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Breaking News: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Son Hates Islam and Muslims

Can I just say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Imagine if this had been a Muslim leaders son and he said something similar? Now Bibi is crying for context and understanding, sad.

Yair Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister’s Son, Creates Facebook Ruckus With Arab, Muslim Posts

JERUSALEM — The Israeli prime minister’s 19-year-old son posted disparaging comments about Arabs and Muslims on his Facebook page, an Israeli paper reported Friday

Earlier this year, Yair Netanyahu posted that Muslims “celebrate hate and death,” the Haaretz daily reported. After Palestinian assailants entered a West Bank settlement and stabbed five members of an Israeli family to death, he wrote that “terror has a religion and it is Islam.”

Yair Netanyahu, the eldest of the prime minister’s two sons, is currently a soldier in the Israeli military’s media liaison unit.

A lawyer for the Netanyahu family, David Shimron, said the comments were those of a “teenager” and were “taken out of context in an attempt to defame the prime minister and his family,” Shimron said in a statement provided to The Associated Press.

According to the Haaretz report, the prime minister’s son also ran a Facebook group that called for a boycott of Arab businesses and products, and used obscenities to describe Arabs. He was 17 at the time. The group had a total of 23 members, the paper reported.

In another comment, he wrote that there had never been a Palestinian state and that he hoped “there would never be one.”

Haaretz said the comments in question were removed within two hours of the paper’s request for a response from the prime minister’s representatives.

The younger Netanyahu’s Facebook page also included comments on the Israeli version of the TV show Big Brother and a “like” directed at Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, alongside photos of himself with world leaders like Bill Clinton and Silvio Berlusconi.

A military spokesman said commanders had spoken to Netanyahu “to clarify to the soldier the military commands, outlining his mistakes, as would be done with any soldier in a similar situation.”

Some of the comments predated his military service, the military said.

Shimron, the Netanyahu family’s attorney, slammed Haaretz for reporting the comments.

“Bringing them up now is ridiculous and shows the cynical use of the words of a teenager, said in anger, when he could not imagine that someone would someday make use of them,” the lawyer wrote.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife believe in moderation and tolerance, and they respect all people without regard for their religion, origin or nationality and that is how they raise their children,” the statement said.

The families of Israeli leaders have typically been kept out of the spotlight, but Netanyahu’s family has sometimes drawn media attention in ways that have been a liability for the Israeli leader.

Sara Netanyahu, the prime minister’s third wife, has been criticized for allegedly mistreating her household staff and for meddling in state affairs. She has denied the accusations.

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  • Skhan

    I believe that there should be a 2 state solution, the West Bank Wall should be removed, the Israeli settlements should be outlawed and removed, Israeli occupation should end, the Palestinian refugees all around the world should be given the right to return to Israel, laws should be made against Anti-Arab racism in Israel, and the fighting must stop on both sides.

  • Netanyahu’s son should be charged with a “Hate Crime” and have to do 100 hours community service for the Palestinian refugees that Israel has imprisoned in Gaza. His father should inform him that Iran is home to the second largest community of Jews in the world, other than those in Israel. It might make him think about who the real haters are in this world. The problem is when you belong to the Serpent Tribe and worship Lucifer as the Almighty, you’re not likely to have any desire for love and peace.

    “Israel & Palestine: The Maps Tell the True Story” – What Really Happened

    If Americans Knew – What every American needs to know about Israel

  • Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims.

  • Safak Ozgun

    ” There is only one question should israel exist? The answer is No.”

    That’s pushing it… Of course it should exist, it exists today whether you want it to or not. Who lived in it a hundred years ago or ten years ago doesn’t matter. I support the Palestinians’ right to the land upto the 1967 borders, as far as International law allows it, but beyond that is Israel today and we should know all the limits. Its not right to dismantle it and send 7.7 million of its population into exile because in 1890 your ancestors lived in it…

  • Mosizzle

    “To mosizzel if you trying to be politically correct stop, you seem the fool.”

    On the contrary, you seem to be the fool. I was only explaining the point of view of another commenter about this issue. And I certainly didn’t do it to be seen as being “politically correct” or to justify Netanyahu’s idiocy.

    And I don’t know how many times you have to be told that outrageous generalisations of any religious group is unwelcome here.

  • Hmm! Actually, Natenyahu son’s actions shouldn’t be a surprise to the world, why? Simply because it’s what he is taught right from the womb. Sorry, he is really the hair of his father. LIKE FATHER LIKE SON

