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Roberta Moore: JDL’s New Pamela Geller

How long til Roberta is posing with Pamela Geller?

Just when you think that the bizzaro world of Islamophobia could not get any more loopy than the Geller/Spencer alliance there springs yet another vitriolic figure to make the lives of peaceful citizens that tad bit more intolerable.

Roberta Moore, the newly appointed head of the UK branch of the Jewish Defence League (JDL), a committed ally of the English Defence League (EDL).

How two such juxtaposing ideologies managed to align with each other is surprising but not difficult to comprehend. They have a common “enemy”: Islam and Muslims. The coalition aims to single out Muslims in Britain, scrutinize and suffocate their existence, and cause restless violence.

Little is known about Moore, but in an expose and interview with Israeli news giant Haaretz what is prominent are Moore’s hard-line Kahanist and radical Zionist views. She may not project Pam Geller’s ‘zombied-out fascist-loon star’ look, but hey, do not be fooled, the lady is Britain’s answer to Geller.

Roberta Moore is a Brazilian born Jew, who joined the Israeli Army at the Age of 18, and reportedly carved a business career for herself in Israel. She describes herself as a non-practicing Jew, but an ‘unrestrained Kahanist’, (follower of racist JDL founder Rabbi Meir Kahane), and believes in engaging in a racial war with the Muslim world, especially Palestinians, in order to reclaim the Holy land of Israel in the name of ‘Kahanism’.

So, let us analyse the many ramblings of the JDL priestess:

‘We believe that if we call the enemy by his name, we will be able to fight him. We single out organizations that discriminate against Jews and anti-Zionist organizations, and try to explain there is no difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. We send them letters and wait for a response, and then we take action to expose them.”

Moore’s hatred of anything remotely Islamic is linked to her radical and neo-fascist beliefs. Roberta Moore really should not be quick to engage in Muslim bashing, seeming as though she herself has a very disputable agenda and political affiliations.

Let us delve deeper into the violent warmongering world of ‘Kahanism’.

‘Kahanism’ is a far-right, nationalist ideology, viewed by many as a radical, extremist fringe group. It is a fundamentalist theory that encourages acts of terrorism and violence against Muslims and Arabs.

Kahanism was the brain child of ultra-racist Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the USA Jewish Defence League (JDL). JDL is listed as a terrorist organisation by the United States of America, where the group is described by the FBI as a ‘right-wing terrorist group’ plotting terrorist attacks in the US, and is cited as a hate group engaging in ‘anti-Arab terrorism’, by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Kahanist offshoot parties, ‘Kach’ and ‘Kahane Chai’, are also listed as terrorist groups by the USA, Israel, Canada, and the European Union.

The JDL/Kahanist ideology was also responsible for the murder of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Regional Director, Alex Odeh in 1985, a plot to kill US Congressman Darrell Issa in 2001, and for the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre, where JDL member Baruch Goldstein, gunned and killed 29 Palestinian worshippers, and  left 125 wounded.

This act of murder was met with condemnation and support of Goldstein in the Jewish World.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, described Baruch Goldstein as, a ‘degenerate murderer’, and ‘a shame on Zionism and an embarrassment to Judaism’.

The JDL maintained that the act of murder by Goldstein was “a preventative measure against yet another Arab attack on Jews”.

Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba praised the massacre, “Goldstein could not continue to bear all the cases he was seeing as a doctor; he might have gone insane from all he went through” further adding “since Goldstein did what he did in God’s name, he is to be regarded as a Righteous Man” and asserted that Goldstein was “a martyr of God”; “His hands are innocent, and his heart is pure.’

Mike Guzofsky, a Jewish militant and spokesperson for Kahane Chai in New York praised Goldstein,”He wanted to stop the peace process dead. He couldn’t have picked a better day – Purim, when Jews fight back.”

Does this make Moore a terrorist or a terrorist supporter?

