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Eric Allen Bell Defects to JihadWatch Twilight Zone: Islamophobic Diarist Dumped by Daily Kos

Eric Allen Bell, the loon, has been dumped by Daily Kos for being a bigot.  Good riddance.

What many have suspected seems to have happened, birds of a feather flock together.

If you sound like a bigot, write like a bigot, argue like a bigot, then you’re a bigot… he started sounding more and more like Robert Spencer and sure enough now they’re reposting each other for validation.

Damn you Kossacks, Eric Allen Bell is miffed

by LaFeminista

After three diaries of mounting Islamophobia Eric was finally dumped, what a shame I here you all cry.

Now I hardly feel the need to friend him on  facebook but I might as well copy his whine here

Eric Allen Bell
Daily Kos has removed me as a writer. Apparently appealing to people’s humanity and asking if we can take a stand on human rights is not a value that DKOS holds as dear as compromise and commercialization. The liberal class in America IS NOT an effective voice of dissent. Either you are radical or you just don’t care. The middle ground is a waiting room for cowards.

Sorry Eric, you were not removed as a writer, but because you sounded just like Pamela Geller.

You mount a typical defense used by bigots everywhere, “I’m just telling the truth”.

You then proceed to lump every Muslim under a violent, bloodthirsty and bigoted banner, you even stooped to the “they are mere savages” argument.

You were not banned for speaking the truth.

You were banned because you are a bigot, sorry but it really is as simple as that.

Good riddance I say.

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  • Believing Atheist

    I’ve also noticed that Bell is driven by ignorance and not driven by malice. He linked suicide bombings to Islam but as I pointed out in another thread, suicide is prohibited in Islam.

    There is still time that we can change his mindset with a reasonable discussion about the history and theology of Islam. He will come to know that Islam actually had a less bloody history than Christianity and if read within context is actually not that bad, but rather quite progressive for its time.

    I think we can save him and then there will be one last Islamophobe in the world.

    Btw. I corrected my mistake in calling Muslims a religion to a relgious group in the subsequent post. I actually meant religious group but accidently typed religion.

    And if you guys believe Muslims and their allies is an Islamophobic term I won’t use it anymore.

    This is the last comment I will make on this thread.

  • Hajj Dawud

    Danios Says: @ Believing Atheist:

    Can you please stop spamming this thread?

    Thank you.

  • iangould

    “Eric Allen Bell should stay here and discuss his views with us because unlike Robert Spencer and jihadwatchers he has not yet taken the next logical next step which is to support the forced deportation and genocide of Muslims. We can explain what jihadwatch and like minded sites are about to Eric Bell because right now he’s only getting one side of the story. We can also discuss his views on Islam.”

    So jews should enagge with anti-Semites provided they don’t actually advocate physically exterminating us?

    African-Americans should engage with white supremacists who don’t actually advocate their forcible deportataion back to Africa?

  • Hajj Dawud

    Christianity was reformed by criticism.

    Christianity was reformed by renouncing Rome.

  • Hajj Dawud

    @Ilisha: You posted this link to DailyKos (Kos’) FAQ on his “content” policies and what will not be acceptable (on pain of banishment) on his forums. As a forum owner myself, with firm standards for welcome discussion on more than one, I recommend that anyone seriously intent on fostering and facilitating fruitful or action-oriented discussion beneficial to humanity (as contrasted with disingenuous contention corrosive to human nature) develop and implement ~ with an unmistakably iron hand ~ such standards.

    My standards demand civil manners, integrity, veracity, fidelity, and mutual respect and consideration, and banish pretense, fraudulent representation, hostile or disingenuous insinuation, conflictory subtext, and dishonesty of any kind including irremediable self-deception.

    Within those parameters, a relatively small group of well-informed, seasoned professionals, fully engaged in today’s omnibus conflicts with comprehensive perspectives on their personal devotion to every major party (except Christian zionists), have remained in continuous and amicable discussion for over ten years. Muslims, Zionists, Tikkunists, “new school” Evangelicals, and others, all hardcore “soldiers” of their respective parties, are able to discuss ongoing warfare on all levels without bringing the fighting to the table. During those ten years, we have seen a Calvinist militant and two extreme pacifists leave the table, and banished half a dozen others for various treacheries against the purposes of the forums.