  • bin dead for awhile

    i have lived apartheid. Its wrong. The jews…or israelis…..or zionists….or sephardic….or askenazim….or bolshevic…. Or kazhar…actually whoever. If your familia was not there in 1890 get off that land. There can be no two objects sharing the same space. You wouldnt let your neighbour live in your personal space….why the hell must the palestinians(for stoopid people also people who follow moses(pbuh) religion and christians…well all that lived there first). Hitler screwed you guys over boo hoo cry me a river. Look at the cristian soviets, american indians, the entire african con tinent. Must i carry on. I feel no pity for them. In s.a. The whites who didnt subscribe to apartheid left. I love them, the whites who stayed….let me not put it out into the world. They had choices. They were adults. So if you are jewish (yes that includes all of the above names) wake up say it and do something about it. A convoy has left s.a. Yesterday for Gaza, we wish them well and peace. All i can say to the jews leave, before its toooooooooo late. Gimme hope joannah. To mosizzel if you trying to be politically correct stop, you seem the fool. Rockets into israel…..pfffft. Here we bombed people. Every person in israel is a soilder. Every soilder is a target. And please people here im being fair. There is only one question should israel exist? The answer is No. Apartheid s.a. Had weapons…infrastucture…etc..etc…all handed peacefully to the majority. So that my dear people is what needs to be done. You jews made enemies in many lands…karmas a b***h. The jews today in israel say they must not be blamed. Well the whites in s.a. Are having a hard time, with affirmative action etc. But it was time everything changed. Recently it was the 25th aniversarry of the magoos bar bombing. So if you were in s.a at the time or born, or somewhere in the world, would you say ….shame that was wrong? Google the dompass system. Its much much easier than what my fellow humans have to face with those sh*t eating jews. So dont ever..and i mean ever try to be politically correct when you have a slimeball here whose father is a donkey who isnt. And no this is not an eye for an eye. Its a fight for right.

    Ok on a lighter note he does look like his fuse need changing. Or he needs to increase the amps.

  • Rotten fruit from a sh*tty tree. Surprise.

  • Mohammed sameel

    @JD I am well aware of the context, I was only trying to show deccal how anyone can take verse out of context to serve their twisted ideas.

    @deccal I have not assumed you are a Christian, I was pointing out you are taking things out of context from a particular religion to attack it. double standard we call it. Jesus(pbuh)indeed is the messenger of God and he will return to earth to establish truth. I never heard of him killing Christians. he will kill the dajjal (anti Christ I guess) and breaking of the cross refers to spiritual breaking. he will make it clear to Christians what they doing is wrong hence breaking the wrong type of worship. I dont believe he will be travelling all around the world breaking each cross.

  • Safak Ozgun


    Or all non-Christians, depending on which religion you’re looking at. Anyway, what’s your point?

  • deccal

    @Mohammed sameel, first of all you assume that I am a christian, when I am not. Jesus (Isa) is a prophet in islam, is he not? Theological differences aside, I have read that Isa comes back to the earth to abolish the dhimma, and destroy all crosses and christians.

  • JD

    /\ have to remember context and timeing what was dsaid or your doibg same thing as him

  • Mohammed sameel

    @deccal Guess who said this “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword”

    and this

    “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. 53They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

  • NassirH

    Bin Laden apparently shared the same goals as Islamophobes. Funny that.

    Lopping off the word “jihad,” bin Laden wrote, allowed the West to “claim deceptively that they are not at war with Islam.”

  • Michael Akkawi

    The lawyer’s defense is as stupid as saying: Many of Hamas’ recruits imprisoned by Israel are in their nineteenths. So their rocket firing is that of teenagers. Why is Israel keeping them prisoners?

    BTW, there a lot of Palestinian children (far under 18) are held prisoners by Israel!

  • Mosizzle

    I think the whole “teenage” argument makes it worse. Why is such a young person from an important family engaging in such hatred against Arabs (who constitute 20% of the Israeli population)? His young age means that he is certainly being influenced by people around him who also hold such views.

    Also, having someone who hates Arabs so much in an army that is primarily deployed near Arabs is a baaaaad idea…

  • Mosizzle

    JD, I don’t think HGG was justifying Yair’s comments. He was merely calling for people to look at this from a neutral perspective to understand why people would say such things. HGG said that even if Mahmous Abbas’ son had said the same about Israelis then it would have been understandable due to what he has experienced. This is different to saying that what he said was good or acceptable.

    Both Israelis and Palestinians have plenty of things to hate about each other. Palestinians are very angry at losing their land and having to put up with a wall and security checks amongst many other things but also Israelis are angry at those firing rockets and committing suicide attacks in Israel.

    So while it’s wrong for both Palestinians and Israelis to say those kinds of things against each other, we should, as outsiders, be able to understand why they do so.

  • Lo

    Not justifying the bigotry but I kinda get the argument ‘the comments were those of a “teenager”’. He is still a child, though clearly not one that has been raised successfully. But if Malcolm X can snap out of black supremacism when racism was going strong, there is still hope for 19-year-old brats.

    However, here are what I find hard to reconcile: This is a child. He’s in the army. An Islamophobic teenage soldier. How is this a good idea?

  • Garo

    Like father,like son……

    While son,Yair Netanyahu,has expressed what he has heard from his father since childhood,his father,Benjamin Netanyahu is proving his deep deep hatred towards the Arabs,Muslims and Islam on daily basis by deeds: destroying Palestinians homes,stealing their lands and building on them new homes for Jews only. And at the top of all that,he is Zionizing Arab’s and Muslim’s East Jerusalem,which that alone may bring disasters,not only to Zionists only,but sadly to all innocent Jews everywhere. Talking about anti-Semitism?,hard core Zionists like Netanyahu,his son and their ilk help stirring it,for certain.

    Zionist Apartheid stems from irrational fundamental hatred.Period. Only fools,blinds,deafs and mutes have failed in calling a Spade a Spade,since it has been going on for,at least,the last 42 years.

    No one can convince me otherwise,including the cleverness of the father’s and son’s lawyer,Mr.David Shimron.

  • I can imagine his son going on Fox News and screaming:

    The Mooslims They’re Heeeeeere!!!!


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