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NFL Team is on the Verge of Sharia Compliance!

After people heard that the owner and coach were replaced by a Pakastini-born Muslim and an African American, there was an uproar of Islamophobic and racist comments. If we want this country to prosper once again, we need to grow up, but when we allow comments like this to filter in, my hope diminishes:

“I wonder if Khan has any friends who are terrorists?,” asks forgotten man on “Rush Limbaugh was not allowed to buy into the Rams, but a Muslim from Pakistan can buy the Jaguars. Go figure.”

Fanning The Flames: New Jacksonville Jaguars Owner’s Muslim Faith Stirs Stupidity

[Jacksonville, FL] Last week, it was announced that the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team had been sold to super-successful Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. The deal was reported to be worth $760 million and includes a somewhat controversial first for the league.

Khan is a Pakistani-born Muslim, and will be the first of his faith to own a National Football League team. NFL team ownership is considered to be the ultimate trophy for American billionaires.

The sale is not 100% final, however, it still has to get approval from the league and the other owners, but Khan has had an ongoing relationship with the league for ten years so it seems a sure thing.

The Muslim-American community, which has been under attack since 9-11, no doubt sees Khan’s ownership as a sign that America is moving in the right direction, despite a vocal minority hell bent on demonizing all Muslims.

“He is the first … shows how American Muslims are integrating,” said Hassan Shibly, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American Islam Relations.

The Jacksonville Jaguars press release talking up the sale didn’t mention the fact that Khan was Muslim. That was probably a good thing – on the same day the sale was announced, it was also revealed that long-time head coach Jack Del Rio had been fired and assistant coach Mel Tucker – an African-American – would be taking over.

This year, the Jacksonville Jaguars have made a bigger impact in the news than on the field

This year, the Jacksonville Jaguars have made a bigger impact in the news than on the field

For redneck racist types – and in North Florida there are more than a few – the fact that the white owner and white coach of their hometown NFL franchise were replaced by a Pakistani-born Muslim and a black guy was just too much to take, especially in ONE DAY.

This Jaguars ownership change could be the final straw that sends Confederate flag flyers fleeing pro football for the warm, white blanket of NASCAR.

Just last year, members of the Jacksonville City Council jumped on the Muslim hate train in what was described as a huge embarrassment for the region. Parvez Ahmed – a University of North Florida professor, Fulbright Scholar and Muslim – had his Human Rights Commission nomination sent back to the Rules Committee because of “constituent concerns.”

It had already been approved, mind you. But that was before the Islamophobes in the ACT! For America organization made a bunch of noise and the spineless jellyfish on the city council caved to their concerns.

Almost on cue, conservative news sites were rife with ugly comments about Khan’s big play.

“I wonder if Khan has any friends who are terrorists?,” asks forgotten man on “Rush Limbaugh was not allowed to buy into the Rams, but a Muslim from Pakistan can buy the Jaguars. Go figure.”

Forgotten man must have forgotten that Limbaugh has made multiple controversial racist remarks about black athletes over the years and that many players indicated that they would not play for Limbaugh’s team if he was even a part owner.

Khan just happens to have a religion in common with some people who have committed terrorist acts in the name of their god. The same could be said about any of the major religions.

When CNN ran the story, the comments sections was literally boiling over with stupidity, hate and a bit of Star Trek movie related humor (1982′s Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan features Captain Kirk famously yelling “KHAAANNNN!,” a familiar refrain in the comments section).

The awful stuff was counteracted by some progressive Jags/NFL fans protective of their city/league and of the new owner.

On CNN, Terri surmised, “That is how the Pakistani’s will get even with the United States. They plan to buy the NFL, one team at a time, and move it to Pakistan.”

Also on CNN, someone calling themselves Pakastani [sic] wrote, “The name of the new team will be the Jacksonville Jihadis. Expect the cheerleaders to show some ankle during games!”

DisgustedNY was concerned that, “Now you have some guy who grew up in Pakistan dictating what happens with an American tradition.”

But they weren’t all an embarrassment to America’s melting pot philosophy. JaxFan noted the political ramifications of Khan’s ownership, saying that, “The level of religious ignorance and intolerance represented in some of the city’s supposed leaders will make it absolutely hilarious to see those same anti-gay, anti-Muslim religious righties having to kiss the butt of a Muslim who now holds the keys to the Jaguars and their possible relocation.”

The Jacksonville community loves their team (and t-shirt cannons)

The Jacksonville community loves their team (and t-shirt cannons)

“I think any comments challenging the prospective buyer’s ‘credentials’ as an American are immature,” offered Jeremy. “The guy has been here 40+ years, went to school for engineering here (actually did a degree that is USEFUL), worked for an American company, started his own American company (notice from the link posted above, that ALL the factories for his company are in the US?), and finally has had a dream of buying an NFL team.”

“America was founded based on principles of freedom of religion,” continued Jeremy. “I say let him take the team and see what he can do with it!”

Things were about the same on Yahoo! News … Mac offered: “A new way to launder money to the terrorists. Wonderful.” And from John: “Sold to Islamic Terrorist from Pakistan.”

Jake was downright racist in saying that, “schweet! sell them to a Sand Monkey.” And from Thomas: “I think he got the money to buy the team by tipping off where Bin Laden was hiding.”

