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Anti-immigration Ally of Silvio Berlusconi Says Breivik had ‘Some Excellent Ideas’

Anders Behring Breivik shooting

The true reality of how most Islamophobes felt about Breivik’s ideas and actions.

Anti-immigration ally of Silvio Berlusconi says Breivik had ‘some excellent ideas’

A coalition ally of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has provoked outrage after he praised the rantings of Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.

Mario Borghezio, an MEP with the anti-immigration Northern League party, who have campaigned against Muslims and the building of mosques, said Breivik had some ‘excellent’ ideas.

Speaking on an Italian radio show he said he agreed with the maniac’s ‘opposition to Islam and his explicit accusation that Europe has surrendered before putting up a fight against its Islamisation.’

Though Borghezio added that he did not however agree with the use of extreme violence, or Breivik’s anti-Papal views, his comments immediately unleashed a storm of fury with his own party apologising to still grieving Norway.

Northern League chief Roberto Calderoli said: ‘His comments are terrible and completely unqualified and we can only apologise to the families of the victims for the delirium of what he said.’

The Northern League is a key ally of Berlusconi’s ruling right-wing coalition and, although the prime minister did not comment personally, members of his party also rounded on Mr Borghezio.

Carlo Giovanardi, an MP for the Christian Democratic Party, said: ‘Is it too much to ask for our Northern League friends to throw Borghezio out of their party?

‘We have vain hopes he will resign for what he said but that is unlikely to happen.’

Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini also stepped into the row over Borghezio’s comments and said: ‘He should offer Norway his personal apologies.

‘We as a government cannot intervene directly with an MEP – but we have made it very clear that the best course of action would be for him to make a personal apology.

‘His own party has disassociated themselves from him and that is a very important sign – he must feel the duty to say himself that he is sorry for what he said.

‘Any message of racism, xenophobia and exclusion or which leads to an incitement of violence or an emulation of violence must be condemned.’

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  • Sourin Mahbub

    Maybe he can start shooting up his own people to make his anti-immigration stance very “clear.”

  • I like how in the matter of a week or so, all these Breivik admirers are crawling out of the woodwork like rats, showing their true colors.

  • eslaporte,

    Maa sha”Allah that was the best post i have ever seen from you on here!

  • Yes, JD, exactly.

    If Geller was a Muslim should would at least had a knock at her door by the FBI by now …

  • mindy1

    Oh this is so wrong 🙁

  • Al

    ^Just goes to show the double standard that exists when it comes to Muslims…

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  • JD

    Now lets think for a sec here … What if these were anti-Semitic comments Anyone want to guess how long he would last in politics

  • Of course the have MORE “free speech” rights than the rest of us.

    What if a Muslim said that about some of Al -Qaeda’s ideas?
    He’d be put on a watchlist and forbidden from traveling and flying on airplanes.

    We should know that we, those of us that speak out against this creeping and dangerous Islamophobia, defend the human rights of Muslims, and believe in Unity in Diversity, are probably under heavy watch by intelligence and security agencies. Yet – we promote human rights and peaceful co-existence.

    Also – Muslims in various Western nations appear to not have the same rights to engage in the political life of their communities and countries as non-Muslims. I know that in the Netherlands, if Muslim and their supporters tied to form political groups, they’d be followed and spied upon by the AIVD and NCTb. The could be labeled as “radicalized” for holding the politically incorrect opinions!

    What about OUR freedom of speech? Now this ilk is screeching about its “freedom of speech” – this abuse of “freedom of speech” by this ilk when the rest of us don’t have the same free speech is phony.

    Yes – shut this Italian radical Islamophobe up by all the hate speech laws in Europe and Italy! Shut this moron up!

  • Abdul Halim

    We can see Geller echoes these statements essentially, but goes further to excuse Breivik’s crimes.

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