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Udo Ulfkotte and Fecal Jihad: Asymmetric Warfare or Crazy Conspiracy Theory?

Russell Blackford recently wrote a piece on Islamophobia that was reproduced by Richard Dawkins, in which he said,

“attacks on Islam..made opportunistically..cannot be dismissed out of hand as worthless.”

We responded on Twitter by saying that most attacks can be dismissed as worthless. Exhibit A: Conspiracy Theories.

Now here is a perfect example, from one Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, who thinks the recent E.coli outbreak in Germany is linked to Muslim immigrants’ importation of “fecal jihad.” After this, I don’t know who could compete for “the craziest conspiracy theory of the year award.” (hat tip: Sphinx and Jake)

Ulfkotte: Turkish women’s poor hygiene to blame for E.coli/EHEC outbreak

The writer and “Islam expert” Dr. Udo Ulfkotte has made a nice career for himself in Germany by spreading hate and fear against Muslims.  In a recent interview he fantasized about all the “living space” (Lebensraum) ethnic Germans could have if only they could conduct forced deportation of all the Turkish and Arab people living in Germany. No matter that nearly all of Dr. Ulfkotte’s hateful diatribes are based on lies: he is a much sought-after guest for TV talk shows and discussion panels.

But even Dr. Ulfkotte may have outdone himself with his mostrecent piece on the right-wing Truther site of Kopp Verlag(with thanks to Politblogger). Germany is facing a health crisis due to vegetables tainted with E.coli. Naturally, Udo Ulfkotte seizes the opportunity for yet another attack on immigrants from Turkey:

Im »Erdbeerland« in Pottenstein und auf mindestens zehn weiteren Erdbeerplantagen erfand man den Hosenzwang, weil Türkinnen, die dort saisonal gearbeitet hatten, bei der Arbeit auf die Erdbeeren uriniert und zwischen den Pflanzen auch noch andere »größere Geschäfte« verrichtet hatten. … Bestimmte Migranten haben eben völlig andere Vorstellungen von Hygiene und der Einhaltung von Hygiene-Richtlinien als wir Europäer.

(In the “strawberry region” in Pottenstein (Austria) and on at least ten other strawberry farms workers are required to wear pants because Turkish women who were working there seasonally were urinating on the strawberries and even defecating among the plants….Certain migrants have a completely different concepts of hygiene than we Europeans.)

Dr. Ulfkotte goes on to describe a “fecal Jihad” being waged by Muslims against Europeans.

Thus far, there is zero evidence that the E.coli outbreak has any connection with strawberries, much less strawberries from Austria.  Authorities believe rather that cucumbers from Spain may be to blame.  But don’t look for a retraction or an apology from Dr. Udo Ulfkotte.  He has never once retracted any of the numerous lies he’s published at Kopp Verlag or elsewhere.

Again, Ulfkotte is free to publish whatever he wishes, even if it’s mostly lies.  What concerns me is that he is viewed by the German media as an “expert” and frequently appears on German television.  They are lending to this fraud credibility he in no way deserves.

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  • Truth Hurts

    “race” & “hygiene” – I am sure I have heard that combination before coming from Germany…

  • Safak Ozgun


    no it doesnt surprise me, but their claim that Islamaphobia has nothing do with racism pisses me off, cuz everytime one of them opens their mouth racist crap comes pouring out…

  • Ummer

    I’m sure most of the truther sites are unanimous in declaring the issues of the e.coli out break, and regard it as a conspiracy of bioengineered weaponized e.coli made against organic farmers.

    So whether anyone is likely to believe him is one question, but for us to believe that those on the truther sites would believe him…

    I’ve heard about converts who become zealots, you question if they were in it for the info or just the high.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    @ Jack Cope:

    Well, I take claims of Muslim immigrants ‘raping white women’ with a grain of salt. As an American, it reminds me FAAAR too much of anti-miscegenation laws and blacks being lynched for (allegedly) having relations with white women. The claim that some ‘other’ group is targeting women always manages to get bigots worked up, but I’m not sure how true it ever is. Heck, you’ll notice that bigots seldom have a problem with white men marrying East Asian women, which I STRONGLY suspect has something to do with power dynamics and cultural stereotypes.

    Of course, another issue too is that police may be more likely to prosecute crimes committed by ‘immigrants’ (especially immigrants who have a different physical appearance than the majority population) and less likely to prosecute ‘natives’. I seem to recall an article from the BBC covering that very situation in Switzerland. White Swiss – especially those connected with prominent or wealthy families – were given preferential treatment while Muslims and blacks tended to be disproportionately singled out. It doesn’t surprise me coming from a country that has a known history of supporting the Third Reich…

    And boycotting kebab shops? Really? Just when I though the EDL couldn’t get any dumber. Were I in the UK I’d be tempted to spend MORE money at kebab shops just to support their business and spit in the face of the EDL at the same time!

    @ Corey:

    They already do that! They fight against ANY positive portrayal of Muslims or even Arabs in western media. Most recently right wing bloggers got their panties in a knot over the French-Algerian Nightrunner who appeared in Detective Comics and Batman. I think it’s fairly obvious why. They don’t want ANY positive portrayal of Muslims because it makes us sympathetic. Worse… it might make people want to learn about Islam or even convert. It takes the ‘authority’ away from twits like Spencer and Geller and gives people a chance to look at Islam as something bigger. And they can’t have that.

