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Salon: Iraq foots the bill for its own destruction

Some people have wondered why I focus so much on America’s many wars: isn’t this site about Islamophobia, not U.S. foreign policy? Although it is true that LoonWatch is primarily a site documenting and refuting Islamophobia, I strongly believe that there exists an intimate link between Islamophobia and America’s Endless Wars.

For one, America’s foreign policy is itself Islamophobic.  Our wars are launched thanks to Islamophobia within the most jingoist elements of American society, the neoconservatives, the Zionists (both Jewish and Christian), etc.  It finds an audience within the general public, which has a very poor opinion of Islam.  Our wars can only be sustained by ratcheting up fear-mongering and Islamophobia.  Our wars conveniently serve to complete the loop by feeding Islamophobia itself, as Muslims are Other-ized as the enemy.

Islamophobia operates under the assumption that it is Islam itself that makes Them Hate Our Freedoms.  They hate us (and some of them attack us) because we are the Infidels.  The reality, of course, is that they hate us not for our freedoms or the fact that we are infidels, but the fact that we bomb them, invade them, and occupy them.  As the article below shows, we also make them foot the bill for their own destruction:

Iraq foots the bill for its own destruction

By Murtaza Hussain

When considering the premise of reparation being paid for the Iraq War it would be natural to assume that the party to whom such payments would be made would be the Iraqi civilian population, the ordinary people who suffered the brunt of the devastation from the fighting. Fought on the false pretence of capturing Saddam Hussein’s nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, the war resulted in massive indiscriminate suffering for Iraqi civilians which continues to this day. Estimates of the number of dead and wounded range from the hundreds of thousands into the millions, and additional millions of refugees remain been forcibly separated from their homes, livelihoods and families. Billions of dollars in reparations are indeed being paid for the Iraq War, but not to Iraqis who lost loved ones or property as a result of the conflict, and who, despite their nation’s oil wealth, are still suffering the effects of an utterly destroyed economy. “Reparations payments” are being made by Iraq to Americans and others for the suffering which those parties experienced as a result of the past two decades of conflict with Iraq.

Iraq today is a shattered society still picking up the pieces after decades of war and crippling sanctions. Prior to its conflict with the United States, the Iraqi healthcare and education systems were the envy of the Middle East, and despite the brutalities and crimes of the Ba’ath regime there still managed to exist a thriving middle class of ordinary Iraqis, something conspicuously absent from today’s “free Iraq.” In light of the continued suffering of Iraqi civilians, the agreement by the al-Maliki government to pay enormous sums of money to the people who destroyed the country is unconscionable and further discredits the absurd claim that the invasion was fought to “liberate” the Iraqi people.

In addition to making hundreds of millions of dollars in reparation payments to the United States, Iraq has been paying similarly huge sums to corporations whose business suffered as a result of the actions of Saddam Hussein. While millions of ordinary Iraqis continue to lack even reliable access to drinking water, their free and representative government has been paying damages to corporations such as Pepsi, Philip Morris and Sheraton; ostensibly for the terrible hardships their shareholders endured due to the disruption in the business environment resulting from the Gulf War. When viewed against the backdrop ofmassive privatization of Iraqi natural resources, the image that takes shape is that of corporate pillaging of a destroyed country made possible by military force.

Despite the billions of dollars already paid in damages to foreign countries and corporations additional billions are still being sought and are directly threatening funds set aside for the rebuilding of the country; something which 8 years after the invasion has yet to occur for the vast majority of Iraqis. While politicians and media figures in the U.S. make provocative calls for Iraq to “pay back” the United States for the costs incurred in giving Iraq the beautiful gift of democracy, it is worth noting that Iraq is indeed already being pillaged of its resources to the detriment of its long suffering civilian population.

The perverse notion that an utterly destroyed country must pay reparations to the parties who maliciously planned and facilitated its destruction is the grim reality today for the people [of] Iraq. That there are those who actually bemoan the lack of Iraqi gratitude for the invasion of their country and who still cling to the pathetic notion that the unfathomable devastation they unleashed upon Iraqi civilians was some sort of “liberation” speaks powerfully to the capacity for human self-delusion. The systematic destruction and pillaging of Iraq is a war crime for which none of its perpetrators have yet been held to account (though history often takes[though history often takes time to be fully written] time to be fully written), and of which the extraction of reparation payments is but one component.

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  • Talisman

    I’m late to this, though I saw the article in Salon.

    Anyway, I think a key point we should remember is that Saddam Hussein was a monster, but he was “our” monster (the US).

    It’s funny how the context seems to have slipped down the memory hole.

  • Zain

    @daniel Thats garbage ! Most of the stories we heard were nonsense,remember the incubator stories from the 1st war ? again garbage. The zionist media have been slowly dripping lies into our psyche regarding iraq for the last 25 years soley for the purpose of destroying there biggest enemy and threat in the middle east… SADDAM!

  • Stoned Gremlin

    I’m guessing it’s because they think arabs don’t know shit about democracy they can put whatever price they want on it.

  • Aside from the fact that the Iraq war has bankrupted the USA economy, that is some satisfaction, though it doesn’t make up for the destruction, there is one important fact omitted by the author of the piece above.

    That is the USA failed to get the oil contracts, that was one of the reasons it went to war. Iraq awarded them to other countries.

    Another silver lining, is that Iraq then was threatening to dump the dollar like Iran and trade in the Euro. I think China is now calling for that. Once the dollar is dumped, it will be twilight for America.

  • Lo

    Well, of course the US will charge Iraqis for the war. Israel demands demolition fee from the Palestinians whose homes they raze to the ground, and the saying ‘the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree’ works two ways.

  • JD

    Everyone this is a MUST WATCH…..

    /\ This is what is really going on in Iraq

  • Daniel

    I heard once–I’m not sure if it was apocryphal or not–that Sadaam used to the families of those he killed a bill for the bullets he used to execute them.

    I guess we learned a lot from Sadaam.

    “We made a desert and called it peace.”

  • Anj

    This is insane! Iraq is expected to plunder it’s natural resources to pay back uncle Sam for bombing them back to the stone age? Millions killed by the invaders even before the war, unless we forget the “oil for food” programme. That claimed over a million Iraqi infants!
    The Iraqis should not give the invaders a cent!

    Gulf war 1 was financed by the house of saud!

    Muslims are their own worst enemy!

  • David

    Amen to that. The number of Muslim-hating people in the Military, like the crusading General William Boykin, is frighteningly large. James Carroll has written about this in his book, “Constantine’s Sword.” The neoconservatives and fundamentalists who got us into all these wars truly believe in Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” theory and the superiority of “Judeo-Christian” values. What the U.S. settles with cruise missles and drones in the Middle East would have been settled with diplomacy if the disputants had been Europeans.

    Here are some “starter” references:

  • Crow

    I want to say I find this hard to belive but I don’t. I wonder if the christian and jewish zionists who are responsible for such evil ever give a thought to their place in the afterlife, glad I’m not them. Anyway I’m sure jerk-off bob and his nazi friends are all for this idea.

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