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It Didn’t Take Long for the anti-Muslims to Link the “Occupy Protests” to a Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy

Tom Trento believes the Muslim Brotherhood is behind “Occupy Orlando.” Just watch him in the video below stretching and trying to grasp at anything to come up with his absurd conspiracy theory.

Trento and his friends seem like stalkers. It’s also quite funny how he passes off the “Rifqa Bary” case as a victory when in fact none of the objectives that he and his friends, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer wished to achieve were actualized. The whole Rifqa Bary episode was a colossal and humiliating defeat for the Islamophobes.

Hasner ally says Muslim Brotherhood is behind Occupy Orlando

By | 10.17.11 | 1:56 pm

In a video clip and blog post published today, a right-wing activist with ties to GOP Senate candidate Adam Hasner alleges that Occupy Orlando, a Central Florida group that has sprung up in solidarity with the New York-based Occupy Wall Street movement, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Occupy Orlando held its first event this past weekend, beginning its “occupation” at Senator Beth Johnson Park, outside of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, at 8 a.m. Saturday.

In a recent post on the website for The United West, an anti-”Shariah Islam” organization, the group’s director, Tom Trento claims that his team found what they consider evidence that the Occupy Wall Street-inspired group in Orlando is part of a “move by a Muslim activist to take over control of ‘Occupy Orlando,’ in the ‘spirit of the Arab Spring.’”

Trento writes:

For those with eyes to see, ears to hear and a wee bit of cranial activity, the jury is in, the facts are known and the words “Arab Spring,” are synonyms for “Muslim Brotherhood.” Though there is strong evidence for the Ikhwan’s involvement initiating the various revolutions in Egypt and the northern Maghreb, it is indisputable that the Brothers are exploiting the incoherent chaos in these countries and taking a leadership role either overtly or through compliant proxies to move toward a shariah-compliant state. In the spirit of Rahm Emanuel, the Muslim Brotherhood will never let a good crisis go to waste.

As The United West video teams circulated (overtly and covertly) through hundreds of protestors at “Occupy Orlando, “ I was informed that a Muslim activist lawyer with whom  we had confrontations in the past, was at this demonstration. Though it has been two years, we could never forget the easily-agitated, Mr. Shayan Elahi. Yes, Orlando, this is the same Muslim who lost a race in 2010 to become a Judge.

After Elahi’s second try at “intimidating” us (yes, it was comical) it became obvious to us that he was not just an observer at this event but a participant…and then it all came together. Shaya Elahi is the leader (of the leaderless) Occupy Orlando! It turns out that he is the “official” legal counsel for this movement and indeed one of the key people, if not the main person calling the shots!

Once we watched Shayan Elahi in action, running around, signing up speakers, providing direction, telling people what to do, we started to connect the dots to the stated Face Book Mission Statement of “Occupy Orlando,” which reads, “…we plan to use the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic of mass occupation to restore democracy in America.”

In his post, Trento asks United West supporters if they think Elahi “is looking for a place to mark up his first win by coopting a incoherent movement primarily made up of ‘hippies and anarchists’ so that he can build a political base for his Islamic goals?”

Groups that have sprung up in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street have, for the most part, been leaderless — much like the original movement. Occupy Orlando’s Facebook page describes itself as a “leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions.”

A recent press release from Occupy Orlando states that there were “approximately 200 speakers and more than 1,500 participants spanning across many political and generational spectrums gathered to share dialogues ranging from pro-life to dismantling the federal reserve” at the event.

As Trento mentioned, he and Elahi have had run-ins in the past. Elahi was an attorney for Rifqa Bary’s parents after she separated herself from her Muslim parents in Ohio as a minor when she converted to Christianity. Trento, along with other anti-Islam activists in Florida, fought in the legal battle to keep Bary in the state and away from her parents.

During an interview in Trento’s video, Elahi pulls aside one of the frustrated protesters Trento is talking to and tells her, “He is one of the biggest bigots in town.” Elahi also turns to Trento and calls him a “racist bigot.”

GOP Senate hopeful Adam Hasner has called Trento a “good friend” and was among the group of Florida activists that tried to keep Bary in Florida. He and Trento founded the Florida Security Council together in 2008; that group eventually expanded to become The United West.

