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Iranian Book “How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet” No Different than Israeli Publications

The anti-Muslim blogosphere operates as an echo-chamber: one Islamophobic site publishes a story and then the other ones quickly reproduce it.  The latest story to get the Islamophobic juices flowing was with regard to a book that was supposedly published by religious students in Iran.  I wrote about it earlier:

Iran: Yet Another Case Study in Robert Spencer’s Hypocrisy and Double Standards

JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer just posted an article with the following title:

How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet: Iran promotes genocidal book by Muslim seminarians, published by Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance

He’s taking exception to an anti-Israeli book supposedly written by some religious students in Iran, called “How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet.”  Spencer calls this a “genocidal book.”

This is why LoonWatch exists.  We’ve been documenting what loons like Robert Spencer say so that we can pull Jon Stewart moves like the one I am going to pull now…

The reader is referred to Robert Spencer’s post in March 2010 wherein he promoted a “genocidal video” calling for “wiping Pakistan off the map” and nuclear annihilation of Pakistan:

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: Wipe Pakistan Off the Map

And my article on the topic back then:

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller Promote Video by Militant and Genocidal Group

When Iranians/Muslims call to “wipe Israel off the map” or “eliminate Israel from the planet”, then it is a “genocidal book” and all freedom-loving people must be outraged by this.  When anti-Muslim extremists call for the same against Muslims, then that’s a “genocidal freedom-loving video” that all freedom-loving people must support.  As George Orwell put it: “Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them.”

Robert Spencer’s hypocrisy and double standards are of course shared across the Islamophobic spectrum, from the mild-mannered Jeffrey Goldberg to the foaming-at-the-mouth website BareNakedIslam.

For now, I am assuming that Robert Spencer et al. are accurately reporting the story–a huge assumption considering: (1) I have not found the story reported by any reputable sources; (2)  Loons like Robert Spencer aren’t exactly known for accurately and truthfully reporting anything about Islam or Muslims. (3) Spencer cited Pajamas Media as his source (note: Remember how Robert Spencer and his minions scoff at using a source with silly names like “LoonWatch” or “Danios”…)

Leaving aside for now matters of accuracy, I’d like to expose even more hypocrisy and double standards from not just Robert Spencer but by the Islamophobes in general who are reporting this story in an effort to warmonger against Iran on Israel’s behalf.  They are trying to argue that the anti-Israeli book was not just written by a couple random students, but was in fact endorsed by the Iranian government; their evidence for this is the claim that the “book has been published by the Khorasan branch of the Ministry of Islamic culture and guidance.”

If this is proof of how evil Iran and Islam are, then what about this:

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel is a part of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and “is recognized by law as the supreme halakhic and spiritual authority for the Jewish people in the State of Israel.”  During the Gaza War (Massacre) in 2009, the Chief Rabbinate “gave soldiers fighting in Gaza pamphlets urging them to show no mercy.”  Other pamphlets elaborated on the Chief Rabbinate’s orders, spelling it out in no uncertain terms: kill the civilian population because “it is not innocent.”

Haaretz, the oldest and one of the most established of Israeli newspapers, reported:

An overview of some of the army rabbinate’s publications made available during the fighting reflects the tone of nationalist propaganda that steps blatantly into politics, sounds racist and can be interpreted as a call to challenge international law when it comes to dealing with enemy civilians.

Robert Spencer wrote that the Iranian book was a “book filled with genocidal hate, rooted in the Qur’an”; he bolded the parts of the passage that mentioned the Islamic holy book.  His purpose in doing so is obvious: to smear the entire faith of Islam.

It should be pointed out to Spencer that in the case of the military rabbinate’s violent, racist, and genocidal publications, it was none other than the Bible and traditional Jewish law that was cited.  Haaretz noted:

Following are quotations from this material:

“[There is] a biblical ban on surrendering a single millimeter of it [the Land of Israel] to gentiles, though all sorts of impure distortions and foolishness of autonomy, enclaves and other national weaknesses. We will not abandon it to the hands of another nation, not a finger, not a nail of it.” This is an excerpt from a publication entitled “Daily Torah studies for the soldier and the commander in Operation Cast Lead,” issued by the IDF rabbinate. The text is from “Books of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner,” who heads the Ateret Cohanim yeshiva in the Muslim quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem.

