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Loonwatch Has Been Warning about an Anders Behring Breivik for Years

Robert Spencer and his biggest fan: Anders Behring Breivik

Robert Spencer and his biggest fan: Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik is by all accounts an intelligent individual, wealthy and from a privileged background. He believes Europe is under assault, that it is being colonized by the hordes of the evil “green” menace known as ‘Islam’ and that Europe’s leaders are responsible for the onslaught. He believes this despite the fact that there are no Muslim Armies occupying ANY European nation, there are no Muslim Armies that have set up bases in ANY European nation.

How did he come to the irrational conclusion that his very way of life was under imminent threat?

His inspiration can be gleaned from the words of his manifesto, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence. In his own words he was inspired by Andrew Bostom, Robert Spencer, Bat Ye’or, Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, Ibn Warraq, Serge Trifkovic, the so-called “Vienna School” and a plethora of other Islamophobes and anti-Muslims.

LoonWatch since its inception has been warning about the ever increasing radicalization of the anti-Muslim Movement, its trans-atlantic nature, as well as the eventuality of violence. We documented numerous instances of “inciting violence,” both in the speech of the leading Islamophobes as well as in the conduct and speech of their followers.

One only needs to look at our piece on Pamela Geller, “The Looniest Blogger Ever,” in which Geller engages in all of the well worn conspiracies that we are used to and which Breivik shared, as well as her pronouncements of genocide against Muslims and the “political elites” who enable them.

Robert Spencer’s influence on Breivik’s ideas about Islam, Muslims and the West seems to be greater than anyone else. He cites Spencer numerous times (64) in his manifesto, always glowingly, for instance he writes on p. 754,

About Islam I recommend essentially everything written by Robert Spencer. Bat Ye’or’s books are groundbreaking and important, though admittedly not always easy to read. The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew Bostom should be considered required reading for all those interested in Islam. It is the best and most complete book available on the subject in English, and possibly in any language. Ibn Warraq’s books are excellent, starting with his Defending the West . Understanding Muhammad by the Iranian ex-Muslim Ali Sina is also worth reading, as is Defeating Jihad by Serge Trifkovic.

Like Spencer, Breivik believes in waging a Crusade against Muslims. Spencer declared in his book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), “God Wills it!,” that was the battle cry of the Crusaders. There is more in Danios’ series rebutting The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).

We have been trying to prevent the grisly terrorist attacks that rocked Norway by making people aware of the serious threat from radicals who in the guise of freedom and under the mantle of liberty wish to impose their truly destructive, exclusivist ideology upon the masses.

However, our protestations were generally unheeded. It resulted in the Beslan of Norway and now we have a manifesto from a killer inspired by the extremists who we have been exposing for years. Anders Behring Breivik is the polo sweater wearing anti-Muslim Right-wing nationalist Crusader icon of Islamophobes worldwide, he is their Che Guevara and he will inspire more copycats in his wake.

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  • I must agree! BTW this blog rocks!

  • Chris

    I thought I’d point out that this post doesn’t turn up when you click the ABB tag on any other post, because you slightly mistyped “Breivik” on the tag attached to this. I think it’s a good post, but will be missed by those following the (correctly spelled) tag. (Oh, and by the way, my second comment has been “awaiting moderation” for some days now.)

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!

  • Carol

    People have been warning about the dangers of Islam, the Quran, the Hadiths and all the Jihadi wackos for years, about 1400 years come to think about it, but they keep going and going, killing HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people.

    Maybe Breivik noticed this? It’s a little hard to escape the carnage, devastation, murders, honor killings, plundering, bombings, stonings and hatred that makes up Islam, the destructive force the world has ever known.

  • Carol

    Spencer, Bostom, Wilders, Ye’or et al. are no more to BLAME for Breivik than are pro-environmental writers are for John Lee, who walked into the Discovery Channel in Silver Spring, Maryland less than a year with a suicide bomb vest, bombs and a gun threatening to blow everyone up, because the Discovery Channel didn’t go far enough in telling the environmental havoc humankind is wreaking upon the earth. He was later taken out by a SWAT team before he could kill anyone.

    So are environmentalists RESPONSIBLE for creating John Lee?

    How about the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, who sent bombs through the mail, killing and maiming people for years before he was caught, because he was upset about technology and the environment.

    Did computer technology, airlines and environmental writers MAKE TED KACZYNSKI KILL PEOPLE?

    And if you say “yes”, that all these writers CREATED and are RESPONSIBLE for creating killers, then ISLAM’s Qur’an and Hadiths are the the most detestable, violent,criminal books the world has ever known, and they are reponsible for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of deaths worldwide. Islam is the most destructive phenomenon the world has ever witnessed.


