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From South Lebanon via Queens with Hate… When Hanan met Peter

Brigitte Gabriel

Hanan Qahwaji, better known as Brigitte Gabriel in the Islamophobesphere has been exposed yet again. We wrote about Brigitte a while ago, and brought to fore the hate that her organization ACT! for America regularly engages in. (via. Brigitte Gabriel Review)

From South Lebanon via Queens with Hate… When Hanan met Peter

by Franklin Lamb (Peoples Voice)

Hanan is the Islamophobic Lebanese woman, Hanan Qahwaji who as a child lived in the South Lebanon village of Maryoun overlooking the Lebanon-Palestine border during three years of the on again off again Lebanese Civil War before she became an Israeli collaborator and fled to Israel. Hanan, repackaged as “Rachael”, soon quickly landed a job with Israeli TV and specialized in telling stories about how Muslims terrorized her and her Christian neighbors.

Later, repackaged as “Nour Semaan”, a name she still sometimes uses, Hanan tells American audiences that she became a Middle East “anchor” in Israel. Forgetting to mention that her job was with Pat Robertson’s, Christian Broadcasting Network, working to spread his politically conservative, Pentecostal faith in the Middle East which includes Robertson’s vision of rapture and how righteous Jews will all convert when Jesus comes again. The others will burn in Hell according to the Pentecosts. Hanan is sometimes known as, Nour Semaan, Rachael Cohen, “Dark Angel” and more recently, Bridgitte Gabriel, founder of the anti-Islam Zionist hate group “Act! For America”.

Peter, would be US Congressman Peter T. King, the Republican Islamaphobe from Long Island, NY, who as Hanan’s new partner in saving America from Islam, she sometimes flirtatiously refers to simply as “Petey” or “Petey Chops.”

It’s unknown to this observer whether the couple experienced “un vrai coup de foudre” when Mr. King was Hanan Qahwaji’s first guest earlier this year on a new cable television show that she co-hosts with Guy Rodgers, a Republican consultant who helped expand the Christian Coalition, which used to be a potent political organization on the Christian right and who is ACT’s Executive Director. However, “Petey” and “Bridge” as he calls her sometimes, certainly appear to see potential in one another for saving America from the Muslim hoards, which according to the duo are now in all American neighborhoods and who have infiltrated the FBI, the CIA, the State Department and the White House!

The new team is said by one King staffer to share a vision of “defeating Radical Islam in America and defeating it before it’s too late.” And they intend to show their fellow Americans just how to do it.

This past week in Washington, King held the second of what it planned as a series of “Congressional Hearings” designed to warn Americans about various threats from Muslims in their midst.

Gabriel frequently tells interviewers that “[F]or my first ten years I led a charmed and privileged life. All that came to an end when a jihadist religious war, declared by the Muslims against the Christians, […] tore my country and my life apart. It was a war that the world did not understand.”

What is obvious to the many Lebanese who view Hanan with contempt for misrepresenting and besmirching their country (not to mention her open letter to Israel during the July 2006 war, which she read frequently on TV shows urging Israel to keep bombing Lebanon despite their already killing of more than 1,300 civilians is that it was a war that Gabriel did not understand.

The on again, off again intermittent civil war was not characterized by anything remotely resembling a Muslim “Jihad”. Some Muslims actually fought with Israel and with the Christian Militia. Moreover, the Palestinian organizations were secular nationalists and not remotely Jihadists; plus many were also Christians, while other fighters were communists, Nasserites, and non-religious westerners. Although many combatants were Muslim, perhaps 35% were not. And their fight was with Israel; it was not a religious crusade against Christians. Gabriel’s fundraising speeches among largely uniformed right wing Republican audiences in which she claims she was the target of a religious crusade against Christians is patent nonsense.

“Watching the World Trade Center buildings fall in 2001,” Hanan tells audiences, “I was struck by the same fear that I experienced during the war in Lebanon. As I watched, words instinctively came from my mouth as I spoke to the TV screen: ‘Now they are here.” Gabriel is well aware, as Michael Young of Beirut’s Daily Star has pointed out, that there was nothing remotely comparable between what happened in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, and what she experienced in Marjayoun.

Bridgitte is said to believe that she can help King from deflecting rising criticism of his “hearings” given her own experience with hecklers as she tours the American heartland sounding the alarm.

She is said to resemble a Sarah Palin “mama grizzly” when she senses danger to those she cares about and no sooner than King’s hearing began last week than ACT! pounced with Tweets from the Congressional Hearing Room.

An ACT! staffer twittered live labeling it: “Round 2: House Homeland Security Committee Hearing on The Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. Prisons:

“As I watched the discussion during the hearing, I Tweeted about so that our ACT! for America members could see right away what Members of the U.S. Congress are saying and doing about it. While there certainly were not as many “rabble rousers” as there had been for Chairman King’s first hearing on Muslim radicalization, there was some political drama, nonetheless.”

