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WordPress Removes Hate Blog, BareNakedIslam

We don’t not support censorship unlike the hypocrites in the Islamophobesphere who for instance advocate bans on the Qur’an. However, when you cross the line into open calls for genocide and violence against another group of people you have entered very murky water. WordPress for instance has guidelines against such things and that is the reason the genocidal hate site BareNakedIslam was pulled down, they violated WordPress’ guidelines. Now they are crying victim and martyrdom for Free Speech, something they want to strip away from Muslims. Expect Robert Spencer to come to their aid once again.

WordPress Removes Hate Blog

by , Islamic Examiner

A hate site hosted on has been pulled down by the popular blog host, reported CAIR yesterday.

The vicious blog had hitherto featured a number of violent threats against mosques and Muslim American citizens, including the words “I want (Muslim) blood on my hands!”

WordPress took notice that the Islamophobic site violated a number of its stipulated terms of service, including blogs that “contain threats or incite violence towards indiviudals or entities” and took appropriate action.

Last year, a similar blog was taken down by WordPress that shamelessly advocated burning mosques, calling in fake bomb threats implicating Muslims, desecrating Muslim cemeteries, and recommending “the proper way to shoot a Muslim.”

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  • Alyeth

    what a load of bolloks

  • Alyeth


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  • christian-friend

    @Wendy is trolling;

    (8)they see me trolling,they hatin..(8)

    and lacks originality

  • Stuart Parsons

    Reference the oppression by Islam of those of other religions

    For an exammple enter ‘Bulletin of the oppression of Christian women’ into your search engine.

  • Wendy

    So glad BNI is back up. Look at the atrocities muslims cause every day all over the world. They kill christians and jews, because they will not convert. When was the last time you heard of a westerner going to a muslim country and blowing us islamists??? NEVER.. they come to Western countries, and DEMAND everything fits in with THEIR cult/islam, they regularly hold rallies in our country, demanding sharia law, and say that if we do not convert, death is the only answer. They mutilate little girls sexually, they also find it quite acceptable to take on more than one wife, most under age. The DO NOT assimilate, their koran forbids this. They are ‘allowed’ according to their koran, to tell outright lies to gain the upper hand on us..this is all documented in the koran. Women are considered on the same level as livestock and dogs, THE KORAN TELLS US SO. Death to INFIDELS- THE KORAN TELLS US SO…

    This ideology is demeaning, cruel, sexually exploitive, demanding, male dominated, and filthy. The koran tells men, they can have sex with goats, but they cannot use the meat or milk of this goat once the act has been performed, but they CAN, give the meat and milk to a neighbour..this IS written in the koran.

    I have read and studied this book, and all the hadiths etc and bits and pieces that go with it. This book is based on male dominance, war, possession, sexuality, murder, women stealing for sexual pleasure, just to name some of the wonderful subjects on offer.

    The bible is not perfect either, but we- living in the Western world, do not follow all of the outdated beliefs in it, and do not live by every word said in its contents. We have become ‘realistic’ if you will. In islam, muslims follow that book with their life- still. People have been killed for running down this book, women have been killed for walking next to a man….AND SOME OF YOU HERE HATE WHAT HAS BEEN SAID ON BNI SITE? Look at video’s- graphic, YES, And why is that? Because that is how muslims roll my friends!…Sit back in your comfy homes, and say we are all being islamaphobes…I bet many did that through WW2, and now regret it!

    These muslims are coming to our countries in boats and in droves. They bring their beliefs, and traditions with them , the very beliefs and traditions that cause the wars that made them flee their countries, straight to our countries..they have to be stopped carrying on these traditons and beliefs, or our countries will be the next to be taken over by these nutcases. Take a look in New York..the muslims are now spewing out into the streets and blocking the roads to pray 5 times a day! They keep having more and more kids, to add to the numbers and now the mosques are over filled! Some areas in Australia, even the police will not go to, for genuine fear of the neighbourhood, which has become totally muslim…and when you have idiots/imams on TV, telling us, (Yelling at us actually as they do) that we WILL become a sharia law abiding country, it makes my blood boil!