    And so should the Leftist Useful Idiot Cowards that support them.

  • You know what is tragic, i think the attack in Norway wouldn’t get this much attention if the victims were Muslims.

  • Mosizzle

    Bat Ye’or claims the attacks are “suspicious” because the authors mentioned in the document are those that the “Norwegian Leftist Government” wants to “silence” and is seriously considering the possibility that the document was faked.

    The Roland Shirk, (thought to be Robert Spencer himself) writer at Jihad Watch, has written a post

    “Who is Anders Brieviek?”

    or something like that, i havn’t time to look it up, maybe someone can else post the link.

    In it, he hints but doesn’t say clearly, that Anders Brieviek, is probably a converted Norwegian convert, or maybe it is a “leftist” plot with Islamist convert to frame the right wing.

  • Robert

    This isn’t the first time innocent people are killed in order to stop realization of a Palestinian state.

    Zionist propaganda machine 1 – Norwegian democracy 0

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  • Khushboo

    ^oh yes indeedy, I remember! That’s exactly what they say and will continue to say, not a guess.

  • corey

    actually as I have said before they are completely indifferent to anything bad that happens to muslims because they think its either an act or they somehow think they deserve it if you remember how jw reacted during orange county they with the exception of one “kingdom key” were on board with it, then there was the incident with the two imams kicked off a plane they made the pilot a hero and made the two imams public enemy for daring to board a flight at all, so with that they will probably say somthing along the lines of “now those mooslims have something to whine about even though there co religionists slaughter Christians in the middle east everyday” just a guess but I don’t think its far off.

  • corey

    talking about this one were it looked like it was just a setup to make himself look good to his fans hell his fans bought it if you read the comments on jw were you can find it there.

  • Dawood

    I seem to remember an interview (well, so-called “debate”) that Spencer did a while ago with one of his teachers regarding Islam, where both basically agreed that it was modernity and its associated attitudes, politics and views that were the greatest enemy to Christianity rather than Islam per se, in other words “leftism”. Does anyone else remember this? It was covered on Spencer Watch if I remember correctly.

  • Khushboo

    ^hilarious! However, if he killed innocent Muslims instead, these Islamophobes would be cheering him on!

  • Since the send-a-tip section of the site seems to be continuously broken…

    Great piece from the SPLC here:

    American Anti-Muslim Activists Throw Devoted Follower Breivik Under Bus

  • Khushboo

    Why are we comparing out beloved prophet to hideous Spencer?! Spencer is full of hate and obsessed with demonizing Muslims which has influenced crazies to verbally and physically attack innocent Muslims and innocent non-Muslims (i.e. Norway).

    Our beloved prophet (pbuh) has spread Islam peacefully and never hated anyone but instead forgave those enemies who attempted to kill him and asked for forgiveness. The Quran mentions how those enemies broke their treaties and then, only then, were they killed which happens in this country as well. It’s called Treason! Also, any enemy who tries to kill you should be killed, no? Does that really make you a warrior?

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was against oppression, but after 13 years of aggression from his brutal enemies, he finally learned to fight.

  • Perseveranze

    Norway killing then EDL leader being arrested… This has been such a horrible week for Islamaphobes LOL.

  • Mosizzle

    Bat Ye’or claims the attacks are “suspicious” because the authors mentioned in the document are those that the “Norwegian Leftist Government” wants to “silence” and is seriously considering the possibility that the document was faked.

    In other words, there is a “Leftist-Muslim Alliance” trying to silence Islamophobes. Is anyone surprised that Breivik was inspired by her? Well, somehow, she is:

    “This sudden smear campaign and accusations against authors who live in different countries miles away from Norway, authors that governments want to silence, is very suspicious. Now more things are known: the text of the man could be a fabrication put together at the last minute; the police knew the criminal, yet he could buy all this ammunition and do this massive massacre by himself. And now, authors, writers and politicians disliked by the Norwegian Leftist government are accused of having inspired, by their democratic criticism, this massive crime that the police should have prevented, because this is their duty to do so. Something smells in all that. Is this a new tactic to suppress free thinking and free culture? Universities? Books that displease the regime? Are we going back to dictatorial Nazi or communist regimes, burning books and fabricating proofs to label people?”

    Although she doesn’t directly say it, it’s clear she is suspecting the Norwegian government of involvement and the police of deliberately letting this happen — just because those pesky Leftists want to silence her.

    This is exactly the kind of thinking that led to this massacre.

