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CNN Special: “Unwelcome: The Muslim Next Door”

Soledad O’Brien had a very interesting special that aired on Sunday, March 27th dealing with the rise of anti-Muslim bigotry in America, specifically the case of the Murfreesboro Mosque and Community Center.

We have covered this story extensively, Eric Allen Bell a close follower of the issue and of LoonWatch has sent us video and tips regarding what has been going on and the morbid ignorance of the Islamophobes in that area.

Soledad did a decent job and all in all the Islamophobes and Muslim-haters come out looking quite malicious if not profoundly ignorant.

We have uploaded the videos to Youtube, please subscribe to our YouTube page LoonwatchTV

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  • M.

    “Our country was founded through the Founding Fathers,
    through the True God[s], The Father AND Jesus Christ.”

    She just admitted she had two gods, lol.

  • sarah

    My parents are Buddhist and they take my brother and me to a temple in Jacksonville, which was built from the funds of a doctor. It is simply a facility to practice Buddhist faith and services. I don’t know why it can’t be applied to Muslim faith as well. If Muslims are beating women or whatever, well I don’t think building or not building a mosque would change that.They want to build a mosque like how Christians build church and how Buddhists build temples. And if you don’t like it, just don’t go near it.

  • TheDemiprist

    Response to Part 4 of the CNN “Special”:
    3:15-3:17 “it is creeping in though I believe.”
    Well I don’t believe it is. As a general rule (from my perspective) I see that Sharia only applies for Muslims and hardly ever mentions Non-Muslims. The People of the Book (Jews and Christians) get cited more often. I may be wrong, I’m willing to be corrected, but that’s what I see. What I don’t see is “creeping Sharia.” It’s a phantom “enemy”, something nobody has suggested as universal law of the land yet still manages to be treated as “illegal” which goes against the religious freedom of Muslim Americans. A religious law isn’t going in the direction of a religious government, that’s jumping to conclusions.
    3:24-3:29 “I think they should try to come into the 21st century.”
    How is killing their friends, their families, destroying their former country of residence and then when the survivors come to America you spouting Islamophobic bullying is going to help them “come into the 21st century”? What makes you think Muslims haven’t fought to stay current with the so-called “first world” of economics and other standards of “civilization” and technological advancement? classic argument from ignorance here. I encourage Islam to have another Golden Age, the first one did wonders for Europeans and others who have yet to give a “thank you” for centuries of preserving, translating and using Ancient texts from the collapsed Greece and Rome.
    3:30 “assimilate”
    Demanding it from them is one thing, helping them do so: that burden lies with you. Joining a campaign of bigotry against Muslims is no way to help them assimilate.
    4:18 “is Sharia a religion?”
    Is 9/11 a religion? Is the “Patriot Act” and it’s
    recent extension a religion? I smell hypocrisy.
    4:58-5:01 “my position is, how do you believe
    anything if you don’t question it?”
    Marvelous position, now try applying it to yourself and the position
    you’ve been holding in supporting Islamophobia in your county.
    6:17-6:22 “Sharia law says the United States
    Constitution is based upon ignorance.”
    [citation needed], again. Secondly, the first Islamic law schools are from around the 8th century*, Europe started observing Law four centuries after these Islamic law schools and Sharia were made- they can’t address a document such as the United States Constitution when the United States itself wasn’t even known of at that time.
    6:34-6:41 “you would think that your elected officials would care more about the needs and concerns of the community than an entity we know nothing about.”
    You really have an odd definition of “community”, Muslims are deserving of a place in the general community as much as anybody else. Well, nobody is preventing you from talking to this entity – except for your own ignorance and bigotry of it.
    7:28 “the threat of subservient Sharia”
    Fear mongering, that’ll surely solve everybody’s problems. You
    seriously can’t do better than appealing fallaciously to people?
    8:09-8:17 “we hope to have this case ultimately before the U.S. Supreme Court to make a termination of whether or not Sharia law can coexist with the U.S. Constitution.”
    So what if your case in the Supreme Court “wins”, how
    does that make America a better place for anybody?
    8:21-8:23 “we’re going to continue with lawsuits.”
    So your just going to annoy others until your demands
    are met, doesn’t that qualify as terrorism?
    8:51-9:01 “when they try to put in Sharia law and usurp my beloved Constitution then that gets on the fighting side of me.”
    Go watch football or whatever it is you do for spare time, I don’t want to see your “fighting side” come out and ending a crime against innocent Muslims and fellow Americans no less. There are more productive things to do than swallowing propaganda, celebrating paranoia, and ignoring the religious freedom of others.
    9:57-9:59 “they have made no effort to get in touch with me.”
    You were asked if you have reached out and talked with them, not the other way around. The sooner you contact them, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind enlightening you and others. It’s your job to stop being bigoted or condoning the bigotry of others, not theirs.
    10:19-10:23 “I think we’re worried about our American way of life.”
    In that case, you and I must be living in two separate America’s then. The closest Mosque from me is several counties away, but there are churches nearly everywhere. I’d gladly accept a population of Muslims in this town, and I’d encourage others to accept them as well.
    10:46 “what if I’m right?”
    False Dilemma, Pascal’s wager. Nothing like fallacies to try and make you sound credible, eh? *drink* (Note: *drinking* courtesy of Yahoo Answers atheist tradition in R&S every time theists make a Pascal’s wager question or variants of it).

    My favorite part of this whole CNN “Special” would have to be
    the Muslims themselves, very kind people from start to finish. 🙂

  • TheDemiprist,

    “3:22-3:27 “I don’t understand why you all are not outraged
    with the rights of children and females under Sharia law.”

    [Is this your strawman version of “Sharia law”?]”

    Exactly! If Shari’ah is what critics say it is, why create straw men to burn?

    “8:54-8:59] “why would we extend to any religion the right to
    cancel out the Constitution for which were founded upon.”

    [America wasn’t founded upon the Constitution, it was written years after the “founding.” Could at least get your history right. Yes, why any religion? including yours, pal. Constitutional Republic doesn’t equate Theocracy of any brand.]”

    It’s funny you mention this. A lot of religious nuts seem to think that we should return to Federalism and a Constitutional Republic(like we don’t already have one), instead of the Representative Democracy(you got it, they want to end Democracy to preserve our nation). They believe this return will allow them to have nation governed by Religious Law. Many of the same nuts are fighting against “Shari’ah Law”. Establishing Religious Law in government is ok, as long as it’s not Muslims doing it?

    Allahu A’lam

    “This sacred knowledge shall be borne by reliable authorities from each generation, who will preserve it from the distortions of extremists, the plans of the corrupt and the false explanations of the ignorant.” (Narrated mursal by Al-Bayhaqi in Kitab al-Madkhal on the authority of Ibrahim bin ‘Abd al-Rahman al-’Udhri.)

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