“We are not anti-Muslim,” Moore emphasizes. “We are anti-Islam, as everyone should be. Islam is not a religion, but a cult. It has all the features of a cult, like the religions of Jim Jones and David Koresh. It’s exactly the same. But people don’t understand that.”

Moore echoes Wilders here, stating that Islam is not a religion, that it should not be afforded the status of religion. How exactly does “anti-Islam” translate itself into a practical idea? When it comes from the mouths of bigots and not critics it is nothing less than hate speech.

The reality is that Kahanism is in fact a cult which deliberately recruits Jews, brainwashes them to commit violent acts, uses them as tools for political gain, and then praises the murders and massacres of innocents in the name of God, sound familiar?

Moore clearly is subjective and selective in her approach to Islam, only highlighting the extremist interpretation, whilst completely neglecting the moderate and peaceful majority. However, what is most disconcerting is Moore’s hatred and religious stereotyping, which is responsible for the misinformation and moral panic that is spread by her hate group.

Moore goes on to continue her Islamophobic speel:

“In Britain we are critical of the Muslims because they come here and get government support and then have the temerity to hurt the country and its citizens. They say, ‘We will attack you, we will inflict a holocaust on you’ – all that rubbish. Why should I be silent?’

Moore’s constant use of the term ‘they’, to refer to Muslims, only confirms her isolationist mentality of apartheid and colonisation towards Islam.

So what about all the tax paying, law abiding, peaceful Muslim citizens who contribute billions in revenue to the UK? Are they merely a fairy tale or a hologram? Moore’s hatred of Muslims leads her to repeat the well worn charges leveled at immigrants and those despised as the “other” that they are “leeches on the State.”

If Roberta Moore is so concerned about British society and its security, she should care to mention the need to tackle drug gangs, knife gangs and crime, sex trafficking, the UK arms trade, gang warfare, child abuse and paedophile gangs, the broken judicial system, and the list could continue.

According to Roberta Moore, only Muslims are paedophiles and drug addicts, and commit crimes, no one else.

Roberta Moore claims that Muslims want to kill, destroy her, and eradicate Israel by inflicting a Holocaust on the Jews. Must I remind her who was really responsible for the Holocaust, the Nazis, White Supremacists who still scathingly despise the Jews and many of their adherents are in the EDL, the group she has decided to ally with.

“There is no solution. We have to do what we did with the Nazis – fight back! They are harming and insulting us, and we have to become stronger, to fight and that’s all. Then there will be peace. It has to be made clear that anyone who touches Israel will be attacked in return: an eye for an eye. When that happens, we will no longer be in the situation in which we find ourselves today.’

It really irks me when radicals such as Moore compare Islam  and Muslims to Nazism and Nazis. The difference is that Muslims did not create Jewish suffering and murder six million Jews; the Nazis committed the heinous crime and unbelievably she is now in bed with the cretins who are the progeny of the hateful ideology of Hitler.

It makes as much sense as Barney and Friends getting the lead role in Saw 4.

Completely illogical.

That Nazi elements are prevalent in the EDL has been well documented by many news outlets, activists, and commentators.

The EDL leader Tommy Robinson is a former member of the British National Party (BNP) an extreme racist and violent political group in the UK, famous for its anti-Semitic views and Holocaust denial. Robinson also was convicted for the assault of an off-duty police officer, and served a 12 month prison term.


Many of the EDL demonstrations have consisted of its supporters bearing Nazi salutes. Many of the EDL supporter hail from thug gangs and football hooliganism.

I wonder how long this EDL/JDL honeymoon alliance will last? I mean, when Kahanists and Nazis start working together, bad things are bound to happen.

In Early January, Rabbi Nekrich of Brandenburg, Germany, issued a warning to German Jews to stop wearing traditional Jewish clothing and symbols that would clearly identify them as Jews to fascists. This was due to the recent rise in Anti-Semitic attacks against Jews in Germany, and also from the Rabbi’s personal experience in a train, where he was harassed due to his identifiable clothing.