  • Oslo Killer Posted On My Site
    Nils August Andresen

    How did this worldview of war, death and destruction arise in my peaceful, my beloved country of Norway? What is the relationship between a demonizing political debate and violence? Are regulations, laws or a stricter editorial policies part of the solution?

    After the excruciating, but ultimately unanswerable, questions that all Norwegians have asked themselves over the last few days, about an evil that we cannot understand, these thoughts have plagued my mind since Friday. I have asked myself these questions because they are of importance to us these days; but also, more personally, because I, as editor of the conservative Norwegian website Minerva, have been forced to confront the fact that Anders Behring Breivik, the mass murderer of my countrymen, has visited our website, and posted comments in our forum.


    We know that, among the websites Breivik expressed some admiration for, was by far the most moderate. He mainly sought what he thought to be likeminded people outside Norway, in websites such as JihadWatch, Gates of Vienna and The Brussels Journal. Absent global Internet censorship, the consequences of pushing these views out of the daylight, might be dark indeed. For some, retaining some minimal level of engagement with the lamestream media might give useful alternative input.

    Furthermore, reading postings of extremists might sometimes be useful. As editor of Minerva, I have frequently despaired reading posts in our forum. However, in some regard, it is also useful. It is useful because when we discuss immigration, culture and religion, it is necessary to remember that we speak to many who share at least some of the narratives. Though it often feels exceedingly futile to try to debate these people on the Internet, the effort of learning to debate immigration and religion in a way that addresses a broad range of legitimate concerns while remaining tolerant is necessary, and will become increasingly so in the years to come.

    read more here

  • Did anti-Muslim U.S. bloggers inspire the Oslo massacre?

    A Norwegian who allegedly murdered nearly 100 people cited several American writers in his lengthy anti-Muslim, anti-immigration manifesto

    read more here

  • GreatSentinel

    It looks the Western Evangelicals are getting obsessed with Islam or Muslims, no wonder why they always claim this stupid myth “Islam will take over Europe” which in fact the more they talk about Islam, the more obsessed they become, then more they will naturally convert to Islam. At the same time, the Arabs and the Muslims in the Middle East are now struggle to wage war against Salafists and the Islamists who are targeting their religion and their new democracy.

    Although I show condolences to the people of Norway, but this terrorist attack will show two things to the Islamophobe Westerners:

    1) Do not just focus on Islamists extremists, but also focus on homegrown Christian extremists. I have also warn many people in the West not to support the far-right Christian extremists, but yet they won’t listen to me, as if they believe “It’s better to side with the Christian extremists than siding with the Muslim extremists”. I can’t tell how many of them were brainwashed but almost all these people believe the Evangelicals are “protecting white beautiful and hot Christian European girls” from being “raped by degenerated Muslims and immigrants”. And look now what happen when you side the Evangelicals, your girl ‘guardian’ has killed more Christians than Muslims!!! After this attack, this will debunk the stupid statement “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly ALL terrorists are Muslims”

    2) That how it feels like if a Christian commits a terrorist attack, will the whole religion Christianity is to be blamed? Today many Muslims (I’m not Muslim) has suffered many Muslim deception from the people like al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden who hijacks their religion, and those stupid Islamophobe who blames “Allah the Satan”, “Mohammad the ‘sick evil pedophile homosexual'” or “Shit Quran teaching believers to kill infidels” all these nonsense. Thank God, most Muslims ain’t stupid (except the radicalized Pakistanis and the Afghans) enough to criticise Christianity as the ‘root cause’ of the terrorism.

    Muslims should stay out of Salafism, Wahhabism or Qutbism, while Christians must stay out of Evangelicalism, if the followers wants to save their image of religion from these hijackers or politicians.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the interesting info. and links, Nassir.

    Breivik’s lawyer is trying to ensure that Breivik doesn’t get a prison sentence on the grounds that he is insane. His evidence? That Breivik believes that the West is at war with Islam:

    “THE lawyer for Norwegian gunman Anders Behring Breivik who claimed responsibility for killing 76 people in twin attacks said everything about his client’s case indicates he is “insane”.

    “This whole case indicates that he’s insane,” Geir Lippestad told journalists, adding that a medical evaluation would take place to establish his psychiatric condition.

    He believes that he’s in a war and he believes that when you’re in a war you can do things like that without pleading guilty,” the lawyer said of the 32-year-old who claims to be trying to bring about an anti-Muslim revolution.”

    From here:

    Hmmm, now I wonder where he could have gotten the idea that “we are at war”?:

    And where did he get the idea of “demographic warfare” that he keeps talking about in his manifesto?:

  • JD

    /\really all you have to do is go thru his archive 2003 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

    The Mafia don also does not call directly for violence also but when he says Go handle john what do you think that means

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