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Newt Gingrich: I’d Support A Muslim Running For President Only If They’d Commit To ‘Give Up Sharia’

Newt Gingrich who has been on a racist role, calling the president of the USA the “greatest food stamp” president, and implying that Blacks are more prone to “food stamps” than other groups is also displaying his bigotry towards Muslims and Islam again. He wants any future Muslim presidential candidate to be given a “sharia test.”

Newt Gingrich: I’d Support A Muslim Running For President Only If They’d Commit To ‘Give Up Sharia’

Newt Gingrich told a South Carolina town hall audience on Tuesday that he would be open to seeing a Muslim-American run for president, as long as the candidate denounced Sharia law and didn’t seek to impose his or her views on others.

At a town hall meeting in West Columbia, S.C., a man asked Gingrich if he would ever “support a Muslim-American running for president.”

“Would you endorse…a Muslim-American, [who] could possibly be running for president, given that we had a woman running for president in Hillary Clinton, and we had a Jewish-American, in Joe Lieberman, running for vice president?” he asked.

“A truly modern person who happened to worship Allah would not be a threat,” Gingrich replied. “A person who belonged to any kind of belief in Sharia, any kind of effort to impose that on the rest of us, would be a mortal threat.”

In the past, Gingrich has repeatedly decried Sharia, a legal code derived from Islam, and called for a federal law to pre-emptively bar its use in any U.S. courts. He didn’t soften his position on Tuesday, saying his support would be contingent on a candidate’s willingness to denounce Sharia.

“I think it would depend entirely on whether they would commit in public to give up Sharia,” he said, referencing his support for the bill and drawing cheers from listeners at the event. “If they’re a modern person integrated into the modern world, and they’re prepared to recognize all religions, that’s one thing. On the other hand, if they’re the Saudis, who demand that we respect them while they refuse to allow either a Jew or a Christian to worship in Saudi Arabia, that’s something different.”

He pointed to an acquaintance as an example of a “truly modern” Muslim.

“We have a friend in Arizona who serves in the U.S. Navy, who’s a medical doctor, who’s Muslim — but he’s a totally modern person, trying to find ways to bring Islam into modernity,” Gingrich said.

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain said he wouldn’t be comfortableappointing a Muslim to a judgeship or cabinet position. He later apologized.

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  • khushboo Says: Dawud, I have a new-found respect for you. May God help you through these tough times. Ameen!

    We only do what He enables us to do and helps us do.

    Times are tough in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Times are tough in Europe. Times are tough wherever “preserving the American Way of Life” requires control over someone else’s natural resources.

    Times are tough around here for people who think this is “their” town that they themselves are destroying ~ by driving it into bankruptcy fighting us, neglecting infrastructure maintenance and public services, raising water/sewer rates above the capacity of most families to pay them ~ and of course blaming us, for doing what they simply don’t want us to do, whether the law they’re supposed to enforce allows for it, or requires it, or not.

    But times are not tough for us. God helps us. He hasn’t been helping them.

  • khushboo

    Dawud, I have a new-found respect for you. May God help you through these tough times. Ameen!

  • Arun Says: Sorry, for that Dawud. I understand now.

    Thank you. When you correct yourself, there’s no need to apologize or feel sorry ~ we make mistakes so that we can learn from them. Someone who does that is not “clueless” and wins. I have no legitimate excuse for being too harsh.

    But it is better if you tell them to find work, and earn a living. They cannot forever live like this.

    The brother in the cottage is a certified public school teacher with twenty years of experience, who’s been applying for every vacant “regular” teaching position in these two counties for eight years. He works as a substitute teacher 3-5 days a week, making less than half of what a regular teacher makes even when he works five days a week. The children like him and do their classwork for him, and he gets nothing but praise from the same people who won’t hire him as a regular full-time teacher.

    Others who are with us are looking for work or working part-time or “catch-as-catch-can.” None are “freeloaders.” This county has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and there are people living in their cars all over the countryside. The nearest available jobs are over forty miles away, and gasoline to and from work eats up whatever they might be able to make at a minimum-wage job. A third of the businesses in this small town that provided jobs for locals have failed in the last ten years, and the nearest larger town isn’t doing much better.

    This is the situation of most of rural America, while the cities fall into ruin. Most Americans keep less of what they produce than medieval serfs did ~ the rest goes to landlords, pharmaceutical giants, multinational corporations, electoral campaigns, and the “freedom and democracy” Crusades.

    And I have over ten years of well-received religious, liberty, historical, political, and anthropological writings, published as short or overlength comments on the Web ~ enough to fill at least a dozen full-length books ~ with no time to edit and assemble them into publishable form that no “mainstream” publishing house would touch with a ten-foot pole, and only a niche market in the English-speaking world.

    Yet we do ~ collectively ~ what we do, and people wonder how we do it while qualified to avoid an initial $280 “filing fee” to start a court case. So do we. God knows, and we don’t need to know. What we get is moral support and condemnation, and whatever we need for today, which has been just enough.

  • Arun

    Sorry, for that Dawud. I understand now.

    But it is better if you tell them to find work, and earn a living. They cannot forever live like this.

  • Clueless Arun doesn’t know when to quit: It is cruel of you, you are a slum landlord to make him live in a shed.

    No one is “making him” live, completely cost-free, in the cottage. The Ahl al-Suffah were not required to pay anything, neither is he. Neither are any of the other homeless refugees living in tents or motor homes on the Muslim America properties. Not even firewood; and a non-muslim neighbor plows the snow from our driveways just because he wants to do that.