The following questions are posed in one publication: “Is it possible to compare today’s Palestinians to the Philistines of the past? And if so, is it possible to apply lessons today from the military tactics of Samson and David?” Rabbi Aviner is again quoted as saying: “A comparison is possible because the Philistines of the past were not natives and had invaded from a foreign land … They invaded the Land of Israel, a land that did not belong to them and claimed political ownership over our country … Today the problem is the same. The Palestinians claim they deserve a state here, when in reality there was never a Palestinian or Arab state within the borders of our country. Moreover, most of them are new and came here close to the time of the War of Independence.”

The IDF rabbinate, also quoting Rabbi Aviner, describes the appropriate code of conduct in the field: “When you show mercy to a cruel enemy, you are being cruel to pure and honest soldiers. This is terribly immoral. These are not games at the amusement park where sportsmanship teaches one to make concessions. This is a war on murderers. ‘A la guerre comme a la guerre.'”

To be perfectly clear, if it is true that an Iranian book was published with such offensive material in it, we should condemn it wholeheartedly–just as we should condemn the Israeli publications I mentioned above.  But we shouldn’t vilify Islam as a whole, just as we shouldn’t vilify Judaism as a whole.  Neither should we beat the drums of war against Iran, just as no rational person would use the Israeli publications as a valid justification to attack Israel.

I would, however, point out that there is one major difference between the case in Iran and Israel.  If it is argued that the Iranian book endorses ethnic cleansing as our opponents claim, it should be pointed out that Iranians are not actively carrying out such a thing.  The belligerence is limited to mere words and rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the publications in Israel were handed out to soldiers deployed in a brutal war against Palestinians/Muslims, part of a long campaign of ethnic cleansing that first began in 1948.  Those instructions to show no mercy to the enemy population were actively executed and acted upon by Israeli soldiers.

Leading international human rights organizations condemned “Operation Cast Lead” (as it was called by the Israelis).  Amnesty International, for example, titled their report: “Operation Cast Lead: 22 Days of Death and Destruction”.  The report noted that Israeli forces committed “wanton destruction” and killed “[h]undreds of Palestinian civilians” (whereas Palestinian rocket attacks “only rarely caused civilian casualties”).

Meanwhile, no Iranian publication can be linked to actual Jewish or Israeli fatalities.

Iran cannot realistically go beyond anything more than mere words or rhetoric, because actual acts of violence will be met with overwhelming force and massive retaliation from Israel and/or the United States.  This is so much so that it is being reported, by the likes of none other than Jeffrey Goldberg, that Iran is already under attack by Israel and the United States, and yet the Iranians have not retaliated or declared war.

If bombing Iranian facilities, killing their scientists, and using drones in their territory cannot evoke a military response, then why would anyone assume that they would have the audacity to initiate an attack on Israel?  The reason Iran hasn’t responded to these acts of war against it are that it wants to avoid being “bombed into the stone ages” like Iraq was.  In other words, the last thing Iran would want to do is give Israel or the United States a smoking gun.  Angry but empty rhetoric earns Tehran popular support, whereas action would jeopardize the regime’s very existence.

The Iranian leadership is no doubt despotic, oppressive, and illegitimate; but it is also, like many dictatorships, tenaciously pragmatic when it comes to holding onto the reigns of power.  The desire for self-preservation is an amazing thing.

Meanwhile, Israel can afford to act unilaterally, and it does so quite regularly and with a great deal of impunity, thanks to Uncle Sam, who acts as a shield to any international response.

This is why dwelling on Iran’s rhetoric as opposed to Israeli action is misleading, but that of course is the essence of war propaganda.

Update I:

Prof. Juan Cole worded it best (h/t Believing Atheist):

Moreover, Iran cannot fight Israel. It would be defeated in 72 hours, even if the US didn’t come in, which it would (and rightly so if Israel were attacked). Iran is separated by several other countries from Israel. It has not attacked aggressively any other country militarily for over a century (can Americans say that of their own record?) It has only a weak, ineffective air force. So why worry about it?

What is really going on here is an old trick of the warmongers. Which is that you equate hurtful statements of your enemy with an actual military threat, and make a weak and vulnerable enemy look like a strong, menacing foe. Then no one can complain when you pounce on the enemy and reduce his country to flames and rubble.

