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Pamela Geller and Co. Waging a War Against Common Sense

Pamela Geller and her cronies are waging a personal war, and once again her line of target is the silent evil enemy: common sense.

Not content with spreading venom in the USA, Pam is now screaming that Europe has bowed to the shackles and chains of imperialist “Islamic supremacists,” after French and European authorities “cancelled” a Stop the Islamisation of America (SIOA) and Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) “freedom” rally, that aimed to protest outside the European Parliament, over “the Islamic takeover of Europe.”

As ridiculous as Pam’s event sounds I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Pam Geller and her friends make a fool of themselves, so was her rally really “cancelled?”

Yes, the European authorities seem to have annulled the Pam and co. rally, but is it in the context of “pro-Jihadism submission to Islamic Supremacism,” as the hate-mongers are claiming?

Let’s dissect the truth behind this “cancellation”:

Pam Geller’s Fascist Message and the Implications for Violence

Geller writes,

Democracy collapses in Europe: EU cancels SIOA/SIOE free speech rally — Freedom from jihad flotilla to launch on 9/11

STRASBOURG, FRANCE, June 28: In a capitulation to Islamic supremacists and violent radical Leftists, French and European Union authorities have canceled a free speech rally planned by a coalition of American and European human rights organizations in Strasbourg, the seat of the European Parliament. The human rights organizations Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) were planning to hold their first-ever transatlantic summit in Strasbourg, France, on July 2.

The SIOA/SIOE summit was dedicated to the defense of the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law – all principles denied by Islamic law.

The evidently responsible and comprehensible actions of the European and French authorities, who were prompted to cancel the potentially violent event, is now being used by Geller as proof of European and French authorities’ “support for Islamic terror and anti-Semitism.”

The authorities may have cancelled the event due to many factors. Firstly, an event justifying racism, fascism and bigotry towards a minority, Muslims in this case, is one big red flag! While some Americans may reflexively take exception to the cancellation of the rally on the grounds that it compromises “free speech,” here in Europe we take our practised laws of equality and freedom very seriously. Authorities have to balance “freedoms” and “rights” with the competing issues of “security,” “community harmony,” and defense against “hate speech” that incites violence, and so decisions to cancel rallies are taken very seriously.

Secondly, a main factor in the cancellation of the event seems to be the crowds that would flock and gather for the rally: neo-nazis, thugs, violent fringe groups, racists, and xenophobes masquerading as self-proclaimed ‘human rights’ activists. This event would have been a grave security threat to the people of Strasbourg, an event purely designed to deliberately provoke the liberals, Muslims and opposition groups and hence would be a breach of French and European law.

The Gellerists attempts in Europe give us pause, after all, Europe is home to one of the most inhuman crimes in history, the Holocaust, which was the result of propaganda, scapegoating and persecution. The rational expertise of the authorities recognised these signs, and sanctioned it in the appropriate manner. In this case, they have cancelled a palpable hate rally that had the potential to turn violent.

Human Rights and Muslim Takeover in the Bizzare-o World of Pamela Geller

The atypical, and apocryphal view of Geller’s interpretation on the meaning and definition of ‘human rights’ is comical. She calls for an international deployment to “defend the rights of man,” when she herself is partaking in an epic act of human oppression:

“The SIOA/SIOE Freedom From Jihad aid flotilla,” Geller explained, “is intended to be a direct response to the capitulation of French, European, and American authorities to Leftist and Islamic supremacist forces of oppression and injustice. It is set to launch after our national Rally for Freedom at Ground Zero on the tenth anniversary of the Islamic jihad attacks that murdered three thousand Americans.”

The “Freedom from Jihad aid flotilla,” is obviously a mock-term employed by Geller to demean the Gaza Freedom Flotillas, which she derisively describes as “Jihad flotillas.” Geller dare not admit that Gaza has been and is in need of desperate aid due to the inhumane and oppressive blockade instituted by the Apartheid state of Israel because, well…you know, Israel is sugar and spice and everything nice!!

Let us analyze the facts here. It is estimated that 857 million people are citizens in Europe, and 58 million Muslims in Europe, 14 million of these numbers directly living under the European Union, including those who have converted to the religion of Islam. Where is the indication that Islam is in a takeover of Europe, when the numbers of non-Muslims to Muslims ratio is incomparable and far greater. This is a tool of hysteria and sensationalism on the part of Pam Geller, to insert misinformation to promote a repugnant agenda.

