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Bill Maher: A Loon Among Liberals

(Loonwatch welcomes new blogger Pterois to the Loonwatch team)

It is not easy being a progressive in America these days. Perhaps yesterday’s elections are evidence of that. Or maybe the heat NPR is facing for firing Juan Williams is another indicator. But one so-called progressive remains relatively untouched by the conservative rage sweeping the nation: Bill Maher. How does he do it? How does this pseudo-intellectual continue to espouse progressive causes for the most part, yet remain on the good side of the Neo-Con Bully Machine? By willfully bashing Muslims, that’s how!

In spite of Maher’s hostility towards everything conservative: He hates religion, hates Republicans, hates Sarah Palin, he nonetheless blatantly espouses the notion that culturally speaking “we are white, therefore right” and thus remains the little darling of The Right.

Fox News columnists make guest appearances on his show, as does Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger who doctored a video of African-American Shirley Sherrod earlier this year. The video was edited to make the former government official appear racist.

The entire video was eventually released exonerating Sherrod and implicating Breitbart as a professional scheister who clearly and undisputedly lied about Sherrod being a racist in order to further his agenda. Yet Maher still welcomes Breitbart on his show.

This week, the self-proclaimed progressive was at it again. A current survey in the UK concluded the name Mohammed is currently the most popular name for newborns in the country. To this statistic Maher replied:

Am I a racist to feel alarmed by that? Because I am. And it’s not because of the race, it’s because of the religion. I don’t have to apologize, do I, for not wanting the Western world to be taken over by Islam in 300 years?

First of all Bill, if you have to ask your panel whether you are being a racist then your probably are being a racist. But, then again, the Fox News guest on his show, Margret Hoover joined in and took it a step further by saying: “I think England has far bigger problems with Islam than they do with the names of their children.” Of course that “problem” is the Shaira law bogey man the Right so often likes to use to scare us into war…as they have for the last ten years. Maher’s response? … “then I should be alarmed, and I don’t need to apologize for it.”

Wow, way-to-go Maher, it’s nice seeing your views on Muslims are indistinguishable from yet another Fox chicken-hawk who has been using this kind of trash logic for a decade, only to profit the military-industrial complex and waste our precious resources at the expense of a truly progressive agenda—especially the weekend before the election. Maybe we should elect Republicans to protect us from those scary moooslims.

Newsflash Maher: Racism has no place in a truly progressive philosophy.

Progressives believe that socio-economic justice defines politics, not culture. But then again, Maher is a fake progressive anyway, who lacks the intellectual substance to resist the temptation of racism. It makes him feel sooo good.

“At least we are not the Taliban” he said a couple of weeks ago in his pathetic defense of ourselves. What kind of progressive compares a thoroughly industrialized and diverse country like ours to a war torn, devastated and underdeveloped country like Afghanistan? Racists do. Racists who consider themselves better than non-Europeans who are less well off due to war and disaster. Neo-Cons do. Neo-Cons who consider themselves better than non-Europeans who they want to make less well off through war and disaster. Well Maher, true Progressives have higher standards and more noble aims. So, “New Rule:” Stop calling yourself a progressive.

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  • Jay

    Whats funny is all the anti-racist liberals that keep using the term WASP in their posts. Is it ironic or just unfortunate?

  • Scott

    No one else will probably see this but YOU, so why not send the message?

    You are incredibly DISHONEST in your moderation of comments. You purposelly did not post my reply prior to the one that can be seen. While you allowed debate between other posters, it’s clear you only allowed those comments that are either pro-Islam or the pro-“progressive” ( yeah, right, we both know better ) that made any critic or critique or opinion that doesn’t support the radical Muslim agenda 100%. As a journalist AND a moderator, you have a professional ethical duty to be UNBIASED. But you’re not, and thus actually PROVE Maher’s points over your own. Good job.

    Maher’s comment that ‘at least we’re not the Taliban’ WAS political, but your strawman argument is to insist that it had to do with comparing our country to Afganhistan. Big leap there buddy. That’s NOT what he’s saying, and you know it. Your pedantic and repetitive finale in your last paragraph sounds an awful lot like the insistence of a true believer in the more fundamental side of a religion that DOES want to be the one world religion and says as much in its holy book.

    That you subtracted my first comments now does not surprise me one whit and it’s clear that you’re not worried so much about Bill Maher as you are about furthering an agenda that you are pretending not to have.

    Islam is a violent, ignorant religion just like they all are and the Qu’arn makes that clear as did the [snipped]. Religion poisons EVERYTHING, but primarily it poisons rational thought and debate.

  • @Scott

    I haven’t heard anything Homophobic or sexist from Bill Mahar, but I haven’t watch his show much. Although I gotta admit, he’s pretty Islamophobic.

  • Scott

    I’m sorry to be longwinded after my already lengthy previous post but on the topic of Bill Mahr: He is not a liberal and those who call him a psuedo-liberal are spot on. He’s also a sexist and a homophobe. But he’s first and foremost an entertainer. I have no idea who finds him entertaining, but suppose enough people do, ( and I’d bet 90% of them hear 10% of what he says because they’re probably at home eating food and catching up on work while he bleets in the background ), for HBO to keep him on.

    He is indeed quite a smug little man. I agree with that. He had the audacity to compare himself to George Carlin. On his best and most creative day, Bill Mahr couldn’t be better than George Carlins intestinal gas or dandruff. Carlin was a comedic genius and trailblazer. Bill Mahr was mildly amusing once in the early 80’s for about four minutes. In terms of comedy, he’s utterly and entirely insignificant and forgettable. He appeals primarily to homely, socially inept 15 year old boys who have never been felt up by a girl and think that people become rock stars just by looking like rock stars, instead of actually working for it. In other words, his audience is filled primarily with vain, frustrated males not dissimilar to Rush Limbaughs audience. Mahr has made no original contributions to the field of comedy whatsoever. Absolutely none.

    In fact, I will likely forget both his name and what he does once I post this reply. Thanks to good fortune for THAT!!!!

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  • Without straying too far off-topic, I’d just like to comment on the positive implications of the ME revolutions and how they have changed my view of Muslim people in general. Up until now Ive fallen somewhat victim to the negative imagery and portrayals in American media of Muslims as being against any type of freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom to dress and act as an individual simply exercising his or her basic rights.
    This changed when I began to use a webpage translator in order to read Arabic and Persian Facebook pages dedicated to these revolutions for example: 2011 Syrian Revolution and Bahman25 for the Iranian Green Movement. I began to discover these people (almost all Muslim) really thirst for basic freedoms denied them for years by their respective governments. The same freedoms that were paid for long ago in blood in my own country are now the basis for millions and millions of people taking to the steets, asserting their right to those same freedoms and declaring their intent to pay whatever the price to secure them for future generations.
    I found out that these Muslims were, in fact, JUST LIKE ME! When the vail was lifted I was in a state of shock, to see that people who I thought did not possess a “freedom gene” were willing to die to have the same freedoms Ive taken for granted for most of my life. All I can say is most of them are far better and more courageous people than I will ever be.
    When these countries turn the corner and have won freely elected governments and grant their citizens the right to practice the religion of their choice you will see attitudes towards the people living in them change radically. Mine already has, I really love those Syrians, Yemenis, Iranians, Libyans and all who have taken up the cause to add the word “Free” before the name of their respective homelands. I say “Good Luck to You, Brothers and Sisters”

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