‘Formerly from Russia, Rabbi Nekrich said he had been accosted on a train in Brandenburg by drunks three years ago.

‘I’m not saying that they were neo-Nazis,’ he told a Berlin newspaper. ‘But they had very short hair.

‘I had started to read a prayer book when one of the men approached me, asked if it was written in Hebrew and then threw it on the ground.’ (Daily mail)

This proves that the neo-Nazis are still as dangerous and existential a threat to Jewish existence that they were in 1933, when the Holocaust began and instead of teaming up with them as Roberta Moore has done she should urge Jews and other concerned citizens to fight the threat they pose.

Roberta goes on to claim,

“I had a Muslim boyfriend for four years, but he wasn’t religious. He drank and ate pork like everyone else. I have many Muslim friends from Pakistan and Iraq, and also people with whom I have business connections. I get along with them very well because they do not try to impose anything. The problem is that they are being brainwashed and believe they are superior to everyone else. They have the right to think that, but don’t try to force your opinions on me and tell me the clothes I wear or the music I listen to are bad. Or that my beliefs are inferior and I must not do this or that. Why do we women have to cover anything?”

Roberta Moore is offering this revelation as a means of detracting from her racist ideologies. Her claims are a mass of contradictions.

She further claims that she has many friends from Muslim backgrounds, yet in her quotes she happily labels and stereotypes, referring to Muslims as ‘they’, criminals, Palestinians as her enemy, accusing all Muslims of being welfare scroungers, brainwashed, accusing all Muslims of wanting to kill her and spark a genocide, and some other really schizophrenic ramblings.

Why would any Muslim want to be her friend, when Roberta Moore views them as the scum on her shoe? It really defies basic human understanding.

In conclusion, Roberta Moore, an incredibly puzzled woman is a terrorist endorsing, media obsessed, attention seeking anti-Muslim Islamophobic sell-out, who is marred with fascist and xenophobic qualities, and has aligned with dangerous fringe extremist groups to further a warped agenda — a description that mirrors to a tee her American doppelgänger Pam Geller.

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  • Sourin Mahbub

    I think we all have a very nebulous understanding of the concept of “zionism.” So much so that it has become meaningless to allude to the “zionist” bogeyman in discussions.

    When it comes to matters of Israel, a hard compromise can be reached like so:

    Muslims need to understand that Israel isn’t going anywhere. It’s just a sad fact we have to concede and deal with. Arabs, and Muslims in general, have to repudiate their intransigence when it comes to this issue.

    And Israel-lovers need to ask themselves, why is it that every time Israel is in the news it’s always something grotesquely opposed to Palestinian human rights? If I’m presented with no occasion to heap lavish praises on Israel about its advancements, it certainly isn’t because of “anti-semitism.” Your country, if it isn’t preaching to the choir of neo-cons/evangelicals, isn’t exactly winning the PR battle for hearts and minds. There’s no transparency in your government’s aims and therefore, we can only speculate about your ostensibly expansionist goals.

    As for Roberta Moore and people like her, nothing of intellectual value can be extracted from them. Instead of analyzing their characters ad nauseum, we should really just spend about 5 minutes beholding their trainwreck of an existence and move on.

  • AJ

    Cynic said “She was a complete nobody…just a random hateful middle age woman. Imagine my surprise. It’s like finding out Halal Pork becomes the leader of the Tea Party or something.”