    The local slumlords don’t like it at all, but they’re not paying for any of it either ~ they’re paying for their illegal attempts to keep us from practicing Islam, bankrupting the Town with lawyers’ fees.

    They’re just as clueless as you are.

  • Arun

    Dawud, the same way I do? No, I live in a house which has a shower and a toilet. I should have asked you what did your shed buddy do when he wanted to go to the toilet or have a shower, cuz the shed doesn’t have a shower or toilet.

    It is cruel of you, you are a slum landlord to make him live in a shed.

  • Arun Says: Dawud, you answer everybody with long commentary more often than not, off the subject then why do you choose to ignore me?

    I presume sincerity in questions unless the question makes that impossible. I do not accept challenges, as a rule, although I occasionally will answer a challenge in order to show its absurdity.

    However, since you are so persistent with your challenges, I’ll answer your first question:

    Dawud, how does the man who lives in the shed, the person you are sheltering use the bathroom and shower?

    The same way you do.

  • Arun

    Dawud, you answer everybody with long commentary more often than not, off the subject then why do you choose to ignore me? You are welcome too, to answer me I mean

  • Arun Says: Dawud, look above please. I asked you:

    And I chose to ignore your questions, insinuations, and commentary, as a courtesy. You’re welcome.

  • Arun

    Dawud, look above please. I asked you:

    1 how did your shed buddy use the bathroom and shower himself.

    2 If you were declared a pauper, how you maintain Muslim America website, it is full of so many conspiracy.

    3 Did you belief in this world conspiracy before you became Muslim or after?

    4 what you say about hassan nsrallah and khaled misal thraets to israel. Do you agree or do you condem?

    I don’t like the anti-semitic anti israel people. Israel and India are good friends. Jews are good people, always they get a raw deal from Christians and in last 50 years from Muslims too.To the Jews here, do not worry, India is a friend to you.

  • Géji writes: his posts sure contain lots of misplaced, unnecessary arrogance, full of stubbornness in thinking his way is the “only” and “right” way.

    Recalling your (rather impressive) statement that English is your fourth language, and recognizing that unequivocally authoritative statements of fact are seen as “arrogant” by those who have corresponding opinions lacking in certainty, I understand how some of my statements ~ based on absolute certitude (the distinguishing characteristic of Islam according to a recorded statement of the Messenger) ~ might seem indicative of “arrogance” to you.

    However, you are mistaken in your view that I think my “way is the ‘only’ and ‘right’ way.” My “way of thinking” is the right way of thinking for me, but certainly not the “only” way. It changes as I learn more or find error in my thinking ~ I am not just willing, but eager to change my way of thinking when I find flaws in what I think; and I have stated repeatedly and consistently that for others, their way of thinking is probably more “right” for them than mine. Those who think like I do are few ~ I suspect that those few here at LoonWatch do not realize that they think like I do ~ and among them I know there are differences in the way we think about some subjects ~ differences about which God will eventually inform us, unless we come to understand each other before then.

    I just wish he’d dropped his arrogance, and catch-up to the 21st century Muslim youth, who while they’re in love with their religion, are fed-up with 10th century interpretations, and want their religion to advance forward, not backward.

    Apparently you’ve not noticed that it’s those muslims for whom I write. My commission ~ “profession” if you prefer ~ is making Islam known in American idiomatic English, which has kept me fully occupied for forty years, to the exclusion of all other work. It is only “controversial” among those whose understanding of Islam is rooted in those “tenth century interpretations” or in the falsifications of the loons and those behind them who do not want Islam known to others than themselves.

    I do not “ridicule in very offensive manners the ‘indigenous’ Muslims” ~ I don’t “ridicule” anyone other than, perhaps, loons pretending to be LoonWatchers and parroting the same “don’t be curious about Islam” propaganda that the enemies of liberty drum into people’s media-attuned ears around the clock. I’ll provoke those pretenders into exposing themselves by attacking their over-inflated elitist egos however ~ nonviolently ~ is necessary, and provoking them into showing how ridiculous they are is sometimes effective.

    I seriously do not understand how you could imagine what you do ~ “indigenous” muslims are the future of Islam, just as they were in Arabia the last time ALLAH made Islam known to us, and the young muslims who are rejecting the ethnic cultural corrosions layered on Islam are the best this time. They are those who do not embrace the intellectual baggage of the “ethnic” muslims born into societies where Islam has been corrupted beyond recognition, with priestly barriers set between them and God’s Word in the Qur’an (that explains itself for each reader, not just for Arabic “scholars”). It may seem ridiculous that some indigenous muslims have embraced, wholesale, the “tenth century interpretations” called “Islam,” but it’s not ridiculous ~ it’s been necessary because the Islam that has been lived by individuals, personally, alone and in their homes and among their neighbors, for fifteen centuries, is just as important as the universalist Islam that was abandoned and corrupted during the first of those centuries ~ which is to be found today, apparently, only in America, where religious liberty resides in the hearts of the people. There is much of value in “traditional Islam” (which is neither “traditional” nor “Islam”) aside from the poison that has made most of the world’s muslims involuntary “subjects” of other kings than God.

    I choose my words very carefully to say exactly what I mean, all of what I mean, and only what I mean ~ after my fingers have typed them in a steady stream, extemporaneously, I read what my fingers have written at least twice, looking for whatever might be inexact or unclear. I’m not always successful, but reading into what I write what isn’t clearly written there is imagination, not communication. English is a difficult language, but by setting imagination aside, and reading plain words with commonly-understood meanings, its ambiguities and obscurities can usually be overcome.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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