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Christians Protect Muslims as they Pray in Egypt

In contradistinction to the vapid antagonizers who wish to see a religious war between Muslims and Christians there are those souls who are willing to stand up for religious freedom — and thankfully they are an overwhelming majority!

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  • Jesus Saves

    As Christians we believe that everyone should have a chance to be saved. Any Christian knows that it’s our part on Earth to spread the word of God. The Joshua project translates and prints Bibles in every language for that reason. The Bibles are not forced on anyone so instead of one seeing this as negative why not see it for what it is. People risking their lives for what they believe. That’s called backbone my friends. One Bible could get them killed but they do it anyway for the good of others they don’t even know. You have never seen Christians tear a man to pieces and eat him because he’s Muslim. But the reverse is true. Look it up. The violence towards Christians is fearsome. Now you tell me what’s wrong with people handing someone else a Bible? Which to you would probably be nothing more than paper. But it’s ok for Christians to be slaughtered ALL OVER THE WORLD just for believing in, honoring, and loving God. Do some research before you decide to say hateful things, disrespecting someone’s beliefs and ultimately disrespecting the dead.

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  • Peter

    As an American, I am humbled by the example of democracy and community set by the Egyptian people these past few weeks. They have reminded us of what democracy really is, and what it can cost. They have remained steadfast in their quest, even under threat and attack, and yet have maintained a mostly peaceful approach — amazing, considering the large numbers and diversity of people involved.

    We are not just witnessing history — we may be witnessing a miracle.

  • Ian Gould

    Copts celebrated Mass in Tahrir Square on Sunday as Muslims cheered.

  • Dermot

    Gives me hope for the world.

  • Karim

    Christians and Muslim protecting each other!!

    Now all we need is some Jews 😀 That’ll shut the world up lol:D

  • Karim

    In the Qur’an it says, “Allah/God has put evil rulers in the land so the people will turn to Him and come together.” Then it says again that Allah does not change a condition of a people unless they change what is with in themselves. and Look in Egypt! We have the both the Muslims and Christians coming together for the common cause!!!
    Plus the Muslims are protecting the Christians!!!
    Al praie are due to Allah Lord of all the worlds!!!

  • Mosizzle


  • mp11

    Nice work by the Sphinx

  • “i see its impossible for the islamophobes to spin this”

    Those stupid dhimmi and by-the-way-rabidly-Jew-hating Copts are only satisfying the demonic desires of their Moooselimb overlords so that their lives are spared and their jizya won’t be so utterly crippling once the Iranian backed islamonazi antisemitic and America-hating democratic revolution in Egypt is over!1!!

    (The sad part is, it’d be easy to convince the Shrieking Harpy of this conspiracy theory)

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