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  • JD

    Yes All Terrorism is Islamic or muslim related….

    Anarchist group may have sent letter bomb: German police

    FRANKFURT (Reuters) – An Italian anarchist group has claimed responsibility for a letter bomb sent to Josef Ackermann, chief executive of Deutsche Bank, and may have sent two more packages, investigators said on Thursday.

    The suspicious envelope, intercepted on Wednesday evening, has raised fears that a wave of protests against the failures and excesses of bankers could turn more violent, and prompted police across Europe to warn banks to be extra vigilant.

    Ackermann, 63, a Swiss who is the first non-German to head Germany’s biggest bank, is one of the few senior managers in the country always surrounded by bodyguards.

    A hidden, rolled-up letter written in Italian from the Federazione Anarchica Informale (the Informal Anarchist Group, or FAI) spoke of “three explosions against bankers, banks, fleas and bloodsuckers,” the German investigators said.

    “So it must be deduced from this that two more letter bombs may have been sent,” the Criminal Investigations Office for the state of Hesse and Frankfurt prosecutors said in a statement.

  • ali

    Slightly off topic, Robert Spencer JUST made an appearance on Sun News, Canada’s verison of FOX news that started up in April. Just a little background, these guys take shots at Islam 24/7. So anyways Rob Spencer and Michael Coren were discussing honor killings, Spencer said 91% of em are done by Muslims and that Islamic law tolerates this (interesting he didn’t bring up a Quran verse or hadith). Now what I got pissed at was on the bottom in said ‘Islamic Scholar’. WTF is this?

  • Believing Atheist

    @ Adam,

    Adam are you serious or is this a joke? I am not Juan Cole. I simply linked to his blog. I get the feeling that you’re pulling my leg. Anyway whatever I am not Juan Cole. I am Bengali and Juan Cole is Hispanic I believe. That’s why I referred to Juan Cole in the third person.

  • Adam

    @Believing Athiest

    I had no idea you were Juan cole. Wow! I love reading your blog, i plan on buying your book too. Love your appearance on the daily show, you are awesome!

    Yous seemed to have altered you r views on Sam harris based on some stuff we posted. If i knew who you were i would not have tried to challenge your statements.

    But the fact you show enough humility to even consider weblinks posted by random commentators like that is awesome.

    And I gotta say, Harris is a biiig asshole. The fact even someone with your credentials did not know about his insane views on muslims and even utering support for fascist parties shows how dangerious he can be, as he can pass off as another legitamate critic of religion. Which is not true. His support of bannign the ground zero mosque(hitchens supported the community center)

    Anyway, your awesome.

  • Believing Atheist; without a doubt! It is most convenient for both Iran and Israel to be ‘enemies’ in public but ‘friends’ in private. As for all this war talk, do you even think one bullet would be fired?! Of course not! The game they all play is far to profitable for anyone to upset the game board doing something that they say they are going to do 😉 It’ll bubble on like this until the situation merits a change of some sort. Maybe Iran will collapse, maybe Israel will have a change of government, but right now this crap (as Al rightly calls it) is sadly here to stay…


  • George Carty


    Actually, the country’s native name was always “Iran” (even back in the Achaemenid era) — “Persia” was an originally-Greek exonym that was for a long time used throughout the Western world.

  • Al

    All of this crap is getting old. We have been at war with eachother for so long-

  • TheBig_T

    @ Blackvenge
    “Iranians were once a hyperborean race that became racially and spiritually tainted by the Quraysh”
    you obvious lack history of the middle east (typical of islamophobe aka nazis)
    1. Quraysh had no contact with PERSIA (not iran)except in manners of trade.
    2. There was no Iran at that time, There was the Sassanian Empire, the biggest rivals to the Byzantines before the Muslims arrived
    3. How did the persians become “racially and spiritually tainted by the Quraysh”, when the muslims liberated Persia they did not impose arabic culture or language on to them, persians still pretty much speak the same language (with some differences over the years)

    so before you come here and comment, i would advise you to get some knowlege on the history of the region (and no wikipedia is a valid source neither is Jihadwatch)

