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Colbert on Muslim Threat Down

Stephen Colbert

Colbert mocks the so called threat of Muslims taking over America. Enjoy

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
ThreatDown – Muslim Edition
Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election March to Keep Fear Alive

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  • Terri

    Why not join us in a counter-boycott? Buy lots of Campbell’s soup and donate it to your local food pantry. Turn their hate on its head and make something good out of it!

  • Salim

    Colbert is fantastic…Most food (and even non-food like trash bags) are certified as Kosher. Look for the letter “U” in a circle (Union of Orthodox Rabbis); the letter “K” in a star (same idea, Canadian-based) and so on. It’s on the majority of food sold today. That means they are certified, and most typically blessed by a Rabbi, who read Torah, etc. during the process. So if a capitalistic company like Campbells want to increase their reach to Muslim consumers (umm, 1/6th of the ENTIRE Planet folks), then what’s wrong with that? They want to make money, not discuss religion. Duh.

    A correction for a post above: Kashrut is ALMOST Halal. Jewish dietary laws allow alcohol; Muslim rules for Halal food do not. Also Kashrut requires separation of dairy and meat and many, many other rules that Halal does not. Halal is actually much easier.

    In the end, the Blogosphere goof balls just see, and want to ensure, that Islam is “Foreign” and not part of American – Even though the largest part of the US-based Muslim population is African Americans (almost 40%!). But if we talk about them, it’s not as scary and we have nowhere to deport them…

    Ignorance and fear wrapped in our flag and false patriotism. Sad…


    American, Muslim, US Naval Veteran

  • Sam Seed

    By the way Khusboo means scent or fragrance.

  • Biz

    You got to love Colbert and laugh at HalalPork. I mean the reference to way Khushboo smells was so funny. I can’t take anything this bigot says seriously with comments like that.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Cynic and JD

    How many of those Kosher Campbell consumers were Muslim, who are said to be the biggest consumers of Kosher products in the USA. Kashrut is Halal.

    H’mmm this may be a conspiracy to keep us buying Kosher instead of Halal 😉 LOL
    Kosher is a $320 billion industry and ranks among the fastest growing segments in the retail food business.

    Kosher has come a long way from the obscure dietary restrictions that were only observed by only a small fraction of the world’s population. Today, the increased availability and desirability of kosher food is reflected in its amazing growth rate. Retail food sales grew at a rate of 6 percent last year while kosher food sales grew 15 percent.

    And you don’t you have to be Jewish to buy and consume kosher products. Only 44% of the kosher market is Jewish. The second largest consumer group for kosher food is Muslims. There are over 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today, and in the absence of widespread halal certification, they have come to rely on kosher certification. Others who prefer to eat kosher include Seventh-day Adventists, vegetarians, lactose-intolerant, and health conscious consumers.

  • mindy1

    @cynic Veee are taking over MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😆

  • Cynic

    ^ZOMG the Jews are planning to install Halacha in the United States!!!!!!

    Stupid “moderate” Jews, stealthily trying to overthrow our laws *pout*. You don’t ever see them condemning the JDL and such, and are much more content to wage their stealth holy war. Now it’s soup, tomorrow it’s our freedoms!!


  • JD

    /\since 2003

  • JD

    Campbell’s Kosher Soup

    Campbell Soup Co. announced that its condensed Vegetarian Vegetable Soup is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU)(The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America). The first Campbell’s soup to receive OU certification, Vegetarian Vegetable is one of the brand’s “Alphabet” soup varieties and a popular favorite for people of all ages. Other Campbell Soup Co. brands with OU kosher certification include most Pepperidge Farm cookies and Godiva chocolates. Campbell Soup says offering a kosher soup is an important step toward meeting the rising expectations of its consumers. The soup bears the OU symbol as a sign of kosher certification. To produce its first kosher soup, Campbell worked closely with experts at the OU to “kosherize” an entire soup production line in its Maxton, N.C., facilities

  • Project Pat

    And conservatives attack liberals for being politically correct? This is just as ridiculous as the time when the right-wing blogosphere went nuts after that Dunkin’ Donuts ad where Rachel Ray wore that scarf, which somehow made her look like a Jihadist.

  • Mohammed Sameel

    for thoes who live outside US and watch these videos, you just need to download hotspot sheild

  • Mandy

    Sometimes things are so ridiculous it just has to be one big joke, right? Right? People aren’t really losing their shit over canned soup! Right?

    I think I have lost all faith in humanity.

    Well, maybe not entirely, as long as there’s still people like Colbert.

  • Jack

    Don’t miss this hilarious commentary on the Campbell soup scandal:

    “So this is how they are going to kill us all — by blessing our food in the name of the demon-god Allah and not telling us about it.

    I can live with that.”

    Oh, and by the way, some outrageous right-winger actually used that phraseology.

    “Folks in hospitals, schools, and pubs across the U.K. have been eating food that has first been blessed in the name of the demon-god Allah but know nothing about it.”

    Eating halal food without knowing it; jeepers, creepers! That sounds even more toxic than eating kosher food and not knowing about it. Or your long deceased forefathers being baptized posthumously in a Mormon Temple and not knowing about it.

  • Mr Pork I have no idea what you use for deodorant but if you’re using soup then I think you need to consider changing products… oh and don’t bother with Lynx, the ‘Lynx effect’ is a lie and won’t have women running up to you in droves. I’m explaining this since a person who has been using soup as deodorant obviously needs the blindingly obvious explained to them.

  • @Khushboo:Can I send you a tin of HALAL PORK soup by CAMPBELL? The expiry date is still valid.It might improve your body fragrance!!!

  • Cynic

    Muslims are taking over the world, 1 Campbell’s soup can at a time.

  • Lo

    Lol, Colbert is hilarious! The ‘Tower of Islamic Soup so close to Ground Beef’ joke just about killed me.

    @Adam, it’s from 11th of October.

  • mindy1

    Halal next to Ground beef-lololol XD

  • Adam

    what date? canadians have to get it from a different website. By date. What date did this air?

  • Imad

    @ NassirH

    A super patriot like Colbert and Pamela Geller. Love Colbert Geller’s an idiot

  • NassirH

    What kind of person starts raging over soup?

  • Khushboo

    LOL I am stocking up on Halal Campbell’s food and maybe secretly give it to non-Muslims and convert them! Hehehehehehehe

  • kiduka

    Damnit, I can’t watch the video because I live outside the US

  • Islamophobia-phobic

    Love the Seinfled reference.

    Soup Nazi. lol

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