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Rick Perry: Hamas And Hezbollah Working In Mexico

If you didn’t know by now, Hamas and Hezbollah hablan mucho Español. If you also didn’t know by now, GOP candidates like Rick Perry are retrying to combine the fear of immigrants and Mooslims taking over the country. Apparently, it is a tried and true method to win the GOP candidacy.

Rick Perry: Hamas And Hezbollah Working In Mexico

Texas Gov. Rick Perry warned viewers of CNN’s Republican debate on Tuesday that Hamas and Hezbollah were working out of Mexico. Perry’s answer came in response to a question about securing the southern border.

“We’re seeing countries start to come in and infiltrate. We know that Hamas and Hezbollah are working in Mexico as well as Iran with their ploy to come into the United States,” Perry said.

He continued: We know that Hugo Chavez… and the Iranian government has one of the largest — I think their largest embassy in the world is in Venezuela. So the idea that we need to have border security with the United States and Mexico is paramount to the entire western hemisphere.”

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  • Abdul-Rahman

    Anyone who is not completely brainwashed by the US mainstream media, would know about the longstanding links between the US government (at all levels) and different drug cartels that operate in Mexico. Chief among these is the heavily US government and US military linked Los Zetas drug cartel. Most of the Los Zetas cartel members were trained at US military bases inside America; while they were still Mexican military. Of course in that situation someone could just say they were Mexican military at the time and not official cartel members (however its likely the US knew about and supported their cartel links even then) but what is more shocking is the US government (and especially the US CIA’s) long term links with drug trafficking. Most famous of these of course goes back to the 1980s with the CIA funding the Contra terrorist insurgent rebels in Nicaragua against the Leftist Sandinista government of Nicaragua. The CIA also was linked to Contra cocaine trafficking, the CIA in many ways was involved in creating the crack cocaine epidemic in the US in the 1980s. Then in more recent times we’ve had incidents like a US CIA torture jet (that took the CIA’s different torture victims all around the world to different CIA torture “black sites”) crashing in Mexico filled with 4 tons of pure cocaine on board on September 24, 2007 again in Mexico. Then with Obama we have the infamous Operation Fast and Furious where the US ATF was purposefully allowing guns from America to go into Mexico and into the hands of the cartels (again many, like the Zetas, who were originally trained in military tactics/weapons handling/etc at US military bases inside America to start with)

  • Where did Rick Perry get information that Hamas has operatives or connections
    in Mexico? He is likening Hamas to Hezbollah, though Hamas is Sunni and Hezbollah is Shi’a.
    Even a

    intelligence brief by
    Tuscon Police
    has only mentioned Hezbollah, not Hamas.  
     More to the point, Mexico’s Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa
    has rejected
    MEXICO CITY: Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa on Wednesday rejected
    accusations by several US Republican presidential hopefuls that radical Islamic
    groups were operating in Mexico.

    Several candidates warned of the threat to the United States of militants from
    Hezbollah and Hamas from within Mexico, in a televised debate Tuesday.

    "There’s no foundation to support these kind of declarations. We’re very
    surprised to see this kind of debate where such statements are made without
    anything to back them up,"

  • Robert Spinster

    Oops! Rick Perry did it again!

  • Out of intrest… why would Hamas and Hezbollah have any intrest in Mexico? Or attacking the US? Odd chap, didn’t really think this through did he?


  • ahmed

    Oh my God. My IQ is drained because of this.

    Is he serious!!!

  • Dehnus

    Try a third party then like the Socialist Party or Libertarian Party. Whatever appeals to you more by reading their points of view and plans for the country. Don’t let commercials on TV or the looks of a guy decide who you should vote for, I know that in the USA this is hard seeing how dominant the two parties are over the independent ones. But such a revolution has to start somewhere.

    And if they don’t win.. or get the amount of seats you wanted to in congress, then console yourself with the fact that you tried. If nobody tries then nothing will change and you can keep choosing between Right Wing Lobbyists (Democrats) and Super Right Wing Idiot Lobbyist (Republicans). The amount of money a candidate has for his campaign should not decide if he makes it or not, that it does sadly shows how crooked the system has become and that lobby’s gift to these things should be dealt with (aka banned). But until then no normal Libertarian Party, Conservative Party (Like Jesse Ventura would be part of), Socialist Party (democratic not the Crap Kim Jung Il does, that guy is more like an Emperor then a party leader. Ill be happy when he is dead), Green party or even Objectivist party (Ayn Rand lovers out there that don’t like lobbys) can change the system into something that is fairer for all.

