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Nigerians Want to Transcend Sectarian and Ethnic Violence

There are those who look at violence between Muslims and Christians with glee, such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. For them, when Muslims act criminally or hatefully it is more fodder to smear Islam, while dismissing the same logic for Christian attacks on Muslims.

What boggles their mind however is when Muslims and Christians come together and oppose sectarianism and actively seek peace and reconciliation.

This is the case in Nigeria, where many want to transcend sectarian and ethnic violence (h/t: SK).

Here for example are pictures of recent protests in Nigeria showing solidarity and unity between Nigerians and Muslims:

Muslim and Christian Nigerians holding up their respective symbols

An Imam and a Pastor in a show of unity

Christians protesters protecting praying Muslim protesters (something we also saw in Egypt):

Muslims are also protecting Christian centers of worship. This needs to become a movement within Nigeria (h/t: Thomas Miles):

Protest: Muslim Youths Guard Churches

Some youths, mainly Muslim faithful, organised themselves into groups yesterday to guard worshippers in some churches in parts of Minna, Niger State capital, as part of a solidarity gesture against the removal of oil subsidy.

LEADERSHIP observed in Kpakungu area of Minna that some of the youths earlier dispersed by the Police on Friday from protesting at the Polo Field, Minna, had regrouped to protect some of the churches.

It was observed that the youths mounted the gates of the churches as their Christian counterparts were worshipping, and conducted themselves peacefully in order not to cause any apprehensions.

The youths, under the umbrella of Concerned Minna Residents, were last Friday dispersed by the police for lack of identity, with the Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim Mohammed Maishanu,  saying they could not be granted a permit to hold protest.

The leader of the group, Awaal Gata, told LEADERSHIP in an interview at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Kpakungu, said, “we are protecting our fellow Christian brothers and sisters to show the people that our leaders cannot use religion to divide us.

“In this struggle, we are determined to make sure that the removal of fuel subsidy will not stay; we want to send a signal – by coming here to protect our Christians friends and to show that we are one and our Christian brothers will do same on Friday,” he added.

Asked whether they got police permit to do what they were doing, he said: “We are peaceful; we are here to protect ourselves and to emphasize that security is not only in the hands of the police –  security is the responsibility of every citizen.”

These are the forces and the voices who should be promoted. Yet extremists on both sides want to see violence in a push for power.


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  • TAP

    In other news a Catholic was pursued by a baying Mob of Protestants in Belfast and beaten within an inch of his life. He sought solace in a strangers house and when the Mob arrived at her door she said “Get that Fucking Taig out of my house, so they kicked him in the head and dumped his body in a bin. Unfortunately for them he lived to tell the tale, peace and goodwill to all men.

  • Sumbody, thanks I write them to be read and enjoyed 😉 If you could let me know what the errors were via either the comments or an email (there is a form on my site) then I’d be much obliged. Just not here, we should let LW have their thread back 😛

    Nasar and Sir David, very interesting, and I might have to steal it… I think that the comment ‘Nigeria should be one of the best places in the world’ can be applied to much of Africa. For some reason Africa is cursed with mineral wealth and so on… rather than exploiting for good it everyone in the world has just been stealing it. So sad to see so much potential wasted.


  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Nice interview Nasser
    seems an interesting chap .
    Nigeria should be one of the best places in the world , it has oil wealth , tropical climate and beautifal coast . Instead it has been poisioned by curruption leading to a system run on graft , its people staving poorly educated and crying out for good leadership.
    I have felt for some time that violence is the language of those who have nothing to loose ,not even their lives .

  • Time for a plug : )

    Please to this insight by Brother Nuruddeen Lemu (Of Nigeria) describing the real problems of Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, which were the cause of the terrorist organistion Boko Haram


    and here just in case

  • Abdul-Rahman

    *This is a good article, the people of Nigeria mostly get along and it is only really in the region of Jos, Nigeria that you have any sizable amount of flare ups of unfortunate sectarian violence be that Muslim on Christian or Christian on Muslim. This is all political and mostly happens in Jos, Nigeria because this is one of the main political fault lines that divides the Muslim majority north of Nigeria from the Christian majority south of Nigeria.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    This is a good article, the people of Nigeria mostly get along and it is only real in the region of Jos, Nigeria that you have acknowledge flare ups of unfortunate sectarian violence be that Muslim on Christian or Christian on Muslim. This is all political and mostly happens in Jos, Nigeria because this is one of the main political fault lines that divides the Muslim majority north of Nigeria from the Christian majority south of Nigeria.