Watch Trento’s “investigation” for yourself:

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  • Géji

    For a western audience who had long been trained to view North-Africa and the Middle-East through an Orientalist prism, or as some call it through the lenses of “Lawrence of E-rabia”, news of the Arab mass upheaval was difficult to fathom as it did not match the preconceived stereotypes, and many western pandits manufactured their own fictions to help them digest the apparent spontaneity of the events, for which once again old stereotypes and prejudices proved too powerful to overcome and the fantacy of “Facebook revolution” and “Twitter revolution” was born, all of that to say the catalyst that triggered the uprisings of North Africa and the Middle East have been variously understood as a reaction to “Western technology”, and Not by the Agents(Arabs)of change themselfs.

    But ofcourse the view of technology as agent provocateur is not employed evenly across the board. Indeed, when social media sites like Twitter have been used to coordinate demonstrations by protesters in the West at events like the 2009 G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh, the newswires do not usually come alive with talk of how Facebook, Twitter and YouTube caused the unrest. No, technology is assumed to be the cause of upheaval only when it is used in their protests, not ours. It is the logic of a supremacist; we use technology, but they are used by technology. The hypocricy and double standard are obvious as we’re not hearing from media and political pandits the words facebook or twitter to be the trigger of various upheaval in Western countries like Greece, Spain, US, not even in the case of the so-called “social justice movement” in the jewish state.

    But ofcourse when it comes to the geniune Arab revolt of a people who have been sick and tired for many decades of the status-quo, is taken out of its historical context, and the people who participated in it are treated not as active players but as pawns, as clay on the potter’s wheel, being shaped and molded by Lawrence of E-rabia’s expert hand.

  • Truth Hurts

    Is Soros going takiyya & engaging in stealth jihad? ;-P

  • To be a “conservative” in America would mean supporting cuts to social programs that millions of Americans need just to eat everyday. At the same time, it means supporting “tax cuts” to the filthy rich who then turn around and use their money to buy lobbyists to further manipulate the political system in their favor.

    To be a “conservative” would mean allowing starvation and death, for many Americans, while a tiny few are allowed to live a life, well, like Saddam Hussein did before the American occupation. To be a conservative is to be the worst type of human being: “I want my tax break – I don’t care if another American cannot get health care. DIE then! I want my money, not to pay for someone else’s health care. Too bad, if you cannot afford to feed your kids, you and your kids starve! Also – I don’t want to pay for someone else’s kid to get an education! I don’t want to pay for public education! I want a tax break – give me my money – gimme, gimme,gimme – to hell with you!”

    To be an America conservative would mean having to give up on Christian values of love, brotherhood and charity for the poor.

    The worst thing to happen to America was the election of Ronald Reagan. Reagan helped further this dirty agenda, and in Europe, Thatcher was the worst thing to happen — and a Thatcher- fanatic now rules the Netherlands, and this Thatcherite is ripping apart the Dutch nation, including its military, but the least off are Mark Rutte’s targets.

    Also – Geert Wilders is also a Thatcherite. Geert Wilders also came out of the VVD. In fact, the worst types of Dutch people vote VVD and the worst types of political figures come from out of the Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD), just as the worst types of Americans belong to the Tea Party.

    We here in Wisconsin know about the connections of Scott Walker to the Koch Brothers. We have the telephone conversations of Walker talking to what he thought was one of the Koch Brothers. Every day I pass school buildings that are closed due to the this idiot we have as governor. This is actually illegal, but we no longer have the rule of law here in Wisconsin.

    We are also losing our free elections with these new picture ID laws that will require a person to pay for an ID and travel some distance to get one. WHERE THE HELL IS THE OSCE?!

    I also drive past Walker’s home everyday – and all around his block his equally wealthy neighbors have “Recall Walker” signs on their lawns. Some of Walker’s neighbors would like to see Scott back in the neighborhood soon – and we are going to help bring Scott Walker home in the near future with the coming recall election!

    Welcome Home Scott Walker!

  • Gee – I hoped that everyone would realize by now what the most favorite and first used tactic of the right-wing, Islamophobic, tea bagging loons is: Name Calling.

    Yes – since these nutters have no evidence from which to argue and the population they have deceived is now waking up to their trickery – they start with their most favorite tactic of bring out the demonizing labels, dirty adjectives, weapons words and “anti-American” conspiracies. Shooting the messenger and not debating the message is their tactic of choice, as they have no arguments and NO intelligence to debate in the first place..

    Who wants to be seen defending the 1% greedy rich here in America?!

