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Fisher Price: Islam is the Light Baby Doll?

A blast from the past. Around Christmas time 2008 a doll was being sold by Fisher Price that cooed and gaga’d but through the power of suggestion some started to believe that the doll was saying, “Islam is the light,” but if you listen closely you could make it out to say anything:

Spencer and other Islamophobes jumped on this at the time and put it forward as another instance of the insidious creeping Jihad. One of Texas’s finest, Pastor David Grice extrapolated that the doll was a sign of “us” being “under attack religiously,” strangely he also saw a foreign Chinese conspiracy involved as well:

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  • Cool story!

  • That doll makes more sense than old Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, and the rest of their crazy Islamophobic brethren.

  • LaRoja

    What the hell was this?

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  • Just goes to show that for every nut on one side, you have nuts on the other with just as much ‘acceptance’.

    And yes, it is odd that these people ‘see’ Islam wherever they go… Obsession? Fear? Inferiority complex? Whatever it is they see it more than most Muslims!

  • Syed

    LOL! The doll is apparently a mooslem-loving, leftist-commie dhimmi 😉

  • Muslim

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry?

    OK I heard a “ight” sound, but that’s all. It shows how the slippery slope of ignorance leads to fear leads to paranoia to frustration to hate to potentially violent thoughts & deeds.

    Do these Loooons eat, sleep & dream about Islam? The scary thing is that companies are legitimising their weirdness by changing an innocent thing. It reminds me of the terror scarf by the model.

  • Badger

    There’s a guy on youtube who reviews dodgy toys- he managed to get the tellytubby that said something that sounds suspiciously like “suck my balls” (apparently it’s talking in Tagalog, so was a wrong batch to the wrong place error than a deliberate plot by Satan). There’s also a Dora the explorer aquapet toy that looks like a dildo. There is only one toy conspiracy I know of, it involved talking Barbie dolls: a feminist group infiltrated the factory and substituted Barbie voice boxes for action man ones in the run up to Christmas. On christmas day loads of little girls opened their presents and instead of saying crap like “I love shopping!” and “Maths is hard” Barbie declared “Dead men tell no tales!” in a gruff voice. As pieces of direct action go, it’s inspired and Action-Man-Barbie is now worth a lot of money 😀

  • Daniel

    It’s things like this that make conservative Christians look ridiculous.

    As a Christian, I refudiate this insanity.

  • NassirH

    Baby doll Jihad?! What’s next, Campbell soup Jihad?

    Oh wait…

  • antiislamophobe

    Okay I didn’t even bother reading the rest of the article because of how dumb this story is. From Campbell soup to toy babies, can those islamophobies get any more deranged?

  • Mosizzle

    At 2:10 the guy says, “let me turn this thing off before I piledrive her in the name of baby Jesus” to which someone responds “Amen”. Looks like there’s two fat babies saying something controversial.

    I don’t know, what kind of Jihad is this? Toy Jihad? I can just imagine Osama sitting in his cave devising this cunning plan to make the atheist government of China promote his religion, as a final attempt to destroy western civilisation. The might of Chinese factories and his fanaticism could spell the end for the US. Who needs nukes when you have baby dolls?

    Islamophobes are getting more outrageously stupid very minute.

  • greatOne

    these people are f*cking nuts. completely, 100% nuts.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    If you take a recording and play it backwards it says “buy shares in Walmart” …..honest.


    he now how long will it be before that rumour gats to Atlas does druggs website

  • mindy1

    I always thought it was some factory worker trying to mess around with people 😉

  • Rob

    that was one smart baby!

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