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Barth’s Notes: “Pam Geller and the Ulsterman”

The more Geller gets attention, the more her looniness is exposed

What direction are the uber-anti Obamaist going to take now that he “scored” Bin Laden? What are the creative methods by which they will cast him as evil incarnate? (hat tip: Azwark)

Pam Geller and the Ulsterman

by Richard Bartholomew

Charles Johnson draws attention to a new post by Pamela Geller, in which she cites a website that claims that Osama bin Laden only met his end because the military overrode the wishes of the President: “it appears Obama had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the OBL operation”, she tells her readers. Johnson notes:

Her source for this ridiculous rant? A site called “NewsFlavor” (it has the flavor of news without all those fattening facts), featuring unprofessional “articles” written by anonymous Internet non-entities. This article is credited only to “Ulsterman.”

Stay tuned, because the killing of Osama bin Laden has motivated Geller to plumb new depths of bad craziness. I have a feeling she’s just getting warmed up.

“Ulsterman” has been posting online for several months; he purports to be receiving information from a “White House Insider” (or “Deep Thoat 2″), and his “scoops” have included “Obama Battling Severe Depression” and the like, written in breathlessly polemical style (he’s also a birther, naturally). However, “Ulsterman” has been debunked as a hoax for months; this blog documents fake sources and names that have appeared in “Ulsterman’s” articles on a range of other subjects.

In November, Sam Gefland of the Twin Cities Daily Planet published circumstantial evidence that “Ulsterman” is a certain Anthony G. Martin; Martin has a Twitter feed andYoutube channel under the name “Welshman”, and he writes regular pieces praising and echoing “Ulsterman” on Conservative Examiner:

It would appear that the explanation is simple: Anthony G. Martin is the blogger known as Ulsterman.  He writes unfounded articles and publishes them on Newsflavor, a website that will print anything without any sources.  Then, he references the Ulsterman articles to back up his opinions.  Because his opinions have no facts to back them up, he creates the facts.  And, at the end of the day, it may not just be a political argument that he’s trying to win.

Triond pays its writers for how many clicks their articles get.  The more people who read the Ulsterman articles, the more money he receives.  Even though this amounts to a few pennies or maybe dollars per month, it is still clearly a motivating factor for Triond writers, who often make up outrageous and false stories in hopes of earning easy cash.

Martin denies being “Ulsterman”, but it’s a pattern I’ve seen before on the internet: sites of ambiguous or obscure authorship that appear to know each other intimately, and which use citations to compensate for and distract from the fact that purported information being peddled cannot be traced back to any authoritative source. The hope is that the false impression of independent endorsements and of a wider conversation taking place will eventually lead to the information trickling up into the wider blogosphere or media. For that to happen, you need someone higher up the food-chain you can hoodwink or who doesn’t care a damn about what’s true or what’s false, just so long as it serves their interests. Step forward Pamela Geller.

Martin also has a website called “Martin Christian Ministries” (again posting as “Welshman”), where he advertises himself as a “Pastor, chaplain, evangelist, revival preacher”, who is available for “concerts, preaching, Bible conferences, all on a free-will, love-offering basis”.

I wonder if John Bolton ever feels embarrassed that his endorsement continues to appear on Geller’s website, or for providing a foreword for her anti-Obama book?

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  • Alfred Jutin

    Anthony G Martin isn’t Ulsterman, he just googles “anthony martin ulsterman” every once in a while for the hell of it

    haha, at least you got your moment of fame, Ulsterman/Welshman

  • Syed
  • guest

    You know how to spot Ulsterman? He likes to begin sentences with “And.”

    Pat Dollard also does this. Read his Maxim article. Read the “about” page on
    Then read White House Insider “Obama Should be Arrested”
    Then read Ulsterman’s “Sex and Murder in the Land of Obama.”
    Almost every Ulsterman article has an instance of “And” at the beginning of a sentence.
    The Vanity Fair piece on Dollard is pretty telling of his motivations.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Interesting use of English Mr Martin.
    ‘Ulsterman pheonom’ mmmmmm you would n’t like to bother with acually checking out what this chap says is true or you just wish it was true and thats good enough or is it all in your own mind ?
    Such is life indeed

  • I appreciate the free publicity you have given me here by repeating the urban legend that I am ‘Ulsterman.’ That information, however, is incorrect. I know you got it from elsewhere, so I don’t fault you for that. But the charge that I am Ulsterman has been proved to be false. I write on 3 platforms–The Liberty Sphere, which is my personal political blog; Martin Christian Ministries, which is my ministry site (I have been involved in Christian ministry since 1973, and I have been involved in conservative politics since then as well); and I am a Conservative Examiner in the National Edition of That’s it. I chose Welshman as a handle or screen name since at the time the Internet was known for anonymity for writers. I began using my full name, Anthony G. Martin, when I began to write for the Examiner, because they require a real name. So it has been widely known for the past 2 years that ‘Welshman’ is Anthony G. Martin. I have never used nor been associated with the name ‘Ulsterman.’

    I did several articles on the Ulsterman pheonom because it was very interesting information to me, and my readers loved reading about it. They were some of the most popular articles I had at the time.

    But that’s about it. Thank you for allowing me a chance to respond and set the record straight. Do I expect the purveyors of this urban legend to accept my explanation? No. People like that believe whatever they want, proof or not. But such is life.

    Best wishes to you.

    Anthony G. Martin

  • Nur Alia


    Walid Shoebat is an admitted terrorist (he is probably lying, but it is what he says in the open) who claimed to have set a bomb near a bank in Bethlehem.

    In this day people so skiddish about terrorism, how is an admitted terrorist walking the streets, probably going place to place in airplanes, and making money by speaking to law enforcement agencies and military personal?

    I have 2 speculations I want to propose. Of course, the first one is, he is lying. However, the second one is plausable…that the Israeli lobby is allowing this man to be free and protected from what should happen to him as an admitted terrorist as a propaganda tool.

  • mike

    LoonMasterFlex Walid the ShoeRobot wrote an interesting article about the “Son of Hamas” author Mosab Hassan Yousef.

    peep it here. I cannot even describe in words all of the ironic statements he makes in his attack on Mosab Yousef. HAHA.. wowww is all I have to say. MAybe you creative articulate people can find a funny way to post this article. much love. mike

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  • NassirH

    This is from Barth’s Notes–a blog I highly suggest.

  • mindy1

    Methinks she is becoming downright certfiable

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Zak: Is Pammy going to pull something out of her arse about bat boy?

    Whatever she pulls out, it sure is going to be stinky!

  • Crow

    I think people should just ignore the stupid shit this evil, hate-filled woman posts on her piece of crap blog. She seriously claims Malcom X is Obamas father and her readers belive it. There again her readers also belive the e-mail from the business man from Nigeria will share his fortune with them if only they do as he says. Oh and Obama is actually a robot.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    The bigger question is, is this guy Welsh or Northern Irish? Or does he just randomly assume British Protestant ethnicity at random? I’d just hate for him to go around tarnishing the reputation of Cymru and my Celtic heritage… then again, considering some of the crap that goes on in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain and France, I’d daresay we can do that well enough ourselves.

  • Mosizzle

    She just can’t let the man live, can she? He’s given you the certificate, killed your worst enemy and looked cool while doing it. What more could you want?

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Hahaha… seriously? This sounds about as credible as the Weekly World News or Daily Enquirer. What’s next? Is Pammy going to pull something out of her arse about bat boy? Perhaps the saucer men are running the Democratic Party? Or will she find yet another new allegation about Islam that’s so top secret even we practicing Muslims don’t know about it!

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