    If we went to an islamic country, we would follow their rules or face death. islamists hate freedom. But they are very quick to demand their freedom of speech to push this cult as far as they can…wake up world, before you have muslims praying in your street, praying to allah to give them strength to convert all of us infidels to muslims…not in MY lifetime…!

    BNI is a site that is TRYING to show the world what is happening. These muslims are engulfing our countries so fast, and have an absolute refusal to mix with anyone other than muslims. The men feel any woman uncovered is fair game to them. And we are allowing them into our country. The main stream media does not show some of the video’s BNI has on the site. Do you think these clips are fake, because our local TV channel does not show them? No way. It is just too much of a headache for the Government to face…our oil is contolled by islamists…need I say anymore?…

    Sorry if some of the clips on BNI make you feel sick…and they should. Because THIS is what islam is doing all over the world. Don’t turn away…DO SOMETHING, before it is too late, before sharai creeps into YOUR home….

  • Susanna


    What persecution in Muslim communities are you talking about? I don’t see hordes of Christians burning a mosques and gunning down worshipers as they flee. I don’t see groups of Christians in cars running down innocent Muslims in the streets when they protest. I don’t see groups of Christians burning Muslim homes and destroying their property just because they are Muslims. If there are isolated incidence they are far and few between, but all over the Muslim world this is a daily experience for Christian minorities. I sympathize with anyone who has faced harm, but attacks on Muslims in this country is far less than attacks on even Jews. Your statements are far from correct and are slanted, because this is not a country that advocates violence towards one another.What may foster resentment towards Muslims is the constant victimhood stance that plays out in the Islamophobia arena, the push for sharia and the ineffective speaking out about what is going on in Muslim countries towards Christians and Jews. Yes, there are some who do speak out but as a community I have yet to see it.

    As to your statement that sharia can be amended at time with the changing world. I think not.Youcef al- Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed this reality in that sharia promoting organizations online forum ( that is, it is the concensus of the four schools of jurisprudence): THE SHARIA CANNOT BE AMENDED TO CONFORM TO CHANGING HUMAN VALUES AND STANDARDS. RATHER, IT IS THE ABSOLUTE TO WHICH ALL HUMAN VALUES AND CONDUCT MUST CONFORM. Sir, I take that to mean even non Muslims.

    I am not a bigot or an islamophobe. I am Islam-aware. To me there is a bit of paranoia that seeks to find any little slight towards Muslims, islamophobic. What say you?

  • Géji

    Susanna, I’ll first ask you to focus your energy in combating the prejudices and persecutions the Muslim community in your own country are facing today, from politicians bigoted and divisive statements towards them, to media bigotry first and foremost Fox “News, to burning Mosques and the objections to build them, to stabbing Muslims on the street just for being Muslim. Thus, if you’re so concern as you’re claiming about the persecutions of minorities by majorities, then start with your own country and your own fellow citizens in objecting the open bigotry directed towards your own minority communities, mainly since 9/11 your fellow American Muslim citizens, they’re the ones who need you right more than anyone else, and let the Egyptians handle their own problems the same way. And you must take into consideration that since it was the previous regime that had most to gain from sectarian divisions and violence, a democratic Egypt cannot afford this, especially since the world eyes as you yourself pointed out, will not only be on them from now on, but will also test them on their ability to deal with those issue thus proving their democratic capabilities. You also have to take into consideration that since both Copt and Muslim Egyptians were under secular dictatorship for decades which oppressed both groups for so long, the road for Change will be bumpy. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, well that should perfectly apply for the “Arab Spring”.

    And BTW Shariah has always been the source of laws in Egypt even under the secular autocratic regimes of Mubarak and its predecessors. But since Shariah its interpreted differently under the 5 schools of Islamic thought: Hanbali, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanafi; and the Shiite school, Ja’fari, therefore proving not being subject to stand-stills and can be interpreted in different ways, it can always be reformed at anytime to adjust the changing world, and can be as such incorporated in any system of laws according to the needs of the people and whatever situations they’re living in. So you Ms Susanna don’t need to “worry” for Egypt even if they decide to incorporate aspect of Shariah in their new constitution, Egypt follows the Hanafi school of Islamic thought which is the most liberal and the most focused on reason and analogy, so let the Egyptians decide for their own future( Insh-Allah )…………..Peace

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    So will you come back and admit you were wrong Susanna ?