“For example, Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA) falsely alleged that the focus of Chairman King’s hearing “can be deemed as racist and as discriminatory.” The Chairman immediately fired back by saying that “the purpose of this Committee is to combat Islamic terrorism because that is the terrorist threat to this country. Bravo!”

“In response to Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA) commenting that “the political correctness in this room is astounding,” Rep. Shiela Jackson-Lee (D-TX) held up a copy of the Constitution replying that the document is where she finds her “version of political correctness.” She went on further to state that there is a parallel between Christian militants and jihadists when it comes to bringing down the Constitution. More nonsense.”

“Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI) ranted terribly on for several-minutes about the real problem being the overcrowding of prisons due to unfair sentencing guidelines and claimed that prisoners were turning to Islam to “protect themselves.”

Other witnesses who reportedly left Peter and Bridgette unhappy were:

Deputy Chief Michael Downing, Commanding Officer of the LA Police Department’s Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, and Professor Bert Useem of Purdue University.

According to ACTS! Tweets:

“Chief Downing repeatedly tried to distinguish “Islam” from what he referred to as “Prislam,” and said that all jihadis had “hijacked” the Islamic faith. As I listened to him, I wondered if he has taken the time to read sharia law, the Qur’an and the hadiths? If he did, I think he would understand that what the “radicalized” Muslims are adhering to is an ideology that is clearly enunciated within Islam’s holy books and has been practiced for 14 centuries. His statements reminded me that a great deal of educating at local, state and federal levels still needs to be done.”

“Professor Useem made several amazingly naïve and plain stupid assertions, one of which was that “correctional leadership (at both the agency and prison-level) has consciously and successfully infused the mission of observing signs of inmate radicalization into organizational practices. Rather than being sitting ducks, waiting for their facilities to be penetrated by radicalizing groups, correctional leaders have fashioned, staffed, and energized the effort to defeat radicalization.”

A few examples of questions from new Members that may have pleased Bridge and Petey were:

  • Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN) asked if Shariah law would supersede the U.S. Constitution for radicalized Muslims. A chorus of “Yes” was heard from most of the witnesses.
  • Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) remarked that he was disappointed to see some members of the committee question why a hearing of this nature needed to take place. That the threat of Islamic radicalization in our prisons is clear.
  • Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) commented how remarkable it is that a discussion about the threat of radical Islam appeared to be “off limits.” He also expressed concerns about literature found in U.S. prisons, such as writings by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, that ask: Which do you choose, the flag of Islam or the flag of America?

ACTS! Final Tweet from King’s Hearing last week:

“Action by our grassroots is the fuel that makes the ACT! For American engine run. As we wait for Chairman King’s third hearing on Islamic radicalization it’s really nice to see that the engine is roaring loud and strong.”

In perhaps a personal message of encouragement to the Chairman were the words: “Please keep it up for Round Three!”

One subject being considered for Round Three is: “How to spot an Islamic terrorist in your neighborhood”. An interesting subject since that’s one suggested title for Hanan’s (Bridgitte’s) next book featuring an introduction by none other than “Petey” King.

Franklin Lamb is doing research in Lebanon and can be contacted c/o

He is the author of The Price We Pay: A Quarter-Century of Israel’s Use of American Weapons Against Civilians in Lebanon.

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  • Brigette Gabriel is apparently beefing up security after a newspaper on Sunday published details of her real name and address.

    Anti-Islam group finds fertile ground in Nashville

    Act! for America’s local chapter is the nation’s largest

    10:38 AM, Jul. 10, 2011

    War, religious right are at group’s roots

    ACT! for America is the brainchild of Hanah Kahwagi Tudor, a Lebanese Christian who fled her homeland during that country’s civil war, which raged from 1975 to 1990.

    Tudor, who goes by the pseudonym Brigitte Gabriel, first moved to Israel, where she worked for a television network owned by Pat Robertson.

    She married a co-worker named Charles Tudor, a former cameraman for Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Jim and Tammy Show . The couple eventually settled in Virginia Beach.

    After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she began speaking out about terrorism. She wrote two books — They Must Be Stopped and Because They Hate — which became best-sellers.

    In books and speeches, Tudor says that Islamic terrorists took over her home country, and she wants to stop them before they take over America.

    Tudor declined to be interviewed. On Friday, the ACT! for America website announced she’d visit Nashville on a November date to be announced.

    ACT and Tudor’s other nonprofit, the education group American Congress for Truth, took in a combined $1,612,908 in 2009, according to their latest federal tax returns, known as Form 990s. The groups asked for an extension for filing their 2010 tax returns.

    Tudor was paid $178,441 in salary by the two charities.

    The nonprofit uses constant email updates, conference calls with Tudor and other electronic means to keep in close contact with local leaders.

    Email updates sent to supporters also regularly include a request for donations.

