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9/11 Coloring Book Influences Kids With Islamophobia


9/11 Coloring Book Influences Kids With Islamophobia

By Tanya Somanader on Aug 30, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Believing that the upcoming 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 is best memorialized in crayon, Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. is publishing a new coloring book entitled “We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom.” In offering kids the option of coloring the Twin Towers burning, mourning survivors, or the Navy SEALs shooting Osama Bin Laden, publisher Wayne Bell insists that “the doodles represent patriotism,” a “simplistic, honest tool” to “help educate children on events on 9/11.” But many Muslims describe it as, in a word, “disgusting.”

Pointing out that Muslims are already dealing with an environment of increasing Islamophobia, Michigan Council on American Islamic Relations representative Dawud Walid noted that “nearly all of the mentions of Muslims in the book are accompanied by the words ‘terrorist’ or ‘extremist.’” Indeed, the page depicting a Navy SEAL aiming at bin Laden cowering behind is veiled wife reads “Children, the truth is, these terrorist acts were done by freedom-hating Islamic Muslim extremists. These crazy people hate the American way of life because we are FREE and our society is FREE.” Bell’s response? “The truth is the truth“:

“Little kids who pick up this book can have their perceptions colored by those images … it instills bias in young minds,” said Walid. He says that some of the narrative and photos aren’t even correct, noting that Bin Laden wasn’t hiding behind a wife when he was shot.

Bell stood by the book as an “honest depiction”.

“The truth is the truth,” Bell said, adding, “It’s unfortunate that they were all Muslim and that’s the part people want to erase … I don’t know what else you can call them.”

Noting that one page depicts a woman mourning with a cross chain dangling from her neck, Walid says “Muslims mothers lost sons too.” He also noted that he’s not an advocate of showing children violent images — a sentiment that many military families share. Shariah Gibbs, a military spouse in Germany, said “This should not be a coloring book.” Another said, “I would not buy a coloring book [about 9/11]…To me, coloring books should be fun….this is not!”

It is important to note that Bell has published other coloring books on topics “from dinosaurs and zoo animals to African-American leaders, President Obama, superheroes of the Bible and even the Tea Party.” He even said that, if asked to print a book reflecting positive images of Muslim Americans, “I’d print it tomorrow.” To which Walid said, “Well, I’m asking him to do it right now.”

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  • vzjp

    From over here in post communist Europe, this coloring book stinks of indoctrination and spin. Brainwash the next generation, just to make sure the truth does not get out even when the real perpetrators go the way of all flesh. I’m glad to see from the comments here and elsewhere, that there is enough sanity left in America for that to be a FAIL. But don’t be complacent. All humanity is potentially malleable by evil.

    Ever heard of The Third Wave experiment? The film The Wave, of the book based on it is well worth seeing. The book is compulsory in German schools, teaching of the dangers of indoctrination and us-and-them hate-think.

    see Wikipedia…

    And in the words of America the Beautiful by Katharine Lee Bates:

    America! America!
    God mend thine every flaw,
    Confirm thy soul in self-control,
    Thy liberty in law!

    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    Till selfish gain no longer stain
    The banner of the free!

  • Oh I’m starting to hear that one now! Every time some Muslim goes to rip people off through false claims etc then Islam is to blame. I mean, what the heck?! It’s BS, they are just being criminals plain and simple.

  • corey

    I wouldn’t worry about dan he is probably in a dark room somewhere talking to a wall about how much he hates pakistan, also I hear that “dar alharb” thing allot especially whenever pat “charle taylor linked” robertson goes on a tangent about islam, what the holy hell is that exactly sure I could look that up but It would probably have googles best results with pam geller and spencers take on it and that’s always fun considering they think jaywalkers who happen to be muslim are in the middle of “walking jihad” so I think the fastest solution that nobody tries is well asking a muslim about it because asking geller would be the equivalent of having a doctor fix an oven.

  • AJ


    I don’t think my identity was erased. I was born with whatever identity my forefathers (originating from Afghanistan) possessed at that moment. Obviously Muslims will keep Muslim names (such as those of prophets – Ishaq, Ismail etc and those of Sahaba – friends/companions of Muhammad PBUH – Omar, AbuBakr, Ali, Usman, etc) and not of Hindu gods. Your name doesn’t sound French to me although it seems you have a French ancestor. Iceland’s white population is going down because of very low birth rates. Because of immigration there is a chance that Iceland’s future generations are brown colored Muslims than White Christians. Middle East on the other hand has a very high expatriate population as opposed to the low indigenous Arab population. It’s called mobility. Humans will move from continent to continent and cultures/religions will transform. My kids still speak Urdu now but they may get married to people of other countries and my language or culture may not be preserved. I am not sure how you think I am trying to impose my culture on you. If you think by building a mosque, I am imposing my culture on you, it’s wrong to think that. I need a place to worship. Your ancestors moved in and built churches/synagogues on Native Indian Land. Unless USA should just ban immigration from any Muslim country and throw out each and every Muslim out from USA, mosques will happen, hijabs will come. It’s not an issue of us imposing our culture on you; it’s a matter of newer generations with different cultures and religions moving in. There are lots of Indians with their Hindu cultures in USA; temples will be built. That’s called life.

    Now the main question according to the title above is: Is it okay to stereotype an entire religion (1.57 billion people) based upon the actions of a few people (even If the official narrative is true)? I think it’s wrong, it’s false, it’s hateful, it’s teaching young minds violence, etc., etc.

    I wish you nothing but the best and I hope that your God (which I think is also my God) guides you. Amin.

    NO to HATE!!!!

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