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Omar Baddar: Who is Brigitte Gabriel?

Omar Baddar

Omar Baddar

This is a decent video from anti-loon Omar Baddar exposing the insanity, contradictions and bigotry of Brigitte Gabriel:

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  • This is very interesting… In saying that, I would want to do some research as to validity this person speaks about.
    I find when Shariah speaks of the reasons for American Colleges, Universities Schools accepting monies is due to the fact, that the U.S. Is getting oil from these eastern countries may be possibly true. But, we have a oil line from Canada and maybe some other areas that we can untilize Should this statement be factual. Also, this is election time and Shariah may have someone in mind? But, I as a American, believe, this is still a amazing America, and our first language should be English! My parent were immigrants, they came to America, they had a dream, worked very hard, never collected any type of Goverment help. I do believe, because we are a great County and we allow people from all over the world to come to the U.S. Yes; there are many evils from other countries that want to take over our U.S.! The U.S. Is, and Always be a Great Nation!

  • DrGreenEye

    Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 9/8/11

    BY ACT FOR AMERICA TALK BY Brigitte Gabriel

  • DrGreenEye

    Brigitte Gabriel has a facebook page check it out guys i have been posting messages and linking this video

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  • DrM


    Actually Brigitte, Hanan, or whatever her real name does not see herself as an Arab. Chances are if you met someone calling themselves “Phoenicians,” you’re dealing with a Maronite who is trying to insult your intelligence by using an antiquated term circa 1200 BC. Some of these idiots have convinced themselves that they are secular Europeans conceived in a test tube at the French Riviera. These days, they’re divided and bickering amongst themselves trying to maintain some semblance of relevance in the joke that is Lebanese politics.

  • Sahra

    LOL, Arabs dont have souls HA!! Well-Well, then she must be the worst of the no-souls arabs..

  • Sahra

    i think she’s even more sicker than the butcher hitler himself, for i mean she’s a f-ing arab herself, calling destruction on your own race? that must be the sickest a person can get..I’m sure if she had the means and the army and the green light to do it, she wouldn’t hesitate to butcher even her own brother and sister if they were muslims, let alone her co-racial arabs..sick-sick

  • Garo

    As I look at her face,I see a combination of ugliness,hatred,greed,lies and wickedness.

    When I hear her voice on some bigoted Radio Talk Shows or on TV,it sounds like an evil pitch.

    I was stationed in Amman,Jordan;and traveled across the Arab world,managing a technical business,for more than 20 years,in the 1970’s and 1980’s. And I can assure anyone who cares to know that what she said about the Arabs was,(and is),a bunch of filthy and fabricated lies-garbage.

  • Skhan

    Ms. Saman (Bridgette Gabriel’s real name) said that Arabs don’t have souls. Ms. Saman is Lebanese. Therefore, if we take her seriously, she has no soul!

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