    @ Truthseeker

  • Géji

    It is utterly ridiculous to think this seen before “strategy” will work on anyone. One can only be deranged in the head(for different reasons) to believe that the world can be fooled yet again by so laughably transparent propagandas orchestrated by the same old fools of the past 10yrs, and with the same tactics? how lame. Have they forgot all that happened for the last 10 yeas? But I think it’s obvious to anyone with a half brain to think, that the US of A had long past the state of lunacy, it became a serial killer , an ill destructive force that is in need for a long time now of a straight jacket. When one become a schizophrenic maniac that wants to kill everybody for no apparent reasons, we don’t just let them do so, do we? No, but what we do is medicate them to cool down the aggressiveness, and put them in a straight jacket for a while, until they’re no more threat to themself and the world around them. But the best people to encourage and initiate the treatment of the ill are always the family members, so it’s best if the American people take the first step to heal their nation from mentally diseased serial killers.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    You are obviously a refugee from Pam Geller aka Mrs MacBeth world . Plese just take 5 mins to actually stop reading her blog and watching Fox lies and rejoin the real world . Or try to imagine how the rest of the world sees the USA.
    Please dont take my word for it . Try reading the BBC web site news or other reputable news outlets .
    Its sad to see so much misplaced anger from people brainwashed into believing such hateful lies .
    When they should be angry about the lack of healthcare ,poor education, unemployment, housing , what the banks are up to and a host of other real problems

  • Well I don’t know if there’s a new book explaining “How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet”; but I know that Ahmadinejad certainly did not say Israel should be “wiped off the map”; nor did he even say “wipe the Zionist ideology off the map”. The actual English translation of his words – as pointed out in this recent Washington Post article ( ) – is “The Imam [Ayatollah Khomeini] said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time”.

    The context made it clear that he was saying that: just as the communist regime in the Soviet Union had vanished (without a violent revolution or nuclear destruction); and just as the regime of the Shah of Iran had vanished (without a violent insurrection or nuclear destruction of the country and people of Iran); so must the Zionist regime presently occupying Jerusalem disappear from the page/arena of time – to be replaced by a just government representing all of the Palestinian people equally (whether Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or anyone else).

    Supposing this book actually exists, I imagine the authors meant the same thing – even if their actual choice of words could have been better. Israel as a “Jewish State” must vanish “from the planet” in order to be replaced by a government representing all Palestinian people.

    Whether or not one agrees with the sentiment, it’s certainly quite a bit different than what Ahmadinejad is commonly thought to have advocated.

  • Believing Atheist

    Iran and Israel like to pretend that they hate each other and want to wipe each other off the map. But in secret they were business partners and have a history of supplying each other with necessary goods. Iran gave Israel oil and in return Israel gave Iran arms.
    Here is what Juan Cole has to say about the relationship:

    “But, by the way, Khomeini sold oil to Israel, and Israel sold him weapons and spare parts, and put the Reagan administration up to doing the same thing. You will note that when Khomeini originally made the statement about the occupation regime over Jerusalem vanishing from the page of time, that was not front page news. In fact, secret Israeli arms shipments were arriving in Tehran as Khomeini was speaking. So whatever is going on now is not about the rhetoric, is it?”

    Furthermore as Juan Cole speculates Israel will destroy Iran in 72 hours if attacked (without U.S. intervention), so Iran knows better than to attack Israel:

    “Moreover, Iran cannot fight Israel. It would be defeated in 72 hours, even if the US didn’t come in, which it would (and rightly so if Israel were attacked). Iran is separated by several other countries from Israel. It has not attacked aggressively any other country militarily for over a century (can Americans say that of their own record?) It has only a weak, ineffective air force. So why worry about it?”

  • Crow

    LOL!!! how many times do you see this effing Islamaphobes advocate bombing a Muslim countrying back to the stone age? of course to them this fine because they are so much superior to the Muslims ( look at the mental midgets lawrance aka lie teller and black venge to see this “superiority”). Also avigdor lieberman advocated nuking Gaza and nutanyahu is constantly threatening and being aggresive to other countries. fat bob is not only a hypocrite but a nazi hypocrite.

  • From the top JD:

    “We can site example after example of those Muslims who obviously entered the military purposely to do harm to American soldiers and quite possibly to be spies.”

    Please site ‘example after example’ of Muslims entering the military specifically to spy/harm. Yes, there is the Major who shot a load of people and another guy who was involved in some plot, if we take those two then you have two examples. I’d argue that neither entered the military with the intention to do what they did but I’ll let that slide for you. But you’d have to do better than that if you want to make such a sweeping claim, so do it.