DEF appeared to be a buoy of reason in a sea of hate and stupidity, analyzing that, “As a 20-year resident of Jacksonville, I can say that this is the most conservative bible belt town I have ever lived in. It has a huge redneck/conservative Christian base not to mention that many of them have their predisposed prejudices against Muslims.”

“This new owner … has a great opportunity to change Jacksonville for the better,” he said.

Although DEF cautions Khan – and he makes a good point in doing so that if Khan moves the team from Jacksonville (as has been widely speculated) that he, “could certainly see many in Jacksonville reacting by building a much deeper hatred for Muslims. … It could get ugly.”

I think you mean uglier.

By: Mark Christopher/Sunshine Slate


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  • Black Infidel

    I can’t wait to get the hell out of New Jersey.

  • Black Infidel

    @eslaporte: New Jersey is also third world. I live in New Jersey and it is way worse than Florida. New Jersey is a CESSPOOL.

  • Farlowe

    Here is a REAL football player. Headgear is for wimps. 🙂
    Hazem El Masri (a muslim) is a true champion.

  • Sir David, I think you grossly overprice Sunderland AFC…

    Anyway, I’m more than a little with Black Infidel here; the tribal nature of some ‘fans’ is amazing! Remember the riots in Canada (I believe) after that hockey match? Yet of course only we Muslims get ‘passionate’ and riot over stupid things!

    The moving and subsidizing of teams is also quite horrible in the US. These are commercial enterprises, are we not told day in day out that a failing company should sink? Why the special rules exist for sports teams (who will just pack up and leave anyway) I don’t know but the grants (read bribes) for stadiums and whatnot if a team stays/moves to a certain area are appalling.

    It’s just not cricket! Rant over.


  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    naw how about the Cincinnati Bengals 😉

  • Yusuf

    @Safak, American Football is the greatest sport ever invented. I like soccer, I like Basketball, I’ll tolerate baseball and hockey, but nothing is as good as Football.

  • Yusuf

    He said or the former owner said he wasn’t going to move the team, which is grounds to not approve this sale. Jacksonville is a horrible NFL city and doesn’t deserve or properly support the team. They need to move to LA! I’m not from LA but it is a logical move. Other than that I can’t see why he shouldn’t own the team.

  • Abu

    I thought there already was a pakistani team, the Green Bay Pakis? no, i apologise now 😀

  • CSD

    The NFL in Florida. Owned by them Cubans, Jews and Muslims oh my…

  • CSD

    If minority ownership of NFL teams in Florida bothers the Florida rednecks the axle of evil is almost complete. The other two NFL teams in Florida beat the Jaguars to minority ownership.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Good point Nav . He could buy Newcastle United !
    Cost about £100million Sell out 50,000+ crowds invest £100 million in players ;Sorted and still have $400 million left . We play in Black and white as well
    For £2.53p he could buy Sunderland AFC but thats another story.

  • Safak

    Who cares about American football, its only watched in the US. He should have bought a soccer team instead…

  • Fouad Ali

    I’d move the team to what ever town would kiss my ass the most out of spite.

  • Amago,

    Sorry about that typo in my last comment. I need to read over things more carefully.

  • Amago,

    How long until Pamela Geller Chimes in and bashes Khan fro being a Muslim?

  • Actually, this team had some trouble selling tickets even as it was a winning team in the late 1990’s.

    Jacksonville has a large black population and I do remember that it’s quite tolerant. It seems to me that Tampa and Tallahassee were more conservative. Tallahassee comes across as more of a upper-cut redneck town than Jacksonville outside of the university and student areas. Go to Brooksville or Lakeland outside of Tampa and Orlando for real rednecks! Outside tourist areas, it’s a different world.

    BTW – Florida native-rednecks are usually refered to as “crackers.”

    Florida itself is not like the rest of America and is more like a thrid world country with a lot of old people, “snowbirds,” and rednecks all in the same towns.

  • Nav

    Bad move by Mr Khan. He should have invested in a REAL football (soccer) team in Europe!

  • Crow

    Pffft…good old fascist republic and their god rush lardbaugh. They’re just mad because a Muslim and an African- American were more sucessful than they are, but the ill-educated rednecks should get used to it, because it’s going to keep happening.

  • Black Infidel

    I hate sports with a burning passion. Sport fans in the US might become similar to those Nazi soccer hooligans that Ross Kemp did a documentary on.

    I looked up that Mel Tucker guy on Wikipedia. I says nothing about him being Muslim. North Florida must have some 1940’s mentality.

  • Oh – I soooooooo happy!

    I used to be a B-I-G Jags fan back down in Florida – but this team really sucks lately!

    Hope he can turn things around…

    I’ll still perfer hockey, but would watch the Jags again…

  • TheBig_T

    half the comments on Yahoo! news sounds like this

  • mindy1

    NASCAR 😳

  • ali

    Well it doesn’t matter to me I hate the jaguars.

  • Al

    Oh noes! the Jacksonville Jihadis! lol

  • mindy1

    “Warm white blanket of nacar” 😆 I wish him luck. I don’t even care about football, puts me to sleep.

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