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My God is Better Than Yours (III): Yoel Natan, Author of Moon-O-Theism, Believes Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth with Humans

This is page III of My God is Better Than Yours.  (Read page I and II first.)

Yoel Natan is author of the cleverly titled book Moon-O-Theism: Religion of a War and Moon God Prophet.  His book is frequently cited by Islamophobes to prove the “Allah is the Moon-God” claim.  Indeed, Natan himself recognizes this, saying:

Evidently, my moon-god book is making the “Allah was a moon-god” theory more respectable, since before the issue was ignored or sneered at.

Is Yoel Natan a “respectable” scholar or academic whose book could give any respectability to the moon-god theory which was previously “ignored or sneered at?”  This is a legitimate question, and it is therefore licit to determine whether or not Yoel Natan is a credible source to cite, at least on an academic or scholarly level.

Our research indicates that Yoel Natan is an anonymous blogger operating under a pseudonym.  Although there is nothing wrong with this, we can gauge his level of seriousness and sophistication (or rather, lack thereof) by glancing at his blog.  We can tell much about Yoel Natan by what he has said over the years.  In fact, we can tell a whole lot from this.  All the evidence indicates that he not only lacks seriousness or sophistication but is in fact a kooky loon.

Yoel Natan is a fervent pro-Creationist anti-Evolutionist who seems to have delusions of grandeur that make Robert Morey’s fraudulent credentials seem tame in comparison.  Natan routinely speaks of himself in the third person on his blog, posting articles with such grandiose titles:

Yoel Natan Solves Another Longtime Creationist Mystery–Mammoths

Yoel Natan Solves Yet Another Ice Age Mystery: Mass Extinctions

Yoel Natan solves the mystery of deep sea guyots and reefs

Yoel Natan solves why C14 dates are older than young earth scientists might expect

Yoel Natan solves the mystery of the flood waters rising and receding

etc. etc.

You may think that these are titles made in jest.  They are not.  They are meant to be taken 100% seriously.  And to be clear: this is not a group blog.  It is his personal blog site, and Yoel Natan is referring to himself in the royal third person here.

To understand how great Yoel Natan’s delusions of grandeur are, one only needs to look at this article in which he seems to say that the publication of his two books (The Jewish Trinity and Moon-O-Theism) were responsible for the global drop in Christians converting to Judaism and the global drop in Jews converting to Islam.

Yoel Natan’s bloated sense of self is also indicated in his choice of pen name.  Natan himself explains on his website what his pseudonym means: “Yo-el means ‘Yah[veh] is God (El). Natan[ael or iel] means ‘Gift [of God (El)].”  So, Yoel Natan is a gift of God to humanity.  After all, he solved so many scientific mysteries!

No wonder then that such a delusional person could somehow blame mall and school shooting on Darwinism (or as he says, Darwinists).  Natan somehow imagines that the various mall and school shooters wore “T-shirts with evolution slogans”:

Most of the school shooters and mass-shooters are on the left, and even wear T-shirts with evolution slogans, proclaiming that their cull is a form of natural selection and supports the survival of the fittest (more like survival of the luckiest).

Natan is not an academic or scholar at all; in fact, he is anti-academicanti-science and certainly anti-scientist, complaining that “scientists [are] bound by their models and presumptions.”  Yoel Natan, on the other hand, is not bound by scientific method or facts.  He argues in another post that the “Smithsonian natural history museum should be called a fiction museum.” Yoel Natan rejects global warming, and says “evolution is a hoax” and “evolution [is] one big straw man argument”.

Worse yet, Natan claims that carbon-dating would prove that dinosaurs were alive just a few thousand years ago (!!!) instead of millions of years ago as accepted by scientists, saying:

Evolutionists continue to refuse to C14 date fresh dinosaur tissues for fear that it will show young date–in the thousands of years before present (kilo-annum – ka BP).

Natan links back to, which says that “the world is about 6,000 years old”, a view that he defends himself on his website. Yoel Natan seems to believe that “man and dinosaurs lived at the same time” just like in the Flintstones.  Natan’s blog has an entire section about dinosaurs, which makes for a good laugh.

In another kooky post, Yoel Natan explains “why evolutionists were largely responsible for the Holocaust”.  On that note, Yoel Natan is no exception to the rule that every kook needs to invoke Nazi references.  He links liberals to Nazis.  He also links evolutionists to Nazism, arguing that “Hitler said he fully supported the goals of evolution” and that World War II was in fact a war against “Darwinists” and “evolutionists”.