  • DrM

    @BMD aka PatriotsQuestion911 aka 1001 schizo trolls,

    “What a hypocritical statement coming from someone who sweeps trash at neo nazi sites and is not above distorting Islam when it suits him. ”

    You’re doing what you do best : lying. What else could you do when every one of your lies have been exposed by me. If you think repeating your bogus claim that I get my “material” from neo-Nazi sites is going to intimidate me, you’re fooling yourself. So you nasty teabagger, why don’t you show us proof of this mythical collaboration? You won’t because you have none. Your pathetic desperation is my pleasure.
    You’re a filthy Zionist maggot and your hasabara tactics prove it. If it involves “israel” and its amen corner, you’ll be there to whitewash it and make up any excuse for it. Just like I’ll be there every time to expose you. It’s good to see other posters here have also noticed that you’re a Zionist shill. I also that you’re not a Muslim, troll. I’ve been flattening Zionists since my college days, I know exactly how you fascist criminals think. You’re just another notch on my belt.
    Speaking of “distorting Islam,” remember your Zionist “Sheikh” Pallazi and his distortion of the Qur’an? I issued my challenge to you earlier on his distortion, but you ran off with your tail between your legs(as you always do) because you know very well you would be humiliated by me yet again.
    Put up or shut up, liar.

  • John

    BS ……99% if these Islamophobes are backed by zionist org and have visited isreal in the past Gheet Whilder , Daniel Pipes , Ayaan Hirsi Ali read about them they even visited zionist jewish churches in the past make presentation on islam and get funding from them ….Zionist goal is to fight Palestinans by stoping Islam and muslims and spread of Islam and muslims its a proxy war they dont want arab muslim world to stand in there way while they reach there end goal is Greater Isreal which is half of arab countys like Saudia Arabia , Lebenon and others.

  • “what is your point anyway?”

    My point is that you are being inconsistent but can’t see it.

    “No there is no incostinency, and i didn’t say the JDL or Moore are not Zionists, they’re not representive any more than bin Laden is representative of Islam.”

    The reason that Bin Laden and co don’t represent Islam is because of the oh so radical truth that they are not Muslims. How many Islamic principles does someone have to violate before we abandon our fear of fitna and practicing takfir and just declare the truth. If Moore is a Zionist, then she represents a strain of Zionist thought. You acknowledged above that she is a Zionist. You seemed to be discounting other strains of thought within Zionism in order to justify the Mainstream one that you advocate. That is where the inconsistency lies, in pretending that Mainstream Zionism represents all of Zionism. Get it now?

    “You havn’t been here long enough, or you’d know what I was talking about.”

    How very condescending of you. i can recognize inconsistency in argumentation well enough. It doesn’t require me “being here long enough”. DrM rejects all forms of Zionism from what i gather, but it doesn’t seem as if he regards it in monolitic terms. Perhaps a quote of his will disabuse me of that notion?

    “One who doesn’t agree with your interpretation of Islam could well say the same about you or anyone else or about any other Imam,”

    You’re deflecting here. You don’t find it ironic that your defense of mainstream Zionism is being buttressed by minority views among Muslims. The very premise of Zionism, that Allah gave land to a group of people at the expense of the lives of others is unIslamic. This in not about legitimate disagreements among fellow Muslims, whom are all deeply rooted in the Islamic tradition.

    Zionism is outside of Islam, so any group advocating it is a fringe group. Their views necessitate a twisting of Islam for its verification. You are prevaricating. If a group of Muslims say that alcohol is not haram and use this verse,:

    “O you who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when you are drunken, till you know that which you utter,. ….” (4. An-Nisa: 43),

    And twist it and twist the understanding of abrogation, would you say it is a matter of disagreement with interpretations or twisting of Islam to suit their own needs?

    “not even mentioning many Imams who would agree with what Palazzi said.”

    Not that argument from authority isn’t useful in some cases, but this is clearly ad populum fallacy being employed here. i would like a list of these Imams who agree with Pallazi.

    “This is not about Palazzi,”

    His name was mentioned as a way of comparison. You say DrM twists Islam, provide me a quote from him proving this. But why do you keep defending Palazzi?


    “In opposing the will of God and making war on Israel, Arabs are in effect making war on Allah Himself.”

    “The Biblical notion that God granted the land of Canaan to the Children of Israel is confirmed by the Quran”

    “Therefore, from an Islamic point of view, Israel is the legitimate owner of the land God deeded to her and whose borders were defined by Abraham in Genesis.”