    LoonWatch appears to have no such articulated standards for participation, whether absolute and comprehensive like mine, or flexible and personal like Kos’. Have I missed seeing a link to a page at LoonWatch analogous to Kos’ FAQ page that includes his wishes? Such a page would be very helpful, at least for me.

  • mp11


    I understand where you’re coming from. I think my point was that Bell’s opnions -the little ive read- seemed to be based more on ignorance than hatred (Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Hugh Fitzgerald). Has Bell really read Spencer, fitzgerald and Jihadwatch? Has he read Geller? Does he know that many jwatch critics like myself are routinely banned at jwatch?

    Then again, I havent read all or most of Bell’s stuff. It may also be that things have gotten so bad that people who dont necessarily want to kill all Muslims are looking salvageable to me, when compared to the average jwatcher.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    @Eric Allen Bell,

    You Wrote

    “I would respond, but Danios deletes everything I say so that you will think I am in hiding or something. If this comment actually gets posted I will follow it up with some reasoned, rational responses which do not include hate speech – which is something I never involve myself in.”

    Than why hasn’t he deleted what you just wrote? Its still here.

  • Danios

    @ mp11:

    I have very little interest in Eric Allen Bell. I don’t care if he becomes a jihadwatcher. In fact, he is already one. Robert Spencer speaks highly of him, and they both reproduce each other’s work.

    There are hundreds of Eric Allen Bells out there. The only reason I ever mentioned him on this site was because he used to post at the Daily Kos. Now that he doesn’t any more, he has no relevance to me and is just a dime-a-dozen Islamophobe.

  • mp11

    Eric Allen Bell should stay here and discuss his views with us because unlike Robert Spencer and jihadwatchers he has not yet taken the next logical next step which is to support the forced deportation and genocide of Muslims. We can explain what jihadwatch and like minded sites are about to Eric Bell because right now he’s only getting one side of the story. We can also discuss his views on Islam.

    It is important that we talk to these guys before they become full-fledged jihadwatchers.

  • Isa

    I don’t think he is baffled by the DailyKos’s decision at all, but is merely feigning ignorance. He seriously believes that even though he claims, “Muhammad was worse than Osama Bin Laden”, and that he “personally” beheaded hundreds of people (what is he referring to?), that he is “not Islamophobic.” He seems to be one of these people that believe they can’t be identified as a certain type of person unless they, themselves, attribute that identification to themselves.

    Would anyone take this claim seriously if someone had said that Judaism is evil, and the only good Jew is a non-practicing Jew? (This is precisely Bell’s argument, just as the “sober and rational” Robert Spencer who advocates genocide against Muslim Turks, who are the overwhelming majority of the Turkish population.) Would anyone dispute the fact that this person is an Antisemite, regardless if the person in question claimed “I’m not an Antisemite” in the process?

    Would anyone say that a person was not a racist if he had said that most black people are lazy who want to live off the tax payers money without working, just so long as he said, “this doesn’t make me a racist for saying this, but…”? This is ridiculous. Words have meaning, and there is a reason for their “existence.”

  • Jack Cope

    Mr Bell has requested the opportunity to respond to accusations, I feel it is only fair that he be given this opportunity. I withhold comment from the rest of this thread because it at times looks like a bunfight.


  • Iangould

    This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, thought crimes or censorship.

    Bell has a right to express his opinions, however stupid, Daily kos has no obligation, legal or moral, to provide him with a venue for the expression of those views.

    If I were to spray paint “Racist jack-ass” on Mr. Bell’s front door, would he be engaging in censorship if he had the police remove me from the property and painted over it.

    Daily Kos is not public property, the owners have the right to include or exclude would-be contributors as they see fit.

  • HGG

    “But what other religion took action against him. Only Muslims and their allies did.”

    That’s an interesting point, but I’d first need to read if what Bell writes of other Religions is on the same level as his essays on Islam.


    An honest question, what did you suppose that would happen, if not this?

  • Danios

    @ Believing Atheist:

    Can you please stop spamming this thread?

    One more thing. The guy is an atheist who hates all Abrahamic faiths from what I understand. He writes about it too.

    If you had just read my response, you would have seen that I already addressed this point. Eric Allen Bell might criticize all religions, but he has a specific hatred for Islam in particular. He is like Christopher Hitchens in this regard. And that’s why he is an Islamophobe. If he had really been an equal-opportunity hater, I would’ve ignored him.