Another important point to note here is that Geller, on the mention of the tragedy of 9/11, conveniently makes no mention of the numerous Muslim victims that died on 9/11, who also were equally victims of such a heinous crime. The lack of acknowledgement of those Muslim deaths, only reiterates her pure uncompromising hatred of Muslims.

The SIOA Freedom From Jihad Flotilla will call upon the international community to act in defense of these basic human rights:
The freedom of speech – as opposed to Islamic prohibitions of “blasphemy” and “slander,” which are used effectively to quash honest discussion of jihad and Islamic supremacism;The freedom of conscience – as opposed to the Islamic death penalty for apostasy;The equality of rights of all people before the law – as opposed to Sharia’s institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims. The Flotilla will call upon all free people of all races and creeds to stand with us to defend our freedoms against the radically intolerant ideology codified in Islamic law.

Geller wants to galvanize the globe to fight 12th century medieval law books that are not applied in the Muslim world, and are particularly irrelevant in light of the Arab Spring. Geller has a condensed and inept understanding of the term “Human Rights,” one which is limited in scope, and only applies to her circle of hate and dogmatism. According to her human rights apply to everyone –except Muslims. That is not human rights, it’s the selected persecution of a minority group, which in-turn presents this whole so called ‘freedom from jihad’ flotilla as nothing more than an opportunity to channel Islamophobic extremism from the right of the spectrum. There are no two ways about this issue.

Geller and co. have a very idiosyncratic strategy to illuminate the principles of ‘violence’ and ‘hatred’ in Islam. In order to combat and deplete the notion of Islamist extremism and hatred, the Gellerists have adopted the very same model of intolerance and prejudice, in order to stamp out the very elements they oppose. What a paradoxical stance, where two wrongs never will make a right. In what parallel universe would such an absurd theory make any sense? Only in the world of Pamela Geller.

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  • Remora

    SMILE !!! 🙂

  • cl
  • Crow

    A lot of this hate from hoppy and his buds on atlas shrugs and jihad watch and free republic, is because right wing fanatics (both christian and non-christian) and their zionist friends (not the Jews) think they’re going to have a war with Muslims and leftists where the right will genocide or damn near genocide the Muslims and leftists, they think it’s a clash of civilizations. Let me give you and your little playmates a tip hoppy, instead of merely taking pages out of the nazi playbook you should actually READ what happened to the nazis. Another tip hoppy, good always beats evil, always. No matter how much you and your little friends want it to be the other way around.

  • Remora

    Dear dear poor Hopper, I suggest you better take your anti-delusional pills, I am just doing my bit to save you the embarrassment.

    Lots of love,

  • Mosizzle

    For more examples of how Islamophobes and Common Sense don’t mix, take a look at the latest Richard Dawkins controversy:

    The moron decides to comment on a random blog. A woman complains about being propositioned by creepy men in elevators, and good old Dawkins switches the conversation to Female Genital Mutilation and invokes all the anti-Muslim stereotypes possible and concludes by comparing harassment of women to chewing gum.

    Most people were irked by his belittlement of women’s harassment but I am far more concerned with how extremely desperate Dawkins is to bash Islam/Muslims that he twists any conversation — even one in which Mooslims are not even remotely connected — to FGM or stoning. And that comment was quite sexist too…


  • This claim of “free speech” is rubbish — especially from the Netherlands!

    There is NO free speech for Dutch Muslims. There is the same practice of the FBI in treating religious Muslims as “radicalized” in use in the Netherlands too. This also includes politically active Muslims, too, as well as frustrated youth.

    Form the appearance of Dutch counter-terrorism documents in both Dutch and English, a Muslim can be labeled “radicalized” for engaging in pious practices related to Islam, express viewpoints taken as “anti-Western.”
    Also – anger and frustration expressed by young Muslims due to discrimination, social exclusion and societal hostility can get a young Dutch Muslim also labeled as “radicalized.”

    “Freedom of speech” for Muslims living in the Netherlands can get them into a LOT of trouble, such as Personal Disruption Measures.” This means, basically, constant police harassment and following by security agents.

    Where is the freedom of speech for Muslims in the Netherlands?!!!

  • There are some in Europe that know just what the threat of this radical rights is.

    We all know about Geller’s relationship with Geert Wilders. The problem also is that we have the most radicalized individual and center of gravity – Geert Wilders – in the halls of the Dutch government.