    “The Council for American-Islamic Relations is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. It works in the United States as a lobby against radio, television and print media journalists who dare to produce anything about Islam that is at variance with their fundamentalist agenda. CAIR opposes diversity in Islam: They are aggressive and closed-minded. Notwithstanding CAIR’s evident connection to Hamas, they are regarded by U.S. administrations as legitimate representatives of the Muslim American community.”

    Allahu A’lam

  • Al Haq

    “You’re being inconsistent here. Are you saying that the JDL and therefore Moore are not Zionists? Remember how Islamophobes love treating Islam as a monolith? Then why do you disregard the many streams of Zionism?”

    No there is no incostinency, and i didn’t say the JDL or Moore are not Zionists, they’re not representive any more than bin Laden is representative of Islam.

    Just as anyone who uses OBL and pretends that Islam is a monolitih and all is either ignorant or just a hatemonger, so the same goes for those who insist Zionism is Kahanism or EDLism as DrM does. You havn’t been here long enough, or you’d know what I was talking about.
    what is your point anyway? i’ve never said Islam is a monolith, but DrM has said Zionism is a monolith, how riduculous does that sound in a thread that uses the Zionist Haaretz as it’s source.

    “That Italian Imam Palazzi would qualify better at distorting Islam when it suits him, no?”

    One who doesn’t agree with your interpretation of Islam could well say the same about you or anyone else or about any other Imam, not even mentioning many Imams who would agree with what Palazzi said. This is not about Palazzi, it’s about hypocricy, distortion and lies, and my comments were directed at DrM, not you, or anyone else,

    Anyone who believes “my way or the highway” whether they are Muslim, or Jewish or Christian or Atheist or anything else has a problem with exclusivity which they then try to project on others. That is what the above is about.

  • Patriots Question 9/11

    Ok BMD i get it now, you are an ethnically Jewish Muslim? Right? Otherwise i find it impossible to understand why you jump at any chance to defend Jews, Israel, and Zionism.

    “is not above distorting Islam when it suits him.”

    i have yet to see DrM do this so if you could kindly direct me to a quote of his proving this assertion. That Italian Imam Palazzi would qualify better at distorting Islam when it suits him, no?

    “”instead of setting up a straw man and pretending that Moore represents Zionism”

    You’re being inconsistent here. Are you saying that the JDL and therefore Moore are not Zionists? Remember how Islamophobes love treating Islam as a monolith? Then why do you disregard the many streams of Zionism? There are the broad categories of Religious Zionism, Political Zionism, And Cultural Zionism. Then there are the dimensions of Mainstream Zionism (of which you seem to be a fan), extremist Zionism, and what i call liberal Zionism(there are groups that oppose political Zionism, but still believe in Zionism in the strictest sense of the word). Of course this simplified breakdown does ignore complexities and nuances and overlap among the categories but you should understand what i mean. Moore is definitely a Zionist. Here is you basically confirming this:

    “better at exposing Zionist extremists than the American one too, for that matter. This site has often linked to Haaretz and Ynet.”

    i think in your comparison of Shoebat, Spencer and the EDL you are contradicting your other stated views about Christian Zionism. Christian zionists may be a different type of Zionist, but they are just as Zionist as the Mainstream and the likes of Moore. Spencer and Shoebat fall in this category. Be more consistent.

    Allahu A’lam

  • As a sidenote it’s worth mentioning here, that Job Cohen’s rise in the Netherlands parralled the decling influence of Wilders, and that Wilders has denounced the EDL.

    It’s worth studying the reactions of these hate groups to each other, as at the end of the day, they’re marginalised and see each other as competitors for influence and money to fund them.

    The good news is that people do recognise that these extremists may be a useful tool to highlight problems, but they have nothing but hatred to offer, no real solutions, and as soon as someone sensible with solutions to tackle serious problems appears, their influence wanes.