    But what other religion took action against him. Only Muslims and their allies did.

    What religion took action against Eric Allen Bell? Not only are you assuming that I am Muslim but now you are assuming that I am Islam itself.

    In any case, it’s no surprise that it was “Muslims and their allies” who took exception to his writing, since his writing was against Islam/Muslims and he specifically said Islam/Muslims are worse than other religions, that they are barbarians, etc. Hmmm, I wonder why it was “Muslims and their allies” who got upset? It’s a huge mystery to me. Do you have any thought process going on before you splurge on the keyboard and write all these comments?

    Lastly, please stop using the phrases coined by Islamophobes, like “Muslims and their allies.” What a nonsense phrase. I am a progressive, liberal humanist. I stand for the truth, tolerance, and peace. My opposition to Bell and others is based on my opposition to hatred, intolerance, and war–not any “alliance.” Muslims are not a monolithic group with which one can have an alliance.

    People such as Eric Bell should be our allies.

    If you want to ally with bigots, go right ahead.

  • Danios

    @ Nadir:

    This guy is clearly not a hate-filled bigot

    His writing looked like something on a Pamela Geller-like blog. In fact, when I first was linked to the article, I kept scrolling down thinking that maybe Daily Kos was reproducing an Islamophobe article and a response would be at the bottom. How surprised I was that this anti-Muslim stream-of-consciousness Geller-like diatribe was on Daily Kos.

    I do not agree with your premise whatsoever, and neither did the folks at Daily Kos. He is clearly a hate-filled bigot.

  • Danios

    @ Eric Allen Bell:

    I have never deleted any comment of yours, although I reserve the right to do so.

    Perhaps you (and Believing Atheist) need a lesson on what freedom of speech is. The Daily Kos can ban you, just like we can ban you from posting here. You can ban us from your blog. This is a part of freedom of speech and if you cannot comprehend it, then what can I say?

    As Ilisha posted from dkospedia:

    But, what about Freedom of Speech? Doesn’t the First Amendment give me the right to talk about whatever I want here?

    No. Daily Kos is owned by kos. The servers are his. He pays the bandwidth charges. He makes the rules; we are here as his guests. If he decides tomorrow that anyone not posting in iambic pentameter will be banned, your options are either to brush up on your poetry skills or find/start another forum.

    Furthermore, I have already responded to the substance of your arguments:

    You have failed to respond to any of my arguments.

    You just rant and rave like Pamela Geller, which is a similarity that the Daily Kos noted too–and why you were finally given the boot from the Daily Kos. Tell me: did you cry when you got banned?

  • Believing Atheist

    People such as Eric Bell should be our allies. They will help us reform Islam by criticizing Islam. Remember Christianity was reformed by criticism. The same needs to happen with Islam. But if we help shut people who criticize Islam up we’re blockading that reformation.

  • Believing Atheist

    Sorry meant to say which other religious group. Sorry about that.

  • Believing Atheist

    One more thing. The guy is an atheist who hates all Abrahamic faiths from what I understand. He writes about it too. But what other religion took action against him. Only Muslims and their allies did. Even after he made a documentary defending Muslim rights to build a mosque. He also writes that he distinguishes between Islam and Muslims.

    Furthermore, what he wrote about CAIR (that it likes Hamas or something) is true. Nihad Awad himself praised Hamas.

  • Nadir

    @Garibaldi: I don’t hate Danios at all. I quite enjoy his logic, and his articles are pretty much the only reason I still come to this site. Does that mean I must agree with his approach and refrain from commenting when I think he’s off base, lest I be labeled a bigot, or in this case “troll” for any opinion that is less than outright admiration?

    I agree that this guy said some distasteful and uninformed things. What I think, though, based on some of his other writing, is that here is a guy who perhaps isn’t beyond being reasoned with on a calm, logical level. Any other response only serves to further polarize the blogosphere. For example:

    The Koran instructs men to beat their wives and in many Islamic countries (just like in the US) they do. It’s a religious command though in Islam.

    Bad response: He’s a racist bigot and hate-filled Islamaphobe. He shouldn’t be allowed to write on a progressive forum! Look at his stupid hair!