    Left vs Right (Read Right with Lobby’s vs. Extremely Crazy Right with Lobby’s) is such a dated way to do politics. Both sides have good points and bad points, what points you and I individually think is good and bad is our opinion and that is perfectly fine, as long as we don’t hurt each other over them or ban each other from expressing them. Sadly this has become the case with the established parties. It is all smear campaigns, calling each other Hitler, riling up the voters against the other camp and prophetising certain doom if the other party gets to power.

    And yes I am evil. I am a proud member of the Evil Genius Party. Sadly I’m not very smart so I don’t make for a very Genius kind of Evil… nor very evil. I suck…. :(.

  • Faisal Rathor

    He is wary that Muslims might be doing same for what they are doing in Islamic countries.

  • Black Infidel


  • SKhan

    HOLY **************! First, the Muslim Brotherhood takes over all of America, then those damned Muslims are infiltrating our government, and now Hezbollah AND Hamas are taking over Mexico??? Although it escapes me how 1) an org. that has failed to take over Egypt for 30 years, 2) 2% of the U.S. population is taking over the whole country, and 3) 2 anti-Israeli terrorist organisations are established in Mexico (which is more than 3000 miles away from Israel), we’d better do something about this! Just like we did something about those WMD’s Iraq!

  • HGG

    The threat is debatable, but even our congressmen and news outlets says it’s possible Hezbollah is working here in Mexico. First time I’ve heard of Hamas, though.

    It’s a scare tactic, but not entirely inaccurate.

    Far more worthy of highlight was Cain’s claim that terrorists have crossed from Mexico. That’s not true.

  • 8 ball fluke

    for his next week speech he is going to try to prove that hamas and hezbolah are head of the mexican drug cartel so stay tuned for next week show folks

  • ali

    This is the second time he’s said this. He said it last week in an interview with wolf blitzer.

  • mindy1

    @Denhus you are evil 😆 regarding this article, if the republicans want to beat obama they MUST stop acting nutters. I do not like obama, but I do not want to vote for people like that either 😮

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Wow… and to think he’s actually one of the saner Republican front-runners. At least he didn’t come out saying that he wouldn’t have a Muslim in his cabinet (ala Herman Caine). But this is almost as ridiculous.

    Like you said though, it is really an attempt at combining fear (or hatred) of Muslims with hatred for Latinos. Not so surprising. Both are perceived as ‘foreign’ and ‘non-American,’ if not outright ‘anti-American.’ We are both assumed to have dark skin, foreign loyalties and strange, non-Protestant customs. Ironically, a number of post-9-11 revenge attacks were carried out against Latinos in the US, because we apparently look too much alike.

    Interestingly, this animosity extends across the border, and across continents. I like the trying to link Venezuela, because again, all Latinos (and Muslims) are perceived as being part of the same ‘club.’ Never mind that Venezuela and Mexico share no common border, and are not even remotely close to one another. Never mind that Venezuela’s strongest critic, Colombia, is right next door. And never mind that all Latinos have about as much in common as all Anglos, that is to say, not every much at all. No, never mind all that, there is just a big brownish mass of non-Protestants threatening to invade America and water down ‘American culture’ (whatever that is).

    I hate to point it out to them, but were any terrorists so inclined, they could pretty easily walk across the border in Canada and nobody would care. There are vast stretches of land that are barely inhabited. Despite legally needing a passport now, you can still walk from Manitoba to North Dakota if you are so inclined. But I guess the assumption that swarthy skinned Iranian terrorists are sneaking in with Mexican laborers works out better in people’s heads…

  • Crow

    So Ahmadinejad and Chavez have created a legion of doom down in Venazulia where they will control their stable of super-villians in hamas and hizbollah with only rick perry to save us…we’re screwed

  • Young & Free

    4 Jul 2010 – Hezbollah was conceived in 1982 by a group of Muslim clerics after the … Hezbollah was formed primarily to offer resistance to the Israeli …”

    So WTF would Hezbollah be doing in America or Mexico? The whole point of their (recent) existence is to hang out at the Southern border of Lebanon.
    Hamas is a completely different group.

    Oh! But they both won elections in their countries and got seats in their parliament fair and square! I guess Rick airhead Perry only supports the dictators that oppress the people – the ones who don’t win in fair elections.

  • Dehnus

    Time for the Electrified fence and add some Pork to it as well! Seeing how Republicans think that Muslims cannot touch Pork ;).

    Then we can have a nice electric BBQ :).

  • TheBigT89

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    does this Idiot even know where Venezuela is, its in SOUTH America, not even close to the US. and Mexico doesn’t share a border with Venezuela.
    also Iran having an embassy in Venezuela? SO F***ING WHAT!!! Iran has a right like any other nation to build embassies anywhere in the world, If they want to Build an embassy in North Korea thats there right

    sorry, but these people really piss me off

  • Al

    What a loon!

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