Likewise, the Cold War was not between capitalists and communists, but between “atheism versus religion”–against the atheistic evolutionists in the Soviet Union.  Then, in true Glenn Beck fashion, Natan links evolution to every form of fascism and communism he possibly can: “…Whenever evolutionist [sic] do have a semblance of absolute authority, evolution springs into action a al Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.”

Yoel Natan also dabbles in good old-fashioned Antisemitism, arguing that Jewish-American reluctance to accept government involvement in religion is “an example of US Jewish supremacist thinking”.  Natan also posted a random article that seems to imply that Jewish-Americans are irreligious and basically godless.  Worse, he links Jews to the evil of Communism, arguing that persecution of Jews could be partially explained by this.

And of course, the Holocaust was due to evolutionists (damn those evolutionists; they are always guilty of everything!); says Natan: “evolution was not a sufficient cause for the Holocaust, but it was a necessary cause.”

Natan says: “…Jewish support for abortion is the primary cause as to why the Jews never truly recovered from the Holocaust”.  (He prefaces his argument by saying that Richard Baehr, a Jewish-American, said this.  However, Baehr didn’t really say this, and it seems to be Natan’s own view.)

Yoel Natan’s book The Jewish Trinity: When Rabbis Believed in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is a conspiracy-laden book.  Its basic thesis is that, contrary to scholarly consensus and the well-accepted historical narrative, Jews in fact believed in the Trinity (the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit) and the divinity of the Messiah.  This is a conspiracy theory of the highest order, one that is not accepted even by Evangelical scholars.

A few people have left very positive feedback of his book, possibly his friends but definitely Evangelical Christians (no surprise there); other, more neutral reviewers, have more accurate feedback, with one calling his book “a poor excuse for Bible scholarship” and another referring to it as “conspiracy theory pseudo-scholarship” and “not a serious piece of theology or Bible interpretation.”  The latter review summarizes his book and puts it in the proper light:

The author believes, incredibly, and against all Bible translators and historical theologians – Christian and not, trinitarian and not – that the ancient Jews were trinitarians, and that this important fact was deliberately hidden by a cabal of dastardly “unitarian” Jews in the inter-testamental period. This is literally a conspiracy theory book.

There is no end to the level of kookiness on Yoel Natan’s blog.  For example, in another article he argues that “very few Christians d[ied] in [the] tsunami and earthquake” that ravaged Indonesia: God killed the infidels and saved the God-fearing Christians, something which “the skeptics don’t believe.”  In fact, not only were the Christians saved but the Sharia-abiding Muslims were killed: “place where tsunami hit worst was 100 percent Sharia Law.” These atrocious comments are reminiscent of those made by Pat Robertson, another loony Evangelical, who claimed that Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake due to a pact made with the devil.

Of course, Yoel Natan’s most atrocious comments are reserved for Muslims.  He is a veritable Islamophobe.  Natan argues that Muslims are “the enemy”, a fact that evolutionists deny.  Natan subscribes to the Eurabia conspiracy theory, the fallacious claim that Muslims and Islam will soon reign supreme in Europe–and that eventually Muslim immigrants in Europe will subjugate Europeans to “dhimmitude”, a state of servitude.

Natan relies on Islamophobic loons such as Bat Ye’or, a pseudoscholar who believes in all sorts of fantastic conspiracy theories.  Natan routinely relies on anti-Muslim hatemongers and unreliable sources such as Robert Spencer and JihadWatch, Michelle Malkin, WorldNetDaily, Daniel Pipes, Alan Keyes, etc. etc.  Clearly, Yoel Natan has a strong bias against Islam.  This is undeniable, and as such, can the anti-Muslim proponents of the “Allah is the moon-god theory” cite a real contemporary scholar and scholarly work that affirms the theory?

*  *  *  *  *

What is quite interesting and telling is this post here, which Yoel Natan entitles “Yoel Natan is mentioned in blog, book that are a focus of national news.” First, his usage of the third person to refer to himself is quite comical, especially since it is his personal blog and not a group blog with multiple contributors, editors, staff, etc.  Second, he seems very pleased with himself that he was mentioned in a “blog, book that are a focus of national news.”  Third (and most amusing), it is worthwhile to note in what context he was mentioned.  Natan quotes Alec Rawls in the Crescent of Betrayal:

In a blog comment, Yoel Natan tipped me off to the fact that every mosque is built around a Mecca-direction indicator, called a mihrab, which often has a crescent shape.