    Wilders has already proven that he is willing to sacrifice his “principles” for the sake of power.

    For this reason, i’m apt to think that even extremists have a useful role to play in society. The apathy of the governments that get too comfortable can be a problem unless there are hatemongers to remind them to get their act together. A lesson that Egypt is learning now, after Tunisia.

    Europe needs to better integrate it’s minorities, and socialism and “multiculturalism” that encourages ghettoisation isn’t always the best solution. EDL type groups, will propel politicians to get serious.

  • Khushboo

    Am I blind or is that pic. photoshopped?? It looks like she’s doing a peace sign. I should get my eyes checked.

  • DrM

    “Zionist creatures are a malignant cancer, its going to take the chemotherapy of Islam to clean house.”

    What a hypocritical statement coming from someone who sweeps trash at neo nazi sites and is not above distorting Islam when it suits him.

    Someone who usually turns up in a thread where he can excercise his Jew hatred would have more credence if he took the chemorterapy first before recommending it to others, instead of setting up a straw man and pretending that Moore represents Zionism.

    Just to rebut DrM’s nonsense:

    1. EDL is not a Zionist organisation, nor does JDL or Moore speak for Zionists.

    2. The EDL have members who are Sikh, Christian, Atheist,

    3. Remora’s source for this article is the ZIONIST ISRAELI Haaretz, Israel’s most influential newspaper. In any case the Israeli media is of a far better quality than the American media and better at exposing Zionist extremists than the American one too, for that matter. This site has often linked to Haaretz and Ynet.

    4. Prominent British Zionist organisations have denounced the EDL and “judeofascists” who ally themselves with them are a minority.

    The English Defence League and the London Pro-Israel Rally

    4. The Israeli embassy took the unprecedented step of distancing themselves from the EDL.

    Embassy of Israel, London

    Statement on EDL event

    Statement from an Embassy Spokesperson:

    “The Embassy of Israel wishes to disassociate itself from next Sunday’s event, and from any attempts to link Israel to the EDL.”

    – The English Defence League are promoting an event ‘at the Israeli Embassy’
    – This has led many to believe that the rally is supported in some way by the Embassy – this statement wishes to make clear this is completely untrue.

    5. Walid Shoebat is another paid media whore who has been exposed as a liar by the Jerusalem Post, (another Zionist media giant like Haaretz), and who has been refused a visa by the ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL. Extremist hatemongers who are paid to be Islamophobes are not necessarily zionist simply because they take money from Zionist extremists. Spencer is no more a Zionist than the EDL, or Shoebat. They’re simply looking for alliances of convenience. The EDL like Shoebat and Spencer are looking for money and funding. They’re nothing but media whores. The EDL went shopping in Canada, Toronto hoping to form alliances for funds, but Canandian zionists rejected them.

    6. One wonders how someone like DrM, (whose sources include neo nazi and white power sites and who links to o Judeofascism . com a white power site,) who uses the same deceptions and lies that this woman Moore and the EDL do, has the audacity to complain about Moore and the EDL.

    Talk about the pot calling the Kettle black.

  • Yusuf

    the key phrase from the Haaretz report was this

    “The EDL’s supposed ‘support’ for Israel is empty and duplicitous,” Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, told the Jewish Chronicle in June. “It is built on a foundation of Islamophobia and hatred, which we reject entirely. Sadly, we know only too well what hatred for hatred’s sake can cause. The overwhelming majority will not be drawn in by this transparent attempt to manipulate a tense political conflict.”

    All of this posturing by the Loon Crews is to deflect from the base hatred which drives them. That should always be returned to, always highlighted, even the arguments can be seen to have no basis unless based on hatred.

  • Tarig

    //Not to mention her sporadic use of ALL CAPS! The Halal Pork parallels are too numerous to keep track of.//

    Maybe your on to something there!

  • Tarig
  • Cynic

    Not to mention her sporadic use of ALL CAPS! The Halal Pork parallels are too numerous to keep track of.

