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Kelly on Muslim Spying: Who, Us?

(cross-posted from HuffPo)

By Len Levitt

On the day the city’s Muslims staged their first organized protest against the NYPD’s secret and pervasive spying on their communities, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly denied the obvious.

At an unrelated news conference, Kelly told reporters that he “categorically denied” the idea that the NYPD was spying.

His disingenuous, if not ridiculous, comment came on Friday when about 500 Muslims rallied at Foley Square, holding signs that read: “No to a Police State.” “Muslims Demand Equal Rights.” “NYPD Watches Us. Who Watches the NYPD?” “NYPD-CIA Stalking Our Children.”

Speakers tied their grievances to those of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, black Americans and sometimes stigmatized Jews — an indication that the Muslims had yet to find their unique voice.

As for Commissioner Kelly, perhaps he never read the police document entitled “NYPD Intelligence Division Strategic Posture 2006.” The document is marked “secret” and on its front page reads: “DISTRIBUTION: NYPD POLICE COMMISSIONER.”

Well, NYPD Confidential and the Associated Press have read it.

In a half-dozen articles, the AP detailed how the department infiltrated mosques, Muslim schools and Islamic student groups at the city universities; how plainclothes officers catalogued Middle Eastern restaurants and their clientele; and how NYPD analysts built databases on Arab cab drivers and monitored Muslims who changed their names.

Significantly, all those stories were written from Washington, D.C. Not one New York newspaper has pursued the AP’s findings.

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about the need to establish an independent commission with subpoena power to investigate what some call the NYPD’s “culture of corruption.”

But none of the talk has concerned a more pernicious problem: the department’s secret spying and its alliance with the CIA.

Under Kelly, this alliance began in January 2002, four months after 9/11, with the hiring of David Cohen, a former high-ranking CIA official, to head the NYPD’s revamped Intelligence Division.

Next came the CIA’s Larry Sanchez, who became an Assistant NYPD Commissioner in the Intelligence Division and orchestrated the Muslim spying operation.

This spying apparently led to the conclusions contained in a 2007 NYPD report, “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat.” (See NYPD Confidential column of Aug. 20, 2007.)

The 90-page report, with 143 footnotes, concluded that homegrown terrorists posed a greater threat to New York City than Al Qaeda overseas.

“The city’s Muslim communities have been permeated by extremists who have and continue to sow the seeds of radicalization,” the report said. “Radicalization is indiscriminate and those attracted to it include New York City citizens from all walks of life.”

Sanchez, meanwhile, before the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security in 2007 said that “rather than just protecting New York City citizens from terrorists, the NYPD believes that part of its mission is to protect New York citizens from turning into terrorists.”

Then came psychiatrist Marc Sageman, a former CIA case officer in Pakistan, who in 2008 became the NYPD’s touted “scholar in residence.”

To pay his salary for the year, the department told the AP that it used funds from a “a private foundation.”

In fact, the money came from a secret foundation the NYPD had created in 2006 called the “NYPD Counter-Terrorism Foundation.”

Its president was Stephen Hammerman, then the department’s Deputy Commissioner for Legal Affairs.

Its secretary was Kelly’s Chief of Staff Joe Wuench. [See NYPD Confidential column of November 7, 2011: “The NYPD’s ‘Privately’ Funded War on Terrorism.”]

The foundation raised $295,000 and paid Sageman $180,000. The public does not know who its donors are and the foundation has not specifically accounted for the remaining $115,000. Kelly has never acknowledged the foundation’s existence.

Sanchez left the NYPD last year. Another CIA agent replaced him. In deference to the CIA’s wishes, NYPD Confidential is withholding his name. The NYPD has never acknowledged his appointment.

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  • Ahmed

    Accused Terrorist Jose Pimentel Got High With Informant, Needed Help With Everything

    The more we learn about New York City terror suspect Jose Pimentel, the more Mayor Bloomberg’s assertion that he was something of a “lone wolf” seems like a loaded statement. Law enforcement sources now claim that Pimentel could barely scrape together enough money to build his pipe bombs, and had trouble drilling the holes he needed to make them, relying heavily on the company, advice, and apartment of a confidential government informant. The New York Times reports that Pimentel smoked marijuana with the informer, and that some of the suspect’s incriminating statements were made and recorded while he was high. It’s these issues, in part, that made the FBI wary of taking on the case, worrying that the informer’s role could raise issues of entrapment.

    Officials have still said that Pimentel will likely be convicted, and that he should have been arrested. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne brushed off the criticisms, because that’s his job: “It sounds like some people speaking anonymously who are not particularly familiar with the case are trying to undermine it,” Browne said. “The fact remains that the words and actions of the suspect speak for themselves.”

    Pimentel’s mother has apologized for her son’s actions (he lived with his uncle), but insisted, “My son is not a terrorist.” She said he merely “likes the way of the Muslims,” and “wasn’t a fanatic.” But several Times sources said Pimentel tried to circumcise himself, possibly in line with religious tradition.

    The suspect was known around the barber shop on 138th Street as the weird guy sitting alone, not speaking. According to one patron, “He’s like a zombie; he’s in limbo all the time.”

  • Saladin

    I think Marc Sageman is good consultant to have, maybe he should not have been paid so highly but from what I read on him and his lectures he is pretty good at countering Islampphobia and myths about Muslims

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Secret funds ? Public accountability ?

    What next?

  • mindy1

    They will only make people paranoid and angry

  • Ahmed

    This is why the Jose Pimentel story did not sound right to me it was too perfect timing.

    1.(NYPD) under pressure recently for spying on US civilians by going into mosques and placing informants putting tracking devices on cars

    2.Feds were not in on it All according to papers they refused to go after the guy because they said he was all talk. The person who infiltrated this guy was a NYPD informant (We know most of these guys are encouraged to do things by the informant and then arrested). People who worked on this case were from NYPD and The New York Police Department­­’s Intelligen­­ce Division The same NYPD and Intelligen­­ce Division that were under pressure for the above stuff.

  • SKhan

    What if something like this happened in say, Iran? What would happen if Iran’s “Islamic” government started sending Muslims disguised as Jews to spy on synagogues and to spy on Jewish children? Islam would be blamed, no doubt.

  • Al

    What a farcical application of justice. NYPD should be ashamed-

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