    Julie Ingersoll, associate professor of religious studies at the University of North Florida, attended ACT’s recent national convention and wrote about her experience for

    Ingersoll, who is critical of ACT, said the event was well organized and professional and focused on an “us versus them” approach to Islam and to liberals, who are seen as supporting Muslims.

    “It’s framed as this real fear of outsiders,” she said. “It’s tied to all of the tea party rhetoric about the real America.”

    read more here

  • Newspaper report targets critic of radical Islam

    Group confirms security arrangements now must be modified

    Leaders of ACT! for America, the grassroots organization founded by immigrant Brigitte Gabriel to give voice to opponents of radical Islam in America, say they are bolstering their security after a newspaper publicized Gabriel’s residence and legal name.

    The article by Bob Smietana in the Tennessean in Nashville “clearly increases the exposure, the potential for someone to cause harm,” said Guy Rodgers, the executive director for the organization.

    Calling the Tennessean article a “smear,” ACT! for America has presented a list of mistakes in the article and also is asking people to express their concern to the newspaper directly, through information listed on the website.

    That Gabriel could face danger is clear, Rodgers said.

    “It’s the reason why Brigitte in 2003 adopted a pseudonym,” he said. “There’s no question we’re having to do some [security] things as a result.”

    Read more: Newspaper report targets critic of radical Islam

    Read more: Newspaper report targets critic of radical Islam

  • JN

    Why hasn’t lf4life been banned from posting here yet? Are the moderators not aware of his hateful bullshit?

  • lf4life

    @Zakariya Ali Sher, I am not an arab, no matter what arabist historians claim, as I am of syriac and phoenician descent. I don’t insult my fellow christians (copts and assyrians), but you will note that the reason that neither of them have their own nation is because of their failure to violently resist islamic subjugation.

    “With all due respect to the people concerned, we refuse to be put on a par with the Copts of Egypt, or the Christians of certain Arab countries.”-Bashir Gemayel

    The only reason Lebanese christians have any sort of rights today is because we fought for them.

  • corey

    didn’t start with muslims horrible crime of existing. oops

  • corey

    quite an enlightening comment of yours especially your hatred of muslims or anyone that doesn’t have dreams of mass murder and i’m not an expert on my lebanon conflict history but i’m pretty sure it didn’t with the muslims horrible crime of existing.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    I’m not sure what I find funnier. The fact that you express such unmitigated hatred for your fellow Arabs, or the fact that you insult your fellow Christians. I’m not sure what the Copts or Assyrians ever did to you (especially since most Christians in Lebanon have Syraic roots anyway), but I can assure you that just as many problems in Lebanon today can be traced back to systematic exclusion on the part of the western powers. Tell me, did the French ever give Syria and Lebanon any more autonomy than the Ottomans did? Has anyone extended an offer of EU membership? Yeah, thought not…

  • lf4life

    Fuck you muslim scum, your the reason why Lebanon is such a shithole right now. Lebanese christians will one day rise up again and expel you! We hate muslims,especially palestinians and traitors hezbollah! We are not weak christians like copts and assyrians, we will gladly repeat sabra wa shatila if its to protect our people! Ya Libnan!

  • Safak Ozgun


    What makes you think I was trying to defend this Lamb guy anyway? I was merely pointing out the weakness of your argument, that you want us to dismiss what he says because he supported Hizbullah or whatever. Who he supported is not the point, what he says about Brigette Gabriel is the point which you didn’t adress. Did that truth hurt, forcing you to attack the author?

  • Mosizzle

    “I suggest you also stay on topic, but, of course, do whatever you want.”

    Actually, Spencer wasn’t the main topic of my comment. My point was that you failed to address the actual article and instead attempted to dismiss the whole article by criticising the author. Spencer’s support of genocide was only an analogy to help you understand. Unsurprisingly, this all went over your head.

    “If this, or any other author was saying something you didn’t like, you would find his background to be very relevant.”

    Sure I would explore the writer’s background to get an idea of his bias, but I wouldn’t refuse to deal with an article simply because of it like you have done.

    “The fact is that the truth about Lamb hurts you, and don’t want to face it.”

    Oh please! I have never heard of this guy before, and am not interested in him whatsoever. All I know is that Brigitte Gabriel is a hate filled anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bigot and Lamb has given some more info on that. Of course, he’s an idiot for what he said about Hizbullah but I’m sorry I fail to see how that justifies not even touching the contents of this article. No one is “hurt”, stop thinking like you’ve dropped a bomb on us and our lifelong hero has been exposed as an idiot. What I am concerned about is (1) You rely on Wikipedia way too much (2) You’re doing what is known as the “poisoning the well” fallacy (feel free to check it up on your favourite encyclopaedia).

    We can solve this right know if you join everyone else here in admitting that Brigitte Gabriel is a hatemonger

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