bullies are saying and doing at this moment. Because he is a Muslim doesn’t mean he is a terrorist. You supposed to be going to school to learn and gain knowledge not to beat up other people’s children!! Come on parents be a role model to your children and teach them good instead of evil. Set a positive example…

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  • Abdulmajid

    Dan, just you wait till somebody victimizes your kid like that, then I think you’ll understandf my viewpoint better. It is a cowardly, evil thing to do, to bully someone who is weaker and can’t defend himself and who does that must be taught a lesson he’ll never forget. State officials and institutions are failing miserably at doing that.
    My daughter is very fortunate though in that she has Muslim and non-Muslim friends and is neverot a loner, nor the shy and unassuming type and thus less likely to be bullied.

  • Hisham

    My brother was in 7th grade World History. When his teacher was talking about the Kaaba, he said, “That is where they must put all of the bombs.” My brother just stared him down. The teacher knew he crossed the line and apologized later. I am sure some very serious could have occurred. But nothing did. We let it go.

    In high school, whenever my name would be called someone would say, “Kaboom!” There was also an incident where someone put a picture of Nasrallah next to me when I was not looking and started laughing. A couple of other kids joined in. There were some who took their actions in disgust.

    And I think this takes the cake, in my English class, we were reading “The Kite Runner.” So our teacher says something along the lines of “you can read about another religion (Islam is what she meant) but you don’t neccessarily have to respect it.” A Catholic girl in my class was shocked she told me this after class (I was not paying attention to what she was saying).

  • Khushboo

    I’ve just recently heard about a Muslim student being harassed by a teacher saying that she or her family/friends like to “blow things up” and there was a witness who can testify to this. They talked to the principal but nothing happened. If the student was African American or Jewish, I bet that teacher would’ve been fired on the spot.

  • DrM


    Well said, just make sure to dip that baseball bat in olive oil first. Great sound effects I hear. Seriously though, we as adults can take on Islamophobia but it really is an act of psychological terror for Muslim boys and girls to deal with on a daily basis.
    A cousin of mine was attacked in school after 9/11. Unfortunately for her attacker, she was trained in self defense and broke 3 of his fingers before dragging him off to the principal’s office. Good stuff.

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq

    How unfortunate that Islamophobes who are probably racists can inspire Latinos and African-Americans to hate muslims, another vilified minority group.

    Alahu A;lam

  • James

    An unfortunate product of this ever-growing Islamophobic mentality. And not simply that, ignorance, selfishness, hatred, and ultimately fear – the fear to look beyond yourselves and gain some actual knowledge, because you might just realize that you are not the Universe.

  • Khushboo

    This is a hate crime! They need to be locked up for a long time.

  • Les

    Jihadbob (Robert Spencer) may actually relate. Judging by his looks, he probably was bullied in school. That’s why he tries to act like a tough guy now defending Western civilization behind a computer screen.

  • Dan

    abdulmajid, shut up for a change and chill out.

    “Where is JihadBob (who is Robert Spencer) to come rushing to the defense of these bullies who, in his view, are really victims of liberal dhimmitude?”

    JihadBoob is a fanatic who jerks off to Serbian war criminals. Do you expect any less from that idiot?

  • americans are being radicalised against muslims and islam not by AQ but by these fanatics from the Baptists and assorted Tealibans

  • Justin

    I’m sure the anti-Muslim blogosphere will cite this as yet another example of “creeping Sharia.” Where is JihadBob (who is Robert Spencer) to come rushing to the defense of these bullies who, in his view, are really victims of liberal dhimmitude?

  • Abdulmajid

    Somebody did such a thing to my kid and I’d take on him with a baseball bat. I’d send him to hospital. And hopefully he’d have to spend the rest of his miserable days walking with a limp, or in a wheelchair. Sure, I’ll go to jail, but nobody has the right to break my child. Nobody. And should somebody sexually abuse or molest my daughter then he’s dead. DEAD. Not for honor. Not for revenge. For having destroyed her soul and caused her the ultimate suffering such a person must suffer the ultimate punishment, and the official institutions fail miserably at that and at protecting law-abiding people from dangerous human beings. Instead they put some poor sod on death row whose guilt is often doubtful at best and keep him there for so many years that when he’s finally executed nobody even remembers what for. Especially I have the impression that justice is generally uninterested in the victim of crime, and is generally biased against those considered inferior because of their race or social standing (even though fortunately up to now I haven’t seen it were biased against Muslims or generally against particular religious affiliation – let that day never come.)

  • mindy1

    that is not bullying,that is assault

  • schmorgus

    We live in a culture that tends to play down bullying as something that is a product of youth and that hopefully most will grow up. The truth is that is not always the case. Some of these bullies will grow up to be your neighborhood scoundrel/scum bag. Reform their minds now.

    Also people who are getting picked on need to be given a voice and they should also learn self-defense so they can open up a can of whoop ass on their tormentors. Taking it is not good.

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