    Also… Altaïr from Assassin’s Creed was an atheist (though the historical Assassins were actually an Isma’ili Shi’a sect).

    @ Safak:

    Does it surprise you? Of course these guys are racist! They specifically target Muslims of ‘Arab’ or ‘Middle Eastern’ backgrounds and intentionally conflate ‘Muslim’ with ‘Middle East.’ In the American media one seldom sees mention of black Muslims (a sizable contingent here in the United States btw) or white Muslims or even East Asian Muslims. Those groups are virtually invisible within the American media… and I believe intentionally so.

    But don’t take it to hard. Remember that Turkey helped protect tens of thousands of Jews thanks in part to the efforts of Behiç Erkin, Selahattin Ülkümen, Namık Kemal Yolga and Necdet Kent… ALL four of whom were Turkish and Muslim! And what did Udo Ulfkotte’s ancestors do during that same period? Considering that he’s throwing around terms like ‘lebensraum’ (which you can read about here: I’m going to guess that they were amongst the einsatzgruppen…

    Also… having never heard of Udo Ulfkotte… he’s a very interesting man. I can’t read German but a quick babelfish try of his wiki (… if you’re up for skimming through it Safak). The English version is much shorter. It claims he lived overseas (no evidence much like with Geert) and that he converted to Islam (again no proof) before being ‘born again’. That might give some insight into his mind. Either it’s part of a story to sell more books or he did a half-hearted conversion and was disappointed. No zealot like a convert…

  • Safak Ozgun

    and ppl still claim islam-bashing is not racial at all… well im turkish, and when i read:

    “Turkish women who were working there seasonally were urinating on the strawberries and even defecating among the plants….Certain migrants have a completely different concepts of hygiene than we Europeans”

    how am i not supposed to see this as a racial attack??

  • DrM

    What a surprise. This is one of the many reasons I don’t take western state media seriously anymore. Western “discourse” on Islam has become nothing but a conversation amongst racist degenerate scum posing as “experts.” Worthless people with worthless “opinions.”
    Sounds more like a fecal crusade to me.

  • Awesome

    How much of a no-common sense troglodyte does a person have to be to believe nonsense like “fecal jihad”?

  • Mosizzle

    Fecal Jihad???

    Now I’ve heard it all!
    But then again, you never know with these Islamophobes…

  • mindy1

    Good lord, the crap people will believe

  • corey

    I can only wait and see what other kinds of “jihad” they come up with maybe book jihad were a muslim writes a book that refutes those “facts” that islamaphobes claim to have such as the idiots guide to islam, tv or movie jihad in where muslims have protaganistic roles or in the least are presented in a humane and dignified fashion like kingdom of heaven film, or maybe video game jihad were the main character is either a muslim himself or works with muslims like the first assasins creed game.

  • Ricky

    As much fecal matter that comes out of Washington DC, you would think that the Islamophobes would be screaming that Weiner and company are all “secret” Muslims. ……lol 😛

  • There is a lot of stupid stuff out there. For example we have ‘Rape Jihad’ being claimed becuase a lot of immigrants from ‘Muslim’ nations apparently commit a lot of rape. This was explained to me as the ‘fact’ that the only common factor amongst these people is that they are Muslim so therefore Islam is responsible. I pointed out the fact that many of these immigrants come from communities that have 50% unemployment and from cultures that are unfortunately bad on the whole women thing as far more likely than them being nominal Muslims and the fact that Islam forbids rape but of course, let’s not let such inconveniences get in the way…

    The other is a claim that the police in the UK let some Muslim murder suspects go after a trial becuase they are dimminis or whatever, not because they were inocent. Normal stuff, but what really annoyed the EDL et all was a claim that said ‘Muslims’ had stated they turned the victim ‘into kebabs’. Of course, the police scoffed at such a load bullshite and there was no evidence, but the EDL use it as proof at how evil we all are and to force a boycott of all kebab shops. Never mind that lots of kebab shops are owned by non Muslims and that the courts found no evidence, again inconvenient facts that are best brushed away or, in my case, shouted down with swear words and curses if they are brought up. I haven’t even scratched the surface on loony claims…

  • NassirH

    “In a recent interview he fantasized about all the “living space” (Lebensraum) ethnic Germans could have if only they could conduct forced deportation of all the Turkish and Arab people living in Germany.”

    Yeah, because it’s hard to stretch your legs and relax with all those Muslims running around and defecating on your crops.

  • Farlowe

    Next thing will be the muslims are responsible for chemical trails.

  • Farlowe

    This is a joke , right? If you want fecal jihad then go to a few right wing loon sites. There is a lot of **** there.

  • Schiller

    The E.coli outbreak was/is not blamed on Spanish cucumbers (that was initially thought) but on bean sprouts from a North German farm (very German farm, not run by Turks).

  • Crow

    This guy missed his calling if he was around in the 30s he could have written for der sturmer. Of course there’s jihad watch which is basically the new der sturmer.

  • corey

    @sir david
    oh I think I know who your talking about does he have a tendency to go on long tirades when on the podium, blames anyone who isn’t german on its problems his name escapes me me though I know his first name started with an A and his last name begins with an H.

  • Michael Akkawi

    I hope that the stupider those Islamophobes become, the quicker people realize their falsification.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Living Space mmmmmmm Now where have I heard that before ?

    Ah! I remember another german ,short chap, little mustash, good public speaker ,did not like Jews or masons much.

    Now what happened to him ?

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