    So – now they are doing their usual scramble of digging through their bag of labels, attempting to dig out the right kind of dirty labels and adjectives to call the Occupyers. Since “socialists” and “anarchists” and “hippies” – even “anti-American” did not stick – it’s back to the bag of demonizing labels. It is then hoped that one label will stick – and then expect them to head for their radio stations to put out that the Occupyers are “anti-Semitic” and “Muslim Brotherhood” and somehow a threat to the “American world order.”

    This right-wing nutter activity of digging through the bag of dirty labels for some name to call the Occupyers to defame them and slander them is a predictable as their need to focus on attacking the messenger, because they cannot attack the message.

    Again – who wants to be seen defending the greedy 1% rich – who are steering the America’s wealth into their own pockets?!

  • tim

    just because a group describes itself as leaderless does NOT mean they are. in the world and time we live in now where conspiracy theories are plentiful (from BOTH sides), how stupid would a powerful player be to not try to cover their tracks?

    or put another way, how stupid would i have to be to instantly and unquestioningly believe a group when they claim to have ‘spontaneously’ just ‘sprung’ up from thin air, with absolutely no leadership or central organizational structure? about as stupid as all of you, i suppose.

    now i’m not saying i believe in this guy’s theory, but i’m just saying this: people need to FUCKING ADMIT TO THEIR OWN BIAS. admit you are liberals. admit you are conservatives. THINK about and ACKNOWLEDGE the STRONG parallels between the other side’s conspiracy theories about who is behind your movements (soros, muslims, obama, WALL STREET THEMSELVES), and your conspiracy theories about who was/is behind the tea party (koch brothers etc).

    you don’t even allow for the smallest possibility that although you FIRMLY believe that there is some big bad evil plot of some rich person with tons of resources to organize/create that awful tea party movement you despise so much, that maybe, just MAYBE your acknowledgment of THAT as being a possible thing to do (orchestrate and ‘play’ people’s emotions that effectively), must therefore mean that you have to accept that it COULD be behind your favored movement?

    you state that ‘X’ (x=rich people manipulating the masses by creating an organized movement to further their own goals) is possible under the circumstances that gave rise to group ‘Y’, but ‘X’ is absolutely impossible under almost the exact same circumstances when giving rise to group ‘Z’. do you see how dumb that is?

    oh but, ah i see, i didn’t see the part where the occupy face book page itself says ‘we have no leader’. ah, ok. no leader then, forget everything i just said. they said it, so it MUST be true. sorry about all that.
    (dumbasses, all of you).

  • marco

    Ita amazing how well they claim to know Muslims and Islam and yet do such a piss poor job of trying to pretend to be one in order to defame them.

    That whole post was a joke and it was obvious that it wasn’t written by a muslim.
    Epic Fail from these morons.

  • Ummer

    I would totally disagree that this guy is Muslim Brotherhood… no he’s just an Obama supporter.

    Though Obama is Wall St. according to some.

  • Nemo Fish

    The scum bag can not even get the name right. He keeps saying Elati instead of Elahi !!!

    His video is a time waster

  • Zakster

    If idiots had horns, this guy would be a reindeer…

  • Géji

    Paranoia? Here you are!

    First the Right-Wing nuts, as they are the defenders of the economic status quo, accused Occupy Wall Street of anti-Semitism, relying on the old myth that Wall Street is ‘Jewish’ and hence that opposition to Wall Street’s agenda is just opposition to Jews. And now they’re accusing the Occupy Orlando movement of “Islamic” with “ties” to Muslim Brotherhood?? LOL

    Oh-men!! Those Muslim Brotherhood must have superhuman powers. It seems also they passed on some of those powers to CAIR.

    “Made up of hippies and anarchists”

    Well that reminds me when despot dictators like Gaddafi described the democratic movements – “Made up of rats and intoxicated youth”.

  • sunishine

    This was just painful to watch. A Muslim is participating in something. So that one Muslim is obviously the leader and the entire event is tainted by Muslimness.

  • Oh My God ! did you see how they faded from the image of the Holy Land Foundation guy to Shai Elahi ? It’s seemless !

    Also, where is Tahir square ? I’m a bit confused, is that in Egypt or Orlando ?

  • corey
  • mindy1

    Seriously?? :/

  • Al

    On the same note, Islamophobic, tea bagging, Evangelicals are attempting to discredit Occupy by posing as Muslims (albeit poorly) on various occupy pages see here:
    and here:
    Report this stuff to the mods of FB

  • Al

    Ha! What a load of crap! Nice try Trento, don’t let the door hit you on the way out-

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