  • DrM


    Very interesting, thanks for the extra info.If jewish terrorist lunatics like Moore want to publically cavort with Nazi street thugs, there’s no reason to treat them any less then the filth that they are. As for her fictitious Muslim boyfriend, I’m sure he was the same guy who was setting Ann Coulter’s world on fire(she too made a similar claim).
    Zionist creatures are a malignant cancer, its going to take the chemotherapy of Islam to clean house.

  • Tarig

    //Oh, and here’s her blog. You be the judge. Not exactly your everyday Islamophobe.//

    I read the first few paragraphs of the first story, and couldn’t take it anymore. Not only is it all lies, but its also based on Quranic verses that say nothing of the sort, for instance apparently:

    “The hypocrites fear lest a Soorah (chapter of the Qur’aan) should be revealed about them, showing them what is in their hearts. Say: ‘(Go ahead and) mock! But certainly Allaah will bring to light all that you fear.’

    Means that we should kill all those who apostate, really?

    On top of that, her grasp on comprehension and grammar is non-existent, like reading the writings of a 5 year old. Not worth any more of my time!

  • marco

    Another massacre carried out by racist Kahanists was by an IDF soldier named Eden Natan Zada, who shot dead 4 Arabs on a Bus In Israel, before he was dragged out and beaten to death himself.

  • Cynic

    According to Roberta Moore, only Muslims are paedophiles and drug addicts, and commit crimes, no one else.

    I can’t express enough how on the money this sentence is.

  • Cynic

    She told me that her boyfriend was also bad in bed,and that she “taught him”. According to her, all Muslims are bad in bed. Absolutely batshit I tell ya.

  • “I had a Muslim boyfriend for four years, but he wasn’t religious. He drank and ate pork like everyone else”

    Can anyone believe the large amount of nonsense she managed to fit in two short sentences!? No Roberta Moore you had a non-Muslim boyfriend who possibly identified as Muslim for cultural reasons.Being Muslim is about being religious, following Islam. Second part of first sentence negates the first part. He drank? If he wasn’t hiding his drinking, like a “real” Muslim would i doubt he was a Muslim. Ate pork like everybody else? Why does everyone think that only Muslim abstain from pork? What about most Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, practicing Jews, vegetarians, vegans, Rastafarians, some Christians, poor people who just can’t get a pig to ear?

    And to be consistent i don’t buy that “ethnically Jewish” garbage the Zionists are trying to spread. The majority of the world’s “Jewry” are non-Semitic. The majority of world’s Semites are not descendants of Judah, so are not Jews at all. Bani Israel is the correct term for them. Roberta Moore, as a non-practicing, non-Semitic, non-Judahite “Jew”, is triply(?) non-Jewish.

    This credibility game she is playing is similar to the one fake ex-Muslims play:

    “i don’t hate Muslims, just Islam. I have a lot of Muslim friends. Just because i despise everything that makes them Muslim doesn’t mean i hate Muslim”. Supposedly having “Muslim” friends makes racism more acceptable. what kind of Muslim would be friends with someone who holds the vile views she has towards Prophet Muhammad(saws). Have you guys read her blog?

    Just like the “i was a former Muslim” claim, whenever you investigate further, it is easy to expose the lies. So-called former Muslims are almost always nominal, non-practicing, even self-hating, or Islam-hating types who still self-identify as Muslim for whatever reason. And these so called Muslim friends that these Islamophobes have, are always drawn from that same pool of “Muslims”. Like i said, and i believe another poster said, no self-respecting Muslim would befriend the likes of Roberta Moore, much less be her boyfriend.

    Allahu A’lam

  • Aisha

    I remember this woman from when orkut first opened to the public. she used to troll the islamic women’s groups and insult us there everyday. she also would use ‘g-d’ when she swore and told people the real ‘g-d’ was someone named enki…whatever that means. anyway, shes completely nuts.

