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Ann Coulter: “Terrorists look alike…all foreign…all Muslim”

Ann Coulter advocates profiling Mooslim looking people

Hmmmm…are terrorists all foreign looking?

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  • It keeps me amused Khushboo, I’m a simple person 😛

    Completly correct M. I’m sure you know of Martin Niemöller and his poem ‘First they came’ written about his experiences during WWII. If not, I did a blog post about it, the poem is wonderful and well worth a read:

  • M

    Ethnic Profiling = Ethnic Stereotyping.

    Watch out the next in line e.g. black & Jewish people.

  • Khushboo

    sounds like fun JC! 😀

  • Khushboo

    @ Tomas, LOL good one!

  • Yusuf

    Father Jack Halal Pork,

    Do you love your brick? Would you still love your brick if it were a muslim? You know it is an ecumenical matter….

    RIP Father Ted.. 🙂


  • Tomas

    If you’re not 200+ lbs, wearing clothing with NASCAR or CABELAS on it, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, uncanny skull tattoos, drinking cheap beer, recovering from hang overs at church sundays, or vehemenently supporting the “TROOPS.” You must be a terrorist!!!

  • Hehe, I’ve managed Python and Father Ted, next up will be Mr Bean…. hmmmm, I think bob can help with that one 😉

    Fun game for you all to play with Mr Pork. Every time he/she/it writes in CAPS or writes one of his/her/its catch phrases (e.g. snakes, venom) simply replace the word with one of Father Jack’s phrases. Also do this for every 10th or 15th ish word as well (or any that just make it damn funny, or more funny that should read). For example, his/her/its latest post now reads:

    “Ann Coulter should be awarded as the Most Beautiful American ARSE for her courage to fight the Islamic terrorism head on.She is FECK and deeply cares for DRINK.Every Muslim, BRICK should be considered a potential GIRL till proven otherwise.They can not be treated with ARSE BISCUITS,hence may be they have to be expelled from the body of .They have neither DRINK or NUNS,only GIRLS to offer the people of FECK as Mohammad lives in each of them.They will always remain ungrateful and enemies like DRINK.”

    Much better and more entertaining I think 🙂

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