Yoel Natan is so beside himself that someone read a comment he made on a blog and then reproduced it!  It would be the equivalent of someone boasting that Glenn Greenwald mentioned one of the comments left under one of his Salon articles in one of his books!

Fourth, it is also amusing that Natan then emailed Alec Rawls asking him to change it to “author Yoel Nathan”:

In case your wondering, yes, I emailed him today asking him to change that to “author Yoel Natan (,” and I told him very briefly about my books.

And no, I was not wondering.  This of course answers the question: Yoel Nathan is not a scholar or academic.  His greatest and proudest claim is to be an “author”, publishing two conspiracy-laden books.  Again, nothing wrong with that in and of itself (well, aside from the conspiracy-theorist part).

However, he is not a credible source to cite for a theory such as the moon-god theory.  Indeed, he is a Christian fundamentalist, Bible-thumper, and loony Creationist who believes that the earth is only 6,000 years old, that dinosaurs lived with humans like in the Flintstones, and that evolution and global warming are fake.  He is also at least a little bit Antisemitic and a whole lot Islamophobic.  All in all, Yoel Natan is a poor source to cite.

*  *  *  *  *

Having thus established that the source of the moon-god theory–including Robert Morey (originator of the theory) and Yoel Natan (responsible for giving the theory a second wind)–are wholly unreliable, we now turn our attention to the substance of the theory itself.

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  • Saladin

    Hey Danios not that I support this loons conspiracy theories but Social Darwinism was used by Hitler and the Nazis and Social Darwinism (Eugenics included) was supported by many leading scientist at the time to say Darwin’s theories played no part would not be accurate they played an active part in Nazi ideology

  • Ahmed(was called Anonomous)

    @Ibn Abu Talib

    Yes Javed Ahmed Ghamdi is a great scholar. I wish if his QA show comes on Geo TV again! There are still many ‘good’ Pakistani Muslims in Pakistan. Its just the wackos and the extreme secularists are on the news

  • Fox news

    Bringing in the random evolution vs creation debate into this unwarranted. What next ? Pick up attacks from books of Richard Dawkins ?

  • corey

    on the subject of dinosaurs living with humans thing some of the “evidence” at least that I know of to prove this is the accambaro figures(hopefully I spelled that right) which supporters say can refute evolution entirely, looking this up I found that experts say those are not authentic at all for one of those reasons is some of those figures look intact for something that was dug out of the ground after years of being buried.

  • Nur Alia

    Changing our ways because we fear what other people think or will do to us is surrendering to what they say.

    This is all I am going to say on this ..’one leader’ thing.

    It is much harder to create a inclusive society where diversity is strength than it is to create a club mentality where unifomity is confused with unity.

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Anj: In my opinion this can be done under one state, one emir, one ummah!

    I think Reza Aslan put it best.

    “……..Islam is a religion of one-and-a-half billion people, it has no center, no core. There is no such thing as an umma [the worldwide community of Muslims] anymore. The idea of a united Muslim community made sense when the Prophet Muhammad was alive and there were a couple hundred Muslims. But, fourteen hundred years later, one-and-a-half billion Muslims do not relate to each other on any level—not even religiously, and certainly not ethnically or culturally. To say that there’s a thing out there called the united Muslim community of faith is a fabrication. If such a thing as the “virtual umma” can be said to exist, it is now literally a virtual umma; it exists online, in hundreds of different micro-ummas. I think that what is happening in Islam is what you’re going to see happening all over the world, in all religions.”

  • Anj

    Ibnabutalib! The way I see it that the Muslims need leadership! A central authority who all Muslims agree upon. This central authority would need to bring the best minds in all the spheres of islam. Then take a look at all our texts and update using the Islamic traditions. (excluding the glorious Quran). Then put everything out in the open so the ummah deal with different situations.
    In my opinion this can be done under one state, one emir, one ummah!

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Ahmed: The thing that troubles me though is in Pakistan how there is hardly a ‘middle community’ anymore and there seems to be only extreme secularists and extreme fanatics in the Pakistani society

    Not true. Scholars like Javed Ahmed Ghamdi, Moiz Amjad, Amin Ahsan Islahi (deceased), etc. are outstanding scholars who are far removed from extremism.

  • Everything I needed to know about his blog comes from his ‘labels’ (tags) section:

    Islam is a war-god religion (341)

    341 articles tagged ‘Islam is a war-god religion’? What’s a ‘war-god’ anyway? I thought Mars was the ‘war-god’? Or these guys:

    Rather sad site there over all anyway, he bigs himself up so much and is so full of himself that it is quite sad. I think he is one of those ‘I AM A PROPHET SO HELP ME GOD’ types that I clash with on occasion.

