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Fox News allows guest to promote ‘holy war’ on Muslims

Cliff May stirring up war and hatred.

Fox News allows guest to promote ‘holy war’ on Muslims


The year has just begun, and already Fox News’ Sean Hannity is telling the story of how Christians are being persecuted in the Arab world.

Hannity observed that a holy war may be “brewing” in the Middle East, as he reported on the New Year’s Eve bombing of a Christian church in Egypt.

Cliff May, a notorious neoconservative and creator of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, was a little more excited about the prediction than Hannity.

“In your intro you said a holy war is brewing,” May began. “It is not brewing, it is taking place.”

“Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities are being not just discriminated, but persecuted in Egypt and throughout the broader Middle East,” he added.

“Do you think we are headed for a modern day religious war in the Middle East?” Hannity asked.

“The war that is being fought now, the great global conflict in the world, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Gaza, this is one war and it is a religious war,” May explained. “Not because we want it to be, but because al Qaeda and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and various other radical Islamists and jihadists, they say it’s a religious war. That’s what a jihad means.”

“People forget jihad equals holy war,” Hannity concluded.

It was President George W. Bush who first invoked images of a holy war in the Middle East, when he suggested soon after Sept. 11, 2001 that the US was on a “crusade” in the region.

Years later, GQ magazine uncovered top-secret military briefings prepared by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for President George W. Bush that included Bible passages.

Trijicon Inc., a defense contractor, was discovered last Janurary to have been placing scriptural references on military gun sights used in Iraq and Afghanistan for years. The company was forced to provide the Pentagon with kits to remove the Bible codes.

This video is from Fox News’ Hannity, broadcast Jan. 3, 2010.

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  • vixi

    well that’s funny, they forgot the daily killing of Palestinians….all due to Biblical ideology of the promise, which 1.5 billion plus people do not follow. Also forgot to mention Christian Nigerians butchering 630 Muslims. Also Phillipin Christians masscerd by Christians. and last but not least the Wester genocide of Iraqis and Afganis…..Hypocracy & double standard is what is killing the world. How dare he say Gaza when it was the jews who invaded palestine. Imagine Red Indians running down manhattan and throwing Americans out og their homes because that is their land

  • froger29

    Build a church in Mecca? Let’s put a mosque dead center in the Vatican you hate inciting bastards!

  • Mosizzle

    “…and it doesn’t seem to be a problem for many here.”

    Well, things like that aren’t coved by the article and bringing up bad incidents around the Muslim world is considered off topic. When something like that is brought, by JihadBob for example, we all condemn them. It is generally understood that all commenters are against terrorism and the constant cries for “Holy War” by Muslims.

    The topic of discussion here is Islamophobia, and how Muslims should be allowed to practice their religion freely without some nut job on TV calling for ‘Holy War” on us. It is not really appropriate if I was to just comment on an article like this and say “this man is bad but we are worse, so shame on us”. Of course, you know that none of us here support the persecution of non-Muslims in the Muslim world so there is no need for us to put that at the bottom of our comments each time. This man is behaving like the Islamic extremists that he hates (though he believes we are all extremists).

    Just because no one here has mentioned it, because this isn’t the right place to mention it, doesn’t mean we support what has happened.

  • AJ

    I meant to say Indian’s RAW. ISI is Pakistan’s intelligence and is equally corrupt.

  • AJ


    First of all let me remind you that killing of Salman Taseer is not as simple as it seems and not as religiously oriented as it is made to seem in the West where Al-Qaeda is a catch all phrase for anything that goes wrong since it suits people like Pamela to project Muslim countries that way. Somebody farted, must be Al-Qaeda, a bomb blew off, must be Al-Qaeda, someone got kidnapped must be Al-Qaeda, etc etc. Indian’s ISI in cooperation with Mossad has long been conducting terrorism in Pakistan because of Kashmir issue, also to prove that Pakistan’s nuclear program is prone to terrorism, etc but now nothing (whether international terrorists are involved or local criminals are involved) gets investigated because it has to be the Muslims killing Muslims to get 72 virgins in Paradise. People are very frustrated since its total chaos. When people step out in Pakistan now they are not sure if they will make it alive back home. And to remind you that it’s Muslim civilians getting killed every day and not American soldiers since the army has been there post 911.