  • Cynic

    Yeah, I was a total noob to the Islamophobic scene until a friend pointed out that such a group exists. And naturally, I just started to argue with them as I thought that they didn’t know any better. She was part of a group that routinely called for the nuking of Mecca and the usual stuff. She was a complete nobody…just a random hateful middle age woman. Imagine my surprise. It’s like finding out Halal Pork becomes the leader of the Tea Party or something.

    Oh, and here’s her blog. You be the judge. Not exactly your everyday Islamophobe.

  • Tarig

    //The same Roberta Moore who I used to debate on a Facebook hate group “Ban Islam”? //

    I used to ‘debate’ people on groups like that, don’t you feel like your talking to a brick wall? No matter how much evidence you show them that they are talking about a fringe group, and the alternative they back is much worse, they just don’t seem to want to hear it, just like the resident loons here. I tend to find it’s easier to talk about things like religion to atheists, they will almost never accept your point, but they are generally respectable people who engage in proper dialogue, not “my God’s better than yours” BS!

    As for Roberta, it’s just the beginning of her 15 minutes, she will die out, just as the JDL, and EDL will, and Al Qaeda and the BNP have.

  • Dawood

    That’s an amazing story Cynic. I guess this is one of the few businesses to be booming even though the economy has slumped recently…

  • Cynic

    Roberta Moore? The same Roberta Moore who I used to debate on a Facebook hate group “Ban Islam”? I think it’s an insult to Pamela Geller to compare her to this vile woman…no seriously, I’m not joking. She is bonkers. I’m talking about Halal Pork batshit.

    She was my first Islamophobe, and it was thanks to her that I discovered Loonwatch. It was also thanks to her unfortunately, that I found out about taqiyya, and the usual libel. But she, (and the rest of the assholes on that group…which has finally been deleted) were on another level.

    Among her claims were that homosexuality is allowed in Islam…just as long as one of the parties is being raped. And that in heaven, Muslim men will be having sex with boys…simply because the Qur’an describes them as looking like pearls. She also claimed that 100% of rapes in the UK, and the rest of Europe are committed by Muslims. When I pointed out to her that the majority of rapes in the UK are committed by people of African descent (usually Afro-Caribbean), she then twisted her argument and claimed that the majority of Afro-Caribbeans are Muslim. In true JihadBob fashion, she linked me to a site that defeated her argument. It showed the total populations of all the Caribbean countries, and their Muslim populations. It turned out that the Muslim population was something like less then 1%. When I pointed it out to her, she had the gall to claim I was taqiyya-spraying her. Not before changing her argument to claim that the majority of Caribbean immigrants to the UK were Muslim LOL!.

    She claimed that she practiced Wicca, and that she was not a practicing Jew anymore (although she is “ethnically” Jewish apparently). But I think that’s bull because she can’t type out the word God…and has to resort to typing it like this: G-d. If I didn’t practice Judaism anymore, I wouldn’t give a crap about silly rules like that. But in her words: ‘once a Jew, always a Jew’.

    Another one of her claims that made me lol was that she was best buds with the dudes from Sepultura lol. At that point I was confused because she claimed to serve in the Israeli army (after telling me a story about how she beat up this Palestinian guy because apparently he punched her in the gut for entering Palestinian territory)…and she claimed to be living in the UK at the moment. And every once in a while she would say that unlike Muslim men…Brazilian men (here) didn’t have the urge to rape women, even though most of them are pretty much naked (according to her).

    She also constantly claims that Islam is a cult, and needs to be banned from the world. Unlike Spencer and co. she’ll openly admit that she hates Muslims, and it obviously shows from her comments. And for her to be a leader of a politically inclined group is quite scary. I honestly thought she was a deranged nobody when I was debating her. Even though now that I think about it, she did say she goes to JDL functions.

    Just a little background info, on the woman I had the misfortune of crossing paths with on the internet, that led me to Loonwatch, and the fight against Islamophobia.

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