    Good (progressive) response: Okay, however, the word “adrab” can also be interpreted to mean “leave behind” or “turn away from” (and about a million other things) in Arabic. Further, Muhammad (pbuh) was known to treat his wives with kindness and respect, and never beat them. Doesn’t it stand to reason, then, that this passage (like anything in the Bible) has everything to do with interpretation and nothing to do with the “inherent evil” of Islam? If Christians can choose to interpret their texts according to their conscience, why can’t Muslims do the same? And many Muslims are native speakers of the text their interpreting – can the same be said for Christians and the Bible?

  • Believing Atheist


    It is not my intent to be a troll. Sorry if I look that way to you. I sometimes play devil’s advocate on this site. Rational-Exchanges with fellow Loonwatch members help strengthen my critical thinking skills and I hope the same is true for other commenters.

    Once again, it is not my intent to be a troll.


    But Juan Williams made the comments on FOX not NPR. Why should NPR take action? That should’ve been FOX’s job, not that I believe in vigilante justice.

  • Garibaldi

    Nadir first appeared on LW when Danios rebutted the loon site “Translating Jihad,” he has a track record of comments hating on Danios.

    @BA I think most people have addressed your assertion that Kos was some how practicing “censorship” when it dropped EAB. Bell was never a Kos writer, he was a diarist, two different things.

    CAIR from what I understand didn’t ask for NPR to fire Williams, it just asked that “NPR take action” to address Williams’ irrational comments.

  • HGG

    “However,the Juan Williams analogy seems fair to me. Here was a guy who wouldn’t of been fired from NPR had CAIR not put pressure on NPR to dump him. Similarly, I feel as if we are complicit in getting Eric banned and influencing Daily Kos as an outside entity.”

    Yes, I did find the firing of Williams troubling, even if he ended up profiting enormously monetarily from being then hired by Fox.

    In this case, however, I’m sure how much pressure exerted Loonwatch. I’m fairly convinced Bell would’ve been given the boot from KOS even if he hadn’t mentioned Loonwatch at all. His talk doesn’t seem the kind that would’ve been tolerated at KOS for long.

  • Jd

    I usally don’t feed the trolls( people who comments are ignored and they have to come up with bigger bold comments get attention) but

    He’s against extremes, be they Muslim, Christian, or other really…

    … GENERALLY SPEAKING the Islamic world as a whole is still very barbaric.

    This is a fact, not my “right wing” opinion. I’m not right wing.

    You can just take everything you don’t like and call it right wing.

    Read the Koran all the way through. Spend some time researching for yourself the facts I have presented. I have no doubt you will find what I have found. Whether you can accept it or have to rationalize it is up to you.

    by EricAllenBell on Sun Jan 15, 2012 at 09:55:16 AM PST


    Generally speaking, the greater Islamic world, especially the leadership, is still in the dark ages.

    The Koran instructs men to beat their wives and in many Islamic countries (just like in the US) they do. It’s a religious command though in Islam.

    Islamic Law commands death or lashings or stoning (depending on which cleric is interpreting it) for adultery – also known as being raped.

    by EricAllenBell on Sun Jan 15, 2012 at 12:52:27 PM PST
    Let’s not confuse Muslims with Islam (0+ / 0-)

    We all can probably site cases of moderate and wonderful Muslims.

    But Islam, globally, is still in its dark ages.

    by EricAllenBell on Sun Jan 15, 2012 at 09:51:48 AM PST
    Spencer, whom I don’t see eye to eye with either entirely, presents himself in a rather rational, sober and scholarly fashion and I might add that neither he nor the other “Loons” have bombs strapped to them – only words.

    (man who was ranked by FAIR as the #2 leading Islamophobe in the country man quoted by the Norway killer as his inspiration the man who website call daily for genocide of muslims )
    Go to his Facebook page his comments and view are 90% eye to eye with Robert Spencer.

    Yes your right We should hug this guy high five him and give him a kiss

  • Nadir

    Seriously – there is some Orwellian double-speak going on here. Danios – do you hear yourself? Calling this guy an Islamaphobe or hate-filled bigot is blatant hyperbole to anyone with half a brain (no offense, Geji). He’s against extremes, be they Muslim, Christian, or other. This is a guy to rationalize with and befriend, not silence and force into the other corner. He’s condemning terrorism and accusing loonwatch of not doing the same – which you adequately and logically rebutted. You should have quit while you were ahead – now you look like an ass.

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