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Pamela “Soup Nazi” Geller Hates On Campbell’s

Seinfeld's Soup Nazi is back

Pamela Geller, queen loon blogger of the nether Right-wing regions of the blogosphere has a message that all freedom-loving defenders of the West are desperately aching to pour on an unsuspecting America: “No Soup for you!”

That’s right, the loony woman behind the Park51 lie-mongering campaigns is currently being lampooned across the media for her crazy proclamations that Campbell’s Soup Canada should be boycotted for using Halal certification from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). (In fact, it is ISNA-Canada, an independently registered organization, and not ISNA proper, which is the US organization that Geller is citing certifying Campbell’s Halal soup. But who’s counting on crazy Geller to get her headlines straight, let alone her facts or their details).

Be careful folks, you take one sip of that soup and you’ll immediately fall on your knees facing Mecca. You’ve been warned as to the effects of the evil potion. Of course, we all know what happened to Americans when they started drinking kosher Campbell’s soup and munching on kosher Hebrew National hot dogs,… you know that famous New York Times front page story about people randomly starting to dream in Yiddish.

Her comments in classic Geller hyperbole,

Boycott Campbells, I say…Good in the Muslim Brotherhood. Warhol is spinning in his grave.

Her contention is that ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood organization, (implying that somehow ISNA is tied to terrorists even though the US State Department has not designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist org.). So lets forget for a second ISNA’s own claims that it is not affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood or that it doesn’t declare itself,

an independent, open and transparent membership organization that strives to be an exemplary and unifying Islamic organization in North America by contributing to the betterment of the Muslim community and society at large. ISNA is committed to freedom, to eradicating prejudice and to creating a society where Muslims can live peacefully and prosper alongside other Americans from all walks of life and diverse traditions and faith.

You know because all that “freedom” and “eradication of prejudice” talk just doesn’t jibe with the America Geller and her cronies know or envision because at their core Geller and company are anti-Freedom.

Let’s suspend reality for a second and consider where she gets her far-fetched “scoop” that ISNA is the Muslim Brotherhood. That information comes from JihadWatch and Robert Spencer (Oops, no bias there!) and where does Spencer get his information? Steven Emerson and his gum shoe detectives at the not so aptly named Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). Yes, that is the same “Terrorism detective” who declared that the Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by a Muslim.

All of these sites, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch and IPT have one thing in common, a visceral hate for Islam and Muslims. Geller, aside from being famous for calling for boycotts of Campbell’s soup, has also called for the nuking of Mecca, Medina and Tehran. She also wants to destroy the Golden Dome. Robert Spencer believes Obama may be a Muslim and together with Geller supports fascists such as the EDL, Geert Wilders and has partnered with Geller to oppose the Islamic Center near Ground Zero.

Their work targets any muslim organization attempting to promote freedom, justice and peace or trying to secure its rights. To them this is a threat, to such an extent that it lends itself to such absurdities as boycotting Campbell’s soup. Whatever would America do without the services of these noble “freedom fighters.”

The irony of all of this is that people like Geller and Spencer are not only anti-freedom, but anti-capitalism. They fail to understand the simple idea that Campbell’s decision to have a halal food line was inspired by the exact same reasoning behind its decision to have a Kosher food line: its bottom line. At the end of the day, companies care about profit, and will cater to markets in which they can expand their sales and ultimately their profits. This simple capitalist reality is shunned by Geller and Spencer who project ideology, rather than market rules, on businesses and the American people. Its an attitude that is in line with traditional fascism.

For ample evidence of Geller and Co.’s crazy tunes check out these pieces:

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  • Robaby1984

    Even JihadBob thinks this is just plain silly, that’s why he hasn’t commented although he comments in every other story

  • Observingcritic

    Remember now, she “loves Muslims.”

  • NassirH

    @Halal pork

    Jews don’t eat pork.

  • Mohammed Sameel

    @Zakariya Ali Sher ..I dont get why people want to make thi sdistingtion of sunni and shia anyway? you believe in Oneness of God and you believe in the prophets and their teaching you are a muslim. and the whole “Ali(raa)” issues we can discuss in the light of quran and sunnah if we sit together

  • Mohammed Sameel

    Look how many Nobel prizes the Jews have won as compared to Muslims.

    and look who is giving this out!!

  • Justin

    Christine O’Donnel has advertised her endorsement by Pam Geller!!!

  • Mosizzle

    Just to be clear she does know that all Kellog’s cereal is marked halal on their cereal boxes (very very small logo).

    She might have even fed her children some of that stuff.

  • Garo

    Pamela Geller must have rich supporters to stay in business for so long,in doing their dirty work by proxy,just like her cohort and manipulator,the phony and self-proclaimed scholar,Robert Spencer.

  • Dawood

    Schmorgus: I think it must be because it certifies that the products don’t contain gelatine (from animals) or anything else which Muslims generally consider forbidden to eat. Otherwise, I can’t understand the significance of the certification…

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