    “If you all have forgotten we are at war with the radical Islamists all over the world”

    Only in your mind, there are 1.57 billion of us you know and I’m quite sure ‘you’ are not at war with ‘us’.

    “Check out what happened in Dearborn, Mich., when the Muslims took over.”

    Pray tell us, what happened? I was unaware that ‘we’ had taken over Dearborn… I’m quite sure it is still part of the USA!

    As for the rest of your statement, I have no idea what you are going on about. Are you sure this is on the correct thread?


  • Sam Seed

    @How Islam Created the modern World

    “As Ahmedinejad himself explained, when he says ‘wipe israel off the map’ he means to say, it will go from the map”.

    Ahmedinejad certainly didn’t utter those words, in the Persian transcript it reads ‘wipe the Zionist ideology off the map’, let’s be honest here. Of course the Zionists will always say something else.

    Truth Seeker and Black Venge have been bitten by a posinous Muslim snake.

  • JD

    Rep. Rick Womick needs to apologize to no one! And he definitely does not need to resign. We can site example after example of those Muslims who obviously entered the military purposely to do harm to American soldiers and quite possibly to be spies.

    If you all have forgotten we are at war with the radical Islamists all over the world … We are not fighting the Catholics or the Baptists or any other religion, but we are fighting radical Islamists who just happens to all be Muslim. Is there a connection of sorts? Check out what happened in Dearborn, Mich., when the Muslims took over.

    We are tired of the slanted and liberal left wing bias and name calling that the local DNJ feeds us. We are thinking for ourselves and are getting our information from the Internet and other news sources where balanced facts and balanced reporting can be found.

    As for the other letter writers who also have continued the same character assassinations seem to have all gone to the same school because they all use and speak the same language and they appear to have used the same liberal left playbook.

    Why should our county even be trying to “lure foreign” corporations? All we need is a huge influx of foreigners that don’t want to follow the laws of the land and who don’t want to assimilate into our culture. They are not going to create any jobs for local people. Why not make it attractive to the local small businesses that are already here. If the city of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County would give all the local small businesses as many tax breaks and considerations as they have done to the huge corporations we wouldn’t have to “lure” anybody in. After all it is the local small business that creates most of the local jobs and makes the local economy boom. The small local business is being taxed and regulated to death.

    The Rutherford County Commission has already “jeopardized” their reputation by not following standard procedure when it came to approving the mosque. One wonders what influences were used to cause some people to look the other way when it came to approving that permit.

    Once again, Rick Womick needs to apologize to no one.

    Leah Jaeger

    River Oaks Drive

  • Mr Venge, does that statement make any sense or are these magic words not to be known by mere mortals like I? I believe that ‘hyperboreans’ are creatures of legend and I have absolutely no idea where the Quraysh comes in… do mind control poisons feature again? That was the funniest one…


  • JD

    The Wednesday, Nov. 16, opinion page carried the editorial headline “GOP silence Womick will speak volumes.”

    In your view, which was written by an unnamed “consensus of the … Editorial Board,” the writer takes offense of Mr. Womick’s comments about Muslim veterans and current Muslim soldiers. You recklessly quip “to imply that all Muslim American are threats and unfit to serve in the U.S. military is just wrong.”

    However, DNJ Editorial Board, you are wrong! Mr. Womick rightly called a spade a spade when he said “devout” Muslims are commanded to kill. He did not imply that ALL Muslim Americans are threats. He didn’t imply anything. (Editor’s note:In an interview with The DNJ, Womick said: “The only solution I see is that they (Muslims) not be allowed in the military.”)

    The DNJ Editorial Board is near-sighted, possibly blind, by the obvious. Religious liberty is a wonderful thing and I enjoy my religious services each week. But no time in 43 years of my life have I ever been encouraged by my congregation or minister to kill people of other faiths. Man has a free choice. It is not our right to kill those who do not convert to our religion. Nor should it be the right of a Muslim to kill those who do not convert to the Muslim religion.

    I am just thankful we have a representative who also is kind, friendly, and bold as well to speak the truth. While the DNJ Editorial Board wishes in orgasmic hope for a politician who is politically correct, I smile and am thankful for Mr. Womick. To label his remarks extremist, as your article did, is childish name calling and pathetic.