  • Susanna


    These occurred during the initial uprising. Let’s see what happens once the Muslim Brotherhood reigns and implements Sharia law as its basis for government. It’s already happening, after Mubarak was ousted. We will have to wait and see.

  • Susanna, as per ususal you judge both me and my 1.57 billion co-coreligionists based not on fact but on your own prejudice. I myself have spoken out against what happens to the Copts, many others doe. Muhammad himself even gave orders that Copts be protected during the eventual Muslim conquest of Egypt. Muslims also remember the fact that a Christian King sheltered the young Muslim community from persecution during the early years. And again, as you say, Copts and other minorities have been in Muslim countries since the beginning. Case point, if we really really really really really really wanted rid of them then we have had 1400 years to do it.

    It is also interesting to note that the conditions for Copts were comparable to the conditions for any other minority anywhere in the world for a long time but only really started to deteriorate when the Free Officers Movement took control in the 1950’s. These days it is largely ‘Salfist’ groups, and a very small number of them, the same faces each time. As Ilisha points out, most Egyptians don’t take part in the violence, most Copts are generally fine and stable in Egypt. It is only certain people outside Egypt who play on it for political points.

    As for the Jewish refugees, it was bad but what was to be expected? I think that the ‘Zionist’ moment wanting to create Israel wanted it to happen, indeed many governments supported it as they thought it was right that Jews should live separate from everyone else. Zionist groups deliberately stirred the pot many times to get what they wanted, even collaborating with Nazi groups, read about the Haavara Agreement. Indeed, Israel was great for Mr Hitler; it let him get rid of ‘the Jews’ and said Jews would in turn be armed and used to destabilize the British near the vital Suez Canal area. All if this I went through in a previous post that you never replied to, so we will take it as you accept this.

    The thing is that these ‘refugees’ got a country. The half million or so Arabs who were evicted from Israel are still in camps a generation later.

    But what is done is done, now we must live with it to achieve peace. What says you?


  • Ilisha


    “The Coptic persecution in Egypt continues while you and others do not speak up about their plight.

    It’s certainly not true that we don’t speak out about the plight of religious minorities, including Christians in Muslim-majority countries. We have done so consistently, and I have personally written quite a few comments on the subject this week.

    We also recently published an article condemning the Christmas Day bombing in Nigeria:

    Here are some videos that show a different side of interfaith relations in Egypt:

    Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers in Tahrir Square – Egypt

    Muslims protecting Christians, people of both faiths express solidarity: Sunday Mass Coptic Chrisitian and Muslims in Tahrir Square.- Egypt

    Faiths united in Cairo demonstrations

  • Susanna


    Yes, populations are always in flux especially when they are persecuted and flee. As with the Jews in “predominately” Muslim countries, so has Christians fled the persecutions in their countries of origin. The Coptic persecution in Egypt continues while you and others do not speak up about their plight. Just so you know, Copts, while many have fled, will not leave Egypt, as they were there from the 5th century, long before Islam entered the scene. Below is an excerpt from an article about the Jewish refugees, little heard about or considered.

    The Arab League rejection of the 1947 Partition Plan and its war against the new born state of Israel was responsible not only for the estimated 550,000 Palestinian refugees but also for the some 1,000,000 Jewish refugees who were driven out of Arab countries after their property and assets were sequestered. In 1945, there were more than 870,000 Jews living in the various Arab states. Many of their communities dated back 2,500 years. Throughout 1947 and 1948 these Jews were persecuted. Their property and belongings were confiscated. There were anti-Jewish riots in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq.

  • Géji

    Susanna, I’ve forgot to answer your last point where you’ve implied that there are “few” “Christian” nations in the Middle-East, there are no “Christian” nation in the Middle-East, or anywhere else for that matter, not one. And there are no “Islamic” nations as well. There are only Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindus, Buddhist “majority” nations that’s all.

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