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Pamela Geller Watch: “Kill the Scum”

On Monday Pamela Geller responded to the Constitutional victory for freedom of religion that struck down the Oklahoma anti-Sharia’ and unicorns measure with the usual shrill cries that it was the end of America and a “blow to freedom.”

She accused the Judge of being “ignorant.” She also wailed on about how all the judge had to do was look at Europe to see how Sharia’ is slowly taking over, “She only had to look to Europe and the UK to witness how sharia is slowly intorduced into free societies.”

Pamela also approved a comment that can still be viewed on her blog, “BLOW TO FREEDOM: JUDGE BLOCKS OKLAHOMA SHARIA BAN” (yes thats all Caps), which called for the death of “scum” (i.e. Muslims),

David Biograd said…
Absolutely. The scum must die then they need to die some more.
I wish…

Oh no there’s no Islamophobia here! And then they wonder where violent attacks against Muslims come from?

I wonder if that arch hypocrite Spencer, who a week ago complained that had approved a comment that called him a “cancer” will “refudiate” his pal Geller for approving a comment a million times worse than any on Spencerwatch or Loonwatch? Will he call on her to take down the comment? That is the very least he can do, but why would he since he publishes comments as egregious if not more so on his own website and on the SIOA page, but don’t hold your breath.

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  • Cynic

    You too Garo. I hope you enjoy yourself 🙂

  • Garo


    Apology accepted and and let the unfortunate misunderstanding belong to the waste basket of history. I do respect a person who is big enough to recognize a mistake has been made and at once amend it.

    Most likely,Cynic,you and I will understand each other better and try hard to be at the best of human relations.

    Please enjoy the the Holiday Season with Christians and Jews alike. I believe you will.


  • Cynic

    @ Garo

    I’m sorry if I offended you, that wasn’t my intention at all. The comparison to Halal Pork was in the sense that you both capitalize random words for emphasis. I guess I should’ve made that clearer. And as far as I know, the term dude is used as a term of endearment, and is not supposed to be offensive. I apologize all the same.

  • Syed

    Thanks for the explanation Garo and thanks for sticking out your neck for others as well. I respect you for that. Have a pleasant and happy Chriskwanzanukkah!

  • Dawood

    Have a good festive season Garo. 🙂

  • Garo


    No,sir,I have not insulted everyone,”here?”,as you have claimed,but only those who brought the insults to themselves. My exchanges with Imad on this thread attest to that. They were highly respectful. Why? Because Imad maintained his self-respect,without calling me names,inspite of our obvious disagreement.

    Rest assured that I am NO,as you unnecessarily put it,”agent provocateur”. On the contrary,the safety and welfare of my fellow Muslims have been in the heart and mind in my whole adult life,especially the brutalized Palestinian people and now the Iraqi,Afghani and Pakistani people.

    For your information,I had stumbled on by sheer accident,about two years ago. Ever since,I have been impressed by the knowledgeable writings of Danios,Garilbaldi,Emperor,Gefilte and Moneyeye. Otherwise,I can do well without posting here. I have enough on my plate that can keep me busy for the rest of my life.

    Finally,may I suggest to direct your complaint,next time,to the poster who initiated and started the whole crap by calling me “dude” and describing me as a “Muslim Halal Pork”,in comparison to a poster who posted/posts under the screen name of “Halal Pork”. If he/she thought that was funy,I did not. I took it as an insult and I reciprocated in kind. And will do so again and again and again,in response to any insult or provocation in the same way.Period. I am not a Muslim,but I am not a good Christian either!! Yet,I would stick my own neck in defense of other human beings’legitimate rights,regaldless who they are,regadless of their faith,regardless where they came from and regardless of their gender and color. It is as simple as that.

    I will be shutting off my computer shortly for the Holiday Season to spend it with my grandchildren. Before I do so,I wish you all a Happy and Pleasant Holiday Season.

    And Cheers To All,,,

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