  • Ahmed(was called Anonomous)

    Im in ‘the middle’ as in I follow the Qu’ran but also use logic and common sense to follow religion.I also follw Ahadith that make sense as I think that even in the books of great scholars like Bukhari there are some faulty ahadith. Anyway it was a bit off topic but that s what ‘in the middle means’ and that is what many Muslim youth are today.

    The thing that troubles me though is in Pakistan how there is hardly a ‘middle community’ anymore and there seems to be only extreme secularists and extreme fanatics in the Pakistani society

  • Abdullah

    and in the middle, Muslims-in-Name-Only who pretty much realized their religion is irrelevant to the world and now only self-identifies with a Muslim only as a label.
    I wouldn’t say that’s “the middle”. The middle would probably be the majority of young people who frequent this site. Muslims who don’t think their religion is irrelevant, but misunderstood and needs a level of “updating”. Not “updating” in the sense that the conservatives think, but more in the “Reza Aslan” sense of the word– using interpretations made by scholars today that take into account the conditions and scientific knowledge we now have that wasn’t known when the books of fiqh/shariah were written. I’d say what you have outlined is something far more towards the “secularist” spectrum.

  • RDS


    and in the middle, Muslims-in-Name-Only who pretty much realized their religion is irrelevant to the world and now only self-identifies with a Muslim only as a label.

  • George Carty


    I’d say the story of Harun Yahya is a kind of microcosm of why the Islamic world in general has been so screwed up since World War I.

    The moderate path embracing both Islam and modernity more or less died with the Ottoman Empire, leaving the Muslim world polarized between extremist secularist elitists on the one hand, and extremist reactionary Islamists on the other.

  • Arz

    50% of Evangelical leaders think that the Bible should be read literally!!!
    So, does that mean they support stoning? How barbaric! 🙂

  • Farlowe

    Are you telling me that the Flintstones is …. a cartoon?
    Dinosaurs did not walk the earth with humans who made pets of them?
    People didn’t have foot powered stone cars?

  • Isa

    The difference between Harun Yahya and these guys, is that Harun Yahya believes and teaches that his religion is peaceful, and wishes for coexistence among other faiths. I have watched some of his videos, and I don’t agree with them because they are just a Muslim version of Christian Creationists, but no where does he say in them, “because of all this, Christians and Jews are totally evil and should be fought and destroyed.”

    It’s also important to keep in mind that Turkey was still militantly secularist when he was growing up. Most of his teachers were Marxist leaning, and even bringing up the idea of God would get him into trouble. This literally forced him to “take a side”, whereas if they were more tolerant with him he may have come to a more logical conclusion. But since they berated and made him out to be an “enemy of humanity”, he went the other way in an extreme way.

    This is a lesson, actually. If you want someone to come around to your point of view, you have to be persuasive with your arguments. If you berate and abuse them, they are most likely to go in the opposite direction EVEN if it is clearly the wrong choice – just to spite you. It’s basically psychology. No one wants to feel like they have been “had” or coerced into something. It leads to a feeling of powerlessness or anger.

  • Nur Alia

    Hopefully, the people that belive these ‘moon o thiests’ understand that “THE FLINTSTONES’ is an animation.

    I would just hate for them to be trying to claim that Teradactal Airlines was just hijacked by a man from Arabrock who was wearing sabere tooth tiger skin garb.

  • Hatethehaterz


  • Hatethehaterz

    Sounds like he honestly suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. Seems to be a common affliction among Islamophobes. Their always trying to pass themselves off as real scholars when in fact they are anything but.

  • mindy1

    😯 And there are people who take him seriously??? What has the world come to D:

  • corey

    I bet this guy is expecting the nobel peace price to drop on his lap because of his “contributions” to the science of bullcrap.

  • George Carty

    Muslims also have their creationists (most famously Adnan Oktar, alias “Harun Yahya”), but even they don’t push the young-earth bullshit…

  • Al

  • NassirH

    Also, there are some loony academics: Efraim Karsh, Benny Morris, Daniel Pipes, etc. If I remember correctly, MEF or some similar Orwellian site has a list of “approved” professors, of which a few I would consider full-fledged loons.

  • NassirH

    He’s just another loony Islamophobe out of thousands, if not millions.

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