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Broward GOP Treats Muslims Worse Than Other Republicans

Allen West with Pamela "the loon" Geller

NPR exposes Allen West’s antagonistic attitude toward Islam and Muslims.

CAIR: Broward GOP Treats Muslims Worse Than Other Republicans

by Lisa Rab (Broward New Times)

U.S. Rep. Allen West has already tried to end federal funding for National Public Radio. But if he needed another reason to hate NPR, yesterday’s “All Things Considered” segment should do the the trick.
The story explored West’s view of Islam as a “totalitarian, theocratic, political ideology,” and his ongoing rhetorical battle with Nezar Hamze, the executive director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. No news there — the West/Hamze controversy has already been well-documented on the Pulp. But NPR took the story one step further, suggesting that Broward Republicans were more anti-Muslim than their GOP comrades in other states.

Last month, Hamze attempted to join the Broward Republican Executive Committee, and was soundly rejected by a “pit of discrimination.”

Yet committee chairman Richard DeNapoli told NPR:  “I really don’t think this had anything to do with religion. It’s just that this was a widely known circumstance where he had made statements against Allen West, and the members reacted to that.”

Strike one. Broward Republicans will defend West to the end, even if it makes them look like bigots on national radio. But wait, there’s more!

“CAIR officials say they have good relations with other Republicans, but that in South Florida at least, the Republican Party and their Tea Party supporters have made Muslims feel unwelcome,”  NPR reporter Greg Allen said.

Ouch. This means South Florida — a predominantly Democratic area– is allegedly more prejudiced against Muslims than other Republican strongholds.

Congratulations, Broward. You are the new Strom Thurmond.

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  • twiceasnice

    MSA exposed:

  • Al

    Southern Florida is the MOUTH of the RAT

  • What?

    What is meant by “continuous persecution” by “Muslims” against “Christians?”

    The persecution of any person for any reason is not acceptable.

    If you refer to Egypt, then the problems there have to do with the transition of the country from several decades of autocratic rule to a “democracy.” This does not happen overnight, as institutions have to be rebuilt and new norms established. The horrible incident in Egypt over the Coptic Christians is NOT a systematic “Muslim persecution” — but the result of turning “security” and “government” over to the military, which used to be at the command of Mubarak.

    In a democratic society, with civilian control and accountability over the military, there would be an investigation and prosecution of who was in charge and ordering the tanks that drove into the protesters.

    The should be NO persecution of anyone and who every thinks that what happened with the Copts in Egypt was some kind of statement of how most Egyptians (mostly Muslims) feel about religious minorities is abusing the situation to advance the notion that “Muslims cannot live with their neighbors” – which is Huntington “clash of civilizations” rubbish.

    And somehow “Pascal” is implying that I should have some “civilizational kinship” with Copts. Coptic Christians are actually kin to “Orthodox civilization” (Russia, Serbia, Greece) — lol!

    The problem in Egypt is not with “Muslims” and “civilizational fault lines” – but with the military rulers that are footdragging on reforms — and elections. Everyone has human rights – and the issue should be human rights advocacy, not “civilizational kinship advocacy!”

  • Danios

    Oh no, Eslaporte! PLEASE SPEAK ONCE ABOUT IT!

  • Pascal


    You claimed to be Catholic in previous comments, and yet I have NOT seen you speak out ONCE against the continuous Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East!

  • The truth is that we have a civil rights challenge ahead of us with regard to anti-Muslim hate, discrimination and exclusion. We can only wish that Muslim communities and their advocates can wake up and see this…

    This civil rights challenge is also a struggle on the other side of the Atlantic. Again, Muslims in Europe and their advocates need to do a better job of actively confronting myths about Muslims, like “islamisation” and “Eurabia,” and present rational, data-based arguments to counter anti-Muslim hate, discrimination and exclusion.

    We need political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic to start speaking up!

    This Islamophobia will continue to spread until more people get up off of their duffs!

  • Truth Hurts

    They make such a beautiful couple, NOT.

  • mindy1

    Yikes :/

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