    Thankfully Mr. Womick doesn’t serve the DNJ Editorial Board’s every whim and whimper. Carry on, Mr. Womick!

    Doug Dumpert

    Verde Court

  • JD

    LETTER: Let’s support Womick’s call for banning Muslims from serving in our military

    Regarding the story entitled “Muslims call for rebuke of Womick” (DNJ, Nov. 13).

    The Muslims’ call for rebuke of Rep. Rick Womick comes from their cultural heritage which lacks respect for the pledges which are fundamental of representative government. The first of which is a pledge by all government representatives and military personnel to uphold and defend the United States Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. For military personnel, the pledge is at risk of their lives.

    The Muslims’ first pledge is to Shariah law. All other authority is subordinate to Shariah law. Therefore Muslims cannot be allowed to defend our country because it is not their highest authority.

    All participants in the bombing of New York’s Twin towers were Muslims. They not only risked their lives but intentionally gave their lives for their humanly misguided cause.

    For Dr. Saleh Sbenaty of MTSU to demand impeachment of Rep. Womick for calling for removal of Muslims from the military is to leave our military at unnecessary risk. Let’s support Rep. Womick with a common sense selection of those trusting and willing to risk their lives for the right cause and exclusion of those even possibly not committed to the right cause but possibly committed to our enemies.

    Marshall Boates

    Stone Meadow Drive

  • Just Stopping By

    Danios is absolutely right: publications like these should be condemned no matter what country they come from. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • Black Venge

    Iranians were once a hyperborean race that became racially and spiritually tainted by the Quraysh

  • mindy1

    I will condem the Israeli publications-considering the history of Israel, they should be the LAST ones to advocate genocide. 🙁

  • With the Quran as guidance for Muslims and Mohammad as the perfect role model,they do not need any other book to misguide the already misguided people.They have to settle their own scores first.Recently 68 Shias were killed in Afghanistan by the Sunni group of Pakistan.Like wise the Shias kill the Sunnis in revenge.They have got to finish one another first before they could concentrate about Israel.The Sunni Arabs want to destroy Iran first because they consider the Shia as despicable Kafirs.On the other hand Iran wants the Sunnis to join them against Israel and take their eyes off Shia Iran.Islam is nothing but politics and war mongering.

  • Excellent post Danios,

    It should be mentioned that even if the Iranian students said “eliminate Israel from the map”, that is not a call for genocide. A call for genocide would be drop a bomb (US style) over Israel. Since we havn’t seen the original we can safely assume Spencer and co. lied about that as he is a proven liar.

    As Ahmedinejad himself explained, when he says ‘wipe israel off the map’ he means to say, it will go from the map. This is not an endorsement of him though and his silly exploiting of a legitimate cause. Frankly the Palestinians don’t need friends like this. There is no reason why he should use the legitimate cause of the Palestinians to call for Israel to disappear even if he doesn’t support genocide. He probably does it because he enjoys taunting, and the power it gives him. but it also gives the Zionist fanatics a weapon to use against the Palestinians. They are already looking for something or someone like this to exploit for their own advantage, and to deny the Palestinians a state.

    Another hypocricy here, about Spencer’s ilk, is that they need Hamas and Hezbollah, though they pretend to present them as something abhorrent, the truth is they are their opposite numbers, but because they’re in the US they cannot openly do or support genocide. They do it subtley though.

    Note that after President Obama eliminated Awlaki, there was an uneasy silence from these hate mongers. Pamela Geller even complained and asked aloud why Obama was killing jihadis whilst ‘helping spread’ what she terms ‘stealth jihad’.

    Yes. Indeed it is a hypocricy of the highest order. Just a pathetic attempt to drum up support for war against Iran.

  • Safak

    Its 2002 all over again. I think if I was Iran, I would do my best to acquire a nuclear weapon to deter Israel and the US from attacking. Iranian leadership may be a lot of things, but lets not get distracted here. The only reason why the entire world believes Iran is a threat is because they dared to crticisize Israel. Now Turkey has done the same, and the world is re-looking at Turkey as a country that may be taken over by the “Islamists” even though there is absolutely no indication of anything of the sort. Meanwhile, neither Turkey nor Iran has ever attacked Israel, but both have been attacked by Israel. THAT is double-standard… I suppose when they’re done with Iran, we (Turkish people) are next.

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