    **This means we already have a European government – the Netherlands – connected in an indirect way to American based hate groups, the SIOA, and radicalized individuals, like Pamela Geller. ***

    I honestly hope – and honestly pray – that the more rational leaders of Europe can wake up in time and see that these radical right barbarians are already at the gates!

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  • corey

    oh hopper its not like more extremist christians were strangers to controversy considering a theater was firebombed when the last temptation of christ was shown, or reactions to the da cinci code or the catholic church and that pedophile fiasco, pat robertson suggesting an assassination of a hugo chavez, then there is john hagee and implying that that the nazis somehow was gods will, or fantical pro life groups who consist of christians who like blowing up abortion clinics or killing docters.

  • Hopper

    So, Remora, you write to us from the other side of the Pond? One may have guessed as much when reading your interesting take on freedom of speech. As you mentioned, you Europeans turn to certain “authorities” who carefully weigh “freedoms” and “rights” against the concerns of “security,” “hate speech,” -and my favorite- “community harmony!” Lucky you! It must be comforting to know that at all times there are legions of “authorities” monitoring speech in order to maintain “community harmony!” Strange, though, you seem to infer that these “authorities” need to step up on occasion to squelch speech that certain Muslims may find objectionable-how can that be? Haven’t we learned over the last few years of the Religion of Peace’s boundless tolerance for differing viewpoints? I mean, it’s not like the more motivated practitioners of Islam have rioted and murdered over petty issues like teddy bears named Mohammed and cartoons…oops! I guess they have! Oh, oh-have I gone too far, my dear Remora, in this written speech? Do you look forward to the day that here in America I’ll be kept in line by European-style progressive, enlightened, tolerant “authorities?”

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Please Safak dont suggest such things I was about to eat my lunch.

  • Safak Ozgun

    maybe she should take her clothes off again, that might do the trick

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    I wonder if she has come to finally realise that although for her and the loons in the USA anti Islam means pro Isreal, in europe the loons are both anti Islam and anti semitic.

  • ahmed

    LOL at Geller calling SIOA a human-rights organization!!

  • Sourin Mahbub

    What I don’t understand is why these right-wingers don’t have the slightest bit of realization that maybe they’re biting off more than they can chew. Not content on just vilifying Muslims, they’re either allying Muslims with neo-nazis or, as in this case, with the leftists and trying to take on greater and greater problems simultaneously.

    And it just so happens that these “problems” are merely barmecidal in light of all of economic and environmental issues afflicting USA (and Canada); problems for which they offer absolutely no solutions.

    It’s hard to associate intellect with right-wingers of any stripe.

  • Safak Ozgun

    “The SIOA Freedom From Jihad Flotilla” lolz… She hates on Turkey and Muslims, but has no problem copying their campaigns…

    I don’t get it though, are they actually going to set sail to Europe on ships? What’s the point?

  • Crow

    Remember it’s only an assault on free speebh when geller and friends can’t spew their hateful nazi-like propaganda. When somebody opposes their ideology it’s an assault on democracy. Geller and her ilk are evil.

  • Anj

    I’m a bit of a technophobe, but over the last couple of years islamophobia has definately increased not only in cyberspace but reality as well. As soon as the subject of islam turns up you get the uneducated vitriol spilling out. Usually from people who have never seen, met or spoke to a muslim. Some of the bias comes from an instrinsic racism because “Muslim” to them means non White or non European. Some of it comes from the rubbish spencer/geller spout. It’s essential we take these fools seriously and confront them face on.

  • Remora

    Did the EU authorities cancel the SIOA events? I think they were cancelled by Pamela Geller and the rest of the SIOA crews after they were refused police protection. If this is the case, they could still have held them, but without police protection. Shows how cowardly they are. They expect the tax payer to foot the bill for their hate mongering.

    Could you, or someone else find out for sure? Anyone know?

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  • Al
  • corey

    when did geller have any common sense or decency for that matter as she was quite willing to use the deaths of people who died in a gas tanker explotion and pin the blame on muslims when what really happened was a total accident.

  • Yes, she has had her rallies cancelled because they serve no useful purpose. The authorities learnt that lesson when her partner Robert Spencer went to Germany, and was shouted down.

    Could you tell us what the latest is about Omar Tarazi who was sueing her? and pamela Geller’s court case, where Rifqa Barry’s lawyer is sueing her, is starting next week.

  • mindy1

    Eh,let her and her friends talk-they will make themselves look foolish 😛

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