    Back to Salman and what you asked, he belonged to PPP and did not get along with the Chief Minister of the Province that belongs to Muslim League. Now Zardari also belongs to PPP and his government is in danger of losing the support of Muslim League. Cutting the story short this was more a politically motivated assassination than a religious one. The guy was a religious deviant since a long time ago (google his drinking pictures – not related to Asia bibi), so why kill him now?

    The leaders whether civil or religious are mostly corrupt in Pakistan. They thrive upon creating factions. They actually get paid for it. The Pakistanis are mostly ignorant masses that elect these criminals over and over and believe in the rubbish that these Mullahs have to utter.

    I am a Muslim and I believe that fascism is not limited to the KKK thugs or the Zionist thugs but extends to the Muslim thugs as well.

    To kill for blasphemy has no place in the Quran and Islam. Asiya bibi needs to live.

  • bintal3aasifeh

    FOX News is just chock full of all kinds of crazy. That guy is a total idiot.

  • Dan

    I think it’s funny how a lot of commenters here are quick to point out that there are idiots who advocate inciting such absurd notions of holy wars, yet in Pakistan, there are plenty of televangelists who advocate wiping out certain religious groups (Ahmadis and Shi’as come to mind) and killing politicians who go against the status quo (recent killing of Salman Taseer) and it doesn’t seem to be a problem for many here.

    Now I do know that this is a site geared towards awareness of Islamophobia in the West but I do feel that some people here are in serious denial about television personalities in certain Muslim countries who do the same things this blog post points out, yet they often get a free pass for crying out loud.

  • AJ

    Al-Mossada at it again!

  • Justin

    Jihad does not equal holy war.

    Narrated Fadalah ibn Ubaid: The Messenger of Allah said: “The one striving in Jihad is he who strives in Jihad against himself.”

    [Jami at-Tirmidhi, Book 20 Number 1621, authentic]

  • Lo

    “The war that is being fought now, the great global conflict in the world, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Gaza, this is one war and it is a religious war”

    Huh. Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza. All are Muslim-majority, all have been attacked, and all attacks are funded by American tax-payers money. And they’re surprised some Muslims are taking it as a religious war against the US?

    Also, killing peaceful non-combatants in a place of worship is haram in Islam and is definitely not unique to Muslim terrorists. Hannity must’ve forgotten about Baruch Goldstein. And the Crusades.

  • DrM

    Cliff May is originally from the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) and PNAC in Washington. In 1997, Jinsa declared: “Jinsa has been working closely with Iraqi National Council leader Dr Ahmad Chalabi to promote Saddam Hussein’s removal from office and a subsequently democratic future for Iraq.”
    A truly vile fascist :

    Also, notice that “Muslim Zionists” aka BMD is still linking to “Sheikh” Pallazi’s “AMislam” site even after I exposed(his myspace page) how he’s a collaborator with Walid Shoebat, Wafa Sultan, and Nonie Derwish. There really is no polite response that one can offer to those who see black as white, up as down, and right as wrong. The buffoon is a seditious twit, all too eager to distort the truth and enter into a long-winded diatribes with all the gusto of a properly trained Zionist lackey.

  • Crow

    Cliff may and the others on the right have a lot in common with al-quaeda, wanting people to belive this is a religious war. Their useful tools like hannity, spenser,geller know war pays well, happily and excitedly reporting on explosions and killings etc…counting their blood money and rubbing their hands together eager for the next round of killings to exploit for more money. Then theres the so-called christian end-of-timers, who want war so they can realize their dream of being raptured straight to Paradise.

  • Rosy

    May is doing the bidding of those that want to provoke a “holy war” on the Christian and Israel right – particularly against Iran. He is a notorious anti-Islam bigot, defending Geert Wilders previously, describing Wilders only as somebody who “expressed unfavorable opinions” and who calls for the torturing of Muslims “terrorists”.

  • mindy1

    Good lord, some people should keep their mouths shut .

  • This is incitement.

    Surely they can use their platform to nudge the local communities to do something about the suffering, rather than inciting hatred.

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