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Lib Dem’s Anti-Islam Rants: “Put Pork Restaurant Next to Mosque”

Lib Dem’s anti-Islam rants: “Put pork restaurant next to mosque”

A Liberal Democrat candidate has refused to apologise for a series of shocking Islamophobic comments. Sick Dave Stone suggested a pork restaurant and a topless bar — named after Islam’s holiest city – should be build next to a mosque.

The would-be councillor, who is the party’s candidate for a by-election in Redcar and Cleveland on 19 January, said:

“Regarding the mosque being built near ground zero. I say let them build it. But then, across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” … and next to that a pork rib restaurant … Then we’ll see who’s tolerant.”

A number of posts on his Facebook page were seemingly calculated to deliberately offend Muslims — including spreading outright smears. Stones claimed that the Royal British Legion were “not selling poppies in certain areas of the UK”, implying that objections from Muslims were behind the decision:

When contacted by Scrapbook, however, a spokesperson for The Royal British Legion said his claims about the poppies were “categorically not true”.

This brazen intolerance brings to mind Cllr Warren Swaine, a Liberal Democrat  who was suspended from Reading Borough Council after Scrapbook exposed a race remark about Labour MP Chuka Umunna. That incident, and an attempted cover up, led to an internal party investigation at the behest of the party’s outraged black members.

Will the Lib Dem leadership be burying its head in the sand again this time?


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  • Franczeska

    @twiceasnice: I’ve just consulted with those religious groups you referred to. They promised me that they’d work on developing thicker skins, but only on the condition that you enroll yourself immediately in a Remedial Grammar class.

  • twiceasnice


    The guy is an moron. ALL religious groups need to develop thicker skin he’s no inciting hatred or harm on Muslims. He obviously doesn’t want a mosque there. I get the whole pork thing Jews or Muslims don’t need to eat in a there or drink there even.

    As for the God forgiving you how do you know dude? Why not Thor, Superman or Zeus? Do you think an all powerful deity would punish you for something you ate or drank, seriously?

    I know secular ‘irreligious’ born Muslims that eat pork and drink and don’t even fast. Wake up friend.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    *also we are told Allah SWT forgives anybody who accidentally ingests anything haraam like pork.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    *wash pork off I meant

  • Abdul-Rahman

    These crazy xenophobic Islamophobes are so retarded, its like they think pork or the pig is like some kind of “kryptonite” to Muslims. We, like Jews, simply have religious dietary laws that don’t allow us to consume pork (and also specifically in the case of Muslims alcohol is forbidden as well) but if a Muslim comes into contact with pork they are simply to wash it of and also were are told God forgives anybody who accidentally ingests anything haraam like pork.

  • Intman

    It’s not a very liberal attitude, is it?

    The Lib Dems are a very funny political party. One candidate comes out with an anti-Muslim rant, whilst another gets accused of sucking up to Muslims and pallying around with terrorists.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Jack Cope and Robert P
    There is a story , dont know if true ,that the Mecca company did have an issue at one point. The Finsbury Mosque one time haunt of Abu Hamza , was built on a trianglular bit of land that no one wanted because it was surrounded by busy railway lines on two sides and a main road on the other . The only occupant was a betting shop owned by Willian Hill Company .
    Then William Hills sold out to mecca who renamed all the stores Mecca bookmaker . Whoops ! Mecca bookmakers next to the Mosque!
    Cries of Zionist plot filled the air because it was alledged that Mecca was a jewish company, although why anyone would spend millions of pounds to by a chain of bookmakers just to insult the Finsbury Park Mosque was beyond me.
    I also know Redcar well , like my home town , a town that has lost its way with the end of heavy industry as big employers slowly sliding into the sea in many ways.

  • Franczeska

    Oh, and why does he have to look so much like Mr. Humphries (John Inman) from Are You Being Served?

  • Franczeska

    All that stuff on his election leaflet to make him look some kind of family-man who cares about children and young people, yet at the same time he’s advocating topless bars? I wonder what his wife and their twins (see Mr. Stone’s election leaflet) think about that? And what of the people in the area in which he’s campaigning? Topless bars aren’t exactly kid-friendly places, are they Mr. Stone?

  • Tank

    Dave Stone is a jerk

  • Robert P

    @Jack Cope

    The Mecca chain of bingo halls wasn’t set up with the intention of insulting Muslims. “Mecca” has been used metaphorically in English for a long time meaning a place that people flock to. The Mecca chain was named long ago before there was a significant Muslim presence in Britain.

  • mindy1

    that should be 🙄

  • mindy1

    Oh yeah, that’s real mature *roll*

  • Actually… if memory serves, isn’t there a chain of bingo and gambling parlous in the UK called Mecca Games? I don’t think anyone is particularly bothered about that…


  • Géji

    > “Sick Dave Stone suggested a pork restaurant and topless bar – named after Islam’s holiest city”

    LOL, may I ask what will that do other than give greater risk for a poor topless bar-hop or a pork eater to be strangled by an Islamophobe, who’ll when asked, where were you last night? answers – “Mecca”?.

  • The_BigT

    does he know thats its going to insult Jews as well as Muslims?
    since both groups can’t eat Pork

  • Young & Free

    “But then, across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” … and next to that a pork rib restaurant … Then we’ll see who’s tolerant.””

    Ugh he gave unoriginal scum bags like this “material” to hate on Muslims: 1:50

    And this douche makes fun of Iraq as well as if Iraqis had anything to do with the 9/11 attack. Oh and again with the pork comments…So much stupidity *head explodes*

  • Abu


    Lol well said, local councils elections in the UK are a farce

  • Sorry, so sorry… but the Liberal Democrats?! My goodness I’m so glad I never vote for anyone but the Monster Raving Loony Party…

    Anyway, this is a councilor, councilors tend to be like that as councils are generally self interest groups. The system in the UK is such that no one really votes for councils, ask anyone who their local councilor is (or MP for that matter), heck ask them if they even know which party it is! There are ‘elections’ but you’d be lucky if 10% of people turn up. Then it tends to be that about 12 guys turn up at some drafty hall and then the chairman who has been there forever elects himself and his wife to every post. Then someone wanders in asking if this is the place to get a dog license and everyone buggers off to the pub.

    A non issue really, I expect nothing less to be frank.


  • Al

    It’s funny how people still think Lib/Dem means tolerant. lol

  • Daniel

    What an ass.

    And why, exactly, does he opine about a Mosque in the US? Last time I checked, the American Revolution was successful.

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