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Joe Kaufman O-Meter #4: Paying Homeless Folk to Attend his “Protests”

Joe Kaufman

What did we expect from Joe “nuke the Mooslims” Kaufman? For years now the gum-shoe “investigative journalist” has been gathering his handful of protesters to demonstrate at the conferences, gatherings, festivals and events of American Muslim organizations or leaders.

By now most in the American Muslim community and otherwise view Kaufman and his handful of protesters as curious sideshow distractions, oddities, mere nuisances and objects of fitful laughter, kinda like the Westboro Baptist Church people or Pastor Terry Jones.

Kaufman’s crew recently had one such protest on Jan, 08, 2011 at an ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) event in his home state of Florida:

Here’s a sampling of some of the…”Interesting”…messages:

"What's Next, Fort Hood?" and "Don't Tread on Me" flag

Granma’s scared of Mooslims:

"No Islam" and "Obama evil Mooslim"

If they weren’t holding signs claiming that “Obama (the “b” is replaced to read Osama) chooses Muslim needs to show victory over Americans…” and other general wacky anti-Muslim conspiracy theories you’d think a group of senior citizens had gathered on the corner waiting to be picked up to go to their weekly bingo game.

This in it self would be comedic gold, but it doesn’t stop there, a source who wishes to stay anonymous informed us that Kaufman and his buddies are asking homeless people to join their protests in return for pizza and spare change.

"Red" is on the bike

After Kaufman’s most recent protest ended our source noticed that they left one of their fellow protesters behind, a local homeless man who goes by the name “Red.”

Red we are told is a very nice man, he told our source that he was “paid in pizza to help in the protest” and he was also given some “spare change.” He didn’t know what the protest was about, but he was hungry and wanted to eat. So he helped!

The source also mentioned homeless people in photos of previous protests that Joe Kaufman and Americans Against Hate held, such as the one at the Islamic Center In Pompano Beach. He was told by Muslim neighbors of the Center that the people at Joe Kaufman’s protest are local homeless people.

For Kaufman this may be a new low, trying to up his pathetically low numbered “protests” by paying homeless folk. I can’t say I am surprised at Kaufman’s sleazy antics, just astonished that there are even a handful wasting their retirement. I guess the moral of the story is if you’re ever hungry and near a Kaufman protest you can assure yourself some Dominoes pizza…but unlike the homeless individual who was truly hungry you might be selling your soul, and we all know how hard it is get your soul back once you sell it for yummy food:

Who is he?:

Joe Kaufman, has been on the Anti-Muslim scene for quite a while now and is dubbed by the far Right-Wing FrontPageMag as, you guessed it…another one of their ”Investigative Journalists.”  That he has been influenced by Meir Kahane and the Kahanist ideology is well documented, as is his love and angst for Kahane.

In the past he has been accused of contributing to the terrorist organization founded by Kahane known as JDL (Jewish Defense League) while others accuse Kaufman of at the very least holding views that parallel JDL positions.

Kaufman’s unsavory associations and views are quite real and they are only dangerous to America if you’re stupid enough to swallow his conspiracy theories but other than that he is simply a half-baked paranoid conspiracy theorist, some what along the lines of the “9/11 Truthers.”

In every nook and cranny there is a “Mooslim”…hiding and ready to get ya…so beware and be afraid. Be veryyyy afraid goes his story.

In this special LoonWatch series we will detail the exploits and punchlines that Krazy Kaufman throws out there and attempts to pass on as serious journalism, commentary and investigation.

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  • joe

    Anonymous reports of a homeless guy getting paid to protest.

    Contrast with left wing traitors like yourself getting jihad passes for shilling for Muslim Brotherhood.

  • NassirH

    How ridiculous of me to ridicule your comparison of a lone wolf to an unruly mob of thousands.

    Actually, you suggested that people who attempt to burn and bomb mosques aren’t against religious freedom for Muslims. That’s even obvious in my comment which you copy/pasted.

  • Yes, because the Southerners who attempt to bomb or burn down mosques obviously support freedom of religion for Muslims. How ridiculous of me to suggest that people who commit violence against Muslim believe otherwise.

    How ridiculous of me to ridicule your comparison of a lone wolf to an unruly mob of thousands.

  • Mosizzle

    “One guy with a Molotov cocktail vs thousands in an unruly mob”

    Not how Spencer, your idol, sees it. If one Muslim does something bad he will act like he did it because of Islam and as a result Muslims are guilty of the criminal’s crime and should do something about it.

    I rest my case.

    (Note: He did say “maybe he did” have another motive. But we know what he’s implying by pasting that on jihadwatch — that is was an act of Jihad and he expresses doubt that he did it for any other reason. Even though major news outlets that covered the story found he did it because his ex-girlfriend (real devout Muslim here!) worked in the shopping mall)

  • NassirH

    Yes, I’m sure someone could be fond of your hypothetical scenario.

    Yes, because the Southerners who attempt to bomb or burn down mosques obviously support freedom of religion for Muslims. How ridiculous of me to suggest that people who commit violence against Muslim believe otherwise.

    It’s quite funny that you’re accusing me of ‘hypothesizing’, considering that you believe that Jundullah is brave enough to utilize suicide bombings but simply too scared to announce their desire for a Sunni Islamic theocracy in Iran (although the group has explicitly said that it has no such desires). Again, your blatant hypocrisy is getting tiresome.

    But the only unruly mobs attacking religious minorities, playboy editors, cartoonists, alleged blasphemers, papal statements, Terry Jones and Danish embassies are Islamic.

    Unsurprisingly, you again bring up incidents in the Muslim world in an effort to justify your own bigotry and violence perpetrated against Muslims—just as I hypothesized. Oh well, I wouldn’t have anything better if I were you either.


    You still didn’t answer my question on that page. 🙂

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