    I have also heard that Nigeria has serious issues with income inequality and governmental corruption. There are also armed groups such as MEND which stands for “The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta” that is armed group made up of Nigerians in the oil rich Niger Delta that feel they are being left in poverty as the corrupt government (in association with Western oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell in particular) make all the profits from Nigeria’s huge oil reserves especially in this region of Nigeria again called the Niger Delta. MEND is noted for blowing up oil pipelines and capturing and holding prisoner Western oil workers in Nigeria again especially from the Western oil company Royal Dutch Shell.

  • TAP

    One swallow

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  • @Jack Cope:

    Great article (although with 1 or 2 typos hehe).

    This is really how I’ve viewed Islamic countries, having lived and revisited a country like Jordan for example. What you’ve said really is spot on and it makes me ashamed that Muslims have strayed so far in the region.

    I’ve also read your dawah article, spot on again. I’ve had friends boasting to me about their “conversion quota” and I would just tell them that I’m not comfortable with doing their type of “Dawah”. The looks I would get…

  • Muslim

    Unity in the act of community peace, human brotherhood against the corruption of Cain-like behaviour is genuine Abrahamic behaviour.

    Tribal Nationalism is blindly emotional & irrational. Of course one can understand the burning hearts of those who have been attacked. Shaitan’s whispers casting suspicion is to be expected. The answer is for those with stronger faith, & saintly heads of communities to put aside their personal hurt & egotism & show the true spirit of altruistic faith in the Merciful Cherisher of ALL Mankind.

    Boko Haram are the violent fringe Moonies of Islam. They hate & kill all, first Muslims, then Christians.

    Yes, there are pre-existing tribal clashes between Christian & Muslim Nigerians, but this issue is separate , & Muslims should clarify the matter to their Christian brothers & sisters, lest they confuse the matter.

  • Sadly that is true Believing Atheist. These people don’t want others to know about Islam, they just want their control. They follow their own variant that doesn’t care about the faith, just the power. And the hypocrisy of such groups… like I said, they are ‘against’ ‘western’ stuff, yet they use YouTube?

    Their former leader was himself a western educated man, he had a Mercedes as well. I’m quite sure that particularly car is made in Germany, not Arabia 😉 He also rejected stuff like the world being round and evaporation… clearly something went wrong in the head during his quest for power.

    And I know I shared this article before but I will share it again becuase it speaks the truth about groups like Boko Haram. They are faux Muslims, they just care about the appearances and are very scared that someone might find them out!


  • Believing Atheist

    I think Boko Haram does not know that Christians are considered ′Ahl al-Kitāb or People of the Book in Islam. Christians, Jews and sometimes in history Zoroastrians and Hindus are to be protected by Islamic society and given autonomy over their lives.

    @Jack Cope,

    I agree with what you said. Boko Haram retards its own society by not embracing the West. Boko Haram does not know that Muslims historically have embraced the West through Hellenism and this gave rise to brilliant Muslim minds such as Ibn Rushd and Ibn Na’imah al-Himsi.

  • corey

    and that would require humility which is something that spencer himself seems to lack considering his “nobody can refute me” catchphrase.

  • @Corey,

    Unfortunately its more likely, that most of them will just convince themselves that the Christians are being conned by the Muslims. It may convince a few of them, but don’t get your hopes up for it convincing anywhere near the majority of their supporters that they were wrong.

  • People forget that the oh-so-Muslim Boko Haram have not only murdered Muslims who speak out against them but have greatly retarded the Muslims societies that they live in by completely rejecting anything mildly ‘western’. This means no healthcare, no education, nothing that this wonderful gang of thugs decides is ‘western’. Funnily their leader appeared on YouTube the other day, so obviously the internet is not a ‘western’ invention… it is all about control, always is, always will be.

    They are not popular but they are feared, well done for these people for making a stand. I am sure they are well aware of the penalties they could pay if they were found out, but at least it shows that Boko Haram aren’t as strong as they think…


  • @Garibaldi,

    This is something really nice to see. Hopefully the violence will stop soon.

  • corey

    I can totally see spencer, geller and there potential death camp guards I mean “keyboard warriors” fanboys seeing this story and realizing the folly of there idiotic reporting and feeling that they need to take a new approach on reporting religious extremism of course we all know thats not gonna happen because they hate things like that and would brush this off as nothing.

  • mindy1

    Awww I love unity pics-they make me smile 😀 I wish them luck

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