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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Christian Loonwatchers.

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  • Lo

    Whoops, the above was still me without the userpic (posted from a different computer). Speaking of, how do I chose my userpic anyway?

  • Lo

    TheGhazzaliBlogger, I’m not implying Christians in Indonesia and Turkey don’t receive equal rights (quite the opposite, really). I was merely naming a couple of Muslim countries capable of proving Robert Spencer wrong. There are more than two, of course. After the Christmas trees of Malaysia and Dubai, the one down at Trafalgar Square kinda disappoints, even.

    For the record, I’ve been to Turkey and Indonesia several times and they are lovely 🙂

  • LaRoja

    Rob Spencer is comedy!!!!

    What a loon he is!

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Well said Farlow ( can we talk cricket later ? 🙂 )

  • Farlowe

    Yes, I forgot, happy Kwanza.

  • Farlowe

    Happy Christmas. It is a time in the northern hemisphere to celebrate renewal of life. In the southern hemisphere it is a time for us to get very hot. Good Wishes to all, especially muhammad ‘abd-al haqq and Dawood for their efforts and patient responses to questions from non-muslims such as myself.

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq


    This is way off topic but i noticed you sent me an email quite awhile ago and i never responded. i have to apologize for that. Since it seemed that after awhile i would be receiving infrequent emails from you guys, i stopped checking my gmail 🙁

    i also forgot to mention that the “jihadwatchers” simply stopped responding in the hopes that i would simply go away haha!…no responses, refutations, or nasty remarks, just nothing. Because of that i just filed that paper away to use if other Islamophobes bring up similar arguments. If i need any help in the future i won’t hesitate to ask it from you.

    BTW, my given name is Sam but when i reverted to Islam 13 years ago i became Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq, so… no worries 🙂

    Allahu A’lam

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